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Contacting AT&T Customer Service Center

AT&T is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States. The company offers more than just cell phone service, however. You can also purchase television, home phone, Internet and mobile Internet services from the company. AT&T offers services and products to both residential and business customers. Customer service information is available from the main AT&T website, but customers have to jump through a few hoops before being given access to contact information.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

AT&T hides all contact information from customers unless they choose a specific problem they need help with from customer service. We tried a variety of customer service combinations to find a list of contact phone numbers. Automated services are available for most customer service numbers 24 hours a day. Live support times vary based on service.

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for customer service, but customers can feel free to use the corporate mailing address for all correspondence.

AT&T Corporate
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Official Website

If you are an AT&T customer or you want to learn more about the products and services offered by AT&T, you can visit the official website at You may be asked to enter your zip code to determine service eligibility or for a personalized list of products available in your area. Not all products and services offered by AT&T are available in all areas.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email listed on the AT&T website. We searched high and low and we finally found an Email Us page, but customers were required to log-in to their account before accessing the form.

After searching off the official AT&T website, we found a contact email at We have attempted to contact customer service using this email. We have not received a response from the customer service department yet.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service department, we were greeted by an automated response system. After approximately 3 minutes, the system disconnects the call. Each of the available responses claims to connect to an AT&T customer service representative, but the line rings and then immediately goes to a busy signal.

Although the customers service email for AT&T is available here:, we have not heard a response to our question regarding products and services available.
After several attempts, we finally received an email response from AT&T. The approximate response time was 1 hour. We were able to have our question answered. See the AT&T response below:

Dear Richard,
Contacting AT&T by phone would be the best method to learn more about the products and services available. Below are a few contact numbers for departments within AT&T that may be able to assist you. If you do not see the service you are looking for, please call us and we will be happy to direct you to the correct team for assistance.
Residential Services – 800-288-2020
Wireless Services – 800-331-0050
U-Verse Services – 866-915-6188
Webhosting Services – 888-932-4678
If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach us by dialing 1-877-888-7360 and one of our representatives will gladly assist you. As always we thank you for choosing AT&T Tech Support 360, where we value your business.
Thank you,
Customer Care

Tech Support 360

From: Richard Banks
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 12:57 PM
To: Tech 360 Customer Care
Subject: customer service question

I was attempting to contact customer service through the automated phone line with no resolve. Is emailing customer service the best available option in order to receive answers regarding products and services? Thank you for your attention to this concern.

It appears customer service is not a top priority of AT&T. Do you feel the same way when you contacted customer service? We want to hear your experiences when you attempted to contact the customer service department.

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253 Comments on “Contact AT&T Customer Service
  1. I have an contract-free iPhone 4 which is locked by AT&T.The iPhone is on Apple purchase in,I can providemy proof of purchase.I am sure,my iPhone 4 is no contract,also be legally purchased,I am willing to request an unlock code via Email.
    Already send attachments,The machine is I through legal channels iPhone purchase.
    I satisfy the requirements of the equipment unlock. Really sorry, bring you the unnecessary trouble,I really need to unlock.
    Well, I have got in touch with your customer service call, he said can unlock, so please contack me I will show my receipt

  2. AT&T Customer Service.

    I only wanted to share a congratulatory note for the invaluable assistance of Hillary at the 41st Ave store in the Capitola Mall.
    I am of a different race & culture than most, here. In these times, difficult for minorities or bearers of diverse ethnicity & association, it is encouraging & hope-inspiring, that an in-store assistant was able to rise above these differences and kindly and quickly render the expert help she was called upon to give. She immediately helped me solve a problem with my AT&T phone.
    As customer of AT&T for some 30 years, I am so grateful to AT&T for hiring & training such expert & willing employees.

    Thank you,
    I Crow X

    aka withheld
    by request.

  3. ATT has no customer service. They have a never ending automated system and when you finally get to someone they transfer you 12 more times just to be hung up on. NEVER USE AT&T for anything! Beware!

  4. Dear AT&T Customer Care,

    Almost a year ago I purchased a used iPhone 4 through a friend who’s based in the US.

    The IMEI number is 102754009519123
    I’m not entirely sure whether the phone is already off contract or otherwise, but I would really appreciate if it can be unlocked.

    Thank you very much for kind assistance.

    GOD Bless and more power.

  5. AT&T has billed me incorrectly 4 times in the last 6 months. All attempts to resolve the issues have failed including numerous phone calls and e-mails. My account has been sent to a collections agency even after AT&T reps acknowledged their errors.

    I suspect that tens of thousands of other customers are experiencing the same problems. I would like to organize a class action lawsuit or failing this, provide extensive documentation for the FCC and FTC.

    If anyone would like to join the cause, e-mail me at

  6. I have tried to contact customer service at AT&T, to try and find out why existing customers can not get the same deals they offer to new customers, but after holding for 45 min. someone came on and told me he would tranfer me, I heard one ring then was disconnected. AT&T wants new customers, but, if you are an old customer you have to drop your service before you can get the new rates. That’s not right.

  7. I just want to say that I spoke to one of your personnel
    and he was extremely understanding and wanted to help me with my problem. I think it is good for you to know that
    you have an employee who understands the meaning of service. He deserves recommendation for an award. His name is Jr. Riggs. Lastly, my problem was not resolved and I feel that it is really unjust to hold a person hostage in this way.

  8. They SUCK! I have been a customer through Ma Bell, Bell Telephone, Bell South, A T & T…for over thirty years. I can say with complete authority that A T & T is the absolute WORST Company I have ever had dealings with. I suggest everyone just cancel their services and maybe, just maybe A T & T will create a customer service department that has real live humans in the equations.

    Truly the worst I have ever seen.


  10. I am receiving a message on my cordless phones that says “Check tel line”. There is no dial tone. I plugged in an old land line phone I keep for such emergencies and still no dial tone. My land line is ATT. I tried calling on my cell phone (which is not an ATT phone) and got disconnected 2 times. The third time my cell phone ran out of battery time. I am very frustrated. I live in a rural area. My cell phone doesn’t work under the best of circumstances from my home. I need to talk to your repair department but I don’t know how I am going to be able to do that from home. I do not know how to check my “phone line” or even what I am looking for. If anyone reads this anytime soon could you send me an emaiber is 707 928-4823. I live in Cobb, CA 95426. thank you.

  11. I need to know if the Samsung impression was recall because every one with one including me the screen has stopped working.

    I agree with a commment above that refers to their crookedness.
    AT&T has to be the most crooked,flippant,dishonest company I have ever known of. They make Madoff look like a saint! I feel like I have been robbed.Once you have a problem,you may as well change services because it will never be resolved.

  13. I have an email account, (powered by Yahoo!) which has been either hacked or spoofed. I am receiving dozens of MAIL DELIVERY FAILURE notices and friends are emailing that they have been receiving SPAM from my address. The address was originally linked to AMERITECH DSL, then AT&T DSL and most recently, U-Verse, but I no longer have ANY AT&T accounts. The web wizards to change my password ALL fail, mostly because they eventually either prompt for account info (which is no longer valid) or I get a message that my User ID is incorrect (it hasn’t changed since the mid 90’s!) I have been trying to reset my password for TWO MONTHS! I eventually plan to close this account but since I still have other accounts and business correspondence linked to it I can’t do that quite yet. I have made repeated phone calls to AT&T, waiting through countless menus, and I even went to an AT&T store (where I was told I needed to call in for tech support again!) Everyone I have spoken to directs me to the various web pages on ATT.NET or ATT.COM to try to reset the PW myself online. Yahoo says they can’t support it because it is an AT&T domain. I need someone with ADMIN rights on the actual email server to contact me to help me get this password reset and get this issue resolved.


  15. I renewed my contract with at&t February 2011. I done this because the employee told me they would have 3g coverage spring 2011 in zip code 44622 . It is now almost November 2012 and still NO 3g coverage. I was lied to. Come this February I will no longer be with at&t. I have been a customer since 1998. Shame on them.

  16. Dear sir
    I purchase a HTC mobile type (HTC sensation Z710e) working on these frequinces (HSPA/WCDMA:•Europe/Asia: 900/AWS/2100 MHz Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz).My question is this mobile operate in the United States or not.
    Thank you


  18. I have to go overseas due to a family health issue so I applied and signed over the phone for the ‘vacation plan’ since I would not use my phone from there.

    When I came back I learnt that AT&T NEVER APPLY THIS PLAN so I had to pay half year FOR A SERVICE I NEVER USED (not a phone call, nor even a txt message!) on top of that even though I’ve been a loyal costumer for almost a decade they couldn’t wait 3 months for me to pay and they sent me to a collect agency.

    LESSON LEARNED: I’m buying the Straight Talk micro sim and will be paying only $45 A MONTH FOR UNLIMITED CALLS, TEXTS & DATA!!!
    (Straight talk uses the same AT&T network, antennas, etc)

  19. This is the last straw– NO MORE ATT. I just got a bill from them for an $18.64 increase in my services.Who do I call— NO ONE as it does not exist and you are wasting yout time trying to contact them.We should all pull out from them and make them go bankrupt or start a law suite against them for thier deceipt and pratices. But they would start up again under a different name.It is certainly worth a try.

  20. Dear Sir or Madam:
    I have now spent the better pat of half an hour trying to speak to a person in repais. We go around and around. My time is valuable. I have a major problem with my phone line that has never been fixed despite several wasted calls speaking to machines. I am now about to get rid of AT&T in all my systems. YOu are a communication company and I am not prepared to talk to robots. Each time I call you it is the same. Good Bye AT&T. Joseph Harte

  21. Poorest service I have ever had ! No one answer’s phone &when they do they put you on hold . I’ve waisted 2hr’s .This is What I will remember about at&t and I will never consider using your service again .Am considering contacting Better Business

    • I don’t know why you are trying to get help here from AT&T… This is NOT an AT&T customer service site, it is simply a site to voice your complaints about service. No AT&T representative will respond to you who is from AT&T.

  22. neither will this manager give info on who is general manager. no one will give names or phone numbers of charge staff..i have been on phone all day with no satisfaction..626 298 6899.

  23. I live in Sweden and bought my iPhone 4 at Best Buy for USD650 two years ago and didn’t know it was locked to AT&T. Been trying to unlock it since then without luck. AT&T retail store advised I call customer services. Long, costly international calls, poorest service ever experienced. I only use my iphone when I visit USA unfortunately with AT&T cash SIM card.

  24. i just called your technical support and got the best customer service help ever! his name was jermey i wish i caught his last name but he was so helpfull and patient and it was a wonderfull conversation, not akward like most! jermey you rock and help me with my gallazy 111 new phone (wich i am a dork on phones) thank thank you, its nice to be able to make it easy to call when you are upset! ;)))))) you rock……………….. happy custmer me reyna :)

  25. This is so very sad that a company as big as AT&T would deliberately rip people off. Someone needs to start a law suit against them. If they have done this to me and you, there will be millions more, they will lie to just to get business. When asked if the paper that was signed was a contract, the representative said no. Signed up for Uverse; two TV’s, Internet (1) computer, two phone lines. The entire service for all was supposed to be only $160.00 plus fees. We received the bill online and it was a little over $400.00. It was double from our previous carrier. The most sickening thing about it, was that I we had no phone service for almost four days on either phone; the TV’s would flip stations while watching them and we have not had complete full service since November 19 (I think). When I contacted customer service, I was transferred around, I was disconnected and some of there customer service representatives were very hard to understand. I had to call AT&T countless of times and each time they assured me things would be taken care of and this was the worst nightmare that one could experience. Now, I have to contact them again about this monstrous bill.

  26. My home phone and dsl service went out on 11/29/12. I’m 86 years old and need my phone because I got out of the hospital and my doctor/family can’t call me. My family been calling at&t everyday and everyday at&t said I will have service. Today we called three times and was placed on hold over 30 mins. Im still waiting for service. My phone number is (323)754-1251. Can someone please help.

  27. Good info. I tried to email ATT and can not get any info for disputes. Beware of ATT service is a really a rip off.
    If you do not check your ATT bill there are often unauthorized addition charges.

  28. Our family signed up joining family wireless phone plan with ATT Sale in Irvine,Ca. One of the line were told by the sales Michael H was a system generated error which resulted over charge $44.23 every month.
    The sales has credited me 3 months and he told us the problems will be fixed. ( History of all the email communications are available) After 5 months the $44.23/mo. overcharge still not resolved. And now has past the one month back out period.
    The Sales person told me Nov,5th, 2012 to deduct $88.25 from the Nov 2012 bill. ATT wireless sent me letter to pay the $88.25 in full otherwise will disconnect all my wireless phone lines. ACC#337018282xxx

    Credit my account for the full $129.46 and all related charges. Fix the system generated error back to agreed rate $9.99/mo. AT&T has drag this problem over the one month back out period.
    If the problem still not fixed, refund me 949-394-xxxx the activation fee and cancel this phone line.

  29. not the firset time .main phone line dead,waited 2 hours
    and hung up will have try again

    lousy internt service
    we hate At&t
    if we can get away we would loose AT T forever

  30. have a problem my, father is 83 years old just told a story , about your company and what you did to him .
    and i am sure if your company did it to your own father
    you would come undone , and not be very happy at all ,
    my father bought one of your go phones , about three years ago , set up everything on a revoling credit card
    to be paid every month . he told you guys cancel his account in september , did not notify him. of the cancel , why the phone is used for life line to him and he to us . he told us that he had 90+ dollars in credit and no refund buy you people .we also could be wrong but
    knowing my father ,do not think so . i would hope you mite take the time to work this out . his name is herb
    954 -583-4699 , next step

  31. Hi
    I could not contact directly to on line service, becouse I am not your customer but have your product, so decide to write here. If anybody from support service read this message please contact me.
    I bought phone on line with AT&T carrier, after update it and its locked. I can not unlock it.
    Please help to unlock it….

