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Contacting AXE Customer Service Center

AXE is a body spray for men that’s been around for a few years. The marketing push is clearly toward the 20-something with testosterone flaring and women on the mind. The official website is packed with moving pictures and Flash elements, so it could cause a few issues with older computers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Your AXE customer service agent is ready to take your question or comment, as long as you call between 8:30 AM and 6 PM (ET) Monday to Friday. There are no agents available by phone on the weekends.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-450-7580

If you are having a medical emergency and you need help right away, call 9-1-1. There is also an emergency line available through Axe customer service, though this line should not be used in place of calling medical help if needed.

  • Medical Emergency: 1-800-745-9279 or 1-800-745-9269

You can also contact the company behind AXE customer service, Unilever. Agents are available from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Unilever: 1-800-298-5018

Mailing Address

AXE is a product of the Unilever company. You can address your letter to Unilever corporate.

Unilever800 Sylvan AveEnglewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Official Website

The official website for AXE customer service is If you attempt to visit you’ll be taken to a rather dull site about portfolio management, not the AXE body products you’re looking for. The contact page is located at We thought it important to link directly to the contact page because we had a bit of difficulty finding a link to the contact information on the main page of the site.

Axe is available on popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

AXE customer service is available for customers who don’t want to call or write a traditional letter. The form is located on the AXE website, which could make it difficult to fill out using a mobile device, especially if the device is not Flash-ready.

We sent an email to the customer service desk praising a particular scent of Axe and inquiring about coupons. The form was extremely difficult to fill out even on a large computer screen. We’ll see if we hear back.

Our Experience

When you contact the customer service department at AXE, you will don’t have to worry about a confusing automated system. There are three options and the system states to press0 to contact with a live agent. After pressing the appropriate option, we wanted to know if customers had a problem with the product after purchase, should customers contact the retail location or AXE for resolution.

The agent recommended contacting the retail location first, then AXE. The agent told us AXE could not assist in the return of a product, but could assist in the event there is a problem with the packaging of the product itself. Our experience was great, but this could have been an exception. Tell us about your customer service experience. Shout out below.

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28 Comments on “Contact AXE Customer Service
  1. I was gonna write earlier and complain that your chocolate Axe body spray doesn’t have the affect on women that your commercials expresses. I came out of the shower and sprayed the spray, wrapped a towell around my waist and walked to the kitchen right past my very hot wife. I got a glass of water and went back to the bedroom disappointed that I wasn’t attacked… I picked up my phone to write you a quick note of disappointment in your product when my wife rushed into the room. Anyways, that was a few hours ago. I guess I am writing to say thanks for making chocolate Axe.

  2. My husband has used your products for a few years now , but twice in recent months I have had to return his axe phoenix deodorant because when we got it home it wouldn’t twist up, the store has taken it back and let me swap for an new one. Just wanted to let you know because it is an inconvenience, thank- you ….Lisa Horvath

  3. I’ve been using axe products for years. When I saw you had a razor and shaving products, I was very excited I bought the razors and everything and I’m here to say that I hate it and now bc I’ve used I’m stuck with it now. I wasted my money.

  4. Hi my name is Drew and I have been using your product for while now and I think AXE is AWESOME!! I was wondering if i can have some free stickers? i will help advertise your product on my cars, boats jet skis, RV, bikes, scooters, skateboards, my helmet anywhere to advertise them. Thank you Drew Huerta.

  5. Just want to say thanks for the birthday razor and that new chilled face wash. That shit smells amazing, definitely need to check out the other chilled products now

  6. Hi. I buy your products all the time. But recently it was unsatisfactory. The deodorant “Phoenix” doesn’t work. I have also tried others such as “Apollo” and “Choclate”. They haven’t worked from me. Also your shampoo has not had girls all over Me like you have advertised. Pit pit chest does not work with the ladies. I would appreatie a response.

  7. When watching your new stay cool commercial on tv I as a women felt infuriated. The fact that women and young girls have body issues and are not only trying to go on crazy diets but also killing themselves because there not “getting hotter and hotter” as you said on your commercial. I don’t think that you realize how horribly disrespectful the message you are sending is. Some women and young ladies would love to look like that however it is hard in today’s society unless you would like to go to extremes!!

  8. I wanted to write a letter or email to the company, but couldn’t find how, so I’m hoping that if I comment here that my words will be shared… Anyways, I adore the smell of woman’s anarchy (the first one, that’s pink). I think that they should make lotion, and deodorant too for women in this scent, because I tell you what, I feel like I smell like a badass women, and I want that to intensify. THANK YOU AXE!

  9. I have been using your product for years. I have no complaints except that, we need for you guys to make a lotion… What are you waiting for?

  10. hi my name is nicole and i wanted to write you guys and ask you guys to please keep the axe for women out so we can buy it , because i am telling you my self that i love the sell and would like to see more axe for women out to buy then buy it and use it and then it is gone again . i rather use axe for women then anything else .thank you so much for listening to me

  11. Hi can you please please please bring back Tempest, Java and Mirage whats the craic? If only just for a short time limited edittion or something like that retro themed? Every one will love see it back old school n tha, those new to the scents will love it and sales will boom simple!

  12. Very disappointed in this product I bought AXE fresh glix deoderarent I used it for about 3 days it started pealing my skin off of my arm pits it burned and I will be contacting them as swell

  13. I bought the axe gift set for my son, The anarcy shampoo-conditioner, body wash, spray and chilled face wash. Both of us used the face wash. After washing our faces and rinsing, both of us had red burning rashes on our faces. It still burns 24 hours after washing it off. I had to use the burn cooling gel out of my first aid kit to stop the burning. Our faces are still red and now the skin is flaking off and itching. Please look into this so no one else has to suffer.

  14. Hey will you please bring back Axe Relapse? I have a can that barely has any in it and every time I open it the smell brings back so many good memories of when I was younger. It smells great and would love to see it in stores again.

  15. what is your component of communication? how u comunicate you product with costomer?
    waiying for your rply

  16. hi,
    I really love your brand and I was hoping that you could reintroduce the AXE dry ice night. I really liked the smell of it.
    It would be awesome if I would find it back in the stores.

  17. I also love the womens axe deodorant but now target has quit selling it and now walgreens has stopped selling it. Walmart is the only one and I really don’t like shopping and supporting them. Plz put it back in more stores…..please

  18. I started using your product years ago and really love the fresh herbal scent “Tsunami”
    but after a while couldn’t find it anymore. So I found the scent “Music” that was close
    and used that although I didn’t like it as much. Why do you keep changing the product
    names and scents? I don’t like any that you have now and it gets rather expensive
    to keep trying different ones trying to find something I like.

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