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Contacting Apple Customer Service

Apple is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. Under Steve Jobs, Apple developed technology like the iPod, iPad and iPhone. Apple also sells a variety of MAC computer products and operates the iTunes store. Customer service information is available from the main website page by clicking on the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Apple is a global company, so phone contact numbers are available for all countries. The North American contact information is as follows. The first three customer service numbers are the ones customers will use to contact Apple customer service. The other numbers are used for a variety of specialized contact not applicable to most customers.

Mailing Address

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Official Website

The Apple official website is located at Customers can access the download for iTunes, information on new products and current products and purchase Apple products online. You can also find Apple customer service contact information via this link.

Customer Service Email

There is no contact email for Apple customer support, but there is an email form for Online Support Feedback if customers wish to comment on the contact information available on the Apple website. You can access the email contact form at

We did find an email address listed elsewhere on the web. That email address is We’ve contacted Apple via this email address. We are waiting for a response from the Apple customer service team.

Our Experience

As one of the largest, most innovative technology companies in the world, Apple customer service is a definite challenge. When calling the customer service number, you will notice it is automated. The options are simple to follow, but there are no options to speak to a live representative. We waited through the automated response system and spoke to a live, English speaking Apple representative. The customer service rep was helpful and answered all of our questions regarding Apple products, services and various customer concerns.

You have the ability to contact customer service at: When we emailed customer service, the communication was bounced back and we were given the following customer service email: We sent communication and are waiting for a response.

Mail Delivery System
Mar 16
I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.
For further assistance, please send mail to: If you do so, please include this problem report. 

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Status: 5.1.6
Action: failed
Last-Attempt-Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 08:45:59 -0700
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.1.6 recipient no longer on server:

From: Richard Banks
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:46:46 -0400
Subject: Customer service question
If I have a question or concern regarding a product or service available from Apple, do you suggest I contact the company via email or traditional methods such as calling customer service? Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Does this situation sound familiar? We want to hear your customer service stores. Let us know.

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64 Comments on “Contact Apple Customer Service
  1. hi i have visted your lincoln store. on anumber of times and got no help they seem to me that allthey do is stand arround. why the youth mess arround in store don’t recemend the lincoln apple store. as i have been told by staff is not a genuein store i have been in four times.and yesterday went in with my ipod for help man stood at the door doing nothing thanks wayne

  2. It is possible to know, whose other person using my account in apple store? Recently we received so many credits in my visa card and the transaction from the apple. Please help me to solve with this. Thank you!

    • please help me, my account Apple Id has been hack this morning, and I lost my money

      I have contacted my bank, and my bank said please contact the apple company to ask for this issue

      is there an apple email address for this issue?
      because I searched in the web but not found

      please help me

  3. I used to be on windows xp and that was trouble but I bought a I mac and mack the white plastic one both 2008 and I am on leopard. The only problem I had was my laptop the cd rw drive stop working so I phone the Exeter store wher I live and I aske how much would a cd drive be. I can the guy said I can’t tell you that you have to bring it in and we look at it I was going in Exeter that dat itbwas Tuesday I had a bit of time of from work. I said can I bring it in then so you can look at it then no you have to book on line what that is stupid. I not a computer expert my friend up at are local library booked it in for me you have to get serial numbers and all that crap. I booked it in for the next day I had a week of work which is good I took it in the engerneer was very good just a bit slow ihe said its not a software fault I told him that first. So I ask how much will it be we tell you when its done we will phong you. 3 Weeks went by I herd nothing and I phoned them up and they said you should have phoned us no I said the genius said you were going to phone me they got it done in the same day what a joke. I picked it up on the Saturday and the Exeter store was full of kids working there. And I said the kid on the door I picking up my laptop. I sort you out another kid said 20 mins went but and he came out I brought a cd up to test it and see if it was working and it was but the kid just wanted to get my money and go. The kid said £130 it cost what rip off. I am thinking about going back to pc and I don’t like the closed system like iTunes and my computer still being controlled by apple I use CDs but I never use I cloud I dont understand it or trust it

  4. Dear Sir or to whom it may concern, you need to seriously relook the upgrade to io6 my family plan as well as other familys I know are having the same problem. Once the upgrade is performed text messages are defaulted to send to every member of your family. My Finance upgraded her phone and used the default settings on monday night. Come tuesday morning she had 60+ texts that I sent and received to my friends. This is a total invasion of privacy and you will have many complaints and possible lawsuits pending! I am VERY upset about this it can cause husbands and wife to get separated when they see personal information of their spouse! PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP ABOUT THIS! I HAVE A LAWYER PENDING TO OPEN A CASE FOR INVASION OF PRIVACY AGAINS APPLE!