  32. Please tell me what to do about my new phone I have had it 3 days and it will not come back on after recharging the battery it is a Samsung Galaxy Express, not on the market yet according to a rep . I had to call several times before I got a clear answer about the old phone I had. I had to have it replaced 2 times and they told us that they would send me a phone right out and I waited 14 days and was told about it would be in oh let me check and then came back and she said your order had been put on hold. We have had to replace alot of these phones and they are not in stock now. Here I am in the same position as I was 3 days ago no home phone now and no cell phone and disbilied. Look like a letter to Mr. Delago again in Dallas.

  33. Yesterday my battery back up for U Verse went out. Thus I had no internet yet you sent me an email telling me when to expect my service. Rather unnecessary don’t you think. Also, if my back up battery is going to go out don’t you think there should be warning system so I could contact you prior to loosing my service. As I HATE your phone surveys I wanted to make a comment about the technican who did a great job and was very nice and most cooperative. HIs name is Josh, his manager is Jerry Harrison.

  34. Phone number to pay bill is not listed!!!
    Link to pay online does not work!!!
    Dug out their website and login after searching on web for 15 mins!!!
    User id and password does not work!!!
    Paying by phone means they charge you money.

    This is a deliberate attempt by ATT to gouge out customers further by making it very difficult to pay online for free. Report this malpractice to FCC!!!

    My $40 bill for DSL internet only was late. I received threatening phone calls stating I would be cut off and have reconnection fees. I could not pay using the phone call system since my debit card had changed. I could not find a number to call them back, nor did the web link to pay online work.

    If I could give 5 minus stars instead of 1 star I would have! Somebody please nuke ATT into oblivion. To state I hate them, is an understatement. I want to choke the life out of that corporation!!! I HATE ATT!!!

  35. I opened a DSL account with At&t for my rental property in 2011 middle of March. The phone # 888-333-2828 I contacted. Since account opened, everything doesn’t go correctly. For the rental property, I never live there. I called same toll free number 3 times and asked at&t put my living address and service address both on bill statement then send bill to my living address. So on that way, it is much easier for me. They said that they can’t do it; only one address can be showed on the bill statement. I don’t know why gas company, electricity company and water company they can do it, why ATT can’t do it?? I wish I could cancel it but I have to finish one year contract. Then I wait for almost one year, actually one week to one year I called ATT to cancel the service. The guy pick the phone call said that is too early, and have to wait for one more week to cancel.
    Exact one year, I called ATT to cancel it, another rep said that is OK. No problem. I thought that is OK but it is not. Two month later, I went to my rental property, there were a few bill statements in that house. I called ATT again, asked why? The service rep said that ATT system is updating now and can’t find anything and asked me call back later. 3 weeks later I called ATT, the lady picked up phone call said that I may owe ATT money and asked me check all payment then call it again. One week I called it again, the guy picked the phone call said that don’t worry about it, he is going to take care in this time.
    It looks once an account opened, I cannot close it. Now it is getting worse.
    In August of this year, I went there, and saw 2 letters from Franklin Collect Agency. I opened it and called ATT right away; at this time I didn’t talk to any service rep, only manager who is Miss Yun. She said that she is going to clear my account and asked me call Franklin Collect Agency to remove my case. Should I call Franklin??? It doesn’t make sense!! Of course ATT should call Franklin. But I called it. I gave my case # to the guy, and sounds he accepted it. Until last Friday, my refinance rep called me said that my credit score drop down too much and I cannot refinance for my home mortgage. I have a bad credit from Franklin Collect Agency. AT&T ruins my credit. What should I do?

  36. I just signed up for ATT Uverse early November. It took them 3 trips to my house ( a total of 12 hours they spent there) to get my service working properly. My account was to be debited on the 9th of every month. That was fine but I am only paid once a month on the 15th and live check to check but was told that I could call and change my due date to 12/15 or after. I called on November 22nd and spoke with “anna” who changed my due date to the 17th of every month. Today is 12/12 and they debited my acoount last night. Now I have a negative balance and owe an additional $34 for the overdraft. And I just stopped to get gas this morning so there is another $34. These jerks better credit my $68 bucks!!! I’m a single mom and it’s Xmas!!! I’m furious!!!

  37. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years and a good one to, I must say. I am generally pleased with the service that I receive.
    My issue is that I want to know why, as a loyal and should be valued customer, I can not also get a great price on a good phone? You have great offers for new customers and sure after 2 years I can get a great deal and a really cool phone for a resonable price also. But why should customers, like myself with good track record with you, have to wait. Maybe AT&T has this thing all backwards?!I get why you do it, draw new customers in, but just once you should consider rewarding your valued customers, every now and then, without the wait.

  38. I haveacomplaint against my pay as you go because this was happen for 2 times already that it was deducted me for $9.99 dollars the other day that I dnt know what is that for which my plan is $2.00 per day. I just refill my phoneDec. 5, 2012 of $50.00 and now I just notice last Wenesday that my account is still have like $40.00 more and now its only $26.00 left. I want you to tell me why this was happen to me for 2 times alreadyin the 1st time I didnt complaint but now it always happen to me.

  39. I truly disappointed in your all around costumer service. I called and set up a payment arrangement with one of your service reps and was told by the rep that it was set up and service would not be interrupted. That call was made on 12/13/12. Today 12/14/12 my phone was shut off. When I called to find out what happened they told me that no arrangement had been set up and that they would be unable to resort service until the past due was paid. I’m very disappointed in the way this was handled and will not be recommending AT&T to anyone and to anyone thinking about switching to you I will tell them not to do it!!

  40. In my 28 years of being a consumer of phone and internet service, AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. I would have to publish a book to convey my horrrible experienceS (Yes, I said experienceS with a capital “S) with this company. All I can say is sign up at your own risk and if you do, you’ll just have to learn from your own mistakes, but remember you’ve been warned!!!!

  41. I’m disgusted and outraged at the service you provide. I have been a customer of yours for many, many years and was just informed that I cannot get a copy of text messages that were necessary for a divorce hearing that I purposely kept on my phone. My phone automatically deleted them. Other providers have this service but AT&T does not? I was just informed of this by Ashley Johnson when I called 1-800-3310500 customer service to ask for a hard copy of them. Don’t tell me these messages cannot be retrieved-

  42. My U-verse bills are to high. How do I get off uverse and go back onto regular service. I find no difference and am paying more. You c ompany is too high, I think I will have to change. All the fees and charges seem to me to be a sham just to make more money.

  43. It took two days and several google attempts to find your support phone numbers to help a friend. At&t is not worth that much trouble to me. NOT EVERONE has Internet.

  44. It is impossible to write a review since ATT has cleverly made it all but impossible to contact customer service. The phone is not on my billing statement or the internet. I have a billing statement dispute that I can not resolve due to no way to communicate with ATT.
    Very Clever trick! I guess I’ll just cancel service and get majic jack.

    • Good luck since I am in the process of cancelling my service for the second time after spending two hours on the phone to get it done the first time. Never. Again.

  45. I have been having problems with my telephone all week. Every time I tried to contact AT&T for service, I get the recordings that takes me through the choices just to bring me back to the beginning. I live in Lake Forest, CA. Holidays are here, and cannot receive and or make calls out of my house. The line is totally death and when folks call me, they get a busy signal. After I checked the telephones I have, I realized it was the AT&T line I am not getting. What do you suggest? This is now an emergency. Can’t even call my family to wish them a Merry Christmas and/or inform them that I am fine.

  46. On hold for 14 minutes as of now while the CSR reviews my bill….What the heck takes so long! I don’t have an hour to figure out why you charged me twice as much. Maybe you should have your reps call us back once they have figured it out. Also IVR system is very frustrating. I run a call center and understand the challenges but customer service is key!

  47. Dear customer service
    I canceled my internet on Sept 25 about sept.21 by calling ,the answer sir said:ok, stop your internet from 12am,sept 25 start stop. Why require to pay oct. fee now?
    My internet was broken ,didnt sent person to repair on time,your compain answer said,didnt pay this month.why require to pay this month fee now?
    so I shouldnt pay $60
    My name is George Zheng. I am 76 years old. My account number is 770 645-3789 793 1884. My address is 8450 Roswell rd Atlanta GA30350.

  48. Dear AT&T: I have been trying to contact you for the past several weeks regarding a problem with static on our landline. I have waited on the phone for hours at a time. Today, it has been 45 minutes and I’m still listening to this “Jazz” music that is rather nerve wracking to say the least. Another issue is the “party line” that I am enjoying. While on hold the other day, I had the pleasure of speaking with a lady from Ashtabula and also enjoyed listening to a customer service call to a business. It reminded me of the good old days when the “party lines” were in use. I am sad to leave AT&T after being a “valued” customer for the past 48 years but I think it is time to move on. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

  49. FOURTY FIVE MINUTES, FOURTY FIVE MINUTES and i got hung up on AGAIN!!!!!!!! At&T has THE WORST WORST WORST automated phone system EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!! I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER SWTICH TO At&T because of how bad it is! 45 MINUTES to finally speak to a real person, they have her direct my phone call to another person, who directed my phone call to a message that said I needed a 5digit PIN (which I dont have) and then it hung up on me. WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I left ATT after using them as my phone and internet provider for many, many years. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Even the management makes promises that they do not keep. They inadvertently shut my DSL and phone line off and was unable to restore it since they are now moving to fiberoptics. I would be forced into purchasing Uverse and yet they could not get anyone out for 2 weeks to install. I lost 2000.00 in business without internet services. I had to go out and purchase an iPad with 4g network ability so that I could continue my business. Needless, to say, I dumped att and moved to comcast where I am very happy with the service so far. All of my customers asked what happened to me since they could not reach me because I did not have phone service and internet service. I told them about the poor att customer service and not surprisingly, many had similiar story’s. Good bye att! Worse customer service ever on all levels!

  51. I ordered the Samsung tablet 8.9 online on Friday, December 17, 2012. I got an email confirmation saying my order will be shipped in 2 to 5 days. On the fifth I called customer service to check on the status of my order and was then informed that my order was on back order. keep in this was never communicated to me through email or text or phone. For another six days no one at ATT could tell me when this item would be shipped. My one question was why did they still have this item o line for ordering especially during the Christmas season and none of these items were available. I have ordered plenty of things online and whenever something is on bak order the customer is informed at time the order is placed so the customer can decide to order this item or not. It is hard for me to believe that a company the size of ATT it does not this capability in its ordering system. I have never in my life received such POOR customer service in all my life. I told so many different stories during my interactions with your customer service star that it didn’t make any sense.

    I have been a customer with ATT for about nine years and this the worst customer service I have ever received.

    I don’t know what is the problem with your telephone customer service staff but I think the whole department neds to be trained on how to find solutions to customer questions instead of just saying what is in front of them. You don’t have a solution department you have repeat what is on the scre department.

    I did end up going to an ATT store and bought another tablet and they did try to smooth over how I was feeling about your company. Trust me if I did want to ad the tablet to my mobile share plan this would have been one sale you would not have gotten.

    I hope you can fix your customer service problem.

    Nannie Worthy

  52. 11 years of service with AT&T. Goodbye AT&T
    Hello Verizon. When I needed u the most u
    U failed me. I even went as far as getting
    AT&T phone and Internet in my office.
    Well I’m switching that too. Once bitten shame
    On the dog. Twice bitten shame on me.

  53. ATT has no customer service. They have a never ending automated system and when you finally get to someone they transfer you 12 more times just to be hung up on. NEVER USE AT&T for anything! Beware!

  54. Because my wife just had to have an iPhone, I was forced to leave T-Mobile and go to AT&T. What a total and complete nightmare! Their customer service is as bad as it gets. Trust me, I have dealt with some horrible customer service people in the past, but AT&T takes the prize. Your time will be better spent banging your head on a brick wall. You have been warned.

  55. My U-verse went out on Dec 23rd 2012, called AT&T tech support on 26th, and had been told that they were not able to figure out the problem. Called again on 31st request ATT either fix it or terminate the service, phone got cut off after 20 min communicated with customer service. I called again and was told ATT would try to fix it but didn’t get the U-verse service to work till this day. Jan. 5th 2013

  56. I am so tired of trying to get help from att that I may soon cancel. My home phone has been out twice in the past two months for no reason to me. One night a local policeman came to my door and scared me to death and said someone dialed 911 from my number… it had been out since early the afternoon before. Help@!Me,. I’m 71 years old and pay my uverse bill promptly and don’t needs these problems.

  57. I need help in resetting my password My passworded an hour ago
    Please help In trying the change password
    Janice Farmer

  58. I am an unhappy U-verse customer. Tuesday, my box on the TV went out so I called and they determined it was the Cisco router and not the TV. They said they would send one out. Its now Wednesday night and still no router or TV. If ATT was half as interested in taking care of their existing customers as getting new ones it might possibly become a good company. I am also a share holder, but that to is to bad. This U-verse looks like is another ATT ripoff. We have had it for 7 months and our bill hasn’t been the same twice. Once again Cox is looking better all the time.

