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Contacting Atmos Energy Customer Service Center

Atmos Energy is a natural gas company serving customers in nine different states. The company started small with less than 300,000 customers in 1983. Growth was slow and steady, but today the company proudly provides more than three million customers natural gas. Not only does Atmos Energy provide natural gas to millions of customers, they do it for less than the competition, according to the company bio.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

As is the case with all energy companies, you can contact Atmos Energy any time of day if there is an emergency. The general customer service department is available from 7 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday. All hours are based on the Central time zone.

  • Report an Emergency: 1-866-322-8667
  • Customer Service: 1-888-286-6700
  • Commercial Customer Service: 1-877-460-7067

Mailing Address

Maybe you’ve had a terrible encounter with a phone agent when you chose to contact Atmos Energy or you want to send verification of payment to the customer service department to prove service shouldn’t have been disconnected. Atmos Energy offers a dedicated customer service mailing address for all your needs.

Atmos Energy Corporation
Attn: Customer Research
P.O. Box 650205
Dallas, TX 75265-0205

Official Website

Information on the Atmos Energy company, customer service and access to your energy account are all available on the official website at

Customer Service Email

If you’d rather not wait for a mail response or contact customer service by phone, you can use the contact form located at This form is a general inquiry form, but there are others forms for customer service feedback.

In addition to the customer service email addresses, you can also contact Atmos Energy customer service on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Experience

Pressing 0 when calling the Atmos Energy customer service does not speed up the call as the automated system simply repeats from the beginning. When the customer automated response starts (you will be asked to speak your responses) press 0 every time the automated response starts and you will eventually reach a customer service agent. It took more than three minutes for our call to be answered with two of those spent sorting through the automated system. If we entered all the information the system asked for it would have taken twice that long. Our agent was happy to take the zip code offered and tell us the nearest Atmos Energy customer service office.

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7 Comments on “Contact Atmos Energy Customer Service
  1. I sent my payment in full to Atmos energy on March 3 2013. My service was disconnected on March 12 2013. When I called customer service they were rude and trying to charge me a reconnect fee and a deposit fee to get my service back on. They said they haven’t received my payment yet. I said ok so when the payment gets there and you post it, are they going to turn my gas back on free of charge. I also told them I have the money order reciept as proof of payment. They told me I will still have to pay a reconnect fee and deposit for service. I think this is BS. Its not my fault they haven’t received the payment yet. Or should I say they received it but didn’t post it to my account. If they don’t turn my service back on free of charge I am contacting my attorney and the local news station to do a story on how Atmos energy is trying to rip off innocent people and try to scam them out of money for there service.

  2. I am a certified welder, carpenter and skilled at diesel and gasoline mechanics. I don’t mind to travel. Looking for employment. Give me a call

  3. You are absolutely horrible at customer support. Your phone system is the worst. We are so glad to be getting rid of you.

  4. Atmos Energy has repeatedly messed up billing for my accounts, then “corrected” issues, then repeated the same issues–eventually ending up sending a bill to collection that I HAD NEVER SEEN! They are nice when you call in then ignore the problem or don’t follow up appropriately–having accounts with Atmos has singlehandedly reduced my 880 credit score to 650!

  5. Our gas was turned off for a meter change and we were without hot water for 4 days. Atmos customer service people were rude and uncaring. They refused to help us. Finally we stumbled upon a local Nashville number and someone came out to help us. It isn’t suprising there have been numerous complaints to the Better business bureau about this company in the last year. I really wish there was another option for natural gas in our area.

  6. You have the worst automated phone system I’ve ever experienced. I’ve tried to make a payment six times and it never works.

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