  5. I have mislaid my iPhone and have requested apple to see is my iPad connected to my iPad
    I had loads of family photos taken on my iPhone and just want to know can I retrieve them on my iPad no response

  6. Hi
    We have 2 iPhone 4s having technical or manufacturing
    Apple care or Knoxville Tn store resolving the issue
    A legal case is pending if the issue is not resolved in 1 business day
    Case 350685354
    Amish shah

  7. Sirs,

    I became a proud owner of iPhone 4s a few months back. I am from Nepal and had been wanting your wonderful product for long. Yesterday I was busy listening to music from its loudspeaker at the same time charging the set with the USB connector connected to my PC. Suddenly my set went silent. Since that fateful moment I have not been able to revive its it’s sound despite rebooting it and restoring it many times. Could u please help me sort this issue out? I am all heart broken to see my prized possession keeping mum. Connecting the headset does however result in audio output. PLEASE HELP!

    Best regards
    Sandeep B

  8. Defrauded by Apple.

    Since the begining I experienced a lot of problems with this Imac, the customer service today hang on on me, while i stayed quiet and raise a list of all things going worng with the computer, i was talking to a frenh department at 2 pm serial number dgkhx005dmw8,

    i forget to use the email porgram apple, it has never worked well, i was getting this colored wheel all the time, for hours impeaching me to work, the tried to help me we set up a guest user and delete all email with signature , infos i could not retreived after, thnak you!

    then the email was corrupted again and never worked, so i quit using it, i baughta program for invoicing numbers, it has not works for 20 more products, its a bug too. Factura too is a pure bug. so i stop using, buying or downloading any app apple.

    the apple id has never worked too, each time they asked me to change it or they don’t recognize my password.

    i never could donwload any of the update or when i could log in once and download one, it never recognized it as being downloaded.

    3 days ago, i tried to turn on the computer and it was not working, for 2 weeks since it has crashed, i was turning it on and off using the button as the colored wheel was displayed and impeach me to do any forcing to turn it off.

    i wander if i did not damaged the computer by turning it on and off this way while i was having the first email bug, i simply think now the email is corrupted.

    today so, i called apple and they hang on on me ,and told me all i could so now 45 days after my purchase is selling it and they hang on.

    in my life i never seen such crappy product but the customer servive is much worst, i really regert my rpuchase like never in my life before and i will post this message on all internet forums so people know what to wait from apple.

    at the store they forst said it was 30 days to get your money back ,then they said it is 15 dya,s

    i stop using the apple mouse as it simply cut my finger, i do not find convenient the red button to close a window and alos the keyboard touch, as the mouse are very odd to human touch, that is why i prefer also a blackberry thna a Iphone, its very cute but in hands it has nothing of human, i mean its very odd to handle, and as odd as using this imac,

    I lived myself in california 7 years and by getting an imac i thaught i was getting a customer support, i simply have the feeling of being defrauded today.

  9. I have an Apple iPod classic 5th Generation Black (30 GB). Need help on one problem, Please! I cannot delete everything on this iPod and all I want is the ability to copy soundtracks from my home made CD,s. From the above comments I have read, I may possibly think I may not get a reply. God Bless & Have a Nice Weekend.
    PS: I would like to have this for my hometown church ASAP.

  10. Dear
    I would like to help me to unlock my Iphone 4 that I have got from my friend in Canada. i am in Libya. the iphone is locked and can not work with our carrier
    please help me to do that

    best regards

  11. Dear Sir/Madame,

    Hope you are doing great.

    I am Saeed from Dubai writing this letter to you. I am a fan of Apple products, but I have faced a problem which has not been solved for more than a year.

    I received a MacBook Pro 313 about a year ago as a gift. After 3 to 4 months, the “w” and “s” letters on the keyboard are not working and out of order.

    I went to Apple Store in Dubai and they told me they cannot do anything about it.

    Afterwards I sent it to Apple store in Australia and they asked for the purchasing receipt. I explained to them that it was a gift and I don’t have the receipt, but they didn’t accept it. They told me they can fix it but I have to pay the cost whereas the device has 2 year guarantee.

    Making it brief, it is more than a year I am contacting various apple stores and nobody is helping me regarding this problem. And it has caused a kind of despondency in me about Apple Company.

    I was expecting Apple to take care of its customers and after sales services much better than this. And I was expecting Apple to be more successful in keeping its customers satisfied, the way it is suceesful in selling its products.

    I would be more than happy if you let me know how can I solve this problem as I have not been able to use this device for a long time.

