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American Airlines offers flights, hotels, cars, vacations, cruises and activities – but the company is most well-known for flights originating in the United States. The official website offers tons of information for people wishing to book flights, including direct booking from the website or via phone contact with customer service. The customer service contact information varies depending on the type of contact you wish to make with the company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are more than 20 customer service phone numbers listed for American Airlines.

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to compliment or complain to American Airlines can contact the corporate office at:

American Airlines Customer Relations
P.O. Box 619612 MD 2400
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9612

Overnight communication can be sent to the main address for the corporate office.

American Airlines Customer Relations
4255 Amon Carter Blvd. MD 2400
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2603

Official Website

The main website address for American Airlines is You can book flights and search for vacation packages and other travel needs on the site. You can also access your American Airlines account and contact customer service.

Customer Service Email

There is no American Airlines customer service email address listed on the official website, however there is a form you can submit through the website that sends your message to the customer relations department. You can access the email form here:

We sent an email correspondence to American Airlines. We continue to wait for a response.

Our Experience

American Airlines Customer service hotline is easily accessible and customer friendly. Unfortunately, you have to wait approximately 2 minutes to speak with a customer service representative. You must listen to a long speech regarding current updates. We had to wait an additional 15 minutes to finally speak with an American Airline customer service representative. The rep had a heavy accent leading us to believe the call center is not local. The customer service representative was extremely help with our questions regarding required personal information for ticket purchase.

Customers can also American Airlines customer service through the email listed here: We received an automated response within a few minutes, but the correspondence did not address our question.

When we finally received an email response from American Airlines, the total response time was approximately 1 hour. Although we waited an hour, we did receive multiple responses to our initial question:

March 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Banks:

Thank you for contacting American Airlines Customer Relations. This is an automated acknowledgment, giving me a chance to share with you right away what is happening with your message.

First, while this email is not intended as a response to the remarks you just submitted, it does confirm we have received your comments and have assigned a reference number, which you see below.

Next, we would like to reassure you that we appreciate all feedback. We happily share compliments with the employees who earn them. Please rest assured that we are also committed to answering every complaint we receive, and a representative from our department will get back to you as soon as possible. The Customer Relations team are eager to resolve issues that arise in the hope of seeing you flying American Airlines again and again.

Last, let me clarify that if you inquired about an upcoming or current trip, we ask that you contact our Reservations staff, who are available 24 hours a day and will be in a better position to answer questions about your trip. In the U.S., the toll-free number is 800-433-7300. Outside the U.S., please refer to “Worldwide Reservations Phone Numbers” listed on Similarly, questions about using or finding information on can be more directly addressed at

Thank you for flying American Airlines.

Your Reference number to this request:1-485238381

Sean Bentel

Customer Relations

Dear Mr. Banks:

We appreciate your prudent inquiry about reservation information on line. It requires personal information such as name, email, phone, gender, billing information etc.

Also, there are identification requirements at the airport as it relates to domestic airline travel. All customers age 18 years and older must present official photo identification before boarding the aircraft. The identification must be valid (not expired) and issued by a U.S./state/local government authority. Travelers under 18 years of age do not have to present identification.

Please note, [American Airlines does reserve the right to request birth records for passengers under the age of 2 years].

If you have further questions about related security issues, comprehensive travel information is available on If you prefer, you can telephone our Reservations Office at 1-800-433-7300 and speak with a representative. In addition, more information can be found at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website at TSA.

We hope to have a chance to serve you soon.


Patricia Sims

Customer Relations

American Airlines

Customer Email (Richard) 03/16/2012 12:43 PM

Good Morning, I was wondering what are the requirements needed when a customer travels with a minor. Thank you for any information regarding this matter.


Speaking with an American Airlines representative is a challenge. Did you go through the same hassle or was you experience better that most. Share your thoughts with us.

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216 Comments on “Contact American Airlines Customer Service
  1. I’m no sure who to send this message to…this is the only email I could find. I felt that 85% of the agents working between LGA and JFK between 8/9 and 8/10 were extremely unfriendly. My husband and I were scheduled to fly from LGA to CMH 8/9 on the 6pm flight. Due to weather it was delayed and after sitting on the Tarmac for over 2 hrs was ultimately xld. Understandable. I will say the flt staff was extremely accommodating, friendly and fun. However when we waited in line we were eventually handed new boarding passes with nothing said by the man wearing a vest that said “manager”…he did say this is the 1st and only option (8/10 at 815pm). We took it and stayed at the airport to see about standby options the next morning when gate agents returned. When the agents returned (we if course were awake 24 hrs at this point) they surprised us by saying that our alternate return was booked out of JFK not LGA…nice of SOMEONE to tell us this important detail! She couldn’t put us on standby because the originating airport was not the same. GREAT! So we pay the cab to take us to JFK and are able to go standby on a 3ish flt which later xld. So I politely go to the gate agent to see if there are available seats to upgrade to on the 815pm flt since we have not slept for 38 hours now. with no service attitude whatsoever she quickly responded that you only give to priority members the upgrades. Again understandabe but given the situation One would think of comoassion! I’m sorry…I understand the weather is nobody’s fault but the way in which we were handled was less than satisfactory…validating that we will not fly AA in our future. I just feel this should be informed up the chain. Most of your agents never smile, look you in the eye or make you feel like you are being taken care of.
    Sincerely exhausted and frustrated,
    Amberr Foreman

