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Contacting Applebee’s Customer Service Center

As one of the largest casual dining restaurants in the United States, Applebee’s embraces the culture of being your neighborhood restaurant. The company began in 1980 and subsequently grew into a business with more than 2,000 locations across the United States and 14 countries.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm CST. The available ways to contact a customer service agent include phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-888-592-7753

Mailing Address

Applebee’s Services, Inc. 8140 Ward ParkwayKansas City, MO 64114

Additional Applebee’s locations can be found by using the restaurant location tool here

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Applebee’s website can view the menu, purchase gift cards and check balances as well as find the nearest location. The website features information relating to corporate responsibility and franchise opportunities. Customers wanting to voice questions and concerns have the ability to connect with the customer support team directly though the website.

Customer Service Email

We sent an email to the customer service team using the online web form asked for information relating to known food allergens. We wanted to know if Applebee’s could provide information relating to the known food allergens used while preparing meals as well as the company’s ability to prepare meals in a safe environment as to not cause cross-contamination. We immediately received an automated response claiming a representative would answer our concern shortly. We are still awaiting a response.

Although we cannot vouch for the response time, customers can contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

The customer service hotline does not provide options; it only places customers on hold for a short amount of time, 30 seconds, while it connects you to a live agent. When the agent answered the call, they sound upbeat and pleasant. We asked the agent for information relating to the time frame to voice a concern relating to a restaurant experience. The agent explained there is no time limit when voicing a concern, but suggested sending communication to the customer service team in order to investigate the matter in a timely fashion.

We asked the tough questions and the customer service team impressed us with their honest answers. The overall experience was something worthwhile. Not every experience is the same. How was your experience? We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your store with us.

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69 Comments on “Contact Applebees Customer Service
  1. Visited Applebee’s in Lancaster, S.C. this week with family from three different states (Virginia. Georgia, North Carolina) joining us. Sent steaks back three different times… waitress did not fill drinks, offer rolls, gave us dirty silverware… the experience was absolutely awful!!!! The manager of the store was not people oriented and could have cared less if we were satisfied or not… I spent alot of hard earned money in this store and left with my family feeling so dissatisfied… We had two children with us and the children were told to order off of the regular menu, I was and am so embarrassed that this experience was such a disaster…
    I have been to Applebee’s before and so enjoyed the experience… Praised to the manager and staff about the visit… Just sorry I cannot do that this time.

    I would appreciate a return call or e-mail in response to the aforementioned.

    Robin Clawson
    (910) 783-8855

  2. I will not be patronizing your restaurant in Tinley Park,Il.because of the firing of your staff member on the tipping issue with the pastor,I will bring this up at our next board meeting to change our patronizing of your business to someone else,Thank You.

  3. We have passed around Applebee’s gift card’s in my Family for year’s. You now have one of the worst steak’s in the San Gabriel Valley. They are so loaded with a killer dose of salt you can’t taste the meat. We were told it was because of a a new Marinade. Then went to another location and told the same thing, so we didn’t order them. Apparently food processor’s don’t realize that excessive salt kills thousand’s every year, and that’s why we have salt shaker’s and A1 sauce. Your House Steak was an all time favorite of mine for year’s until you ruined it. At my very last visit I was told that the Marinade is currently used in all your steaks. I know you have had other complaints about this, so why don’t you listen? I can only assume it is used to cover up cheaper cut’s of meat. So good luck with that. We will go elsewhere and pay what it takes to get something that tastes normal, and is not bad for our health.
    It’s really true that good thing’s never last.
    From the San Gabriel Valley, California

  4. On a recent visit to Applebee’s, I was pleased to see Angry Orchard Hard Cider on tap, so I ordered one. The server asked if I wanted 16 or a 20 oz glass. I ordered the 16 oz. It came back filled with ice. I couldn’t believe that Cider is served like soda pop. This is like ordering a glass of beer and having the glass filled with ice and then beer poured into it. Cider like beer is to be enjoyed without being diluted with ice. I took the glass to the bar tender and she said it is Applebee’s policy to serve it with ice. I said please remove the ice and she took the glass and dumped the contents through a strainer and gave me less than half a pint of cider back. I thought that she would finish filling it, but no. She said I could order a bottle if I wanted and handed back the ½ glass. This still cost 5.49 a pint. I should have just ordered a beer. In fact, I brew beer and make cider both. I never serve cider in a glass full of ice as it dilutes the fine flavors and complexity of Cider. I have also never had any place where hard cider is on tap, serve it in a glass filled with ice. I guess I will never have a glass of cider at Applebee’s again and I intend to let everyone I know who is a cider lover to skip ordering cider at Applebee’s. (You must make a fortune selling it half a glass at a time Applebee’s!)

  5. What you are charging for the portions you are giving is a shame, My husband & I had the riblet basket with garlic mash potatoes. We received 2 very small riblets & a small seving of garlic mashed potatoes that were very dry. I tied to take the customer satisfaction survey but was unable to as it would not let me put in the day. I then called the local Applebees & spoke a manage who with my concerns but his attitude told me he could care less. Last trip for me & my husband to Applebees. Used to be an A-1 restaurnat had slipped to I really don’t care about your concerns. Stay away!!!!!