  59. I”m very displeased that I took my time to try and report a telemarketing number 702-260-6126, that keeps calling ,representing themselves as at&t rep until i asked for their mane or employee # than they hang up, they are fishing for info ,,,completly a scam,,, when i report it at&t says they can do nothing. Well if I call someone using someone else id. and fish for info I would be arrested, instead they say it is out of their hands… that’s completly wrong!!!!!!I was just trying to help stop fraud but i quess they don’t care who uses their company name

  60. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFETIME. Waited 45 min. for a supervisor only to be told they were gone for the day! Continuous unresolved phone problems lasting months, arrogant service reps. No way to elevate problems to management. Fed-up with ATT.


  62. I was speaking with one of your agents, Yvette,
    Who just hung up on me. You know how
    Frustrating it is to wait in line and to have someone
    Answer and hung up on you! She has my phone
    Number but didn’t bother to call me back.
    Is this the kind of assistance you train your people
    To do. Waiting in line is already frustrating
    and to have an agent answer then hung up
    Is very rude, nasty and impolite.

  63. Dear AT&T Customer Care,

    Almost a year ago I purchased a used iPhone 3 gs through a friend who’s based in the US.

    The IMEI number is 012154001232017
    I’m not entirely sure whether the phone is already on contract , but I would really appreciate if it can be unlocked.

    Thank you very much for kind assistance.

    GOD Bless and more power.

  64. After getting no satisfaction by phone,from a customer service representative, I tried to e-mail a complaint letter using the e-mail listed above.
    The e-mail was returned stating no such host provider. This was an important issue that dealth with wanting to cancel a recently made cell account for a friend that is now in second stage of mental dementia. She had 11 days to cancel and this was only the 6th day. Apparently ATT has no compasion or consideration for the mentaly ill. If I do not get any satisfaction for her,
    I may switch all my accounts back to Comcast.

  65. At&T is by far the absolute worst phone service provider in the market. I don’t even get any signal at my own house! The Interent is as slow as Christmas; when I have incoming calls, the person on the other end of the line ALWAYS has a difficult time hearing me; the list of complaints is endless. And it’s not just me- my coworkers and friends will tell you the same things about AT&T’s awful service. I can’t believe I’ve been paying every month for the worst possible phone service out there. I’m going to be making my switch to Verizon Wireless as soon as possible.

  66. AT&T has the worst customer service ever. No consideration for their customers and they refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes or make anything better. Never again, they are horrible.

  67. First off I went and switched to AT&T based on what others (family) has told me. So I did. As you can see I have only been a customer for a VERY short time. Worst decision I ever made as of now at least.
    I called 2-1 @ 7:14pm to report outage, on the line for 35 min 42sec to be told by Supervisor that someone will call me on Sat morning 8-10am and advise what time they will be arriving.

    2-2 @ 11:25am called to find out about the service call I did not receive and to find out when this will be fixed. I was told then by supervisor that a call will be placed back to advise the time, again….no calls at all.
    2-2 @ 6:05pm and again was told that someone will call me back……and yet again NO CALL BACK. I know that they have my number because not only did I have to verify my number and my security code when I call and entered it, I was asked by the Supervisor and when being told that “you will get a call back” I then AGAIN verify that the number to call back is correct. Each time it was correct, but no one knows how to call a customer back.

    2-3 @ 1:37pm again called and again on the line for 33min 19 sec and was told by multiple people that we do not work on Sundays. So I again asked for a Supervisor named Alvin. He was just a rude un caring person. How could you have someone like this working for you? He said that a call “should” of been placed to you. Yes it “should” of but was not. He said without a doubt he knows I will be called in the AM to advise the time for the tech to arrive. I told him This is un acceptable because I have been calling since Friday and no one has called or come out to service your faulty materials. I told him do not bother to send out anyone until I get a call from a actual person to confirm appt.

    2-4 @ 8:23 am I receive a text message that a tech will be out today between 12-2
    2-4 @ 12:50pm a text message that the service was done and fixed.
    2-4 @ 4:24 pm on the line for 10min 36 sec and was told by another Supervisor that it is not the outside line and that is inside my house is the issue now. Then was told that a tech WAS out on Sunday!!!!!! WHAT!!!! First I was home ALL DAY on Sunday and was told that you do not work on Sundays!!!, Your tech lied or the Supervisor lied to me as it was the Super bowl and I had planned a big party at my house……as you know and can see that my service is STILL not fixed I could not have the party at my house. I had catering and whole 9 set up for the day. That was ruined because not one person did their job as they should of @ AT&T. Not even the Supervisors. BUT, BUT when I was finally fed up with this whole lack of Customer Satisfaction and lack of Customer Service I have decided to CANCEL. I told that to the last supervisor I was talking to continue and set up the tech to come to the house as planned to collect all the item from AT&T, I was told no, that will not be done. So I finally had enough and hung up on her. She called me back!!!!! THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO CALL ME BACK FORM AT&T. Want to know why? It was so “She can do her job” and give me the instructions on returning items. I hung up again and she called me back to go over this and she told me that she must go over this as this is part of her job!!!!! WOW now someone wants to do their job. Not one person cared from the start to the finish for my lack of working service. I work hard for my money and refuse to give a company any of it who has lost me over $575.00 in income due to your faulted items. But to just find out that only a very small portion will be credited to me. That is wrong.

    I hope this letter get to the proper hands to issue a training for all involved in Customer Service and really need to know the importance of urgency when you have customers working from home. Not to mention my kids could not do any work on line either. This has been one of the biggest headaches I have ever had to deal with a company and refuse to ever go back to you and as far as the people I know who have AT&T will also get a copy of this email as I hope it gets them to cancel all services with AT&T. I will also promote the lack of service AT&T have to people in conversation.

    If you feel the need to call and go over any of the issues in the mentioned above you can call me. I know you have the number.

  68. This is to inform Mr. Randall Stephenson as he is promoting the ban on gay leaders in scouts I will be promoting the
    ban on all AT&T products and services starting with my
    home and my family business along with talking to as many
    churches and friends as I can to also ban AT&T. I know that he will probably never see this but I am watching the
    way he votes and hope he is ban from the board of BSA.
    A very concerned grandmother who loves causes that hurt children.

  69. sir this is prabaharan from royal carribean cruise ship sir , i bought IPHONE4 two years before sir , now i am going to vacation to india sir , i have all my frieds phone numbers inside my phone sir i dont want to miss any things sir , please sir can you help me to unlock my iphone sir please sir , this will be more help full for me to use my same phone in india . thank you very much for your help sir, thanks again .

  70. sir this is praba again i forgot to send my IMEI NUMBER 01 254400 597172 9 , as i said before iam working at cruise ship i bought iphone from tampa (usa) now iam going for my vacation so that i can use my moblie phone at india , because i have lots of my friends numbers is there. plese sir help me to use my phone . can you unlock my phone sir , thank you very much sir.

  71. Wanted to take advantage of cable & internet promotion, Was set up to have installed 01-26-13, Never showed, no call. gave them another chance, Set up for 02-09-13, never showed no call. Two saturday’s wasted waiting. I’m done. will stay with comcast. Very bad business.

  72. I am POA for my aunt. I would like to know if there is anyway her phone can block calls. She lives in an assissted living facility. She has short turm memory loss due to a stroke. She gets calls from utility companies. I am afraid of her giving out personal information to the wrong person. She is in no need of their services. Can you help me in this situation.

  73. At&t has the worst phone service. I tried to reach an actual person, and it took be through not one… not two…. but six different automated voice systems! Not to mention the many many times they asked for my account number, only to be asked again when I finally reached a person.

    And before had I had another nightmare. I bought a new modem through them, and wanted to have the payment for it broken down. But, when the bill came the entire price was listed. So, I had to call them. Even though I was able to reach a person, I was transferred six times! And the guy’s excuse was “well it’s already on your bill, you should pay it”…. 191.00 when the bill was only suppose to be 65! After what seemed an endless about of bs I was finally able to get it off my account… so I did not have to pay anything for the next month. But, I can’t help but think the entire thing wouldn’t have happened if AT&T had better phone support.

    I give them one star, for their continued poor service. I would go lower if I could.

  74. I’d like to take the time to write a complement about one of your sales consultants. Her name is Nicole Rinaldi and she is working at:255 Rt.#37 East, Tomes River, N.J. 08753
    She was extremely helpful and patient with me, even though the purchase I made wasn’t of great vallue. It would be so nice if salespeople treated their customers like Nicole did. Thank you Nicole, Mrs. J. Camarato

  75. Please AT&T do something with you service. I have phone and internet with you. This AM it took 1 hour and 20 minutes and 5 different people to get me up and running. I went from a woman that I could not understand because of her accent to a man that told me that I did not have the service that I do have to the last gentleman that got me the correct information and I have written it down. I had the paperwork but the technision who installed the equipment never told me one of the important numbers to have ready otherwise I could not be helped. And one of the women wanted to immediately do a “Call ticket” that I would have to pay for. I had to tell her what we did that last time and during this portion of the conversation my phone came back into services and then the internet went out. What is the problem? I have had AT&T now for about 3 weeks and I have had problems for about 3 to 5 hours of those. This may not sound like much to you but to me as a small business owner who depends on the internet and phone system to operate our business it is important. With the exception of the last woman and ultimately the last man I would not rate support very well. Are you too big????

  76. I just spent an hour online to order home phone service. I am a current U-verse member I have Internet and TV both.
    I don’t remember the first name of the chat line rep. But…. the second was Simon. He told me it would be $15.00 per month and no install fees after he took all of my info, gave me the link to place the order, told me to keep this window open in case he could assist. .Once I got to the order, it wouldn’t let me continue because it wanted to use Springfield Twp. that is not my mailing address. However I do live in Springfield Twp.
    When I went back to the window for Simon’s help it was logged off, seconds later.
    So I logged back on for help to finish and now I have Christian P. He changed the price to $26.00 after trying to change my package to a much more expensive one. I told him the details and he then said ok 23.00 but now its 49.00 install.
    I told him that Simon had already assured me no install or other hidden fees.
    He refused my order.
    I am sending this to the BBB and anyone else. I spend allot of money per month with your company and can’t believe this cruel treatment. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I don’t expect any special treatment just fair. and 10 seconds later and another $49.00 is not fair.
    I will also shop for another company for all 3 services in the meantime.

  77. The 2-3 e-mails a day I get from A T &T are annoying! Will you please stop trying to sell me something? I am not happy with my service, find it all but impossible to contact you by phone and become aggravated more each time. When I finally do actually get to speak to a rep. I find them helpful. I am counting the days that I can bid this outfit a not-so-fond FAREWELL!!!

  78. I signed up with AT&T because of U-verse and turns out they don’t even offer it in my area. I live right by LAX for goodness sakes. The guts of Los Angeles. WOW. Now I am hooked into a two year contact and have inferior internet and I didn’t even know it. I am really unhappy right now.

  79. We are sooo tired of your stupid commercials with the kids. We cannot hit our mute button fast enough. Don’t you have anything new and more creative???? These commercials keep playing and replaying and once is enough!!I think one time you had something with balloons flowers and music and enjoyable to watch and could see many times, not the boring commercials you have on now.

  80. This was no help what so ever. Every time I choose something it canceled my request, worst help ever. It’s just a was of time.

  81. We have been 7 days without landline service. Cell phones do not have reception here.I reached a live person and explained I had a person here with medical diagnosis of being prime candidate for SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH. She promised to try to expedite the repair because there is not a DIAL TONE even to the pole. HOWEVER, my second number provided to a friend, got a robotic response saying that they we were denied expedited service due to a high back log of calls. My son called AT&T for me and was told our phone line is broken. no kidding. AT&T has no living PERSON who can do a thing to help customers. My research indicated our repair service is dispatched from Alabama, we live in Tennessee. I would NEVER recommend AT&T to anyone.

    • I have just spent 1hour and 15 minutes on the phone trying to get bills straightened out. To start with I moved from one apartment to another, at the same address on Jan.26. I called just to change my address and consequently ended up getting a supposedly better deal on my phone and internet. Internet at @19.95 a month instead of $33.Also wasn’t told that was just for 12 months. As it ended up I was told I had to change my phone number to take the new deal. From there on it is nothing but chaos. Trying to talk with Customer Service to straighten out the bills I have received. Since then I have received three bills,Jan.27,Feb.5 and Feb.27th .Two to the old phone number, one to the new (which I now find out wasn’t necessary) This morning when I called the customer service number it took forever to even get a real person and then I was cut off before we even finished . Then I’m in the collection department, then they transfer me back to billing . So I had to repeat the whole story again. I will say I felt sorry for the person I was talking to, because by then I was so frustrated. She finally called her supervisor who told her to remove the $61.75 change. Then I find out they are saying my account is overdue. I have had automatic pay for at least 6 years, but was told that didn’t apply to the new number and I’d have to pay the bill which is considered delinquent. Until the last person told me that because of the new phone number the account was not set up for auto pay. By this time I am thoroughly disgusted with ATT customer support. I tried to find a way to email and even that doesn’t work. So now I have 3 bills since Jan.26 and no resolution. How do you expect to keep customers with the kind of service that is given. I finally had to tell the lady who was trying to help that I just couldn’t sit at the phone another hour for them figure it all out. I told her she’d have to call me back another time and I am not paying any of these bills until it is straightened out. I may just cancel my whole service of phone and internet. It seems that if ATT wants to stay in business they’d better figure out a better way of communicating with their customers.

