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Contacting Amtrak Customer Service Center

Amtrak is widely known as a train company that provides travel throughout the United States, but few people know the company is part of the federal government. Customers can use the Amtrak website to plan a route, book travel and contact Amtrak customer service about upcoming or previous trips.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The contact page for Amtrak customer service does not openly list a phone number, but there is Julie – the virtual assistant who’s there to answer your questions. We found the phone number listed under the assistance tab on the right side of the page.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-872-7245
  • TTY/TDD: 1-800-523-6590
  • Amtrak Police: 1-800-331-0008
  • Guest Rewards: 1-800-307-5000
  • Vacations: 1-800-AMTRAK2
  • Group Travel: 1-800-872-1477

Mailing Address

Customers who’d rather contact Amtrak by mail can write to the customer relations department in Washington, DC. Financial and personal information should not be included in the letter. It can take weeks to hear back from an Amtrak customer service agent due to mailing and processing times.

Amtrak Office of Customer Relations
60 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002

Official Website

Located at is the official website for the transportation company. Amtrak makes it a point to give consumers easy access to available routes, vacation plans and travel options. If you’ve registered for an account on you can log in using the link located below the Amtrak name on the front page.

Additional contact options include Facebook and Twitter. Before sending a message to Amtrak customer service via social websites you’ll have to sign in to your account.

Customer Service Email

The Amtrak customer service department is available by email, but you have to visit the Contact Us page to click on the Send Email button. A pop-up will appear on your computer screen. Choose the subject and fill in as much detail as desired on the form before submitting.

Our Experience

When we contacted Amtrak, we waited and waited through the automated system attempting to speak with a live agent. After waiting more than 5 minutes, we spoke with a representative. We asked for the hours of the customer service department. We wanted to know the best time to contact an agent without having to endure a lengthy wait time. The customer support member explained that long wait times are not common, but there was no ideal time to call.

This is not the answer we expected. It appears someone in the customer service department doesn’t have all of the answers. We want to know if you were as frustrated with the Amtrak customer service team as we were. Share your thoughts with us.

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22 Comments on “Contact Amtrak Customer Service
  1. Hello:
    I’m not very good with computers,please excuse my
    ignorance.I’d like to know if you have tours to Copper
    Canyon and how does it work?I’ve never used a train service.I live in Okeechobee,Fl and I need to know if you
    work in this area of the country or where I should make
    my connection…….Many thanks in advance for your reply,

  2. Poor service on train was ask to go upstairs I have three bag to carry no disable person is down stairs if one had came aboard would have move is the whole downstairs for disable person I check my seat there’s no sign stating this is for disable people

  3. Amtrak’s first class lounge in Chicago is a crock. It says wifi, it says excellent strength, it says I am connected. But it won’t load at all. I asked the person at the desk, they said everyone says that. She suggested I go upstairs to McDonalds.

    In addition, she and one other person were callous and not concerned enough to even try to help.

    I am in a wheelchair. The redcap brought my bags to the Metropolitan Lounge, but did not give them to the lounge attendant. I was told by the person at the desk that I would have to move my bags myself. AND THAT I MUST DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

    If your goal as Amtrak is to get folks to use the coach instead of the sleeper, it’s working. If the goal is to cause Amtrak a black eye with my elected officials it’s working, because I intend to complain.

    I asked to talk to customer service, the person at the desk said I would need to go upstairs and find someone.

    No help whatsoever, and I am noT a rude person and I had good manners, your folks don’t.

  4. Worst customer experience I have ever had. Right from the main gate to the ppl at customer service.
    Will never travel Amtrak again.

  5. I hope i am in the right place to pass on my thanks and appreciation to car attendant Efran. I recently traveled on the Sunset Limited from Ontsrio, ca to Houston and he provided the best service ever! Efran made the entire trip a great experience with his excellent customer setvice. Please recognize him as an outstanding employee.


  7. I have been on the phone over two hours with no results.. We took an auto train from Sanford, florida to Lorton , Virginia on May 4, 2014 ..there were many problems as you can check.. We received a letter to receive 75 dollars back for a need motel stay. I do not have the reservation number or any credit records of our trip.. Please advise me as how to handle this situation.. I am sending your form letter and our motel reservation without it unless I hear from you immediately thank you.. I am very agitated by the ordeal .sincerely, Doris and Mort Weiser

  8. i need help so far on hold for over 1 hour and no response from amtrak my house is adjacent to the rr from armstrak the last few years i have paid to clear amtrak’s property i think it is time amtrak use their profits to pay for their maintenance. After waiting over 1 hour for a customer service person the call just dropped. i have spoken with many employees from amtrak and their response is like the reindeers eyes they have no idea who to call? really amtrak can somebody please call me or email me i need to get this resolved. i will attempt to contact amtrak again but really this is horrible customer service.

  9. My husband and I traveled from Savannah, Georgia to New York City Penn Station on May 28,2014. and would like to give a “big thanks” to Jeff Corter at Savannah for his kind and pleasent manner in assisting us. His service was most helpful.