  6. Your menu and what you charge for soup/salad/sandwich is not correct. It says 7.99. They charge you 9.49 because they say the only way you can order it is all you can eat. This is waco,tx store and waiter told us menu is not printed correctly. I will not be going back as they charged me 7.49 in Cleburne,tx store and 9.49 in Waco, tx store. Charge what menu says. This is not a good deal for lunch plus slow service.

  7. My husband & I went to Applebee’s in Lansdale/Hatfield, PA. a few weeks ago. The steaks that we ordered came out rare, when we had ordered medium. The waitress did not check back in a timely manner and my husband could not eat his. I struggle through mine and when we told the waitress she did nothing. I was also charged for 1 refill of a lemonade!
    Today we went to the Applebee’s in E.Norriton, PA. for lunch. Your lunch combo’s do not say 1/2 sandwiches but that is all they are. Skimpy sandwiches and a cup of soup, for $7.99!(I’d ordered the turkey, bacon and avocado and they 1st brought out the plain turkey 1/2 sandwich.) Atleast this time we had an attentive waiter!
    We each had coffee at the end of our meal for the ridiculous price of $5.00!
    I grew up in the bar and restaurant business and still work in the industry.I know quality food and how to provide excellent service for FAIR prices. Your quality, service and prices leave a lot to be desired and I will not take a chance on being disappointed again.
    Karen Haggerty

  8. I can’t believe Apple Bee’s phrase is “See you tomorrow”!! No you will not with that sucky food and service you are giving out. Just close down and do the world a favor!!! Thank you in advance for closing down!!!

  9. on 9/14/2013, my family and I visited the Applebee’s at 17810 E. 8 mile Rd, Harper Woods, MI. This place offered us the worst service imaginable. We placed our order and waited. While we waited we noticed people coming in after us who were already eating. Finally we asked for our orders to be prepared to go. When we got them we noticed it was incomplete and we had to wait again for our full order. The manager came out and took no responsibility for the problem. She explained it was due to a computer error and the fact that a large party was being served prior to us getting there. If you can’t manage serving every table in your restaurant then you should go to a smaller place to work. It will be a long time before I visit anyone of your establishments again.

  10. went to Rome Ga. Applebees, ordered Talipia, when it came it looked grey and smelt fishy. manager came over; said “sorry, I will check the fish in the Kitchen”. didn’t see him again. I only took 3 bites of fish, that nite I was sick and had stomach problems. Not asking for coupons, just wont go back. do think u should check out these restuarants sometimes, They brought me a steak in place of fish and charged me extra.

  11. ate at app in Omaha neb last night. Chicken taco had cold and very little meat in it. Shell was soaked in grease, waitress told me it was a flour shell. Not. It may have been once, but after they cooked it, it was hard grease. Beer too expensive for a draw. Lets see! cold, tasteless food, warm beer and slow service. I even had to wait to pay and there weren’t many customers in there at 9 on thur night. Manager was even rude whnen I waited to pay. it still took 5 min. Judging from other comments on here, apps. all over the country are bad and you don’t seem to care.

  12. hello,I am interesting on been part of your work team, my phone num is 619 737 0207,i live in chula vista ca, married we have family 5 years old son he has autism and i need to start woking
    even on dish washer, test me if you want,give a chance thank’s,I am enrroled for ged at adult school,I apreciate it.

  13. I haven’t been back to Applebee’s for awhile. I got the day off from cooking and thought it was going to be a good night. Me and my husband took our two kids out beings how it was kids night and when we sat down for dinner and to order we placed an order for chips and dip as the appetizers and we placed our order for our food at that time we waited a good 45 min when it wasn’t even packed almost a handful of people we ended up with no appetizer but our food. My husband asked the guy what the deal was and he told us that they had to wait till the whole order was done. But when we were eatin the people acrossed from got their appitizers be there meal don’t get it. The other times we’ve gone to eat a manager has came around and asked if everything was ok but no one bothered to see how are food was or anything. I spent around $45.00 and I was not happy at all. Future dining is a no go from here on out

  14. We try to go out to dinner a least once a week an it is normally Applebees. Last Tuesday 12/10/13 we went to he Applebees at Catalina & 4th Ave here in Yuma,AZ. Our salads came on time and as usual very GOOD. We ordered the spinich dip with chips as our appetizer, I ordered the chicken strips with fries and the wife ordered the oriental chicken salad. Well, out comes our dinner followed by our appetizer ? My chicken srips looked like leftovers from Monday night football, they were hard as rocks, no bigger than my wives pinky and looked old. I was going to say something to our waitress but the wife old me to not say anyhing. I left the chicken strips, paid and we left. This isn’t typical of Applebee’s, if I were waiting that table I would have been asshamed to serve them, no kidding aside.I guess it is somewhere else this week, sorry Applebee’s.

  15. Visited one of your locations in VAB, Va on new years eve. When entering there was trash overflowing from trash can at door and had to step around it. Hostess said 25 minute wait, its new years eve must be a little busy i thought. Looked around and there were empty tables every where! I’m a retired restaurant manager so i figured these guys are short staffed so the hostess is being told to stack people up at the door till they get caught up. (been there done that). Location filled about 65% of capacity.When we were seated, took a good while for waiter to arrive.Server slow getting to us in every aspect except for taking my money. TOOK 55 minutes to get our steaks!!! Waiter never said anything about our wait. Had to then ASK for silverware! Waited and waited for the silverware! Food was great but side portions very small. Come on guys, these are cheap! Then ordered dessert and served with get this PLASTIC SPOONS!!!OMG!! Waiter said ” sorry about the plastic spoons folks but its the end of the year budget crunch and they didn’t have money left in budget for silverware.” Holy ****!!! Cannot beleive management cares that little about guests. Couldn’t wait to get out of there. $67 tab for my wife and I. I’m sticking with Ruby Tuesdays for my neighborhood restaurant.