  82. The reason for my email, I have my cell phone with you all. You have debited my account each month for what I owe. Could/would be so kind as to let me know the date that you will debit my account and for how much? If all possible I would appreciate a statement showing the amount and the date.

    Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Tanya L. Grey

  83. I only have one complaint I have crappy signal in my area I pay the same money as everyone else. But in my area anyone that has att has crappy signal. Need a tower here.

  84. Horrible customer service. I have spent countless hours, on hold, attempting to get my multiple problems/concerns addressed. With each call I was redirected several times, once I was able to speak to someone with a pulse, I was usually left frustrated with the same problems/concerns. My dissatisfaction started with the installation date which was rescheduled three (3) times and usually at the last minute. My cellular service was frequently unavailable and I have since switched to a different carrier with better service and a much lower monthly cost. I am currently in the process of switching my cable, internet and land line. I will be sooo happy to tell AT&T to kiss my *** and I will NEVER use or recommend AT&T to anyone.

  85. I have to say after reading all of these comments I am sooo thankful I left AT&T years ago. However, like another individual, they came out to do some work on my property. While I did approve it, they damaged my automatic sprinkler system. I was given a name and number and the contractor who is responsible, and he is now avoiding my calls….Im not gonna stop if I have to keep calling or writing, but All I can say to everyone here on this page: I left AT&T 10 years ago for bad customer service over $30.00 they would not refund me for one of their mistakes. I went to Verizon and have received above and beyond, better than expected service EVERY SINGLE TIME. they are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. They are always available, acknowledge their screw-ups, and my service has NEVER dropped!!! If you read this and still stay with AT&T, shame on you.

    Listen people…. if it was bad 10 years ago, and according to this site, it seems like its getting worse, get out now and go to someone else.

  86. Due to a terrible wrong advice from the sales person, Jose R. in AT&T Mobility store at 349 Paseo Las Cumbres, San Juan, PR, I have to return two items: DataConnect 5GB and Home Phone Unlimited with a 2 year plan. Initially, on February 3, 2013 I went to the store to get some consulting. I told the salesman, Jose R. that I was currently with Claro Telephone Company, but since I have 4 cellular phones with ATT, I would like to know what they could offer me. I work for a cosmetic company and among other things I have to translate many press releases that I received from the company through Internet, so I need a plan with a good Internet and a phone, because I’m constantly connected due to my work. He offers me the above equipment. I trusted his advice, but in only three days I use all 5GB Internet access, it turns that it was not unlimited. I call by phone and discovered that I was wrongly advice, so I went to the store on Monday, February 11th to return the equipment and explain to another salesman all what happen, he told that I have to talk to the manager, she was unavailable until the next day February 12th. I told her that I have to return this equipment not because it was damage or doesn’t work properly, but it wasn’t what I need, it doesn’t meet my expectations!!! I explain the salesman my needs, that’s why I ask for advice in the first place, I trust his expertise, but sadly I was wrongly, misinform. Now, begins the real problem. The store only was interested in charging me the restocking fee $35.00 per equipment. A total of $70.00 In the other hand, I discover that AT&T Company already have issue an invoice because they charge the month in advance and also there’s a charge of $72.00: an activation fee of $36.00 for each equipment. The manager from the store insisted that I should pay the $70.00 and assured me that it will be credit from the AT&T invoice. Today, March 3rd (a month later) I discover that this credit was never made. However, AT&T took away the charge for the month in advance (sure, I have this equipment for less than a week), but they still insists in the payment of the $72.00 plus taxes a total of $84.00. So, to summarize I will be paying a total of $154.00 for equipments that I don’t have, didn’t use and most of all didn’t need because I was deceive. The real meaning to be deceive or trick its when someone promise you something and isn’t true and that’s exactly what happen to me. But, AT&T doesn’t care they just want their money; they aren’t interest in pleasing their clients or try to understand them. In top of this I lost my initial phone number, because they never told me that if I cancel the account, Claro can’t carry my number back. But in the other hand, if I don’t cancel the account in this first week (their return policy is only 14 days), AT&T will charge me the 2 year plan. There’s no way you can win!!! At the end, I don’t have any phone or Internet, and tomorrow I have to put a new order with Claro Telephone Company for a new phone and Internet service. In all this process, the worst part is that my job has been affected, also I have to let know all my contacts the change of phone number, hoping that I can get the new phone soon!!! It’s a petty what all companies customer service had become, just words full of promises but definitely not one truthful. It’s really in the past that honorable old saying “You have my word!”

  87. Had phones for 5 days they were trash took them back to store on Rd.68
    Pasco. Wa to exchange phones they hasseld use on returning new broken phone we had only 10 days on top of bad phones they wanted to charge a $35.00 restocked fee on a $30.00 phone. We argued with the store and art also for over an hour nd a half.
    it did get settled but we are not very pleased with the Art store and will never shop there again

  88. I must say the best advertisement ever is the new one with the children, I actually think the man is even better.
    Keep it up.
    Bernadette Heavey

  89. i have been charged twice for the same gophones i ordered and have had for a wk now and i cant get ahold of noone and now my bank account is in the negetive and now i got to pay 100 or more to the bank bc more money was taken out then i had and im getting pissed off now

  90. Your digital phones for the home are the worst things I have ever worked with. I bought them at Walmart because they are a brand name, but I cannot understand one word of what the woman who lets you know who is calling says. She must be from India or something. Also, calls that I have picked up are listed as missed calls, and you cannot get these calls all deleted. I can’t believe AT&T would put out for sale such a mess of a phone. Would never recommend it to anyone. If I had the money to replace them I would throw all three of them into the trash.

  91. We received a bad phone on a 2 year contract service and have been trying to get it replaced. It has been over a week and now we are having to pay for a phone. This is totally BS. If this is how you treat customers you should loose your license. We have been with you for 7 years we have 5 lines all with wireless planes and home internet service. We are about to drop you . You add that up and see how much money you are going to loose. Not counting me telling every body I know how bad you treat your customers. You all suck in short .

  92. I have been a customer of ATT for many years on March 21, 2013 I talked with someone from customer service to make new arrangements I was asked how much could I pay I said $100.00 the lady said ok then told me to call back I did and I was told that nothing would happen to my sevice then the morning of March 25, 2013 all 5 of my lines were turned off. I called ATT early this morning and was told by the worker and the supervisor that I can’t make any additional arrangements to restore my service.I have always made payment arrangements this is our only means of communication and I think it is unfair that I can’t make arrangements to get my phones back on. Would someone please contact me so some arrangements can be made. Thanks inadvance Sonya

  93. I have had AT&T for my cell phone and have been a customer of yours since before 92 and the cell phone was one of the first out. That phone saved my life the first day of all things.

    When my phones at home needed new batteries I decided to just buy new phones and vs buying the brand I had before I bought AT&T phones. From day one not all of the three jacked up and usually had one that would. Now after a few months none will work and my home phone at the moment is a antique phone you have to yell into after turning the handle. Why that works in today’s equipment is a mystery to me. Today I am going to Staples and buy new home phones and I think you should give up making home phones because they are junk!

  94. I upgraded iPhones today and had the best service that anyone could ask for! It was at the Clarksville, TN AT&T branch. My service rep was named James P. , he was the optitomy of professionalism! He had the answers to all of my questions and was happy and enthused about the process. AT&T, continue to hire employees like James P. and you will continue to have my support. Thank you James

  95. I need someone to call me. I was on the phone with a rep and I had to hang up I had a small grease fire in my kitchen. I went to pay my bill today and by the time I got there the local branch was closed. I needed a extension untill
    Tuesday. I know I can pay it that day !

  96. I would like to personally thank your csr Rita Heath for assisting me in resolving my email password problem for my yahoo email account.she made numerous calls until the issue was resolved.
    Thank you.

    Dave nervina

  97. AT&T is the worst company. It is almost impossible to talk to a customer service rep and once you do, they are worthless. No help at all. I can’t even get a hold of anyone to cancel my ATT/Uverse which also is bad! Why don’t I do it online you ask??? Because they have my account so screwed up, its impossible to access my account online as well. I am fed up with this company and I can’t wait to get rid of them!!!

  98. AT&T customer service is the worst,The worst experience the I had today, after to talked a representative and supervisor I feel the I waste my time in the phone to try to get more information in upgrade my account and add to more lines,No help at all they are worthless.

  99. Horrible policy for customers terminating contract early with iPhone 5!!! Leave you without service till after the end of billing cycle without any valid reason, just lame excuses.
    Leaving AT&T early for T-Mobile, have 3 smart phones, going to save almost 50% of the montly bill. However, here is an interesting point – had 2 android devices, went through like a charm, requested the phone numbers to be ported and they were, obtained unlock codes from AT&T, submitted them, got phones activated.
    However, for iPhone 5, AT&T will NOT release their lock, nor will they provide me with the unlock number – for no good reason!!! The official excuse is – they need the time to calculate the exact bill till the end of the bill cycle + a few more days – and this despite the fact that my wireless AT&T account has already been cancelled!!! Told them it doesn’t make any sense, there is no way I can accrue more charges; told them I am ready to pay the charges right away, online or on the phone; told them it means another 15 days without cellphone service (till May 10th); told them when I switched to AT&T 8 years ago I was not made to wait till the end of billing cycle, why would they have this treatment for a customer in good standing when I am trying to leave – to no awail.
    Whatever the official reason for this – it doesn’t stand up, since they are fine with early termination on Android devices, only iPhone 5 is no go.
    I was also misinformed by AT&T support (different reps) claiming that:
    1. I can submit my “port number” request for iphone same as for other phone – it will work just fine
    2. My iphone has actually been unlocked and it’s an Apple problem (had to call Apple Care and find out that this is incorrect)
    3. AT&T iphone 5 will NOT work with any other provider for hardware reasons

    Very frustrated, will see where I can complain,

  100. After searching AT&T’s website for over 2 hours, I finally gave up looking for an Email address for thier customer service dept. I hope that this is not the way they do business. AT&T should be “KISSING THIER CUSTOMERS ASSES”. We are the people that keep this company afloat. I’m at the point to where I’m willing to switch back to Brighthouse knowing I will pay a little extra. It’s well worth it to not waste my time, & get the impression that I’m not valued as a customer.

  101. Why the government allow you to continue is news to me,sw. bell was bad enough but as so many have said, you no speaka english, all you have is automated crap and no live personnel working for you?? says you work 24/7 but that is all the robots!!!!!

  102. Good day,

    I am a member of you service i am a good customer of your company, i have an att account since are travel out of the country my att is not going for bulk message for me again only one mail are can sent now, with limit, are want to know the reason, and what we are do to now, so that i can be able to sent mail. many email to my business partner.

  103. THIS IS A BUNCH OF bULL////WHERE IS MY FAST INTERNET??,You are charging me for high speed internet,but is not working better,then it was,very slowwwwwwwww.I have reported the scam,you pulled on me,you took $8.00 off of my home phone and added it to the the price of my internut,so I am nowmpaying att $27.00.I have also called Better Business Bureal. I want you to put my account back to $19.00,or you will hear from my Lawyer,This is a scam, on older people,who are on a fixed income,better yet,shut my internet down,with out making me pay the $180.00 said I would have to pay to cancell my internet with att. Barbara J. Franz,or better yet shut down my house phone also///I don.t need or want anything more to do with ATT.

  104. You, supposedly, started trying to contact me re. Data plans again, again, & again! I attempted multiple times to communicate with you (customer service; billing; payment plans; & everything I could find? You are impossible to communicate with! If you don’t quickly I am close to abandoning AT&t completely & totally.

    For example my credit card number has changed…I tried every method I could find to change the number BUT YOU SEEM TO BE IMPOSSIBLE FO.R THE FI RST TIME IN MY LIFE!

  105. My mobaile at &t samsung sgh i 927 my mo. In hotspot wi fi Not start me hotspot doing active n aftr 10 second hotspot close please help me

  106. May 17, 2013

    Last Christmas I contacted ATT to update my last name. Nothing else. Same service, same address, same phone number. The ATT girl closed my account and opened a new one. I discovered this when I opened my next bill full of numerous high charges. I immediately called ATT, they said she was wrong to do this, and that this also cancelled my Lifeline discount for low-income people.

    I was told that this error could not be reversed and to immediately re-apply for Lifeline, which I did. It’s been almost 6 months of contacting ATT, re-applying, and contacting Lifeline repeatedly. I still don’t have my Lifeline and ATT keeps billing me at a rate more than 3x what it should be.

    ATT keeps telling me they will send another application, which I never receive. I’ve given them the correct address repeatedly. ATT told me not to bother applying online again because of the many online problems. I couldn’t anyway because I’d have to receive a PIN # by mail from them first. Lifeline keeps telling me to contact ATT. Lifeline also denied me because they said they didn’t receive the food stamp and MediCal documentation I mailed them, to their correct address. They don’t accept faxes or email documents.

    I have tried to talk to supervisors at both ATT and Lifeline. They keep telling me there are no supervisors. I can believe that.

    What’s next? Call my Congressman?