  2. My American friend bought tickets on my behalf but I have received no information from you. I haven’t received any “number” from you — how am I suppose to pick up my ticket at Narita airport?

  3. A large percent of the flying public have conservative views, like over 50%. The treatment of Glenn Beck over the weekend has been transmitted to nearly 5 million people already and is still spreading. You might consider a VERY public apology real soon unless you can afford a significant loss of customers. We hope this was a very unfortunate single incident that will never be repeated.

  4. to whom it may concern…
    all to often, management is contacted when things go wrong…this is not one of those letters…..i am contacting american airlines customer service because of a wonderful flight attendant named MARITA LORDI (FA #9
    # 104658 A A ………..
    i was fortunate enough to be on board American Airlines Flight #32 (LAX – JFK) on labor day….my husband and i were seated separately…we had a death in the family and were going to nyc for a funeral…….marta must have sensed that something was wrong when she passed me during take off……her kindness, her caring and her concern will stay with me always….she is someone that should be acknowledged by management at american airlines…she is very special……very special indeed………
    “thank you marta….thank you for being there when i needed a friend….and by the way, i finished the book (the art of racing in the rain) on my flight home (wed. sept. 5th)… you were right, i cried my eyes out at the end…”
    thank you so much for having someone like marta lordi in your american airlines family…..
    holley agulnek

  5. Find difficulties contacting AA reservation by phone, its always busy and impossible to talk to the reservation staff, once contacted. Would prefer to communicate by email, please give me an email address of Ecuador Reservation Department. Many thanks.

  6. I have been on the phone for 3 hours trying to resolve an issue where my bag was split open and my belongings missing.

    Please call at 718-721-8253

    File Locator WUKMNC

    Larry Catanzaro and Roger Rucker

  7. I have been on the phone for 3 hours trying to resolve an issue where my bag was split open and my belongings missing.

    Please call at 718-721-8253

    File Locator WUKMNC

  8. My husband is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s disease. American is taking advantage of my unfortunate situation by insisting I pay to transfer his miles to my account while I am the one who has been accuring the miles while shopping with the Advantage card. Shame on American Airlines. A technician can accomplish this with a few strokes in minutes.

  9. The website does not work. Whatever tab I choose on the site doesn’t work. I wanted to check the status of my flight and possibly book another one but nothing works.

    Return flight was on Nov.22nd,2012—-HOWEVER i WANTED TO RETURN TO Panama PTY–ON nOV.11TH—
    AA office staff is very lethargic and they do not have any
    responsibility. They are behaving very bad.
    Better remove AA office out of INDIA
    wELL i CALLED MY FRIEND IN tRINIDAD AND HE BOOKED MY TICKET IN 15 MINUTES—AS aa office is available in Trinidad……………Samarsingh Guhilot…DATED oct.8th,2012

  11. Two weeks ago we received the terrible news that our 12 year old grandson had been hit by a truck and killed. We needed to get from PA to CA as quickly as possible. It was Thankagiving week, the worst week of the year to travel through Hotwire, we were able to get reservations the next morning on American, not the airline on which we usually travel. Or flight went through Dallas. We flew flight 1025,leaving Philadelphia at 2:10 pm I want to say how very wonderful the flight attendants were to us. I was distraught and they were so caring. In Dallas they found us a cart to our next flight and said they would keep us in their prayers. I want to thank them and all of the people at American for their kindness!

  12. por favor deseo saber desde colombia que puedo hacer para dar soluciodesde a un cambio de nombre de un tiquete para EEUU
    que se emitme desde australia y aqui en bogota colombia no me dan ninguna solucion por favor espero pronta respuesta dios les bendiga

  13. I found the flight attendants on both flights on 12/18/12 to be very pleasant.They were there if needed and seemed to care about the customers.