  16. Well i will start by saying it was my birthday so my family wanted to take me out for dinner we decided on applebees in lancaster sc. we got there and stood in the door way for about 4 mins til someone seated us and i asked for a large corner booth for my family of 7 the girl said well i guess with a sigh……then the next 10 minutes nothing no server no mgr no one came to our table. when an employee finally came to our table she asked if we had been taken care of i told her no not even a drink order had been taken…. so she proceeds to get our drink order and an appetizer order… we ordered a mixed drink 2 beers 2 sodas 3 appetizers , and she asked if we were ready to put in our food order as well so we did . then another 10 mins nothing.. 5 more minutes nothing ….. a total of 25 mins had gone by since we walked in the door and still no drinks or our server. now i am a server myself and this restaraunt was not busy there looked to be atleast 4 servers on the floor around 8pm on jan 8th. myself and my family stood up and got ready to leave and it took a few mins as we all had to get out of the booth and we had a baby so we had to re dress her … and still no one came to us to ask if we were ok if this is how you are running your restaraunts i am surprised applebees is still open. after this aweful calamity i called the store and asked for the customer service number and was put on hold then call cut off.needless to say we went across the street and had an awesome dinner my birthday was great and we spant about $150.00 plus the tip so ……. i would very much like to be contacted by someone….. i am very disspleased.

  17. I’ve ordered take out twice now for two that I am not pleased at all with These past 2 times have really sucked food is cold and tastes like it’s been sitting for a while. I really like your guys food but I guess when you order take out its nothing like dine in. The store I have problems with is in. Camby Indiana they comped me for the first meal but the one I got comped for was worse than the first one

  18. I’ve ordered take out twice now for two that I am not pleased at all with These past 2 times have really sucked food is cold and tastes like it’s been sitting for a while. I really like your guys food but I guess when you order take out its nothing like dine in. The store I have problems with is in. Camby Indiana they comped me for the first meal but the one I got comped for was worse than the first one

  19. The last 3 visits were ‘very’ disappointing. Poor service, food only so so. My daughter & I could not eat the soup. The presentation on ‘Soup & Sandwich’ not appealing at all. I asked for coffee, but never got a refill. The fries were to be NO SALT, they came with salt. The chili I ordered was so small it was laughable. We had to keep ‘flagging’ down the waitress for impliments, dressing, etc, etc. I asked for no ice water, & got it anyway. Myself & my family will not be returning. This was over 3 different visits, & all 3 visits very disappointing. So the ‘See you tomorrow’ will not happen for us.

  20. On February 16th, my fried and I went to the Applebees in Noblesville IN, around 5:00pm. We sat in the bar area in a booth. There were very few people there and we assumed we would be waited on promptly. We waited 20 minutes without being asked if we wanted something to drink, nor did we received a menu.
    Eventually I made eye contact with the bartender and he literally turned his back on me and stared at the bar. He was not waiting on any customers. After another 5 minutes, I walked up to the bar and asked a lady bartender if we were sitting in the wrong section to be served. She apologized and said someone would be right with us. Another 10 minutes and no service.
    We simply walked out and went to Perkins.

    Applebees service used to be outstanding and the food, okay. Now the service is ridiculously slow—can’t comment on the food, since we obviously didn’t get any.

    What has happened?

  21. Hi our meal and service today was awesome!!!! Our server was so helpful and courteous at the applebees in marinette, Wisconsin. The only thing is We would love to enter the 1,000 giveaway and the server forgot to give us our slip as we didn’t need any change back. Is there any way I can register for a chance to win 1,000.00 . Thanks so much! Gloria

  22. I have been a huge fan of Applebee for many years so it will come as no surprise that it was on my places to eat list when I travelled to new york recently. Unfortunately we did not receive the applebees service or experience I am use to. I ordered a steak medium to well done. When this came it was extremely well done! And had been lying out for some time as the steak and rice was cold!! Unfortunately our waitress was no where to be seen when we received our meal and by the time she came to ask how our meal was my partner was nearly finished his. I explained that it was cold and she offered to get me a replacement but I didn’t want to wait when the others in my party were nearly finished eating their meals. All she said she could do was appogies. Once we paid the bill that included a 12 per cent tip (not through choice)! I went to use the the bathroom. I would not recommend this to anyone as it was absolutely disgusting. It was that bad I refused to use it and once again I was told all they could do was appologies. It’s safe to say I will not be visiting or recommending Applebee in the future.

  23. After getting literally sick (in your parking lot) on 3 different visits I
    finally figured it out to be the smoke in the Lebanon MO restraunt.
    It’s not only FILLED with smoke in there but you can watch the smoke
    fill up the glassware hanging above the bar. Therefore I will
    never be returning to Applebee’s as long as smoking is allowed there.

