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Contacting Betty Crocker Customer Service Center

Betty Crocker is a banking company that specializes in consumer foods, but there are some home products and cooking supplies on the product list as well. Betty Crocker is a participant in the Box Tops for Education program so there should be a Box Top on most Betty Crocker products. Betty Crocker is part of the General Mills family with Progresso Soup, Cascadian Farm and Green Giant, among many other household names.

Contact Info:

General Mills, the parent company behind Betty Crocker, is good at sharing customer service information for all brands. Some consumers may notice that some of the contact information overlaps and some is unique.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-446-1898
  • Fax: 1-763-764-8330

Mailing Address

Instead of calling the Betty Crocker phone number, customers can choose to write a letter to the customer service team. Address the letter to:

General MillsPO Box 9452Minneapolis, MN 55440

Official Website

Baking tricks, recipes and customer service information are all located on the official website at You can choose to join the Betty Crocker family and subscribe to email newsletters, log in to your account and even access online coupons. Betty Crocker is a General Mills brand, so you’ll find links to the corporate site and other General Mills brands on the bottom of each page of the website.

Customer Service Email

Fill out the form on the Betty Crocker website to contact the customer service team. The form is short and sweet, but it does require your age and email address. We used the form to ask Betty Crocker for a list of food products safe for children with peanut allergies. Some companies share that information online, but few offer a complete, concise list for parents.

Our Experience

The customer support team is friendly and helpful. We were able to speak with a live agent in less than 2 minutes and ask questions relating to the hours of operation. The agent explained the Betty Crocker customer service department is available by phone from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM CT Monday to Friday. The call center is closed on the weekends. We also wanted to know what happens if we have a concern and customer service department is closed. The agent recommended using the email system or contacting the customer service department through social media. An agent will see the message the following business day and respond within the allotted amount of time.

Great overall customer service skills from the Betty Crocker team. Was your customer experience similar? Comment with your story below.

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41 Comments on “Contact Betty Crocker Customer Service
  1. My sad tale and frustration.

    Today I made a chocolate cake that has been a favorite of my family and church friends for many years. A dear friend asked if I would make one for her Son’s Birthday today.

    It has been some time since I have made The Cake so bought my usual cake mix the Betty Crocker Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix. I noticed the box looked very different, smaller and cheaper. After baking the cake it was obvious that it was not the nice dense cake of the past, it crumbled and pieces did fall off the edges just removing it from the pan. Thankfully I make a very special frosting and hoped it would hold the cake together. It was most difficult to do the sides as every touch with the frosting would pull away the cake as I lifted the knife, A very frustrating morning!

    The cake I took today was a far cry from the ones I have given them in the past and I was sorry it could not have been as they just lost a Husband and Father.

    It seems as though we are now a country of products that are sized smaller, packaged cheaply, and the superior quality is gone. I realize you are not the only company downsizing your products, but just had to finally voice my frustration. I was telling my friend just now my sad tale and she happened to have an old cake mix in her cupboard. It was 18.25 ounces and the one I did today was 15.25, no wonder it looked like an over sized cupcake.

    Thank you for listening to my very sad situation and day, I feel so discouraged for the loss of the high quality our businesses, our country, and our people used to enjoy.

    Nancy Radenbaugh

  2. My name is Eunice am from Africa coutry called Tanzania i would like to ask you if i want to purchase the product what can i do?

  3. I am not a complainer, I have never complained about anything or any product , but this is the 1st. I have used nearly all my adult life the Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes and like every corporate greed company you have reduced your amount of product so much that now I am feeling ripped off for the same money!! Usually 2 boxes was perfect & with a generous amour for leftover , yesterday I had to put 4 together & the left over amount was even less!!. I know this trend did not start yesterday but I am just finially so fed up I will start making my own you have lost a very loyal customer to your corporate greed!. You can tell yourself it’s not corporate greed& come up with 100 excuses, you have your own marketing team to hide the real truth , in the end I know how big business operates and the ruthlessness , the game has turned to money which turns into corporate greed, and me the consumer pays the price! How else is big manufacturing going to keep up with projected profit. You should be ashamed!!!

  4. I have been using the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix for quite some time. However, recently I noticed some chewy material in the finished product. I though I had not cut the top of the bag correctly and some of the plastic had gotten into the bowl. Then I watched more closely and that was not the problem. I sifted the dry mix through my fingers and found nothing though the problem still occurs. The pieces look a little like string and I have washed and saved some of them if you want to examine them.