  107. I have tried for the past week on two occasions to talk with someone at AT&T about a $10.47 increase in my phone bill and each time I have been given the run around. I asked to speak with a supervisor and one clerk who identified herself as Andrea in the Billing Department out of Detroit told me that there was not a supervisor available but she would take my information have someone to call me later. I asked if it would be today and she said she didn’t know when it would be but they would call. I was very insistent in speaking with a supervisor and she was just as insistent in refusing to let me speak with a supervisor. Over the past three months, I have had an increase in my phone bill and only wanted an explanation as to why the increase. Each time that I spoke with a representative there, each one gave me a different reason and a different amount for the increase. In meantime, I received correspondence yesterday from AT&T said that my Internet monthly rate would be $31.00, but one clerk said it would be $38.44 and another clerk said that she would waive $5.00 for the next six months, making the monthly rate be $36.00. Neither of them were consistent. I only wanted someone to confirm a monthly rate amount that would be consistent. I have had it with AT&T service and their customer service department is a bunch of CRAP, as well as their fast speed internet service. I am about to contact my senator regarding my displeasure with AT&T prior to my leaving their company. This Lifeline CRAP that they are recommending is for the birds. You have to be on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, blind, cripple and crazy to qualify.

  108. Lets start at 5/25/13 requested a tech to come out and fix our Internet problem ok we will have tech come out between 8am and 8 pm they never called nor did they show up AT&T customer service sucks ass now it 5/26/12 ok we apologize ill have a tech there at 10 am once again no call and still no tech at my house and its 1pm in Texas you guys suck ass don’t have clue on how to treat your costumers so stick your AT&T tech support up your ass

  109. Your service sucks big time . The phone lines hum like a screeming meemie and I hate it . I am going back to vonage as we speak . Go to hell AT&T .You truly suck big time . You lie as usual . B W

  110. Then they make sure u can’t call them at all gotta use another phone I am discussed with this company going back to family mobile not worth the pay

  111. AT&T more money for less service!!!!!!!!!
    Me and my sister have had AT&T for years
    We have 3 phones & a tablet that we pay for
    Monthly we was grandfathered in with
    Unlimited everything they tricked my sister
    Into changing her plan so now she always
    Goes over on our bill well I wouldn’t change
    My plan I still have unlimited well there is
    Less & less I can do with my phone now
    Bc I have unlimited if I want the full service
    I would have to switch my plan so they can
    Charge me more. This is just Ridiculous
    AT&T service is getting worse as the years
    Go by All they want is more money for
    Less service ……

  112. this is so sad yesterday my brother law told my sister he was going to commit suicide and we called at&t to track his cell phone first off put me on with a person who doesn’t speak English then had us going through this wooded and swampy area for 2 hours…and going through swampy area and running us in circles and then kept saying his phone is 60 yard then 40 yard then would say u r right on top of his phone and told lady its not here then i would walk 2feet and then would say u r 50feet away from him omg i freak out well anyways the gps is a joke he wasn’t even in that area he was on the other side of the highway and yes we found him on our own and the outcome wasn’t good so all i got to say don’t ever depend on the at&t gps it doesn’t work they sent us farther away from him like i told them if i was the president you would of found him asap but a normal person doesn’t make a difference this is so sad….i don’t even have any good words to say about my experience with at&t so do not ever i mean ever depend on the gps with at&t because the will not help you at all they just send u farther away and to find out his cell phone was in his pocket the whole time so this poor man layed in a wooded area for almost 24 hours till we found him…..i know this is a sad story but it is true wouldnt want anyone else to go through this…..

  113. Hopeless computer voicemail directions. Can waste hours trying to get answer. This is not customer service. It is customer turnoff!!!

  114. I have spent way too much of my life on the phone trying to do business with at&t — internet and cell phone. Just trying to get a human to talk with is a Herclean task and it’s cost me money due to errors. I give up. No more. You’ve worn me out.

  115. I agree with Lisa. You people don’t know what one hand is doing from the other. You can’t seem to communicate within your own organization let alone outside your organization to the public that is paying for your services and your salaries. Give our money back.

  116. There appears to be a determination to treat all black children as if they are always incorrect. On one commercial, one guy said that his biggest number is 10. There were no negative comments. But when the black girl said a big number was infinity + 1, the comment was that this not good enough. Why? It is better than 10!!!!! Isn’t it, especially for a child? This needs to stop. I am hearing these concerns a lot.

  117. We moved to a retirement community villa in Ohio on June 27. On July 12 a neighbor, with a life-line, found she had no AT&T service. When she called – using her cell phone – she was told it would be several days. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE when one has a life-line!
    They did send someone out that afternoon. He worked on her line and got it functioning – however, when he left WE had no phone connection (same service box for 16 villas in our portion of the community).
    We have been told, after three days already without service, that we will have to wait until Monday, July 22nd!!!!!!!!!
    We moved out of the remote Adirondack Mountain region of New York and had MUCH better service there! Already I wish I were back there!

  118. a very sorry customer service staff, lie to, treated like hell a, t.t. celluer service and in ternet is so bad it is hard to put in words really true,most of the time we had to dr 17 miles aree more to get a singal to use our cells maybe 1 bar most of the time no one could understand what you were saying to them also my laptop smae problems , when i try to talk with customer service about this they would try and get you off the line and were so nasty and smart mouth care less about your problems alway trying away to get you off line are put you on hold for 1 hr are more i am done with them notghing but sorry service and lies to me by customer service and there suppv also a bad wireless co i hope this will help about your service with a t t wireless carrier and there in ternet servis mu speed test was like down load speed o.o5 ok up load like o. o8 att speed test by there tech support ok

  119. I found this site by searching for an email address for AT&T customer service. I am so frustrated with this company. Our land line has been inoperable for a month. We have filed two service reports and have patiently waited. We were given four appointments that they did not make. The only information we have been given, I have had to call and wade through the infuriating automated system to get. It is very obvious that our business is not important to this company. Unfortunately, we live in an area with poor cell reception and have ailing parents who need to be able to reach us. This line is needed or I would take great pleasure in ending this long running nightmare.

  120. I switch my home telephone from ATT to Verizon 7 month ago, exactly December 28,2012. Since I contact to ATT every month ,10 times for simple thing -Final Bill.but ATT continue charge me full price for no service provide,after 3 month contacting to ATT, they stop charging, total $226 instead $30. I keep calling to Att,they told me wait for another month.How long I have to wait to get final bill? Last call I made on July 10,2013 ,they said after manager review they will call me back,no one call. Terrible service,.I have 3 wireless phone with ATT I think I have to leave this company.

  121. I want to commend Jamarr brown . He came to my home and fixed my phone problem, in a fast professional manor. He is a credit to AT&T . He is everything a company could would want in a employee. He called me when he was coming, imformed of his progress, and explained the problem and fixed it promptly.

    Thank you

    Claudette fountain

  122. I bought upgrade over phone. Speaker problems after 13 days (within the 14 day return period. Called to return. Sent back as directed. No phone recieved. No money returned. No way to resolve. 480 BUCKS DOWN THE TUBES ? This is horrible.
    Not customer service problem… ATT. Service Reps hands are TIED. Noone to contact. No way to resolve. Been OVER a month since this started. I give them one more week (as requested by the service rep that HAS tried to help – 10 to 14 business days to get money refunded to bank) and then I am contacting every consumer advocacy and complaint agency I can find. This is rediculous. Done

  123. I am the PCard Coordinator of a large business. Most of the time I can use the automated system to pay our invoices (we have at least 50 accounts all over the United States). I have a bill for Colton, CA. The number printed on the bill to call for “Plans and Services” is for the Southeast Region. I was on hold and transferred for over an hour yesterday trying to pay this bill. At least two of those transfers was back into the queue for the Southest Region (even though they knew the region I should have been transferred to). I was given an incorrect number to call twice. At one point I had a manager on the phone who transferred me back into queue. Another time I asked for a manager and was transferred back into queue. I cannot pay this bill online as it requires an activation code that only AT&T can provide and will not do so by email or phone. AT&T will only provide the code through USPS. This mail does not get to me as I only see the one page of the invoice needed to pay the bill. SOMEONE please provide me with a number to pay this bill!

  124. I have a call to the Dominican Republic on my telephone bill. It was not made by anyone in this household. Please remove this charge.

  125. I am very disappointed in the disrespectfulness of AT&T allowing so much interruption of people’s internet service with you all and others constantly trying to push new things that you all are forever coming up with. Which is done by just injecting this mess right on people while they are attempting to go about doing what they daily do on ATT&T internet. It’s very disgraceful, and done in a manner of “used car salespeople or street hustlers.” And done even though most folks do not want to be bothered. And I speak for hundreds of people of whom I speak to as a minister and public speaker, regularly. So I would like to know why all of this disrespectfulness? Because we would like for it to stop, or may start protesting such “hustling tactics.” — Rev. George

  126. Will you stop disrespecting us, and other customers of yours, with all of the “hustle tactics” and mess that you want people that are customers of yours to add on, upgrade or change to, or purchase, everytime one turns around. And you interject these things on people, while holding up their daily doings on the internet, which many of us consider to be very disrespectful, and a sign of bad manners. Upgrade this, upgrade that, try a newer browser, try this, try that, etc, etc. Internet, facebook, and all of this electronic stuff has turned into a “hustle,” the likes of those done by street hustlers, or suite thieves. Shame of ATT&T for being part of these illmannered acts. — Rev. George

  127. Thanks ATT for nothing I have been a customer for many years always stuck it out with you even when your cell phone service is very bad drop calls all the time. Spent hours on the phone with you to try and resolve get talked to rude treated like dirt. If you have to call into CS for anything it will be on the phone at least 1 hour just to get something resolved there were times I was on the phone over 4 hours and they don’t think that the customers time is worth anything andGood luck att you will fall to your knees one day what goes around come around.

  128. I have had nothing but trouble with this service since getting the U verse situation .I’ve rebooted. I’ve called etc. Can’t get thro on a phone that doesn’t work. Paying for phone service and yet not getting any is un acceptable.

  129. I would like to send a compliment to the Supervisor of one of your ATT cell phone locations but after several calls to obtain a name email or address. Several calls to customer service does not work.

  130. My internet service literally stinks since the update you did a few months ago. You have raised the rates and I am getting less service!!! Have to wait and wait for a connection each morning when I turn my computer on then the emails have to be re-sent 3 or 4 times before it will send. It wasn’t this way before the “so-called updates”. If things don’t improve in a short time I will discontinue my service and go back to the old dial-up with another company. At least I knew why they were SLOW.

  131. My internet service literally stinks since the update you did a few months ago. You have raised the rates and I am getting less service!!! Have to wait and wait for a connection each morning when I turn my computer on then the emails have to be re-sent 3 or 4 times before it will send. It wasn’t this way before the “so-called updates”. If things don’t improve in a short time I will discontinue my service and go back to the old dial-up with another company. At least I knew why they were SLOW.

  132. I had AT & T for years and never paid late once. I am in the military and recently got engaged. It made more sense for us to be on verizon. My billing cycle started on Sep 12th and I cancelled sevice on Sep 14th. I could not cancel any earlier without being charged $56 for canceling 2 days before I went month to month. The customer service rep did NOT mention that if I used one minute of service for the next month I would be charged for the whole month ($112). Verizon prorates and so does every other company that has you pay a month in advance. I used 2 days worth of service which equals $7.60. The Supervisor said he could not do anything about it. What kind of company fleeces people in this situation. Nice to see AT&T is so military friendly! It seems that this could be a very easy fix.

    Jeff Baldwin

  133. I signed up for ATT and after 3 install times and me being home and ATT having “technical difficulties” and cancelling… I decided to stay where I am at for a while. As much as I hate Xfinity….they do have real live people who answer the phones, and they even speak English. That’s worth $50 a month I guess.

  134. AT&T is one of the largest cell phone companies and they can’t offer 24 hour customer service? That makes us feel important. What about people that can only call after they get off work at 11 p.m.? AT&T is dropping the ball, but that is my opinion.

  135. got your message and tried to find att/wethankyou—no luck. My only complaint is I must enter 1 plus the area code to make a call within my area code. Half the time is says you must do it and the rest of the time it says you don’t. I moved here from an area serviced by Verizon and all that was eliminated–if you called within your area code all you needed to enter was the number. The irritating thing is entering the codes and finding out you don’t need them or not entering and find out you do. Plus sending out a flyer giving a web site that never appears anywhere.

  136. I can’t excess my email as I dropped ATT dsl I have not been happy with ATT for some time as soon as I can excess my email I’ll change that also.

  137. At&t is a joke. I got a bill for 400.00. I can’t pay that. Then two days later I get a letter from them saying they are turning me into collections. All I have to say is how about you let a person get paid before you start your BS. IM never using at&t again.

  138. I have spoke to EIGHT different representatives at your company. Everything started out fine. On July 24th I spoke to Bridgett about my mother’s telephone bill.

    When I set up the account I did not include long distance to her bill. She was using calling cards, IF she made a long distance call. I set up her account 15 years ago. My mother is on a VERY tight budget. She recently told me her phone bill was going up; to the point she was having problems paying for it. I told her I would look into it and find a better deal OR company. I noticed there was a charge for LONG DISTANCE on the bill. I asked my mother how long this had been going on and she said she didn’t know. She is 77 and forgets things.

    I called AT&T customer service and spoke to Bridgett on 7/24. She told me she would credit the last two years of the long distance charges. The charge was $9.83 per bill. She had added everything up and the credit came to $235.92. I was very pleased.