  24. Last eve my boyfriend & I decided to dine at your Yucca Valley, CA Applebees. We love their two for twenty deal, because it offers onion rings for an appetizer. We were disappointed you no longer serve these with the two for twenty deal anymore. I ordered the 7oz sizzling chipotle cream steak..rare. It “was” rare when it arrived but cooked to “well done” after it sat on my plate & sizzled for a few minutes. Also it was tough & tasteless, in spite of the chipotle sauce. Also the red potatoes tasted like they had been stored for awhile. You used to offer a 7oz prime rib steak for this special. What happened to that? My boyfriend ordered the chicken parmesan. The chicken was a good & a decent portion, but there were less noodles than chicken. Also..he was in the bathroom half the night with diarrhea . We are so disappointed. We asked our waitress Susan E. to have the manager to come over & he was busy taking care of another complaint about the red potatoes. Can’t remember manager’s name..he told us the chipotle was new on the menu & was being tested. He offered us something else to eat but by then we were ready to go home. Our waitress Susan E. was terrific. Don’t think we’ll go back. There are plenty of other restaurants offering two for one specials that offer larger portions of food & much tastier. If you have any have my email address

  25. Waited over an hour for food. It was my lunch break, finally had to ask for it to go.I have an hour for lunch. This is not the first time this has happened. Store was 6915 Douglas Blvd, Douglasville, Ga. I noticed also a lot of payroll hrs being not used wisely,a lot of employees just standing around, a lot of customers waiting for food, and as usual, not the first time. Does it get better, or will it ever?

  26. For the most part Applebee’s is a good place to eat. Their appetizers are amazing. The one thing they cannot cook is salmon. I have ordered it twice and both times it was burned. They did take it back and allow me to order something else. I wish they offered more healthy, reasonably priced meals. Also I find the salads to be small and pricey. Not sure I will continue to go there, Red Lobster is more expensive, but at least they know how to cook salmon.

  27. I witnessed a cook at the Camden Delaware Applebee’s leave a stall in the restroom and NOT wash his hands . I will not come back to this location ever again …. DISCUSTING !!

  28. Tonight,i’ll describe my dining experience with the title “Crapplebees”. waitresses’ll tell ya later when my gut quits hurtin.hello-mr applebees.if you get this heard the phrase”houston,we have a problem”.well i’m using it to say “applebees you have a drug problem”.I’ve been a manager in restraint business 7 years this area.i’ve seen em all,heard about the rest.after my meal last week,i had to have another.but this time.i feel like throwing up.really.ordered a roma steak meal.4 potato wedge pieces.shocked.i asked waitress is this all you get? yes she said,would ou like to order another side? I said no,i would need about 5 sides to make it what it should be.right? 4 potatoe wedges.did I miss something?the roma steak a kids meal.ok.i know portabella mushrooms.thier my favorite.those mushrooms as big as a tea cup saucer.smothered in butter.steaming and yummy.well.i got the portabella mushroom was as big as a old dollar coin at best.dabble of cheese melted in center.looked overnuked.brown telltale crust around edges of sauce.sauce ladled out fresh,won’t burn around the that down in one bite.steak was 4 bites.was medium well.but outer layers lukewarm,center hot.probly sat for 5 or 8 minutes and wasn’t under heat.breadsticks.i’ve tasted stale fritoes with more gusto.they were around the size of a footlong hotdog and actually the surface looked like a overcooked microwaved hot dog..shriveled up .the sauce was thick as pudding on top,but center was normal.cheese came out like a thick pudding.again overnuked then sat a bit.big drama in yo kitchen.a cook flies out the back as i’m eating.sits on front couch.earlier as I sat there,i overheard a manager tell the hostess she had to make someone go sit down because they was shakin so bad.ok,must be the cook that’s sulking up front.several waitresses would continually stop by the fellow and lots of pointing and upset looks came from the guy.great place to eat if you missed your nightly episode of 90210 and need the entertainment.but to eat.i think a big mac woulda tasted better and more filling.if I hadn’t have got a buzz from nursing my perfect margarita waiting on food.i wouldn’t have ate my meal.but my hunger overpowered my ability to use my common sense.get the reginal manager on the horn and tell him to bring a k-9 unit and some on the spot drug kits.after that i’ll gladly spend my 100 bucks a week at your neighborhood bar and grill.

  29. My mom and I just brought 2 bourbon steak dinners home from Applebee’s in Hastings ,MI. They were both very tough and had a big string of grizzle through them. Very disappointed to get steak that
    Bad. Mom’s was suppose to be medium rare and was rare. My medium steak was medium rare. I took pictures but can’t get them in this comment thingy. Service good at take out. Food awful.

  30. Our neighborHOOD bar & grill was throwing a “block party” in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I reluctantly decided to join the masses around 11:30PM. I spoke to everyone I knew, which was almost everyone in the entire restaurant, including several staff members. I found a seat with a group of friends. Amongst said friends sat three employees who happened to have the day off. As the people at the table I was at were talking, drinking, eating, etc… the manager on duty approached the table and rudely interrupted us by raising his voice and saying something along the lines of, “If anyone at this table is an employee here, you can’t have but two drinks. How many y’all done had?”
    The employees at the table responded by reassuring him that they had not passed their limit because they were aware of the drink minimum set for them. The manager continued to speak rather harshly to them, badgering them in front of the rest of the guests at my table and the surrounding tables. I was no longer interested in the ruckus he was causing, so I began a conversation with a friend of mine sitting on the other side of the table from me. She and I began to laugh and he interrupted us again by loudly asking, “Oh, y’all got somethin’ to say?” Understand that usually, especially in public, I go to great lengths to keep my temper at bay. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UNPROFESSIONAL THE “MANAGER” WAS BEING!! I understand that he may have had to speak a little louder due to the crowd and karaoke music that was playing, but to yell at the off – duty employees and interrupt MY conversation with MY friend by rolling his neck and acting like we were in the streets about to go toe to toe was repulsive, degrading, unprofessional, and UNNECESSARY. I was embarrassed for the employees that were at the table and irate over the interaction he had with me. Out of respect for the employees and their job, which had by that time already been threatened by the manager, I did not show out like I wanted to. The three employees paid their tabs and left. TO MAKE THE ALREADY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WORSE, five minutes later he approached the table next to me in regards to a complaint about a mixed drink that was not satisfactory for one of the ladies at the table. The manager was not receptive at all to hearing the problem at hand. Instead he immediately told her that if she wanted a better drink she would have to order another shot or two to add to it and would have to pay around fifteen dollars for it. Where do they do that at???