  5. I’ve been buying your butter & herb mashed potatoes for years. Now you’ve changed the recipe. It’s not good at all. Everyone that I’ve introduced them to are also dissatisfied. Why would you change something that you perfected? Now I’m on the hunt for a new mashed potato. THANKS ALOT BETTY CROCKER!!

  6. My 3 granddaughters & I get together each year on Dec.23rd
    to make cookies for Christmas This year we tried the White Chip Macadamia Nut mix from Better Crocker with use by 11MAR2014AV21445 [not out of date].Of course we sample some as we go along….Much to my surprise/disappointment the cookies from your mix tasted old as if nuts used were not fresh.They were so bad we went back & removed them from the cookie boxes we made so no one would get sick as we take pride in our reputation as cookie makers……..
    I wanted to let you know ASAP as you may want to issue a RECALL on this product.
    Respectfully yours,
    Joyce Self

  7. I have been using the Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix packets for years and everyone loved them. Recently, the package has changed and the flavor of the brownies is different. This has been noticed by those folks and myself. The rich flavor is no longer there. We miss the original formula and would love to see it come back, even if it costs a few cents more.

  8. So I’ve never been one for frosting. I actually prefer my cake wihiut it and even my sugar cookies, that is until I discovered RAINBOW CHIP !!! Its my favorite comfort food! Whenever life had gotten the better of me I’d indulge in a spoonful with my coffee and all my stress would melt away! Once a month my kids and I would dip grahm crackers in it for snack during our movie night. I finally ran out and whem I went to buy more much to my surprise it BEEN DISCONTINUED???!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL? Im now on strike against betty Crocker products as silly as that sounds and will no longer buy the products until rainbow chip comes back! It was mine and my best friends favorite and I wanted to send him some at college because he was homesick and I couldnt even do that! ; ( please please please bring it back!!!!!!

    • My family and I are avid Rainbow Chip Frosting Fans and have missed its distinct and satisfying taste since its’ discontinuation. We e-mailed your company when its’ production was first terminated but would like to join Kate Perry in expressing our desire to see your Rainbow Chip Frosting back on the grocery shelves. Our taste buds eagerly await the return of this household icon. Thank you!

  9. My husband recently purchased a Betty Crocker German Chocolate Cake Mix and the Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Coconut Pecan Frosting. When I opened the frosting it had a clear watery substance standing on top and so I stirred it up and applied to the cake. It tastes awful, I am not sure if the coconut or the pecans were bad in it. Anyway we were unable to eat the cake – these days it is hard to spend money on items that are not edible.

    • For 48 years I have been using BC products. These past couple o the products are changing for the worse. The last purchase was 3 boxes of Wild Blueberry muffin mix. Not only is the oz. smaller in box but the berries are of poor quality all mushed and mostly juice. The box production numbers are 05 may 2015LD 18:57 24B (1box),05 MAY 2015 LD 18:57 24A(2 boxes)Blueberry can numbers all the same is:j0161 GMWB 10:30.
      I think all consumers would rather have you increase the product price than decrease the quantity and quality of your products. A very unsatisfied customer. I also read another post on Brownies. I agree the product is not as like it use to be. All cake mixes have decreased in size making a 9×12 now a 8×8. I think you aught to look all your changes.

  10. I have been trying to print my favorite recipes from your online site. When I print them, half of the ingredients and/or instructions are blank. Therefore, I either have to fill in the blanks by hand (which I now refuse to do), or not keep the recipe. This only happens when I print YOUR recipes (have probably spent a fortuneon paper by now trying to print them). What’s the problem?

  11. I made the Fudge Brownies and went by the recipe. It called for 2/3 cup of Oil. I thought that was a lot but went by the recipe. The brownies were so greasy and I baked them much longer than they were suppose to be. I used several paper towels to absorb the oil after I took them out of the pan. I think there may have been a mistake on the amount of oil used.

  12. I just opened some white chip macadamin cookie mix when I opened the package it smelled stale. I baked them anyway but they tasted bad. The package date was still good. I bought several packages because we really liked them. they were all stale. I bought them at wal-mart so I am going to try and take the empty packages back and get my money back the packages smell bad. I am afraid to buy anymore that they will be the same way.

  13. hi i complained very recently about buying betty crocker cake mix and received a voucher thanks. just got another box and same happened again this is rediculious seems like not alot of boxes are check for all ingrediants and its always the cake cups that are missing from box

    laura howieson

  14. You guys used to have hamburger helper that had rice…NOT fried rice. It then went to an asian helper box. Now asian helper has gone to fried rice as well. When are you bringing back the origional?