    I can’t say that much for the airport personnel in Denver.My AA flight was delayed leaving Ohare and by the time I got to Denver, the Frontier plane to which I had been booked by Orbitz had left and I missed my flight.Though it was bothersome to have missed the flight,I understand things do happen which cause delays.However,when trying to get another flight to Portland,I found
    the AA person at the AA terminal to be very snide, when in fact I had done everything in my control to get to the plane in a timely fashion.
    I will say she(AA) found a later flight for me on another airline,which I so appreciated,but she certainly could have much more pleasant in working with me.
    I am emailing this comment to you so that AA might better be able to encourage staff to be more courteous when things go wrong.Customer service can make such a difference for those using your service.
    Thank you.

    Thank you for very good flight attendants.

  14. Our flight home to Palm Springs was cancelled. No one ever contacted us. When we called they offered no alternatives. Called all day Christmas Day. All we could get is a flight on Saturday , 4 days later. Your service was awful.

  15. my advantage no. is 37wrt16. i took flight no. 2910 from montgomery al on dec 24, arrived in colorado springs the same day. i have paid for a roundtrip fare. i am scheduled to leave on dec 31. my question to you is can you please help me to return earlier. this is why. the evening i arrived in colorado springs, i had to be taken to the emergency room. i could not breathe properly. i have a underlying lung disease, that is inoperable. i visited my dr. before i came for a check-up, told him where i was going for the holidays. i am visiting my son in the air force. the er put me on oxygen immediately, i have these oxygen machines that er sent to my sons house. i have tried to 2 days to call your co.i just sit there on hold for hours. my question to you is, would you please, please let me depart earlier, and depart from alberquere nm. i am going with my son and family today down to alberquere, they think,, this my help my breathing. if you can help me, i would so much appreciate it, please do not charge me so very much for this change, i cannot help it. i am 67 years old. my phone number is 334-282-2196

  16. This djhonny I brought ticket to travel on Friday December 28 at 07:15 am to 10:35 am. The fly was cancel at the same scheduled time I know that inside the airport . I have to do something at 4:00pm. On Friday but miss it .but they change me the fly they put me on fly JFK to Boston fly# 1838 an Friday December 28,and then from Boston to Miami fly # 9201 they tell me I gonna wish Miami at 2:40 pm after that I got go to fort-lauderdale. the fly from Boston coming late, now I wish Miami at 4:40 pm and then I paid for prefer seat i did not got it I spend more morney I paid taxi to take me fort lauderdale I’m not even assisted my ceremony I loose everything . I need my refund for prefer seat and the tiket too. I spend for the fly . I spend $ 518.60 for round ticket . Oke thank you

  17. We are very frustrated attempting to find out about our advantage miles. Account numbers BBB88568 and 18NH898. We were scheduled to fly to India March 2012 and all flights to India were canceled. We need to know our miles status and if any miles have been canceled we need them reinstated.

  18. Hi,

    I needed to change this reservation, I booked this flight, I bought insurance, I’m needing to go visit my mother who has terminal brain cancer, I’ve been flying American the whole time to get to see her. I have been getting insurance each time, and this time, My husband is snowed in and can’t come home in time to look after my kids so I can leave.

    I have been on the phone now for over 1 hour trying to change or get something going with my flight with absolutely no success and the travel insurance you provide and advertise as does not cover this type of trip change emergency (!??!) Aparently it would only cover it if I was diagnosed with cancer.

    The product you/Allianz are selling to your customers is both miss leading and mildly fraudulent. How can you expect to run a profitable business this way?

    Get your CEO’s to read about repeat business and then they will understand why they are constantly not making the bottom line.

    I can honestly say that I’m never booking with your airline again.



    Jodie Taylor

  19. i have had terrible experiences with american airlines. i can’t even rate their customer service because it is far below a one star. customer relations representatives are rude, short, and unfriendly. checking in is also a hassle for active duty military. i honestly thought that american airlines would be the most understanding with military personnel but i am extremely disappointed. i will be sure to tell my peers to choose a different airline when they flight in the states.

  20. My flight #2696 was 1/26/13 from LAX to Reno . My ticket was purchased 5 weeks before departure with 5 other colleagues going on a business trip. I purchased my ticket before the others and I was the only one who did not have a seat and the flight was overbooked. The stress level that Amercian Airlines put me under was not acceptable. The ticket agent Karl at the gate 44D was so rude to me and I watch her yell at elderly women to go sit down. I am in the service business and I have never in my life seen such poor customer service. From this point forward I will not be traveling with Amercian Airlines ever again and you need to take training from Southwest Airlines.