    Best regards,

  12. i m a Chinese client, my mac probook has quality problem, Apple Chinese cannot solve this issue quickly and well. i need let u know my problem. i want to let u Apple America know my situation. my email:; my phone no.: +86-13811022544, thank u for ur help.

  13. Dear apple customer service
    Please check in last two months I get charge on both my visa and discovery cards with same order please return the money what you take from my visa back to my account thanks
    My apple ID

  14. Apple I Tune steal money from my account without authorization and that’s happens every 2-3 days… What should I do?? I change may account in the billing account but nothing happen

  15. please answer me, you have charged my debit card for so many wrong items and have put me into overdraft without me knowing about it. I have never ordered anything more then the price of a album. I have read that your company never resolves these issues, I hope this is not true. Something is very wrong

  16. My name is Mayra Gil and I was wondering why are you guys taking away $6.48 from my card and I want to know what it is and why are you guys taking away money regularly. Could you guys call me at 713-972-2016 I prefer somebody who speaks spanish

  17. I purchas a itune card and down loaded some songs for .99 and you went into my bank account and charge me for the songs this coast the bank to charge me 35.00 and their was 5 time you went in my account, not haveing the money in my account at the time the bank charge me $ 175.00 I don’t understand why did you do this please lets get this matter resolve thank you Barbara443-955-9235

  18. I purchase a itune card to down load some sons on my iphone all my songs was .99 and yu went into my bank account 5 times this coast me $175.00 for bounch checks I don’t understand why this is hapen to me could you please contact me to let me know why you did this.

  19. I call the apple support and while on the phone talking to the rep he just hung the phone up on me and now I have to wate another 20 min. befor I can talk to some one . this is not fair to your customer please tex me back thank you Barbara

  20. thanks for listing the contact numbers for C S help. unfortunately, the problem has Not been resolved. I have been referred to a third person. I am waiting fo a call back to resolve the charge of an unwanted item, which I. Tunes has already said they would credit, but have not done so. thus far, I am disappointed!
    thank you.

  21. I would like to give feedback on badge #20354(Courtney). He was VERY patient with me as i’m not very tech savvy. Due to Verizon error, I had lost all my calendar events that had been placed in my phone. Courtney took the time to really go the extra mile and search out where those events might have been sent(I did not have icloud set up at this point as well). He was able to locate them on my e-mail account and I am now able to reinstate them back into my phone. And at his encouragement i’m now using icloud as back up. Thank you for having knowledgeable, patient staff that can fix pretty much anything. This gentleman should probably get a raise or paid overtime for what he had to do to fix my problem, thanks!

  22. I has been order from apple store an iPad mini and has been cancelled why and this is my frist time to order and my order NO: W436817080

  23. Bought my IPAD in December, 2012. Purchasing it at an Apple Store, I was greeted with superior service. Since then the assistance I have received on the “help” line has been excellent. More than anyone should expect! Head and shoulders experience above what my friend received at _______!!

    Thanks for the service—Al Bumer

  24. Worst phone customer service experiences repeatedly, so disappointed in them!

    Spoked with 6 representatives and have to repeat issue each times and still unresolved. THey shipped my 2 ipads. I wasnt home so they were held at a Fedex place 3 hours from me. I called to ask them to request a FEDEX location that is closer and only 15 minutes. They said they dont have that option. I called Fedex and they said Apple place restrictions on them that doesnt allow them to send the package to the closer location. Its back and fort like this and I still ended up driving 3 hours to get my ipads and wasting 3 hours calling between Apple & Fedex.

    Suggestion: unless you are at home all day, better just to go to an Apple store and purchase the items you want. Dont go through their shipping process. It gets complicated for something that suppose to be simple.

  25. Would like to comment on the poor customer service at the Apple Store here in Eau Claire,WI. My husband went into the retail store to buy me a IPad for my birthday. The sales person was extremely rude and obviously not interested in selling him an IPAD that day. I hope this person realizes that when he turns a customer away, he also turns away anyone else that he relays his experience to. We will not be doing business with anyone at the Eau Claire store again.

  26. I am from Illinois and do not have an Apple store close to me. I called customer service on March 28th and had the privilage of speaking with Michelle Chacon. She provided excellent service. Michelle cared about my situation and made me feel like a valued customer. Thank you so much!!!!

  27. Hello I am from Algeria and I have I have a problem in the iPhone 4 I had to issue iso5.0.1 And then converted to the latest version which iso6.1.3 and I want to download Cydia version here in Algeria telling me that Cydia can not Thmilo even Ikhrah seventh issue I’d like you to help me and explain to meway of Fezlk

  28. I need help about my account

    This morning my account iTunes has been hacked

    I already reported to my bank,
    They declare to contact the complaining party iTunes for this problem

    So that the problem iTunes may cancel this bill because I have been in the credit card hack
    Please kindly reply my e-mail about the result, so I could report it to my Bank soon.
    looking forward for your reply and much appreciate for your help.