  15. 4/30/2014
    On the 27th I made banana nut muffins with your mix. I ate one, It made me very sick , like food poison , for ten hours I couldn’t keep even a sip of water down.Hope no one else ate these. I have the muffins. They didn’t seem to have any banana or walnut in them. How did this get by your quality control> Please get them off the shelves.

  16. Bring back Rainbow Chip frosting!!!! The new rainbow sprinkle frosting is horrible. Birthdays will never be the same without your amazing frosting! I assure you that you have several flavors that can’t possible sell as much as Rainbow Chip discontinue those. We all want our Rainbow Chip frosting and to eat our cake too!

  17. At our local United Grocery Market, I purchased a box of the”new look” Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix. I made up the box for regular family get-to-gether Sunday dinner. Needless to say, I was disappointed as the Brownies had a strange taste..others called it a strange after taste.
    The Bar Code on the box is 16000 19726 8 and to be used by 03June2015 PV 1918 2

  18. I recently purchased a box of Betty Crocker “new look” Fudge Brownie Mix. I made up the box for our regular get-to-gether family Sunday dinner. Needless to say, I was disappointed as the Brownies had a strange taste..some said a strange after taste. They were not good.
    The Bar Code on the box is 16000 19726 and to be used by
    03June2015 PV 1918 2

  19. I am not willing to pay o get a answer ,I have bought several angle food cake mixes & still have the same problem

  20. I noticed that there was a previous complaint re: White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie Mix. I purchased three packages of these particular cookie mixes and they were all three rancid. I baked one and had to throw the baked products away. Very surprised, because I have bought other types of Betty Crocker cookie mixes before, and been quite pleased. I opened the remaining two packages of the same type mix, and they smelled exactly the same way as the first one I baked. Luckily I had the packages, and checked the dates, all three were 27AUGUST14-04064. If you would like the packages mailed to you, I would be happy to oblige. Wasting butter and eggs is not a pleasant thing, so I am glad I pitched the unbaked product before wasting anymore time and money. Since this evidently is an ongoing thing, maybe the flour or the nuts in your products, a suggestion would be to place the nuts separately in a foil package, or do not extend the life of your products so long that they become rancid. Would appreciate a refund. Thank you for promptly attending to this matter.

  21. My family just tried your new Hearty Four Cheese Potatoes, I have to tell you that for all the cheese’s in them we all found them to be very bland, will not be buying these anymore not a fan.

  22. I baked a white cake in two round greased pans after cake was done in about a hour I started to place frosting on it and the top cracked open and it was horrible to cut it fell apart

  23. I have bought and used many things with the Brand name Betty Crocker from tea kettles, pots and pans, dishes, toasters to cutting boards. I loved these things. However I bought a hot air popcorn maker shaped like a soccer ball. It is the worst appliance ever. Last night I made popcorn with this appliance and today I am still picking up unpopped kernels that flew several yards away from the popper. It felt a little like a battle zone. I found I was trying to protect my eyes as well as other parts of my body. I bought fresh popcorn and over half the kernels didn’t pop. The picture on the box is also misrepresented as it shows the popcorn going directly into the plastic lid colored like a soccer ball….I look after a 41 year old mentally challenged lady that would have used this lid as she doesn’t read… would have melted. I would like a replacement hot air popper as this one is unsafe and does not stand up to the Betty Croker trade mark, by being tested and approved. I hope that I can receive some satisfaction regarding my complaint. Thank you for your time.

    Lily -Ann Young

    • I just made my comment and there was a space in my email address so it erased it or something. Anyways I don’t usually complain but this appliance is unsafe. The soccer ball shaped hot air popcorn popper. I used it for only the second time this year. I was sooooo annoyed. I felt as though I was in a battle zone. Unpopped kernels flying all over my kitchen and living room yards from the popper. I was using fresh new popcorn and what didn’t fly went into the bowl…over 1/2 of the popcorn was unpopped. The picture on the box is also very misleading as it shows the plastic top doubles as a bowl to serve popcorn in. The lady I look after is intellectually challenged and doesn’t read…she’s 41. She looked at the picture on the box and had she been alone might have been injured by hot melting plastic. I have pots and pans, dishes, colander, kettle, a toaster, cutting boards and spatulas all of which I love with the name Betty Crocker on them. I want a new safe popcorn popper….there is no way this appliance was tested and approved by the Betty Crocker name. Thank you for your time. Lily-Ann Young

  24. BRING BACK THE RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING!!! I am in dismay without it as I can see sooo many other people are as well! Of all the things that could be discontinued why this frosting?? I see tons that never sell, but this one has got to be costing you a ton of money in losses!!