    All I’m really trying to say is:
    Until Michael Henderson is relieved from his duties at Applebee’s in Laurel, MS, I will not return. There are several other customers that I spoke with while I was there as well as after I left that had similar or WORSE (if you can believe that) experiences while dealing with Michael.
    When entering a position of authority in any line of business, professionalism is a key factor in obtaining and maintaining success. The employees that were at work that night were absolutely wonderful and apologized profusely for their “manager’s” words and actions. How can you possibly expect the staff to be in a positive mood and interact with the customers on a satisfactory level if that is the model they have to follow? Council him on proper management techniques, send him to another location far, far away, let him go entirely… whatever is necessary. That restaurant lost a lot of business tonight and will continue to lose business if this is not fixed. There are only so many more people in this small town to upset before that restaurant sees no business at all.

  31. Applebee’s in Woodbridge Nj 05-17-14 service was so bad I waited for almost 20 mins to get my order in other people were served before me that had just arrived ! I’m from California & was totally disappointed with the service I got! I ask to speak to the mgr & that did me no good , the food just sucked big time I felt like they we’re serving a dam dogg…… First and last time I will ever go there… And yes maybe any other Applebee’s there is plenty other restaurants I could spend my money on !!!!!!!!

  32. Woodbridge Nj 05-17-14 service was so bad I waited for almost 20 mins to get my order in other people were served before me that had just arrived ! I’m from California & was totally disappointed with the service I got! I ask to speak to the mgr & that did me no good , the food just sucked big time I felt like they we’re serving a dam dogg…… First and last time I will ever go there… And yes maybe any other Applebee’s there is plenty other restaurants I could spend my money on !!!!!!!!

  33. My last visit to the Salinas , Ca Applebees ever. Not only did I get sick but the server was sick and rude as well. I ordered the Bacon cheesburger and she comes back with what she said was the bourbon blue cheese burger (nastiest thing ever). Server name was Aracely and I told her its not what I ordered she said yes it was, I didnt see her till I got our check. Terrible stomach pains and vomiting occurred after for 2 days.

  34. Fathers day 2014 was suppose to be a joyful day. Went to Cedar Crest Blvd facility–We were seated promptly, waitness was very nice. Silverware was opened, and 3 place settings were food encrusted. Waitress brought 3 new place settings, again all three had food deposits on same. Female manager came to the table and apologized. She stated “they were very busy last night”??? I have no idea what last evenings business has to do with keeping the silverware claean…
    Then the food came, i ordered a Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad,
    It looked as though the lettuce was placed on the plate and the chicken wa put on top, MINUS everything else…..\
    My daughter did not touch her food either,
    My wife had a veggie burger, which was o.k.
    We paid the full bill, over $50.00, plus the tip, as the waitress was very nice and apologetic…..
    Never again saw the female manager……..
    I complained to management due to the problem, not for a free meal, but in view of the entire situation, i assumed the management would return to our table with a further follow-up to the problem, as it existed.

  35. I went to Applebees yesterday as I saw a special on television for the new Vidalia onion and Steak is now $9.99. Which was great because I have never gone there for a good deal like that before and I go there around 3 or 4 times a month. The manager stopped by and asked what I was gong to eat today & I told him,he said good thing I came today because it was not going to be that much longer. The food was great! BUT it was $12.99 and not the $9.99 that showed on the television commerical! This really irritated me. I have thought about this all night last night and today. If you are going to take it off of the special, please pull the commerical!!! False advertising as far as I am concerned. Not right. The server should let the customer know that it is no longer available at that price. When you call the restaurant or email them you never hear from anyone back. It would be really nice to get a response once in a while. Especially when you ask a waitress for some ketchup and she says I am really busy right now and starts sweeping the floor under the tables!! You contact the restaurant and get no response on that. Come on…..