  21. For the purpose of cancelling all reservations of A.A. flights from TPE stopover NRT to LAX and return to Taiwan , please . I make a mistake of touching reservations of A.A. via cellphone skyscanner software on 13th Feb., 2013 . Again, I please you staff cancel all the reservations of A.A. flights for me . Many thanks !Deleting customer CHANG,FU-CHUAN from the resevered list is necessary, if CAHNG,FU-CHUAN is on the reserved list . Thank you again !

  22. we always fly united. always.

    recently, however, we had the opportunity to purchase a much lower fare online through american airlines. now i see why it was lower — customer service was atrocious, the website didn’t work properly, and i lost out on a good deal.

    customer service agent from the “technology”/web team named lisa actually HUNG UP on me when i was talking. i’ve never had such a poor experience before. she was extremely rude before hanging up.

  23. Having just completed (3/18) a flight from Miami Airport to Philadelphia, we found that the service in the Miami Airport by the American Airline people was not consistent with efficient or professional service. We were given incorrect directions to our check-in location, then again when we had to get in line for a security check. We were sent to the wrong location for that function. You are having customers print out boarding passes and it seems that we are doing everything but flying the planes. When my husband attempted to put our bags on the stand he was told, and not too pleasantly, that the wheels had to be in a certain position. On a positive note, our flight left on time, and arrived on time. The crew on the plane was professional and courteous. Your terminal people need some direction.

  24. My husband and I recently took a trip to the Virgin Islands and returned on 3/11/13. Our Flight home on American Eagle flight 4891 was delayed for take-off from St Thomas to San Juan. We were supposed to catch a connecting flight, American Airlines flight 1454 from San Juan to JFK in New York after a 2 hour layover. We were reassured in St. Thomas that we would make our connection and that the plane would wait for the connecting passengers.

    When we arrived in San Juan we discovered our flight had already taken off. In trying to resolve this we were scolded for going to the wrong counter (We were sent by an American Eagle employee to the American ticket counter). Amazingly though, even though we had committed that “faux pas,” he was able to print a Jet Blue ticket from his American terminal! Thankfully we were finally on our way to our destination – JFK in New York. When we asked about our baggage the American agent in San Juan wasn’t sure what to tell us. He said they had probably missed the flight to JFK as well but to check when we arrived there.

    As we expected, our bags did not follow us to New York so we filed a claim and were sent on our way back to Lisbon, CT 3 hours away from New York. The next morning, on 3/11/13, we called American Airlines about our bags and that’s where the runaround began. We were originally told that our bags SHOULD have made it to JFK that morning but they could not tell. After calling several other phone numbers we found on the internet, someone was nice enough to tell us that the bags had in fact arrived on flight 648 at 12:05 pm. They also told us that they sent a message to Jet Blue to come pick up the bags. We promptly contacted Jet Blue and were told that they had not received notification regarding our bags. I then called American Airlines at JFK and was put on hold for 25 minutes waiting for an answer. I was disconnected and had to call again only to explain my situation to yet another person. This person put me on hold for another 20 minutes. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for another 20 minutes. All together I spent 1 hour and 5 minutes in waiting to confirm that my bags were in fact sitting at the airport waiting for pickup.

    Frustrated and unsure if I should go out and replace the simplest of things like toothbrushes and toothpaste, I decided to call yet another number I found on the internet but was told that my bags, in fact, may not be at JFK airport and that the person who told me this was simply looking at a terminal and could only tell me what SHOULD have happened. Now I began to worry that my bags were not delayed but lost. Long story short, the folks at Jet Blue were more than happy to extend a helping hand and were most kind (especially since they inherited the problem and didn’t create it), they eventually sent a courier over to the airport to search for the elusive bags.

    I am sad to say I am disappointed in American Airline’s handling of this matter. We never received our bags until late in the day on March 13th. To add insult to injury we were charged $25 per bag by American Airlines for our return flight home even though we didn’t pay to check our bags on the way to the Virgin Islands. We asked why but weren’t given much of an explanation. We do understand the high volume of bags the airlines handles and processes on a daily basis can be difficult and these things happen. But we are disappointed in the lack of assistance and customer service we received. We plan to travel often in the near future but will think twice before booking flights with American Airlines.

  25. After reading some of these reviews I am very disappointed AA does not hire new management. I had a problem with leaving our iPad on the plane. When I went back to the gate no one would take the time to go back to the plane and check. We are extremely disappointed in the caring of this company and the people they hire. Because of this we are out a $400 iPad. I suggested they hire management from Southwest.