    When the next bill came there was a credit of $26.45. Since the credit was not for the amount promised, I called on September 24 and spoke to Cathy. She told me the credit had been submitted to the credit department and my mother would see the credit on her next bill. The next bill did not have a credit! On October 28, I called and spoke to Mike. He did not know how to accept calls for the state of Indiana, so he transferred me. I spoke to a woman. She put me on hold and I was disconnected. I called back and spoke to a man who told me I had to speak to AT&T Corp. He gave me the number. Since the long distance was off the account the prompts sent me in a big circle until I spoke to Dusty, again I was hung up on. I called back and spoke to Audrey and was disconnected. I called again and I spoke to Anna who again gave me the corporate number.

    At first, everyone at AT&T, knew there was a problem with billing for the long distance. Now no one can help me. My mother was being billed for LONG DISTANCE that was not supposed to be on her bill and that was NEVER used! Because she is old she was taken advantage of. I would like to SPEAK to a manager! I would like someone to tell me how this could happen. I would like to see the credit on my mother’s bill!!!

    Please call me in regards to this matter. I take care of my mothers bills. I would also like to add, as a prior customer service representative, I find the way your operators conduct business is appalling! Out of the eight I spoke too, only two were kind and spoke to me in a professional manner.

  139. Impossible to get help or resolution . Rude techs inept at customer service. I’m the customer where’s the service? I had an Att customer service rep give me a number to call that he promised could help. I call it trusting Att . It was to a company in India. They charged me 99 dollars and kept me on the phone 3 hours. Phone still not working. After spending more hours researching the number they gave me was a hacking company that’s not even affiliated with Att. My identity has been stolen causing me many problems and stress. I want out if my contract and they said I will have to pay 260 dollars. Really? I hope they hold their breath until they get it! I’ll spend 10,000 dollars on an attorney before I give these people one penny. Thanks so much Att for your care and understanding. Ha!!!! What a joke! I’m going to send Att a bill for the time spent on the phone with them as well as the 99 dollars spent and for the cost of this faulty phone! They weren’t even interrested enough to take the number to the hackers down! Shows you how much the CARE! Heck they prop ably get a kick back from the hackers! Bye bye Att after 9 years !!!! I sure hope this doesn’t happen to any one else

  140. I have been trying to “talk” to a real person for two days!!
    NOBODY answers at my local store were I got my service,
    Central City, ky!! My phone is slow, terrible connection, hardly NO Internet
    Service. My iCloud account needs to be redone in order for me
    To upgrade for speed and data!!!! I was on hold 20 minutes yesterday
    Just to DROP the call! Sick of att service, not happy!! I will
    NOT call anyone else, I NEED my account pulled up and fixed ASAP!!!
    I should not have to pay for services I CAN’T use!!!!!

  141. If you ask me, AT&T ripped me off. They lied saying I’d have unlimited data and everything. But do I have it? NO. And I as well as others wish it wasn’t hard to email you guys. I should have stayed with cricket. But things happen. And 300 something bucks to cancel a contract seriously! I’m getting fed up with my phone not working in the house.

  142. Hello, i’m Vule from Serbia. I wish i have iphone 5. My friends live in Chicago and they both me iphone 5 on E-bay. Phone is locked on your network (at&t) and device not work in my country. As proof that it was purchased i can sent you link on E-bay. i would be greatful when you send me unlock password, because i can’t use phone in Serbia. Thanks in advance.

  143. ‘Spend 35 minutes with costumer service and lost contact while readjusting my security password setting and trying to find out why my service did not work after paying my bill in full last september. When I called back an “Amanda” (do I really believe they use their “real” names) expalined that my phone number and name did not match and hencforth I could not be assisted. She did not care that I was previously talking with a rep… I asked for a supervisor and a Michael Black immediatly and aggressively gave me the run around – short of callingme a liar… I requested that he would read the previous messages on my account and verify I had simply lost contact with the earlier rep – but he was “locked” on being a righteous a-hole. I felt utterly uncomfortable. AT&T’s internal policies are to intimidate – understandably some peeps dont pay their bills and hence everyone is treated rudely – Not a very inviting method. The idea that an intern or a grumpy “manager” can make my life dificult at will is shocking. Peeps like this clearly have no decorum or maybe simply need a hug…

  144. This company has horrible customer service. Yeah they are nice but no one can do a job. How hard is it to come out to someone house and install one phone line. I waited all day and receive no call no show. So I call and they said they were still coming and no one ever showed. A week later still no answers. If they were not the only company to provide landlines I would not spend one dime here. They have too much going on. I was singing up for home phone service so why was I transferred to wireless? An they have no supervisors or corporate numbers you can complain.

  145. Ive been with At&t for 10yrs going on 11,for the most part it has been a great experience until someone WITHOUT my authorization changef my plan.See to give you a little bit of what’s going on I have to start from the beginning.When we decided to have a family plan we done our research and for what we needed at&t was the best fit but most of all its the best service for my husband on his job as a law enforcement officer and has been a life line for him in a not so good situation. So at&t is more than a carrier for our family. Fast forward to now and my hard decision to leave or stay. As I stated someone changed my plan to my surprise I started to receive text messages about overages I was thinking how does one get charged for that when we have UNLIMITED TEXTING DATA the grandfathered unlimited everything?? So as I always do I called was only told that we no longer had the unlimited data plan no explanation given. I was dumbfounded I didn’t change it and my husband doesn’t deal with the cell bills. So I started doing my research went to the store and was told it was something I would have to fight bc indeed it had been removed. I made call after call was given credits credits credits but I just wanted my family 1400 minutes unlimited everything added lines at 9.99 plan back. I have every email dating back from when this nightmare began and there all broken promises. A case was made in august 13 and at&t denied my case stating it was my fault bc I didn’t change my plan back within the 90 window. I felt so disappointed bc I didn’t know about a 90 window 1 of all, and 2 I didn’t change my plan. Now I have found out that my plan once again has been changed by Eric to a mobile shared plan 6data but the notes he placed 5 my account states I declined several times. I came to tears when I found out I was being charged 40 per line on 2 non smart phones. If my plan was the same my bill would be 147.73 with taxes now my bill is 206.93. We have 4 kids and both work to support them not pay a cell phone bill. The only light in this situation has been two reps Danette & Torisha they believe in at&t motto “like family” so did I but I wouldn’t treat family this way. I’ve been fighting for about a year and I’m really upset almost MAD. This isnt right I pay my bill, I call and ask questions,we’re loyal so why are we being treated this way? I’ve sent several friends and family to at&t not telling them of this experience bc we’ve had some great experiences but if I told this situation alone with the evidence of emails and my notes old bills you would lose every single one of them. But I really like at&t , I love the customer service but this is wrong trust and believe me when I say I will not stop until the right thing happens. I will not be kicked aside,ignored,forced out,or continue to pay these outrageous bills bc of lack of training,caring, ethics,compassion,or ability to understand how to do there jobs reps and management that have lied to me or changed my plan. This isn’t RIGHT ITS VERY WRONG NOT FAIR NOT GOOD BUSINESS to a LOYAL CUSTOMERS l. Please make this right

  146. I sign up for AT&T digital life in the AT&T store they promise me 150.00 and also $30.00 off your cell phone bill each month we’ll the $50.00 I did get in the store but the $100,00 I had to go back in the store after spending much time on the phone then the $30.00 each month off my cell phone bill I had to call each month the the third month every one I talked to over phone did not know anything about this offer not even digital life they told me to walk back into the office so the promises they promise is not true I still have not received the $30.00 off my cell phone this not right the promise something and no one knows when you call over phone to pay your bill not I must again take time to go back over to the store to talk to the person you promise the deal what if that person is killed who in the store can take care of this this is not good business not happy with at&it now

  147. I have looked and looked but cannot find an e-mail for AT&T customer service. I spent half an hour on hold waiting for a rep then talked to one and she had no idea what they offered on their website. The website sends you around in a vicious loop and half of what you want to order isn’t available. They are trying to push everyone toward U-Verse – More equipment and “faster speeds”. Not true I have U-Verse internet and it cuts out all the time. I want my DSL back but they say no sorry once you have UVerse you have to stay there. I searched for alternatives and there is nothing in my area. What a scam. ATT I will leave you as soon as there is another option and in the mean time you don’t give a crap about your customers!

  148. I’ve been trying to get a hold of a “REAL LIVE PERSON” to help me with a corporate phone that was disconnected and all the touch tone buttons kept repeating them self in a loop. this sucks, how am I to get the problem fixed.

  149. I believe at&t to be absolutely corrupt and dishonest. After atleast 5 lengthy conversations, a couple of them where an agent told me that they admitted mistake on the at&t side of things and would credit fully the huge dollar amount (for a single outrageous months bill, the size of a mortgage payment.when the normal monthly bill for months, moreover the whole time ive used at&t, was a steady fraction of this new amount.) as long as I got on a larger data plan, then in a few days could change plan back to start next mo cycle. Other agents admitted that att has renigged and did not carry out there own orders.then after this mistake allowed another month of the huge data plan ($400) to be added to the previous months fraudulent charges adding up to an outstanding $845 or so.absolutely ridiculous and offensive. My credit is screwed and my house already foreclosed on , you feel free to damage me more. I will intern do what I can whenever possible will tell the story of how at&t treated me and will give negative advertising (alongside the likes of wells fargo) for as long as I live. Thats a promise

  150. just got off the phone with your technical service rep A. Thompson…… just wanted to let you know she was the best…talked to 2 other that couldn’t help me… said then needed to call back….called my cell phone instead of home phone etc,,,,,ms. Thompson fixed my problem in 5 mins then transferred me to my home phone service..made a mistake and then called me back to apologize…..and transferred me to the right person….she should be recognized for her outstanding work and great customer service first time i had a pleasant and knowledgable person when I called at and t….

  151. Customer service is the worst i have ever had to deal with, they treatyou like you are stupid, connect tech is the worst, bet these people can`t even tie there own shoes, will be with new service soon, getting enough gift cards will not have to worry about early termanation fee, ATT. you need to take better care of customers

  152. I switched my plan to a better one to save money. At that time they offered me a new phone which we decided to take them up on. The phone was a Pantech Renue and we had to do a 2 yr agreement to get it which was fine. When the phone arrived we tried it out and could not get it to ring any louder than if you had it in your hand you could hear it. If it was in another room, you would not be able to hear it at all. After numerous calls on the phone, internet troubleshooting, two trips to a store 50 miles away,and then they sold me an SD card and ear plugs to make an IPOD out of it. It cost me $36.00 to hook it up in the first place, and they now wanted a restocking charge of $36.00 to take it back. What a joke, it now sits in the original box and packaging and in a closet. Some day I will let my brother-in-law shoot at it on the target range. When my two years are up I will leave AT&T with no regrets.

  153. The department that I am waiting for right now is called Customer SERVICE — that terms is ironically lost in translation. THERE IS NO SERVICE when they screw up. The name of the game is MORE MONEY MORE MONEY MORE MONEY…………
    If you think that you are insignificant —– YOU’RE RIGHT.

  154. we recently had uverse installed to complement internet and phone. What a ripoff!!!!The “salesperson” David Tubbs promised the moon and the stars but all we got was the shaft. Contacting customer service is an exercise in futility.I have gotten people in India,Pakistan,Mexico and the Phillipines. These people speak English but have no comprehension.I can teach a parrot to mimic English. When I ask something out of their script I usually get cut off;when I ask to speak to someone in the U.S. I get cut off.
    The real cost was totally misrepresented by a devious salesperson
    who refused to answer his phone when called to question some items. I was a Comcast subscriber in the past but it looks like I went from the frying pan into the fire. I am on the hook for 1 year but you can believe at the end of the year I will drop ATT quicker than a bad habit. My anger is such that I have drafted letters of complaint to the Florida Bureau Consumer Affairs as well as U.S. Bureau of Consumer Affairs.
    Why do these “big” guys think they ripoff the public at will?

  155. I purchesed a new G2 cell phone just about a month ago I;m not happy with it tried to exchange it this morning at the Plantation Fl store and was told there was nothing they could do policy states 14 days. I have been a customer for over 10 years and would think that stood for something but it didn’t,I’m not wanting to drop my service just want to change my phone I don’t think this out of line. Would really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you in advance Frank Meyer PS I would hope customer loyality means something.

  156. I am wondering if AT&T is one single company or a group of individual franchises like McDonalds. I switched to AT&T about one year ago and since that time have recommended AT&T to many fiends and relatives and praised their service. However, an incident last week made me think that I may have been doing my friends and relatives a dis-service by recommending AT&T. My two daughters live in Santee, California. They subscribe to AT&T service for phone, internet and TV. Last week, I believe on Thursday, they came home from work and found that all of their service was not working. They tried to call AT&T on their cell phone. The first time they were put on hold and no one answered their call for over 30 minutes. They kept calling and finally reached someone and were told that someone would come out on Saturday and check out the problem. Saturday came and went and no one showed up. They called again and were told that someone would come on Sunday. Sunday came and went and no one showed up. They called again and were told that someone would come out on Monday. Monday came and went and no one showed up. I am not sure if anyone ever came. Personally I have received good service from AT&T but after this experience my daughters had I no longer feel comfortable recommending their service.

  157. I have tried for over 7 months through 5-7 phone calls to ATT customer service phone numbers to correct my bill and each time they get it wrong costing me more money than it should.
    When ever I ask to speak with a supervisor I am told they don’t have any supervisors and that the person I am speaking to is the highest authority available?? I have never heard a major company not having a multiple tiered customer service platform, so I believe I am being misled every time I call another reason to consider going to another wireless provider.