    my sister and I had bad service and bad manager. BAD BAD Customer service by waitress and the manager. The waitress just made a mistake that happens but the manager was horrible. She should be trained in basic customer service. My sister and I were sitting together and my sister had ordered and received an appetizer. My sister ordered a 2 for $20 with one in a to-go box, the appetizer to be mozzarella sticks. I said “I will have the same thing” but we don’t want two of the same appetizers so I ordered a different one. my sister’s mozzarella sticks showed up, nothing else. i waited 10 minutes before I flagged down the waitress. She forgot my appetizer ok she brought it out 5 minutes later. 5 minutes later she brings my sisters steak. I wait for 10 minutes, nothing, so I flag the waitress down again, she didn’t put my order in. But she will do it now of course that means 15 minutes maybe while my sister is either waiting to eat and being polite or eating by herself. No forget it. Just cancel my meal. I then get a bill for the appetizers that was included in the meal I did not get and would not have ordered by itself and one that came 15 minutes late. I called the manager and she was horrible. Very nice but totally clueless about the problem or being purposely obtuse to get out of a getting me a credit on the appetizer. Not understanding me, offering to put in the order, of course not. I did not want to get my food now 20-25 minutes late. That was not the problem now. Now my sister had finished her meal and me eating my meal after my sister finished hers, NO. The big thing in a restaurant is food arriving at the same time.. Finally we spelled it out to the manager that she needs to credit the appetizer. This should have been the first thing she offered, problem solver everybody makes mistakes the waitress learns, customers saved. Now we say we would never have ordered 3 appetizers. She, begrudgingly agreed to credit the appetizer and and then just walked away without doing anything. Am I required as a customer to fight this problem three times. The manager should have recognized the problem, apologized profusely and offered to credit the appetizers without us asking, and when we did ask and she agreed to it, DO IT. I was going to just pay for my soda and leave but it is not worth the hassle of this becoming a bigger problem with me yelling at the front door at the manager if she fights us. And I would have but life is just too short. Now instead of doing other things I have to spend 15 minutes complaining about this because I am so angry I can not just let it go. The manager needs to be trained, customers are hard to get and losing them over something that could have been rightfully solved is bad business. I was not asking for a hand out or free food just a credit on the food we would not have ordered separately. We did eat the appetizer because I expected to get the meals that were included. I am ranting but I am furious because this would have been so simple for the manager to solve the problem and get a happy customer.

  37. My wife and i have been going to your place to eat ever since you opend. In the begining the food was very good, but for the start of this year it has been going downhill. We avarage about meals a day on the 2 for 20. As of 6/30 i dont think either my friends and i are not going to eat there anymore. I think you should look into this problem. We like going there because everybody is very pleasent. The food is dry,and the steaks are ugh. Somebody doesnt know what do do.

  38. My wife and i have been going to your place to eat ever since you opend. In the begining the food was very good, but for the start of this year it has been going downhill. We avarage about meals a day on the 2 for 20. As of 6/30 i dont think either my friends and i are not going to eat there anymore. I think you should look into this problem. We like going there because everybody is very pleasent. The food is dry,and the steaks are ugh. Somebody doesnt know what do do.

  39. Recent disappointment with Applebee’s service. On 7/9/14 I went to the Applebees on 3620 NM State HWY 528 Albuquerque NM at 5:15. I had called prior to going to the store and asked if I bought a gift card for $25 could I receive a free entree with that purchase as was offered in a present promo and I was told yes by a male?? who or what position I do not know but he answered the phone.

    When I arrived at the store I put in my entree order. But when I went to pay, the attendant said he would have to ask the manager for approval. Manager on duty: Cody Bradley came to talk to me. He said they don’t honor the gift card as a purchase of an entree–interesting for $25? I told him I was told they would honor it and he said “I don’t know who you talked to but I did not talk to him. He said, Applebee’s doesn’t do this with a gift card and wouldn’t honor it with the present promo being offered. He cancelled my dinner order and said he would be happy to sell me the $25 gift card. Because I did want it for a gift, I bought it but in the future will not be so quick to go to Applebee’s, where I have been a client for many years, taken work groups there, friends and family met there with nothing but happy outcomes and excellent food. This summer I have eaten at Applebees in Madison WI. Denver CO Houston TX besides Albuquerque during my travels. I always trust service at Applebees. This was very disappointing, especially when I had been told by phone they would honor the promo with the gift card. I was thinking of Panera bread next door but continued to Applebees due to the variety of food and drinks and know that the person the gift card was for is also a fan of this . restaurant. I am hoping to receive a response by management and a coupon for a free entree to continue my patronship at Applebees. Hope to receive a response soon.

  40. My daughter and I went to the Rego Park location yesterday and the server spilled the food and drink all over her and the table. Luckily she was not burned but the best the Manager, Michael could do was reduce the bill 15% which came to $5.85. He would not even comp the appetizers. Guess that would have broken the bank at Rego Park since every time we have been there, there are hardly any customers. Now I know why. I will be taking my business to Dallas BBQ. So long Applebees.

  41. My daughter and I went to the Rego Park location yesterday and the server spilled the food and drink all over her and the table. Luckily she was not burned but the best the Manager, Michael could do was reduce the bill 15% which came to $5.85. He would not even comp the appetizers. Guess that would have broken the bank at Rego Park since every time we have been there, there are hardly any customers. Now I know why. I will be taking my business to Dallas BBQ. So long Applebees.