  29. Dear sir / madam,
    In our home we have iPods, iPads,and my son has the apple laptop…..these are fantastic products which nobody on the market can compete with at the moment..but… Why is the plug so thin? We realise technology must be the main reason ….but it doesn’t help people of all walks of life..I.e. disable..we have the plug on a two way adaptor for easy pulling out of socket!!! Come on apple don’t let yourself down there must be a better type of plug to design to get out of socket more easier…I’m sure it’s not just us..I have spoken to several uni graduates who say the same. Please email back when you have spoken with your design department and I would love to hear what their comments are…..p.s.we are about to buy the ipad mini in the next few weeks! Yet another fantastic invention…keep it up apple!!!!

  30. I have an Ipad and do have an itune account with money in it. I have used it, but did try to use it and now says I have to answer 2 security questions which I do not remember answering in the first place. Nevertheless, I would like to reset, but will not work. I have tried many times. Does that mean you just get to keep my balance and I will never be able to buy again. Doesn’t seem like good business to me.

  31. Went to Imagine Apple Store at Inorbit Mall in Whitefield on 11th August to check the exchange offer on iphone 4. I wanted to exchange my blackberry Curve and buy Iphone 4 8 GB. The sales representative checked the phone and said he can offer maximum 4000 in exchange offer. When I encountered him that Apple is advertising an exchange offer of 8000 , why he is offering me 4000 in exchange. He came up with his explanation that 8000 offer is on 16 GB model and 6000 is on 8GB model. He has offered me 4000 as my battery needs replacement. The entire conversation was not enjoyable. He requested me to come back with replaced battery on by Blackberry curve.

    During the week I replaced the battery and went back to Imagine again on 18th August at 7 pm. Firstly the sales representative took half an hour to locate the stores manager as he was watching dance and music program at the Inorbit podium. On his arrival, he inspects the blackberry curve and offers me again 4000. When I explained the conversation of last week, he tells me that stuff has changed and they can offer max 4000.

    Felt completely cheated with Apple’s exchange offer and got a feeling that sales representatives are advised not to offer maximum amount on exchange.

    Not turning up again in Imagine but thought of writing this as I felt cheated.

    Sunanda Das

  32. What i think is that i will recomend all my family and friends aal over europe and wild world abroad, not to buy any apple product, since you don’t conset your subcontracted companies Foxconn all over China and abroad go on exploding in their jail-fabrics thousand of persones who work in infrahuman conditions till committing suicide many of them, just because we can have the samrties i-phones, tablets, and ipads, in our hands. Shame on You, and even if you dennay any responsability on it, is yours, an we know it.

  33. Dear Apple Customer Service:
    I just wanted to know when is the availability of iPhone 5s here in the Middle East (Doha, Qatar) and how we can know if its for the Middle East or for other country.
    Many thanks and waiting for your prompt reply.

  34. hi sir i stolen my apple phone from my shop.please sir contact me on my email adress or my cell number.sir i am waiting of your ema il. REGARD…. d SAJJAD AHMAD

  35. Hello,My name is Getoar Jahjaga i live in EU, i just wanted to warn about(Apple Iphone) that it s not good it s not legitim to spent money without the knowlednge just because the phone(Iphone 4S) dosen t tell you that 10 SMS arent sent and in cost of that it takes you all money of the card(numer).Thank You

  36. ever since I updated my ipad to ios 7.0.4,when you double click the home screen button the airplay on and off is no longer there and you can only put your I pad on the tv for certain things like youtube and Netflix. but maybe I want to see my pictures and videos on the tv but I cant because the airplay button is gone and what a waste of mone to by apple tv. also my internet is soooo slow on my ipad. it isn’t on my computer or my android phone so its not my internet its the I pad. also when I went to apple support online they would not help me and said to talk to somebody for help I would have to purchase something I don’t even know but I do know one thing, apple products suck. never again will I buy anything from apple its a waste of time and money

  37. I purchased a film from itunes can’t watch it say not authorised I gave watched firms before with no problems can you help please

  38. I bought three ringtones on my iPhone 5s but it only shows them on iTunes not on my phone so I can’t use them what do I do

  39. I had Apple IPad (nice for a year 2013) was stepped on Feb.2014 took back paid $270.00 for new one ( my fault had to pay) ok since then I’ve been sent two new?ones from their Corporate office They both cracked in the same SPOT ( Figure that out, can’t well Apple can’t either!) It happened in a 3 WEEK PERIOD AND IM USEING THE CRACKED ONE. If anybody can tell me where inthe hell I can go, or who to talk to, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT, and mayb one day I can help you with a problem!!!!!