  158. The other day, a friend decided to send me some irish blessing with music and pictures. It came to her and I guess she was forwarding that large attachment to me and to another 10 or so people. It bounced back to her, I never got it. Turns out that AT & T, without my permission or advice, blocked all her emails from getting to me plus it also blocked anyone else who she didn’t even know and never sent the attachment to – all Optonline coming in. I could email her and everyone else but she could not email me back. She called her server and (Optonline) and told her that AT & T blocked her and it would take 72 hours to undo it. I had to do a request form, she had to call her server and finally as of yesterday I can get mail from optonline customers. How is this fair? My friends have nothing to do with her and they were blocked? they didn’t send any attachments and yet got blocked. Why would she not be allowed to send any email out from her end to those who aren’t even on or optonline? Has anyone else experienced this?
    I had to go on live chat to be transferred and then spoke with several people till I was told I had to undo the block. No one even told me I was blocked until she called to say the mail she was sending came back, yet she could get mine. She claims Optonline told her that it was AT & T.

  159. Thank you for having Paul R. in the call center in Grand Rapids!
    He consistently provides the best Customer Service.

    He is kind, patient, courteous and so many other wonderful superlatives describe him! You are fortunate to have him.


  160. I used to think at&t was a good company well my opinion has been changed about that. I called last Sept. & was told I would be in a promotion period for 12 months with a set price well that was a lie cuz I just got my bill & it went up an extra $5 & when we called them we kept getting put on hold & hung up on for 2 days than we finally did get a “supervisor” that pretty much told us pay what the bill is or cancel & tried to lie & say we weren’t in a promotional period & I have the order # wrote down & the exact date & everything. So I regret to have to say they are a big rip off, maybe because they’re affiliated with Directv now & that’s how Directv does business is ripping people off by raising rates every few months!!!! I most definitely will be finding another company to do business with. At&t has awful customer service, what kind of phone company just hangs up on people, is that how the representatives are trained? That way they don’t have to deal with their customers. I know I’m not the only one very unhappy with At&t right now neither. It’s a shame that companies are so money hungry anymore. I agree with others on here that said maybe everyone should cancel their service & see how well At&t survives than!!!!!

  161. I thought that the customer service number was hard to get through to a good email is even worse. When I call 800-288-2020 it akes approx. 15 minutes to get someone to talk with and explain your problem and than they don’t know and send you around the world to someone else. I am at wits end. Today I made a mistake calling to get information on a service I signed up for NFL Red Zone channel 1629 on 03/07/14 which was to get Boston Redsox baseball games . At the time I asked how many gamess would I get and he was unable to tell me at that time,but offered me a free month to see if I liked that service. So today the season started and the channel is not in service. So I called to find out what I thought was an easy question and that was how many Redsox games will they broadcast on channel 1629 or the MLB network. After talking for 40 minutes to tech services (this after asking two previous agents they switched me to tech services) they also could not answer this question and suggested I call 800-288-2020. So to avoid going through this bull I decide that I would try to do an email to customer service and I can’t even find one. So I am one very disappointed ATT customer. How can I get help with this?

  162. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding customer service I receive from Brian Cole. He was very helpful and professional in explaining my bill to me. I really enjoyed talking to him and I wish him much success.

  163. Ordered a phone from AT&T. Received damaged. Contacted AT&T immediatly. Got a total run around. Spoke to 11 different people in 2 days. Was told to go to corporate store (40 mins) away, drive to Houston (3 hrs away), call Apple, pay for phone again, and endless options. I am a 8+ year customer. Never in my life have I been so frustrated. I ordered phone from AT&T under good faith that they would back up my order. My paperwork states that that I have 14 days for exchange/refund and no one sill honor that. I am still on the phone with them as we speak (31 min call so far) being transferred again!!!!! There is no loyalty to their customers. First chance I get I will be leaving AT&T. They are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. ATT dug up my back yard to splice some wires Five days have gone by and no further work has been done. I want to know when they will finish the job. They also said they will replace a bush they dug up. Please respond.

  165. ATT,I wish I never contacted you.It started last July, when I changed residences.I had been an AT &T high speed DSL customer. I had my own Netgear modem and my download speed was fine.

    July, 2013, I moved into an apartment building. Immediately, we noticed ALL of our computers, streaming TV, and Wi-Fi devices had creepingly slow download speed on par with old-fashion Dial-Up.

    I contacted AT &T Tech services to arrange for a service technician to come out.The phone customer service referred me to ATT’s over-the-phone Tech division. ATT expert Tech people instructed me to “cut my Modem” on and off and the service would come back up and be better than ever.”

    I followed instructions and: My Modem went dead and NEVER came back up.I was on the phone for over eight hours with the Tech department. I spoke with multiple agents who sent me through various maneuvers. After hours on the phone, I was disconnected.The next day, I called back. After another grueling, eight hour session, after multiple agents talked me through maneuvers, the modem remained inoperable. ATT Tech department finally gave up and said that they would send out a new modem to replace my Netgear Modem they had destroyed.After installation of the AT&T Modem, our download speed, etc. was WORSE than before!

    I contacted Tech and Customer support and cancelled the Tech Support plan.To ameliorate the situation, AT&T promised:There would be no Tech charges;I would not be charged for the replacement Modem;I would receive a Free Upgrade to the highest speed DSL

    AS OF TODAY MAY 12, 2014: My download speeds are the same as when I called in July; it is still horrible- I cannot watch a 2 minute YouTube video; and I have NO upgrade;I am charged every billing cycle for cancelled Tech Support and the Modem.

    BUT, the real nightmare has been: ATT Customer Service Billing.
    Since, July, I have had to call ATT customer service to correct overcharges to my bill, multiple times EACH MONTH. I am on the telephone, on Hold, on average 4-6 hours with each attempt. On average, I am transferred back and forth between departments, and talk to 6-8 agents—each time running through the entire history, as if none of this has been heard before. Each time, I request that a record of these events and conversations be entered into my account. Each time, I am assured that this has been noted and will never happen again… then I try to check my email later and am directed to the ATT home page- my Internet access has been blocked until the (incorrect) balance is paid!

    Despite being a loyal paying customer, my service has been blocked 6 times due to ATT billing errors and overcharges. I call the customer service, go through all of the above again, they acknowledge their mistakes, and promise to restore my service within the hour. My internet service however is not restored for days.

    I talk myself hoarse each month. My records show that I have talked to over 45 agents, who have tried to resolve simple billing issues. Each month,like clockwork, promised adjustments do not appear on the bill.

    Each month, the cycle resumes like a recurrent nightmare.I am stunned that a telecommunications company has such trouble with—yes, telecommunications. I do not understand why a phone company has wait times of twenty to forty-five minutes. I do not understand why a hi-speed internet company has internet billing that is unable to adjust simple credits from month to month. And most importantly, and why I contacted ATT in the first place— I do not understand why I experience snail-speed download times from a global telecommunications giant! Last month, I purchased Amazon’s Kindle HDX which purports blazing download times. I contacted their 24 hour May Day Tech service: My ATT streaming was so slow— their agents thought I had Dial-up! We had to disconnect the streaming Chat because I kept breaking up. They told me to “go into the room where the Modem was”. I told them it was at my feet.


    I’m done. I’m looking at FIOS now.

  166. They say they will help you the best way they can but they let unauthorized users access your account and make changes. Without you giving permission


  168. AT&T has the best customer service and Internet service.

    Garry was the first rep with whom I had chatted and he was very helpful, addressed my concerns with utmost care. He definitely should be given a raise in pay!

    Ross was the last rep I chatted, and he is indeed a Magician! I believe (vote) that he should bag the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH award!

    Thank you very much Ross and Garry !

    You guys ROCK!

  169. I ahve been trying for three weeks now to cancel my home phone.
    AT&T will only cancel this account by phone I cannot do it on the net or email, gotta talk to them i dunno why. If you can get the line installed through the internet why can’t you cancel it through the internet? Anyway, I must call to get it cancelled. The support numbers all start with 1-8xx.
    I am in France for an extended trip. 1-8xx numbers to the States do not work from France. This is something that the agents cannot get through their thick heads. Nobody can give me a non 800 number to call, they just keep repeating call 1-8xxx. I have sent an email to the president Randall Stephenson with a copy the support email given on this page. Watch this space!!!

  170. We have been with AT&T since 1966 and the service has gone to the crapper !!! We just had your u-verse installed so now we have no E-Mail not able to print or any thing, call for service and all they want to do is sell us a service policy. You should be brought up on charges of False Advertising.

  171. Hi I got a new home phone(Hamilton CapTel 840i real-time closed captioned telephone TTY) bought it from last Friday. it will be shipment sent to my home by this I want you ask question about this phone TTY ok. how it connect to my internet and telephone service? you can see it what product description on please contact me come us soon. are you so glad about I got it? Thank you sincerely, Teddy

  172. My name is Brandon Nodine, I have a been a customer of yours with my cell phone for years. This past Saturday me and my wife decided to change from Time Warner Cable to At&t uverse. In less than 24 hours I have had more trouble with you all than I have had in 6 years with Time warner. My service went out the same night I got it from you on Saturday. I called customer support and was on the phone with some one overseas. You could easly tell that they were reading verbatim off the screen. The first person I talked with didn’t sound like she knew what she was doing, then her supervisor got on the phone and temporarily fixed it. To my surprise and did it again on Sunday, so I had to call back customer service and they temporarily fixed it again. I had made a schedule appointment for today, yesterday when I talked with them. I called to day to find out where was the person who was coming to fix it, and I was told that the work order had been canceled. I am so frustrated with this that I am really thinking about going back to time warner and dropping you for a cell phone provider. Right now I cant even go to work cause I don’t know if some one is going to be able to come out and fix it. Your Technician that came out on Saturday that set it all up was great. HE was very professional and knew what he was talking about. How ever everyone else in your company doesn’t seem to know anything. I don’t have patience for this, lost my patience in Iraq. Sincerely one disappointed customer.

  173. My name is Brandon Nodine, I have a been a customer of yours with my cell phone for years. This past Saturday me and my wife decided to change from Time Warner Cable to At&t uverse. In less than 24 hours I have had more trouble with you all than I have had in 6 years with Time warner. My service went out the same night I got it from you on Saturday. I called customer support and was on the phone with some one overseas. You could easly tell that they were reading verbatim off the screen. The first person I talked with didn’t sound like she knew what she was doing, then her supervisor got on the phone and temporarily fixed it. To my surprise and did it again on Sunday, so I had to call back customer service and they temporarily fixed it again. I had made a schedule appointment for today, yesterday when I talked with them. I called to day to find out where was the person who was coming to fix it, and I was told that the work order had been canceled. I am so frustrated with this that I am really thinking about going back to time warner and dropping you for a cell phone provider. Right now I cant even go to work cause I don’t know if some one is going to be able to come out and fix it. Your Technician that came out on Saturday that set it all up was great. HE was very professional and knew what he was talking about. How ever everyone else in your company doesn’t seem to know anything. I don’t have patience for this, lost my patience in Iraq. Sincerely one disappointed customer.

  174. Have ATT 3 years,since I went Uverse my bill change every month call,we will change get new bundle summary,next bill no change last month 139.00 this bill 189.00,If you do not have Uverse FORGET ITS NOT WORTH TROUBLE at 77,i AM TO OLD TO MESS WITH calling every month to correct bill SEEMS NO LOYALTY FOR OLD CUSTOMERS THAT PAY BILL ON TIME

  175. Reading all of the comments etc. You could add to ‘contact listing’ FAX NUMBER ie. most business senior retirees prefer sending and receiving a fax response. I was given a website, tried three times, never found it.
    at&t coded senior family telephone.
    This info. from Brad.
    Thank you. Lillian Angelo

  176. I have tried twice to get copies of my bills from Feb until I cancelled service(for poor customer service, ironic isn’t it)and since my account is cancelled, I can’t get copies of my bills. These folks are like the south end of a northbound horse.


  178. This website so accurately reflects my recent experiences with AT&T.
    1. I was having DSL issues, so it was “strongly suggested” that I “upgrade” to UVerse. The rep had a heavy accent and did a poor job of answering my questions. A few days after it was installed I asked about other Uverse services, and I found out that if had I signed up for them at the same time, I could have added them and gotten faster service for a much lower price than I was paying.

    2. Switching home phone, internet and TV to UVerse only left my cell phone on the previously bundled bill. When I paid the bundled bill (which also showed a credit for the home phone and internet), the payment was somehow lost in the AT&T system. After countless calls and time on hold, hassling test messages and notices via regular mail, and trying to be sold more services instead of getting actual customer service to find out it was posted to someone else’s account. To add insult to injury, trying to get an email or mailing address to lodge a complaint via chat resulted in the AT&T “service” person telling me to send it to the billing address and then leaving chat without my knowing.

    I have been a loyal AT&T customer for over 30 years but I have concluded that my loyalty is misplaced. There are too many other options to continue to be subjected to such substandard service!