  26. The definition of customer service at American Airlines is not defined in any known terms. It does not address the customer or imply any service at all. My daughter, traveling solo, had the recent experience of waiting in line at Heathrow so long to check in that she missed the checkin by 2 MINUTES although the plane was at the gate for another 45 minutes. The agent, and I use that word generously, required she buy another ticket for a later flight at a cost of an additional $300. Then proceded to tell her the seat would be assigned at the gate. OK, issue resolved. YOU THINK! When the gate is assigned she goes to get her seat assigned and the ‘AGENT’ who would not allow her on the first flight cancelled her seat on both the first and second flight after taking her money! So she wasn’t off that first flight yet, THE AGENT took her off! And now she wasn’t on the second flight for which she paid additional money. Luckily we were in communication and she spoke with a supervisor who released a seat to her. When she asked who had cancelled the her reservation, they said they did not know. This all happened within a three hour period. She finally boarded 15 minutes before departure, I hope. So my husband and I contacted American Airlines to confirm if she was able to get on the plane and who had cancelled her flight, since there was a financial transaction and no financial transaction happens without a record of who created it, one would think, for accounting and theft security purposes alone. My husband called first and spoke to JAYNE FUENTES, a supervisor who after a long conversation gave us NO INFO. She could not tell us if my daughter got a seat on the flight, got on the plane, or who bungled the additional purchase. She really said that ‘they are open terminals and they do not register who is booking or accepting payment for a seat reservation.’ That is accurate accounting for you. So my husband thanked her politely for all her help at which point I stated JAYNE FUENTES told us nothing she was of no help at all. Then I called American Airlines and spoke to another supervisor, JANE GRAY, a person who should not be allowed to answer phones in a prison. I wanted to find out who processed the transaction, to file a complaint as what occurred should never happen. That transaction is the focal job of an agent, to make a reservation and issue a ticket, every agent should have that transaction mastered. I explained the situation starting with the fact that checkin took so long she was not allowed to checkin to a flight that was on the ground for 45 more minutes. JANE GRAY interrupted saying with attitude “She was missed her flight, that happens.” I continued with my explanation about how they charged my daughter for another ticket and as I was about to continue with ‘and they cancelled that reservation also,’ JANE GRAY interrupted again saying ‘she exchanged her ticket, THAT HAPPENS, THERE IS A CHARGE WHEN YOU EXCHANGE YOUR TICKET.’ At this point I told her I found her incredibly rude and continued on finishing the above statement about the new reservation having been cancelled at the same time they took her money for the flight. About an agent canceling reservations while accepting payment on that reservation, JANE GRAY said, again with attitude “THAT HAPPENS.” The last straw was JANE GRAY first saying that my daughter would have to ask for the name of the person who cancelled the reservation at the departing airport to which I stated she got a seat assignment 15 minutes before the flight left and they were not able to giver her the name and then saying if my daughter wanted to speak with a supervisor I would have to leave her phone number and they would call her back in an hour. This woman should not ven be on unemployment! Had she heard me at all or was she to busy making the THAT HAPPENS” excuse. Did she not hear me say they would not give my daughter the name of the person who bungled the transaction and she was hopefully going to be on a 6 hour flight in the next 10 minutes??? AND BY FAA RULES CAN NOT MAKE A PHONE CALL IN FLIGHT WITH HER PHONE! Needless to say this is not over, but I can NOT RECOMMEND AMERICAN AIRLINES to anyone, for their POOR SERVICE at the reservation desk, the check-in desk, their ‘customer service’ phone line and their supervisor training and attitude

  27. We recently, today the 24th, returned from a trip to Cancun/Rivera Maya area and could not understand that when are luggage was received on our departing flight from DFW on March 19th, that one of our bags was totally destroyed on the inside by someone in terminal D after it was checked in. Who would be in charge of doing this an American employee or the TSA? Someone has stolen a blue sapphire faced watch, and my our personal, 1979 College of Pharmacy ring, which had a sizable diamond mount in it. We have traveled to this area of Mexico since 1994 on majors airlines and have never had such a problem. Someone has hired some theives and it may be your company. (AA) Your company backgrounds and TSA background check are both jokes and this is part of your ongoing problems to take care of your customers. Please respond because I would like to know who is responsible for handling your departing bags in Dallas. (you won’t be able to pin this one on the mexicans)