  42. May I start off by saying how disappointing this evening was for myself and family . I decided to pick up 2 year old grandson my daughter in law after her having a 12 hour day and my 81 year old mom for a nice dinner out. So I chose Applebee’s because of the great service and fast turn around. Well tonight wS not that after being seated at about 6;15 we ordered I got an appetizer for the table and we ordered our dinner. My daughter in law ordered the sampler appetizer as her enter and did specify that My mom and I both got salmon and we got my grandson pizza. The appetizers came actually the one I ordered and my daughter in laws which was supposed to come as her dinner. Then we waited we were told it was the salmon. Really I have made salmon it’s fast. About an hour and fifteen minutes go by and we finally get our food except my daughter in law she already had hers about an hour ago. They bring out my starving two years food on a dish that burned his hands Really. And my and my moms salmon was over cooked. Needless to say no more. In case u ate wondering it was in boardmAn ohio

  43. We are 75 years old and have been eating at Applebees twice a week since it opened. We have always received delicious food. We always order the 2 for $20.00 meal. The spinach dip was served without enough chips and the plate it was served on looked like it was leftover from another table.The three cheese chicken penne was so dry and tough I could not eat it. We did not complain because we were in a tight place and did not want to cause a scene. Like I say this is the first time every to be disappointed at Applebees. Please check this out and see if they have a new cook or manager. We will continue to eat at Applebee’s and hope it does not happen again. The waitress was very nice.Thanks for your concern Thanks so much

  44. Third time at Burlington Wa Applebees. Worst service ever have been sitting here for one and a half hours and just talked to manager. Will take steak home for the dog. Manager was nice but condesending. Told her none of us would return here and she did not seem to care that much. We will not go to any applebees again.

  45. Apple bees located in Summersville WV can say it all in two words. DONT GO took over 45 mins to get our food when they only had about 6 tables. Had to get our own napkins. We order drinks and got different drinks then we ordered. Food portions are very small. Table was sticky. Food was over cooked. I could go on and on it was that bad

  46. I went out to lunch with my family on Wednesday 8/13/14 afternoon and we all ordered my niece order a lunch special I ordered a full size chicken ceaser salad and a bowl of soup when and my husband ordered a full size ti chicken salad a a bowl of soup and when our lunch came out mine and my husband food came out has a lunch special and when i told the waitress that is not what i ordered she said sorry and took it back to the kitchen and about 10 minutes later she brought out my salad and when i started eating it I notice my chicken was cold . My salad which is always warm it looked like they just put some salad on a bigger plate and used the same salad from my first plate and put it on the bigger plate i was really disappointed i just ate my salad that she brought me so she brought us our check and instead of leaving it at the lunch price for the mistake that they made she charged me for a full salad she changed it right on the check i was so shocked a manager never came over to say sorry or if they could do anything for us i was just very dissatisfied with my whole lunch my husbands ordered was messed up too they broght him a lunch special too but he did not want to change his he just wanted to eat lunch we where at the grandville michigan location

  47. My Mother and I went to lunch at the Lakewood, WA Applebee’s on Wednesday, and when the server was setting our water down, she spilled it in my Mother’s lap. We realized it was an accident and the manager came by with her apologies. Being a restaurant owner in the past, I expected them to give my Mother her lunch for free, which would have been the courteous thing to do. But they did not. I am disappointed they did not make that effort towards my 91 old Mother. I was waiting for the manager to stop by and mention it to her, but no one came by after that. We paid the bill and left. It was a poor management decision on their part. We go to this Applebee’s often and will continue to go there, I just feel like they could have offered to pay for her fish and chip meal.

  48. Little choice, based on hotel location, and I ended up visiting the 480 Ackerman Columbus location twice in one night. Absurdly, service was poor both at 5:30 pm and (5) hours later at 10:30pm. It centered around the bartender. Drinks were ridiculously late,considering she had three customers around 5:30. My second visit resulted in my food arriving before my drink, my INITIAL drink. The manager made and delivered the drink but had nothing to offer in response to my verbal complaint, only a patronizing and rather unbelievable “I am sorry”. With the choices available, and should mine have not been so limited, I have to wonder why anyone visits, much less returns.

  49. I love Applebee’s, I go four times a month. I will never eat at applebees again, yesterday my husband and I went to the new location in at gateway to have lunch. We sat for 15 minutes and know one came to our table, this was at 11:15 am so it wasn’t more then 6 people. I saw a man walk and sat his self, and it wasn’t at the bar. There was 7 employees standing around talking by the door. My husband and got and left, know didn’t try to stop us to see what was wrong. But what they did do was open the door for us and said, have a great day please come back.

  50. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the wonton taco’s. It was so refreshing to get something not on common menu’s.I’m not sure how long you have had these but I’m really not a fan of eating at restaurants. I am a fan now I could eat them everyday. Thanks it was awesome to finally eat something that tasted great.
    Have a great day.

  51. Thank you for what you do for our veterans, this is why we continue to do business with Applebees. I would like to take this time to share a story about what your Applebees did for my father in law in Eureka California. Just over a year and a half ago John ewen just turned 91 and he always like going to Applebees, so we took him there on his birthday and as I snuck away from the table to tell his waitress that he turns 91 that day and is a world war 2 veterans , she says don’t worry we’ll do something special for him. As we continue to eat our meals I noticed her talking to some other people that work there well we were almost done and as usual they came over and sung him happy birthday, it was different than any other birthday I’ve ever seen at Applebees, every waitress came over the assistant manager the manager in the district manager all came over and sang happy birthday to John, but wait I’m not done after they sung him happy birthday each and every one of them shook his hand and said thank you for your service. Then the people in the restaurant started clapping, instead of giving him his free dessert they paid for his dessert in his meal and again thank him for his sacrifice, little did we know that would be his last birthday John passed away that year in October but I can tell you one thing the people at Applebees put a smile on his face and honored him in such a way that no matter what we will always do business at eureka’s Applebee’s thank you for everything you do for our servicemen and women, they went above and beyond for my father in law who was a British 8th army veteran who served, in the North Africa campaign and the Burma Campaign and was there when the Japanese surrendered and again thank you for giving him a birthday that he will never forget.