  25. The fudge brownie mix makes truly AWFUL brownies. They are never finished in the center, hard as a brick on the edges.
    We thought we had made a mistake, but the three of us tried, SEVERAL times….following the diections to the letter.
    Now we are concerned about what other products you may have changed.

  26. I recently purchased the supermoist lemon cake mix for my son to make his dad a B’day cake. upon him adding the ingrediant according to the instrctions on the box I noticed it called for 1/2 cup of vegtable oil which caught my attention. my son was determined not to detour from following directions so I let him proceed. That was a greasy mess. He was so disappointed. Make him hold cause he is very disappointed. Better yet, please tell me this is a misprint. If not it should be.

  27. Recently purchased the Heath Bar Dessert mix. The bar mix is actually very good but it is ruined by the frosting mix that is included. The frosting is too sweet and artificial tasting and is very similar to the cheap old Jiffy brand frosting which has been around for years. If I had made my own chocolate frosting, the bars would have been great. As it was, I threw them out. Big disappointment and costly to boot!

  28. I just wanted to comment on the product Bars Mix, Cookie Brownie. I just finished preparing this mix, and realized after a tiny taste, that there is NO SUGAR in either the Brownie or Cookie Packages. Thought you’d like to know, possible it’s a whole batch that was perhaps the Sugar was forgotten. Thank you, I don’t need any coupons of any thing, just thought you’d like to know. It’s never happened before however there’s always the first time. Thank you. The number on the bar code is 1600014797, Karen Allen

  29. Please, please, please come up with better packaging for your Gold Medal Flour. The bags are so hard to open without tearing them and then the flour goes everywhere when you try to pour it out. It is so incredibly frustrating! Thank You!

  30. I was recently visiting in the U.S. and bought some Tuna Helper Tetrazzini at Walmart. It is delicious. I have been looking in several stores here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but can’t find it. Please let me know where this product is available.

    Thank you

  31. I have used Betty Crocker products for MANY years and have always been satisfied until recently. I purchased 2 boxes of Pie Crust mix. “New look! Same great Taste”. NOT…. I think the shortening must have doubled in this recipe. Adding water made it gooey and did nmot bake on the bottom. Not adding water made the crust melt and run down the side of the pie plate.Four pies ruined.

  32. Just tried the Homestyle Sweet Potato 5.6 0z. package and it was the most disgusting product from Betty Crocker!

  33. I’ve been using your products regularly for the last 6 years. Imagine my surprise when yesterday I opened a package of icing only to find that it had no tip to cut but rather had a fat nozzle and that’s it. I am now stuck with 6 packages of shimmery red, and shimmery blue icing with no proper way to use them.
    Additionally, the blue gel writing icing that I bought comes out pretty much clear and certainly nothing can be read when using that to write. I bought 4 of those.
    I hope you will find a way to rectify this.

  34. I normally kept a stock of your corn bread mix packages, and always be statisfied with your product. Then there was a period when I did not see it on the shelves at the local military commissary…or at the local Albertson’s…I did not like the Martha White version. Anyway I eventually found a couple of packages and mix some up tonight…did you guys change the recipe?…what I got was not up to par with previous ingredients…I guess I will go back to making corn bread the old fashion way…your comments please, Ed

  35. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Vanilla Cake which I made into a two tier 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake for friends using 9″ and 6.5″ cake tins. I did find it a bit more tricky having to divide up the double mixture and work out cooking times and perhaps I could have taken the 6.5″ tin out sooner from the oven – I will know for next time. I filled the cake with fresh cake and halved strawberries and covered the outside in your Vanilla Buttercream and a dark chocolate ganache and decorated with piping, fresh organic golden yellow roses and gold ribbons. I know that success is always guaranteed when I use Betty Crocker cake mixes. Thank you for the fabulous products. Jo Tidy

  36. In the past week I have tried several of Betty Crocker boxed mixes. Cake, brownines, muffins and wild blueberry bread. I am very disappointed in all the products. I feel they all turned out seeming like there was too much oil in them. The products come out tasting nasty. The amount of oil that each product called for ruins your product. Im not a chef but I am a mother of 2 growing children and a wife to a hard working man. My family is very disappointed and will be looking into other brands to buy.

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