    Dr. Guy W. Sheneman

  28. I live in NYC and work in the Fashion business making 30k a year, so buying a $360 flight was a huge deal for me. I recently applied for and received the AAdvantage credit card because due to business I will now be bicoastal and traveling NYC-LA very frequently, which was the reason for my last trip. I have been flying AA for many years which is why I chose them as my airline of choice for my upcoming bicoastal career. On my last flight #738 on March 25 2013 they lost my luggage and it has been over a week now. Due to the nature of my flight I had many valuables in that bag. I am in Fashion and have been collecting rare and expensive pieces throughout my life, many of which I brought with me and have collected on travels that I have flown with your company. This loss has not only given me many difficulties professionally but has also caused me extreme amounts of anxiety and stress. This is not just lost luggage we are talking about but a part of my life that is now gone. I am only asking that AA make this right and help me replace my items that are now gone, even though some are irreplaceable. I am concerned moving forward with this airline and this has obviously left me with a bad impression that I have never had before with AA. Please help me set this right so that I can continue to be a valued and happy customer of AA. Thank you very much and I hope to hear back soon. Chelsea Ward. Bag tag

  29. Ref. : flight AA959 Miami-Panama March 5, 2013
    flight AA112 Miami-Barcelona March 26, 2013
    booking reference MKFCFC

    I am addressing this letter to you to express my dissatisfaction about your services with regard to the flights referred to above.

    Upon arrival in Panama with flight AA959 one of the 2 luggages, a Roncato luggage, ( pictures attached ) value €189 arrived broken. I immediately went to the appropriate office inside the airport, where the only comment was that they handed me a « checking Article Damage notice », which I enclose herewith. I spent the next day shopping for a new luggage and trying to get in touch with your offices via the telephone numbers indicated on the said document without, however, receiving any reply – the phone is never answered and the line goes blank after several minutes of waiting, no matter which number I dial. I thus proceed my travel and upon my arrival in Miami airport for my return trip (flight AA2198 on March 24) I again try to contact your office at the airport, but the only advice they could give me was to issue a complaint via your website, which I am now doing.

    Apart from the above, I do have another – and probably more serious – complaint. At the time of my reservation I paid an extra $88 ($44 each) for extra comfort seats. To my surprise, the seats turned out to be the normal – no extra – seats. In fact, they were even worse, since there was a box fixed to the floor under the seat in front, which limited the movement of my legs. I asked the flight attendant for some explanation and she replied that I paid extra only so I could exit the plane more rapidly but paying an extra $40 each was no guarantee for a more comfortable seat. Now, let me explain to you that I have a very long flight experience during my working career, having been a member of, amongst others, the Diamond Club of Cathay Pacific, Freccia Alata of Alitatlia, Swissair Travel Club, Sabena, Air Afrique, Lufthansa, Iberia, Spanair, Singapore Airlines, etc but this is the first time that a flight attendant gave me such a no-sense reply, treating me like an ignorant passenger and threatening to de-plane me if I continued to complain. I thus decided that it would be better if I wrote to you directly than trying to get a decent reply on the plane.

    All the above reasons oblige me to demand a refund of the €189 of my damaged luggage and the $88 I paid in vain as a supplement for an extra comfort seat which was not available.

    I sincerely hope to receive a favourable reply within the next few days, so I can continue using American Airlines for my travel.

    Yours sincerely,


  30. April 16, 2013
    Dear American Airlines:
    On April 15th, 2013 I received a check in the mail from you and was extremely disappointed when I opened the envelope to see the check written out was approximately 1/4th the amount I had originally submitted for reimbursement. I was even more disappointed and disheartened that your company failed to honor the promise of up to $200 incidental coverage your representative had approved.
    One thing I couldn’t understand is how your letter indicated that amounts for immediate use would be honored if the receipts were clear and legible. How could my $46 cab ride from The Embassy Suites to Wal-Mart not be legible? I only received enough to cover my toiletries at Wal-Mart. Since I did not arrive to my hotel until about 11:15PM on Tuesday evening, all the stores were closed except for Wal-Mart in Blue Ash, OH and I had to call a shuttle service to take me to buy items I needed. Your company could have at the very least honored the shuttle ride fare and any additional incidentals that I incurred since you promised to reimburse up to the allotted amount.
    I not only had to waste $50 in baggage fees, but I experienced horrible landing by your pilots, extremely crowded and small planes, rude flight attendants, and complete imbeciles that handled my luggage because they clearly were illiterate and could not read “San Antonio to Cincinnati, OH and sent it to Grand Rapids, MI.”
    If you took the time to hire qualified people to work for your airlines then perhaps you wouldn’t be in the financial wherewithal that you’re experiencing. Maybe you wouldn’t have to consistently oversell your seats so that passengers boycott your airline and use other more reputable and reliable companies such as Southwest or United. These employees that lack professionalism and common sense are detrimental to your company because it tarnishes your reputation.
    I have included an article that outlines your firm as being the worst airline in the industry which is not something to be proud of. Based on my experience I will say that I am never going to fly with your company again, and neither will anyone I know. I have already publically announced my frustrations with your airline on all the social networking sites. As someone that travels both domestically and internationally I can say that I have never experienced such horrible experiences as I have with your airline. The only saving grace you have is to honor the request that I submitted. I have kept photocopies because I’ve heard that you’re also known to deny any reimbursement request which is very disappointing as well.

