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Contacting American Home Shield Customer Service Center

American Home Shield is a home protection company providing insurance options for home owners. The website calls the insurance products Home Protection Plans, but they could be better described as extra warranties. In many states, home mortgage companies require insurance on the home before a purchase is finalized. This insurance is not the same as the insurance provided by American Home Shield. Your plan is in place to cover things that break around the home like appliances.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number for American Home Shield customer service. There are no customer service hours listed, but insurance companies of this sort tend to have extended or 24-hour service because accidents or problems can happen day or night.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-429-8247

Mailing Address

If you’re happy or unhappy with American Home Shield customer service, give the corporate office or customer service team a piece of your mind. You can address your letter to:

American Home Shield Corporate860 Ridge Lake BlvdMemphis, TN 38135


American Home Shield Customer ServicePO Box 849Carroll, IA 51401

Official Website

To learn more about American Home Shield products and services, check out the official website at Products, pricing and coverage are all explained in detail, but the cancellation policy page is nothing more than a short blurb about how to cancel and fees involved. Customers must read through the contract in detail before signing. According to the cancellation policy, there may be an administrative and cancellation fee included.

As for social network presence; there does not appear to be an official Facebook page, but there is a Twitter page located at We did find a Facebook page dedicated to bashing American Home Shield.

Customer Service Email

The American Home Shield customer service page clearly shows an Email Us section, but hidden under the Call Us number is a button that says MORE. Click on that button and you’ll be taken to the customer service email form. The email form can be sent by anyone, but the dedicated Email Us section requires you to have a contract with American Home Shield or be a professional of some kind before you can even reach the form.

We emailed the customer service department to see if Home Protection Plans from American Home Shield are available to renters.

Our Experience

In order to bypass the lengthy automated system, customer should press three (3) at the beginning of the call. In the event you are a current customer, you can press one (1) at the beginning of the call to connect with a live agent. After a short wait, we asked the agent for information relating to transferring service when moving locations.

The agent explained the process is easy. Call the customer support center. Inform an agent of the intention of moving and set up a time when a technician can uninstall your equipment and reinstall at the new location. The agent explained when transferring service, customer could potentially see a charge on their monthly bill. Extremely detailed explanation of a simple question. We like the details. Did the customer service department provide you with the answers to your questions? Share your story with us below.

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2 Comments on “Contact American Home Shield Customer Service
  1. I have been for the pass 7 days trying to get a compressor put in my refrigerator which was suppose to have taken only 3 to 4 days. I have called AHS and Greenway with no results from either. AHS says to call Greenway and Greenway says call AHS. I am very up set with both. I call AHS’s (6/12/2k13 ) and the young lady promised to get back with me and as of 9:30 p.m. thursday no one has called. I never miss a payment of $48.00/month nor $75.00 when a tech come out. I need the AHS company I signed up with 25 years ago.(honest people)

  2. Ahs has been terrible to deal with for us also. The service people they contract with have thus far only been good for coming to collect a 75 dollar fee. Costumer service has been cry difficult to deal with as well. We at very very upset with this company and it’s affiliates.

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