  179. I ordered a new service for my daughter’s new apt. Your rep tried to get me to schedule a time that I clearly told her would be impossible for my daughter to be there. She will begin her new job on Monday. The rep told me she would move the service set up on the Friday before. My daughter drove to her new apt and waited for 2 hours, no show. I called and they said the apt was for Monday. I told the rep no way, I had schedule that Friday. I asked to speak to reps supervisor. The supervisor was sympthic, very nice and agreed to try to send a installer out the afternoon. He said he would call me back in 1 hour. He didn’t call. My daughter had to drive 2 hrs back to her old apt. that evening. The next day I get a text reminding me of her apt. on Monday. I again called and explained no one would be there on Monday. I again asked for a supervision whom informed he would call me back in an hour after he got some info from dispatch to send someone out that day. Of course I never heard from him. If your rep comes out on Monday, good because it will be a burnt trip for him. I am considering cancelling the other 2 accounts my husband and I have with them now. At&T customer service is a joke. I hate being lied to. I hate being on hold for half hours at a time. The person that took my order was probably told to make sure you get the sale any way they can and the customer will make arrangements to be there for the install date.

  180. I applied online for a ” vacation hold” from July 3 to Oct.3 of my bundle account, with assistance from a call center from Tennessee name, Heather last July 27, and what I got was, my cell phone and land line services were already put on vacation hold on Huly 2. It’s a day early before my July 3 request to start the vacation hold request. As a result, I was left home without a cell phone or a landline service to call the airline or my travel agency. I called AT&T Uverse and not even one was able to help me restore the service or make the correction. What a company.

  181. This past April I had my house service turned off. It was totally cancelled because AT&T does not service my area. Since then especially this past Saturday-the July 5th-I got the shock via mail. A letter from a collection agency to pay an AT&T bill I knew nothing about. I called AT&T and got the round around. My complaint is this-1. When I turned off my service I was never told I would have a final bill. 2. They never sent me a bill nor a notice that if not paid it would go to collections. So now I am STUCK with bad credit thanks to your incompetence. Whether I pay it or not it will be on RECORD that it was turned over to collections. For some 13 years I did business with you people-this is the thanks I get?! NO cell calls or e-mails to tell me I have an outstanding bill. Now I am the one paying in more then one. Let be known-should I ever move back into your service area–you will NOT be my provider.

  182. I tried contacting AT&T about my land line and DSL, 4 consecutive days, 7/8thru 7/11 2014. I only had sporadic service, if any at all.
    The only contact I could make was automated that kept telling me three things; they will keep an open work order for 24 hrs., the problem COULD be in my filters and if I couldn’t fix the problem call them back and they would set up an appointment with a technician. However I did find a several branches on the ph. line apox. 100 yards down the land and on the other side. When the electric company removed it I was able to get some Ph. and DSL service.

  183. The only contact I could make was automated that kept telling me three things; they will keep an open work order for 24 hrs., the problem COULD be in my filters and if I couldn’t fix the problem call them back and they would set up an appointment with a technician. However I did find a several branches on the ph. line apox. 100 yards down the land and on the other side. When the electric company removed it I was able to get some Ph. and DSL service.

  184. What is up with your contractors who Lie so much. Our intranet cable-phone-has been laying in our yard for almost 2 months. Several people have been by-one finally dug under the drive way- ans said he and his boss would come by the next day and finish. That was last week and now we are told 2 more weeks for a 15 min. job. I Had exede- and Verizon- cancelled them both, cost me $500. to get out. Now your service is in and the cable makes a nice dangerous place for my grand childern to fall over. Wow- some service.

  185. Called April 1 by wilma at att and offered newMobil Share Value Plus Plan $25 for plan $25 for first phone and $20 for second phone with total of $70 a month plus fees and taxes. BILL has been wrong for 4 months and promised by two supervisors to fix problem,.Was told today charges are right and plan cant be changed and your customer service rep Arvonna stated that we have been LIED to.Also ordered a t t uverse two months ago at $29 a month but not told would be $10 extra for wireless router and again I was lied to. Have been loyal customer for over 30 years and will now find other company and leave. Have many family on a t t and am in process of getting them to leave also and will shout out to all on social media how bad customer service is at a t t TIRED OF HAVING TO CALL EVERY MONTH OVER WRONG BILL john maag

  186. AT&T has terrible customer service. I had service in my home located at 25070 Stonycroft Dr., Southfield Mich., the service was installed this month, five days later I had to have the service discontinued. The installer broke my television and drilled a hole in my floor and never used the hole. AT&T should pay for this. Willis McCoy, Thank you.

  187. I recently spent a few days at Smith Mountain Lake, near Huddleston, Virginia. The cell phone service was TERRIBLE! This is a wonderful and very popular recreational area and I would think ATT would take steps to improve the cell phone service in the area.

  188. Have you ever tried to speak to a customer rep. Its easier to speak to the pope. Why cant we call and talk to a rep?

  189. We had a AT&T cell phone which we bought minutes on it .we always were on time putting minutes on it except this time .we were less than 24 hours and you took $70.00 in minutes from us .we were a customer with you for years on landline phones at our home .We will never do any business with you again ,I’m gonna take a hammer to the phone so no one could ever use it again very poor customer service

  190. I am so frustrated with AT&T right now! First of all I have very little phone service at my house, whether I am in the yard or in the house. I have contacted customer service with my complaint, gone into the store, & did receive a new sim card but it is still the same & I have received no satisfaction at all! All I got back was a text from ATT saying “The investigation of your Technical issue is complete.” WHAT????
    WHAT’s been completed?? No reason or solution? Just that issue is completed???? I don’t get it!! Doesn’t anyone do their job there anymore? Are you all just so lazy that you can’t advise what the issue is & how it is being handled?? Or IF it’s being handled??

    I’ve been with ATT for a long time and used to like the company but now I am wondering why? ?

    Just now I was talking to my sister on my cell (standing in the middle of the yard & in the middle of the street) and it was cutting in and out the whole time! It was impossible to have a conversation with her!!

    And that isn’t all!!

    I recently was set up with a hot spot device for internet services to take with me on 2 wk vacation for my laptop and tablet. Unfortunately I was unable to use it the whole time due to lack of internet connection! After my return from my vacation it seems I can’t return the “hot spot” device because there is a 2 wk return policy which you say cannot be broken, so therefore I am paying $20 a mo for 2 yrs on a device that I won’t even use!

    To say the least I am a very unhappy customer at this point in time and do not understand why I am being treated so unfairly!

  191. Call AT&T yesterday to report that my last payment had not cleared my bank. (Called from work) The person I talked to could not help me with this because I did not have my account number with me. She asked a good time to call me back. I suggested around 5:00 so that I would have time to get home from work. She indicated that would be too late and asked for a time to call me back today. I told her 8:00 a.m. before I left for work. I got up early, got all my paperwork together, and was ready for the call. It is now 10:30, and I still have not heard from her. Very disappointed about service.

  192. I have been a customer for9 years. This last month my bill went up 91dollars. Called several times to resolve issues and was told it would go down yesterday. Called today bill still has not been adjusted. I’m thinking of leaving very seriously. I even installed a mini tower expense to keep at&

  193. i have spent 1 hour of my time just to get an address for at&t customer service to ask them when they may have a cell tower in my area because there is no reception here. I live in an area of wall to wall wine tasting tourists on the week end. I cant get an address, I just keep getting tranfered then disconnected? I know they have a corporate office somewhere??

  194. WARNING FUTURE CUSTOMERS!!!!! AT&T is not the customer oriented
    Corporation it once was…. AT&T once was an excellent service!
    Not anymore! If you make the mistake and sign up with them, You can expect, horrible customer service, excessive charges and a serious drain on your wallet. They don’t care about you as a customer or the lies that they tell you to be come a customer. Their bottom line is your money and they WILL take you for all they can. So if you want to live through this drama of horrible customer service and seriously high charges, Have at it! With all the other servicers available, shop around, anything is better than AT&T. BEWARE FUTURE CUSTOMERS!

  195. WARNING FUTURE CUSTOMERS!!!!! AT&T is not the customer oriented
    Corporation it once was…. With all the other servicers available, shop around, anything is better than AT&T. BEWARE FUTURE CUSTOMERS!

  196. WARNING FUTURE CUSTOMERS!!!!! AT&T is not the customer oriented
    Corporation it once was…. AT&T once was an excellent service!
    I had T-Mobil for many years. We switched to AT&T when my son went to Job Core. We got 2 phones, so we could keep in touch. Mind you now, they supposedly had the best coverage. That was a big fat lie. We thought we picked a great servicer, I mean AT&T
    that name has been around forever. Well things change. For the 18 months my son was in Job Core, he would call home Via PAY PHONE. While I was still receiving ridiculous phone bills! Customer service is a big fat joke! Nothing but smoke and mirrors. I was never so happy to cancel that contract.

  197. I just wanted to inform you that the at&t cust service number is not located any where on their home page. I Need to take off HBO/cinemax because the promo is over and I don’t want pay for it- but of course your chat line is closed and you cannot delete it on the home page -because modify channels will not let you. You really need to work on your internet speed it is in turtle mode. But really seriously at&t home page needs some work so people can take off packages you do not want. You cannot cancel or modify – it just lets you add channels. Try it yourself

  198. For several months now I have been trying to resolve an issue with AT&T and T. Some months ago I purchased a brand new LG PRO phone at the local AT&T store in Melbourne florida. The phone was programmed at that store. A short time later I started having problems with that phone. I spent two weeks daily for many hours to have technicians fix the problem I.e. not receiving text or mail or photos. I was finally told to go home to call AT&T TEXAS office for support. I spent 3 hours talking to you Texas office to attempt to correct the problem. Texas office finally told me they could not fix. They told me they would send me a replacement new phone and to send them the defunct one. They did and I send the old phone back to them. The phone they send me the paperwork with it said it was A RE Repaired phone and not a new one as promised. I soon started to have the same problems as with the old one. I called your AT&T ATLANTA office many times complaining about this issue and stated since I was still paying for a new phone then I wanted a brand new one. I was told a Supervisor would have to approve this but I have never been able to reach or speak to a supervisor. All this is totally unacceptable. I told the last AT&T rep I spoke to that I would stop paying for phone unless it was replaced by new one. No more word from AT&T except a letter cancelling my Internet service for failure to make payment

    Unless this issue is resolved to the satisfaction of BOTH AT&T and myself in a reasonable and satisfactory way, I may consider legal Avenue and the Media with this issue.

    VA Joachim Brandt.

  199. I have been a customer with AT&T for over 16 years, they are my wireless provider. I have been happy with them until now. Their customer service has gone down hill and is just completely awful and they just don’t care! I had an issue with a charge on my bill (mind you I agree with the charge just not when I was charged)and wanted the charge moved to the next monthy payment (why should I have to pay for something I did not have in that montly billing statement?) Anyways, I was on the phone for over and hour last week and kept getting transfered so someone else because NO ONE could help! I finally was told the charge would moved to next months billing cycle and when I went to pay online the charge was still there. So I made another phone call and was put on hold (with several different people for over 40 mins each) and still no one was going to help me. I told them I wanted to cancel my service and again was put on hold for 30 some mins. I ended up hanging up and then received a call from AT&T to help cancel my service but they couldnt find my accout even after I gave them the acct#. Turns out this guy was with U-verse. I don’t have AT&T U-verse and its not even available in my area! Needless to say, he could not help me and I guess AT&T wont let you cancel your service, they just keep you on hold till you hang up! Cannot wait to change service providers

  200. I have called back 5 Five times put on hold waited lost connection called back left message to call me back (was told somebody would call me back within a couple of hours Thursday) still waiting. Waited on Thursday from 8am – 1 pm nobody show up or called (y’all do have phones don’t you). You can call me if you want this to continue!!!

  201. I have tried every phone number on this site & got busy signals on all of them. Really, busy signals for a phone company. I am ticked.

  202. AT&T are the WORST carrier the customer service is SO BAD, they do not give a hoot about their customers. I’m so glad I changed carriers. My cell bill was about $69.00 with AT&T now it’s under $30.00

  203. bought card for my go phone. now att sends free messages,each deduct a few cents each telling me how much money is left.i have not used the phone ,but the message, each hour, charges my card.????

  204. On December 17, I called your customers service in regard to my charges on my cell phone. The person who answered the call was the most professional individual who I have dealt with. Her name Susan Ford and I believe she was in Ohio.
    It was indeed a pleasure talking with her and she a real asset to your company.

  205. I would like to commend several of your employee’s for an excellent job. I called and spoke to Loni to add service to my account. She had an excellent personality and extremely helpful. She knew her job well and answered questions before I asked them. She was a pleasure to talk to. The technicians were excellent today and they did an outstanding job! Jay was the name of one of the technicians. Thank You

  206. Trying to resolve simple problems with ATT is nearly impossible. There is no simple way to contact them via interned or email. You must attempt to try and talk to a human, which appear to be of limited availability at ATT, after numerous robotic phone prompts. Then wait for a long time for someone who may or may not be capable of solving the problem. Then, be disconnected so you need to start the whole process again. OBVIOUSLY, ATT does not care one hoot about its customers.

  207. I contacted the service tech dept. on Jan. 28, 2015 and spoke with Brandon- employee #100484635. He was so helpful and went out of his way to help me re-connect my Blue Ray to my AT&T internet service..Even though you do not offer Netflex, he said he would be glad to try to help me. He was so patient with me and had me up and running after having me try several things. I have never had someone be so helpful out of all the AT&T service providers I have worked with through-out of all my years being with your company.
    After fixing my problem, he also checked to see if there were any discounts I qualified for. He found a couple of things for me. He was truly my hero today!




  209. Need to send a certified letter to AT&T. Have exhausted the Customer service Nos…no help. Need to resolve an ongoing billing issue.
    Any help out there?

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