Contact Bath And Body Works Customer Service

Contact Bath and Body Works Customer Service

Contacting Bath and Body Works Customer Service Center

Bath and Body Works is a personal beauty company specializing in perfumes, body sprays, soaps and other body products. The company operates both online and offline bricks and mortar stores, with most stores anchored in malls and shopping centers with major traffic. Bath and Body Works customer service can work with customers to work through product complaints and resolve online order issues.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

At first glance we were unable to find a phone number for Bath and Body Works customer service, but after looking more closely we found the number listed in tiny print under the form to contact customer service by email. The phone number was not listed with hours of operation.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-756-5005

Mailing Address

We did not find a mailing address for Bath and Body Works listed on the official website. We were able to find an address where customers could send returns, but no customer service address. We’ve listed the address for the corporate office of Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body WorksAttn: Customer ServiceSeven Limited PkwyEast Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


Bath and Body WorksAttn: Returns7601 Trade Port Dr. Louisville, KY 40258

Official Website

Whether you want to order a product from Bath and Body Works, check on the status of your order or contact Bath and Body Works customer service you need to start at the official website at You’ll notice a My Account link at the top of the page. This is where you click to log in to your account, check the status of an order or contact customer service about a specific order.

Customer Service Email

Bath and Body Works clearly wants customers to contact an agent via email using the contact form as the form is the predominant figure on the Contact Us page. You must enter your name, email address and phone number before sending the form. You have the option of adding your order number if desired.

Our Experience

The Bath and Body works customer service center is answered by an automated message, but you do not have to listen to a thousand options to reach an agent. Simply say Customer Service when prompted and your call will be transferred to an available customer service agent. We tried pressing 0 to see if that would immediate take the call to an agent. There was a long pause and the call was transferred with an agent picking up the call within a few seconds of the transfer.

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14 Comments on “Contact Bath And Body Works Customer Service
  1. I have a survey i can take but not sure where to go to do it Its a 10.00 off your next purchase. Can someone let me know where i can do the survey at? Thank you once again

  2. GREATEST AND MOST KIND PROFESSIONAL FANTASTIC SERVICE FROM The Shops at Mission Viejo store in Calif. The girls are so nice and incredible customer service. I really had concern when the manager that was there forever left and these girls are A+++++

    Fausta Haley Jessica

    I hope Corporate will tell them how great they are!!!!

  3. Was in the store on Saturday -9/12/2015. store clerk would not except my coupon online nor would she except my coupon on my email. I have been on Bath&Body mailing for years she seen all my emails on my phone relating to Bath&Body. My question is could she have given me some type of coupon in the store? i will not go back to your store again. I have been a repeat customer and have been for years to get a discount every once in a while would be nice. this is not the first time concerning coupons or any other discounts. DONE shopping at your company.

  4. I placed a order on Sunday September 20,2015 and received my order on Wednesday, September 23rd. My order had my invoice and someone’s else’s invoice with the person contact information.I called the Bath and Body work customer service and spoke to Onfloor supervisor and I was told to shred the invoice. I think this was a major mistake that should have never happened. This was my first time ordering 0nline with Bath and Body works and I am not feeling very comfortable on placing an orders in the future. This is not very good business for something like this to happen.

    • Anita Johnston
      This happened to me as well on 1/18/2016, someone else’s invoice with all their contact info and some CREDIT card numbers listed. Makes you wonder how often this happens, barely 4 months between your order and mine. And they do not even seem to care. I will never order from them again. If this goes on with online orders then how careless are they with in-store security. Makes me wonder…..

  5. I shopped in your store (80383) today,trans: 8307, cashier 892431, Dominquie.
    She was very nice, however I was taken back by the fact she had curl rods in her hair. The long sponge rods used to set curls in your hair. They are usually worn in a private setting to set curls in your hair. To see the cashier with them in her hair was odd. out of place and only fitting for working in a salon. Is this something new that I am not aware of?
    Thank you

  6. I placed a order on 12-3-15 and still have not received my order and now they
    are telling me 12-14-15. It shouldn’t take that long! I can’t seem to find anyone to help me.

  7. I recently received two online orders from Bath and Body Works. Everything was fine except for one of my Sea Island Cotton foam soaps. It wasn’t closed properly & it wasted all over my baskets & bookcase.

  8. My daughter and I live together and we both are good customer s of Bath and Body Works.The problem is she gets all the lovely free coupons and goes in and gets cool stuff almost once a month. But I however get nothing!!!! I have spoken to sales ppl and filled out new paperwork and it doesn’t help.Please help I have been trying to fix this for two years! Thanks in advance.

  9. I tried to contact Bath&Body Works on the internet. Another company intercepted, left me on the phone 10 minutes, and then said I wasn’t talkingtoyou. If you want to make sale, I WISH TO ORDER THE CLOSET HANGARS YOU ADVERTISED ON tv.

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