    Jewel M. Edwards

  10. I WISH TO REPORT THE TERRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE WE RECEIVED FROM AMTRAC AT NEW YORK PENN STATION ON 5/23. My husband and I were placed on AMTRAC at BWI Airport by United Airlines, as our BWI-Newark flight had been cancelled due to air traffic issues. We were told to get off at Newark Penn Station, but we missed the stop and ended up at NY Penn Station on Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. It was a madhouse, and we didn’t now what to do. The police directed me (now in “panic attack” mode)to Customer Service in the corner of a crowded terminal. A kind lady took us, along with our 4 pieces of luggage, through the crowds to the next train leaving for Newark Penn Station (no charge for our mistake). She informed the conductor of our dilemma, and we were seated right by the door. As the result of the gesture, we were able to make our Paris connection in plenty of time. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I just wish I had gotten the lady’s name to more personally thank her.

  11. Occasionally there’s a conductor who goes out of their way to make your trip pleasurable, despite the bureaucracy, Ms. Laurie Campbell is that gal! Tuesday, July 1, 2014, Capitol Corridor train 545, Sacramento to Oakland @ 4:35PM.

    Kudos and Compliments to her! Ronald Arrington

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  13. I want to say the conductor Christopher Beyer went out of his way to help people on the 97 train from Penn Station to Winter Park on Dec,7, 2014. I never saw a man work so hard cleaning the bathroom , looking for a lost bag., carrying bags for the disabled. He was very kind and courteous to everyone.last year at Christmas time the bathroom was so disgusting I swore I would never take the train again but Christopher Beyer made the trip a lot more enjoyable.

  14. We rode the Southwest Chief from Chicago to L.A. in December, 2014, transferring to the Pacific Surfliner to our destination in San Diego.
    My husband and I are 70 years old and he just had a knee replacement. We were unable to check our 4 bags due to the train regulations on the first part of our journey, from Milwaukee to Chicago. When we arrived at Union Station in L.A. early on the morning of December 19th, a kind and competent Red Cap took us under his wing. His name was “Ernie”. He drove us to the ticket office and advised us to get on an earlier train to San Diego that would be less crowded. He helped us exchange our tickets, then drove us to the Pacific Surfliner, which had already started boarding. He placed our luggage in the baggage car and guided us to the Business Class car we were to ride in. All this time, he was cheerful and very upbeat – a real asset to the Amtrak Corporation. Ernie was one of the best parts of our trip. Please let him know how grateful we are for his kindness and help.
    Yours truly,
    Amtrak travelers from Wisconsin

  15. We rode the California Zephyr leaving Chicago on 28thMarch 2015,we broke the Journey arriving late (12 midnight) in Salt Lake City. No Taxis. However a guard who left the train going off duty phoned for one on our behalf and stayed with us to make sure we were ok. I’m sorry I didn’t get his name ,but we were very grateful to him. The whole trip was great, some of our pictures are not good though partly due to dirty windows,I know it must be difficult but it would improve a great experience, especially when travelling from Europe we may not be able to repeat this or make another trip.

  16. I found that navigating your website was extremely difficult and frustrating ! All I wanted to do, was book a one way ticket. After several hours and trying several times to purchase my ticket, I finally got a hold of a virtual help recording, which lead to a real person to book my reservation. Meanwhile because of the lapse in time, the ticket prices jumped up to $10.00 more per ticket! How ridiculous! I would suggest you create a new website that is, ” User Friendly! “

  17. Good luck getting anything done. Seems they have changed the ticket policy in that even on unreserved seats – the line I take on occasion is never full -if you miss that specific train and/or end up finishing your business so can go home earlier you loose your money for the ticket you did not use and have to buy another one…. No more being able to just get on the next train with the same ticket.

    Talked to customer service and was told that on the recent ticket I purchased and missed the train that I could have gone back in the station and got my money back. Told her I never heard nor read about that. She said no, it’s not listed anywhere but they will do it. Missed the train by seconds. Had I taken the next train with out psychically knowing I could get my money back I would have had to buy another ticket hence paying twice for the same seat.
    Ended up driving out. Would have been cheaper to have done that in the first place.

    So, Amtrak is playing major games. If you don’t know you can go in and get your money back you have to pay for another ticket instead of taking another train that has more than enough seats. But if you do know by phycic magic you can get your money back…. Love government companies.

  18. May 30,2015 train #280 arrived Penn station 11:10AM. Although there was no red cap at that time PETE,the conductor, took me to the red cap waiting handicap service. The red cap FRANCES,took me to my train #71 NY to Richmond Va.
    At Richmond conductor Greg was very very helpful in making sure I departed the train at my station,
    My experience with AmTrak from Va to Penn and back was more than I expected. Looking forward to traveling on AmTral again

  19. I talked to a tech. last week about PC problems and being scammed PC works now and I have received my funds back the fraud company. I am very pleased from our conversion and advice. I have your icon on my home page but I have not received Email from you to further instruct me what I need to follow up etc.

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