    Frustrated frequent flyer,

    Helen Dao

  31. Dear American Airlines, I am a long term Platinum member (75A58V0) with over
    1.5m miles of AA travels, I have always enjoyed traveling American and have
    have sent “kudos” through your “recommendation” program
    recognizing great service.

    I would like to highlight something that has happened to me
    a few times during my travels and as recently as last week
    when I traveled from LAX to Narita

    As you know on long trips the Video/Movies as an important and
    “time pass” means of battling the long ardous flights.

    My last flight was very ardous as the Video System on my seat did not work ,
    I would not complain as much but this has happened a few times to me as I travel
    to Asia frequently…….this should be thoroughly checked for each passenger
    as we look forward to kill time (especially for folks who cannot sleep)

    I am in Asia now and dread the thought of flying back without the help of the
    video system (albeit returning on Cathay operated by AA 0n the 18th)

    I love AA but please make sure they ensure things like the entertainment and other things are thoroughly checked…..especially for the long haul.

    Thank you for listening.
    Surya Singh.

  32. We had a less than acceptable experierce over the weekend regarding wheelchair transportation……
    1) May 3 at ORD we had to ask for a wheelchair which
    was on computer….a nice women then helped us to
    2) upon arrival at LGA there was a chair and attendant waiting for us…..GOOD
    3) May 5 at HPN we had to find chair…woman attendant could not push passenger up ramp onto plane, so he walked…..When we arrived at ORD we had to find chair at another gate….no attendant, so family had to fill in…..there should have been attendant waiting for us upon arrival….the ticked agent at HPN said transportation was noted in computer……
    our trip locater no. for the trip was ZMICEK……
    Please look into this so other passengers won’t have the same experience…..I would like a reply from you also..
    thank you…….Joan Litt

  33. Flight crew today’s flight 1980 MIA to DCA is OUTSTANDING! Great sense of humor, attentive, and efficient.

  34. I flew with AA 3671 from Denver to Los Angeles. Christian Robinson was the flight attendant in the first class cabin. He provided me with an excellent service, friendliness and attentiveness. Job well done.

  35. Dear Sir or Madame:

    I am writing to inform you of my horrible experience flying on American Airlines. First off, I was confirmed on flight # 1696 from New Orleans to Chicago for a 5:15 departure on 7/9/07. Needless to say after several changes to this departure time with little or no communication from an Airline representative regarding the delay (until the flight time elapsed and no updates were made) I inquired and learned that the delay was a direct result of inclement weather. Upon arrival to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, I learned that after presenting to my departure gate for my connection, that the flight # 4169 departed under 20 minutes prior to my arrival at the gate. After conversing with an American Airline’s staff member (who was less than sympathetic to my situation, I learned that I was booked on another flight the following morning at 8:00 am. (A day I was scheduled to return to work).

    I attempted to purchase some food at the nearby McDonalds Restaurant, just to find out that all of their food, with the exception of fries and sodas were completely sold out!

    I tried to make reservations for a nearby hotel through your Airline Accommodations services just to learn that there were no vacant rooms available.

    I was left to join the rest of the displaced passengers to sleep in the airport terminal on a cot with a blanket and pillow. I am appalled that in the 21st Century, I had to experience this level of humiliation. I have never heard of such a thing in all my years of flying. I think this experience is a great example of how large corporations treat customers in a society where the bottom line is their only concern. Overbooking flights, poor scheduling, infrequent and ineffective communication and above all despicable customer service!

    Based on this experience I can only conclude that this practice appears to be business as usual for American Airlines, especially after witnessing signs about not removing cots from designated areas. How can a company justify having over 50 adults sleep on cots in an airplane terminal? This must be a concern for the Fire Marshals! As you can imagine, this experience was horrendous for my husband and I and as far as we are concerned American Airlines has forever lost us as customers. At this point you may choose or refuse to respond to this letter. As for us, we have taken pictures of this horrible experience and we will share them with all of our family and friends and perhaps even the news media.

    This practice is not one American Airlines should continue to practice as is dehumanizing and down right inconsiderate of paying customers. This experience has completely left a bad taste in my mouth and it took away from the great vacation I recently experienced .