  40. Your support sites are way to confusing…you never answer back. Yet you guys like it when we buy apple products.

  41. I just want to say that my customer service experience was truly five stars! No, I don’t work for Apple……This guy…initials. JM was so much help to myself and my husband.We had some issues with icloud and photos,and he showed us on the screen, step by step…very patient, very nice ! He even emailed some links to help us with things in the future. A big plus….he spoke English! If all customer service reps could be like this guy,there would be no angry customers.I’ld stay with Apple just to know that when I need help,it is very prompt and professional……..and most important,friendly!Go Apple!!!

  42. Have been advised that I placed order QWACVW291HD and charged 9.35 CD.
    I did not place this order and would like it cancelled.

  43. my phone was stolen and I am trying to get help but they keep asking for my serial number < once again mi phone was stolen I cant give you a serial number to a phone I no longer have I need you to track it/

  44. Due to the recent hiring of that lying, never told the truth once, unamerican Jay Carney, I am replacing all Apple Devices with Samsung products. And will make sure that everyone I know with a apple product gets the truth. Let them know they are supporting an unamerican company and unfriend them if needed.

  45. I have a 4 th g iPod touch and its will only work on the charger the battery go died way to fast, what can you guys do to help we out, I love my iPod and don’t have the money for a new one but I am going to sent it to you guys of it can not be fix and stop useing all apple stuff

  46. i want to return a purchase I made on line. I is diffcult to speak to a real person. I was hung up several times waiting to tall to a real person. This is a very poor way to treat someone

  47. Nbought a macbook air, massively disappointed. Waste of money, always slow, unreliable. Very over rated

    Expected more as an ipad and ipohone user. Feel very let down


  49. Contacted customer services concerning a problem with an I-Phone 5.

    This is the second ‘phone in just under two years which requires major repairs at our cost.

    Apple Customer Services (Damian) nice but very unhelpful, just wanted to sell us a new ‘phone.

    Wouldn’t even consider a price reduction because of our problems and our loyalty – just concerned about the ‘bottom line’.

    Not at all impressed with Apple based this morning’s very poor performance.

  50. Awful experience – spent hours trying to unlock an AppleID only to have the supervisor say there was nothing else they could do, so my device was useless because of their incompetence.

    You spend hundreds and then their ‘security features’ make it totally useless. Do NOT consider getting an Apple device that uses an AppleID because once you lose that, your device cant download new apps or update the ones you purchased, making it a waste of $ (except for Apple who expect you to buy a new device and spend new $ to rebuy your apps on a new, functional AppleID). This company should be ASHAMED of its ‘service’ aka theft.


  51. to whom it may concern
    mainly the fat cats at the top and share holders.
    After being a loyal customer with Apple for over 5 years your i phone in-particular. in watching the panorama program on BBC 1 tonight 8 pm On 18/12/2014, i am afraid i will no longer be buying or using any apple products, which the program showed to be made in appalling work conditions,
    and that you do not seem to care how these people are treated, and in some cases children are used to dig tin children and many people have died by land slides in the poorer country’s all in aid of profit, and that 14 people committed suicide in one factory due to its working conditions and long hours, and are only being paid the equivalent of $1.00 an hour minimum wage, the program showed us the conditions these people should be working in but most of the conditions where not kept, i am totally disgusted in apple and WILL NOT be dealing with your products in the future….
    yours a unhappy and disgusted customer oh and my i phone will be getting destroyed and will be moving to a mobile phone which runs on a different operating system
    Mr C Church

  52. All I wanted to do was make an online appointment at the local Apple Store. It was a complicated, confusing, aggravating process. I finally called an 800 number, went through the hassle of getting rid of that annoying robot voice, waited an inordinate amount of time to speak to a live person who told appointments were now being by calling tech support and no longer available online. This took 25 minutes of my time. There is absolutely nothing easy about using Apple. It isn’t designed for real people.

  53. Last iPad I ever buy! 1st one 1,000 worked great before there upgrades on game apps! Next version with camera! Same issues 500$ later! I say later to apple! Android pad here I come ! What a disappointment when it don’t last over 1 year, I even asked for help and nothing worked! So so sad! They won’t back up any product they sell! I have 2 iPads that won’t upgrade or work well! By appl! My iPhone is next to be an android because of no response of my issues! Oh we’ll :( sad sad!

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