  52. We have been going to the Applebee’s in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota for years. It seems in the last 4 to 6 months something has changed there. Our food orders are often mixed up, or they bring another tables food to our table, getting a refill on a drink takes forever or they bring one plate of food while the rest of us wait for another 5 to 10 minutes for our food. We really like the place but it just seems to be unorganized lately for what ever reason.

  53. Thanks for your salute to veterans by offering a free meal. It was exciting to watch the hats and T-shirts from the various defense departments come and go. It also spurred conversations among various comrade-in-arms.

    Go Air Force!

  54. Very disappointed in our service at Applebees in adrian mi we asked to see a manager never seen one we ordered the two for 20 the waitress told us that our dessert was included in meal but when she brought us our bill the dessert was extra 6.79 a piece never told me that the loaded mash potatoes was extra she should say anything next time

  55. Ate at new store in sayre,pa ,to small slow service steak was cold to busy to send back beer way to expensive ,onle special vodka new yrs eve sucks. Paid with debit card and you or bank held pre auth from 12 31 14 to 01 07 15 . terrible experience!!
    So much for applebees}}} Patrick d ferro wife and friends>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  56. We love eating at Marquette Mi Applebees but last week we went in and you took the chicken fajitas off the menu…why? :-( so we decided to stay anyways and ordered the old stand by chips and salsa to just be dissatisfied by the dripping grease off them…the manager brought new ones just to tell us that Applebees changed their chips..these were just as greasy. We wont be going back till you bring the chicken fajitas back. Hope you dont wait too long so another restaurant doesnt steal us.

  57. We had a bad experience some time back and had not been to Applebee’s since until last nite and we decided to try again. We were so disappointed that we had gone . Our food was served so cold that the butter wouldn’t even melt on our baked potato and when we called it to there attention it took an awful long time for a response and then only to exchange our potato with another cold one. The manager came and listened and agreed that the food wasn’t proper but very little was done and then when we asked for our check the waitress took aur credit card and ran it on the terminal at the table and added the max tip and we got no copy. Just a very bad and expensive experience for us .

  58. We went to Applebees for lunch today 3/15/15. Applebees Hanson Rd. Green Bay, WI. Worst meal and lousy service. I ordered a 7 ounce steak cooked medium. I received a well done steak with no butter on my baked potato. My husband ordered chicken and it was dried out. I never. Send food back. I don’t want people messing with my food. We sat at the bar and the . Bartender named Phillip had a bad attitude and ignored us. I will NEVER go there again!

  59. We were in your Boynton Beach restaurant yesterday and took advantage of the 3 for 1 appetizers. While they were decent, I expressed my disappointment to your staff as to the fact that everything (except the quesadilla) was fried. You have an audience of mostly seniors at this venue and I would think you’d choose more appropriate foods for them. I tried to enter your “Win $1000 daily” survey but was not connected. I hope you consider my suggestion. Thank you.

  60. Mother’s Day ruined…..

    May 10, 2015 started out great. The weather was beautiful, my
    grandaughter was meeting us in Rolla so we could celebrate Mother’s Day and her summer break from Missouri Southern in Joplin, Mo.
    We considered several restaurants in Rolla, however, our final decision was Applebee’s. BAD CHOICE!! We were seated relatively
    quick considering it was Mother’s Day/Graduation weekend. Then the fun began when our waiter (mm-mm) Jason came to take our order.
    He seemed irritated with me from the very begining, not sure why.
    The wait for our food was much too long and finally when we received
    our food, the pasta was waxed and dry. We made Jason aware, he advised us that it was prepared properly, even with practically no sauce on the pasta. Finally, he brought more sauce for which there was an additional charge. He also charged for refill on lemonade, even though 3 beverage refills are allowed. He continued to be short
    patience the entire visit.
    I also noticed guest at other tables receiving Carnations and being
    Wished “Happy Mother’s Day”. Jason never did either in addition to being very Combative

  61. Continued
    ….after that point, Jason proceeded to ignore us still sitting.
    I finally called him over to ask him to get a manager, which he didn’t.
    The entire experience was very frustrating and unpleasant, thanks to Jason. It seemed personal, I’m not sure why!
    The next time I’m in Rolla, Mo. I hope Jason will have found
    another job! Customer Service/Food Industry certainly isn’t his area of expertise.

  62. Sure would have been nice to receive Mother’s Day wishes and Carnations at Applebee’s on Mother’s Day! I’m sure Jason’s mother would be very proud!

  63. Applebees has always been my water hole wher ever I have lived. Stop by after work relax have a glass of wine talk to the people ,watch a game.But what I have witnessed at the Goldsboro N.C. store is sick-Te manager I call him BOY GEORGE IS NOT ONLY ARROGANT BUT A PERVERT-he stands in the middle of the bar entrance blocking it-when girls asks him to please move he doesnt-so the girls have to squeeze by him-rubbing themselves due to the limited space -when I asked one of the girls she responded” he likes to FEEL US AND WHAT CAN YOU DO? LOOSE YOUR JOB?”-this is 2015 !!- and this is still going on?-Does Applebees- allow this nasty behavior from a store manager?-i told them i will serve as witness-but I wont be back
    I found this sick -i will not be back

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