    A Dissatisfied Customer,

    Debbie L. Cadet

  36. I live in Louisiana, I flew out of Dallas,Tx 6/21 returning 6/29 to be able to get a direct flight to Baltimore & back. Upon my return to Dallas ( I didn’t notice until I was outside and on the P-express bus) that my luggage was completely torn on the entire right side.
    I called AA customer service this Monday morning and was told that I missed the 24 Hour window plus I would have to report this to the Dallas airport (where I returned -2 1/2 Hours away). So not only do we (the customer) have to pay to check our luggage each way),we also have to pay for the previlage of having the ground crew destroy it.
    I will make arrangements to fly a differant airlines in the future.

  37. American Airlines has the worst customer service of all airlines I have used in my 63 years. My wife’s anniversary earrings were stolen out of her suitcase on June 20, 2013 and Customer service has REFUSED to contact us back after reporting the thief the day it happened. They have REFUSED to return messages left or even send us an email. If the workers are allowed to steal from customers, what would stop them from putting SOMETHING into your bag. Think about that before you fly American again.

  38. On 7/19/2013 I flew through American airlines from Columbus Ohio to Las Vegas Nevada. We had a layover in Dallas Tx, at your Fort Worth airport. I had the worst experience I have ever had with the American Airlines representatives there and when I called customer service they were no help either. First, one of your representatives sent us to the wrong gate; I had to ask a representative where our flight would be departing from because a gate number was not on my boarding pass. We went to the gate instructed and were sent to the wrong gate, since we were at the wrong gate we did not hear our departing flight information causing us to miss our flight. We went to the counter asking for a status of our flight because we had heard nothing, one AA attendant at the station was not willing to look anything up because she was typing or doing something else. I explained to her that it was important because we could miss our flight. She didn’t care. Even though there was a long line of people waiting to speak with the only AA rep available. I waited in line for as long as I could, I then saw an AA representative walking by and I stopped her for help, she said there was nothing she could do and sent us to another AA desk. We went to that desk and we were told our plane was right there outside getting ready to take off and that they would not let us on the plane because if they called the AA representatives on the plane and ask them to wait for us it makes everybody crazy?? However, the only thing he could do was put us on standby for no cost since it we were giving wrong information. He also explained people had been on standby that morning and had been waiting there all day. At this point I was very upset, and called your customer service department I spoke with a representative who could care less, I then requested to speak with a supervisor and she was worst. After I explained the situation to her, she never apologized or anything she just stated well why didn’t you look at the flight information posted at the airport. I explained to her that they even made an announcement due to delayed flights, and gate changes not to rely on the information posted. So that was not updated either! She did not care, and was not willing to help. After being delayed and delayed, I called back to customer service and finally spoke with a lady name Ms Lewis who understood and offered what she was willing to do. She was very nice and helpful. She was able to book us on a plane, not standby so that we would be able to make the next flight for sure. I really appreciate her. However, I wanted to report this incident so that hopefully some training can be provided to your representatives at the Fort Worth location and some of your customer service representatives

  39. I just got off the phone with Connie Sanders in the DFW office. I asked for her name because she was so kind and helpful to us. I have not often encountered someone so helpful and caring. If all your representatives could be like her you would have a wonderful airline. She completely solved our problem quickly and efficiently. After spending six hours and a trip to our local airport, we finally were able to get connected to Connie was able to resolve our issues. Thank you, Connie

  40. Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest factor to remember of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other folks think about concerns that they plainly do not recognize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

  41. Trying to change a reservation date for the last 3 days/nights. Every agent we have gotten has either transferred us out of our call creating another hours wait or has hung up on our call. All I want to do is change my existing hold reservation from October 4 to October 1. How easy could that be. So incredibly aggravated at the lack of service, courtesy and competence.

  42. I was to inform you of my not so pleasant expericences with your airline, and requesting a refund of my flight. First of all I was suppose to be on the 7:55am flight from Gulftport,MS. to Watertown NY some how I ended up on what suppose 10;am flightwhich i didn’t leave until 1:20pm on my anniversary date and dinner which didn’t get me to my destination until 9

  43. My husband and I were on the first flight starting between LAX and Indianapolis on August 27th. We are so thankful to American for starting this flight….so much easier than going thru Dallas and the going and returning flight times are great. Thank you American Airlines for starting this nonstop. We have already flown it several times. I understand that Delta and Southwest also have the same nonstop.

  44. There’s nothing like having AA employees take over gate 46 terminal d on Sunday, November 3. Is this their breakroom? Six guys for an hour and I see that several are “chiefs” on the uniform patch. I’m so glad I paid to listen to Felix and Guerillmo yell and laugh for an hour

  45. I recently took a flight from JFK to St Thomas on a Saturday 8 am flight and had the most helpful, efficient knonwledgable flight attendant she was great. I would love to thanks her for making my trip more enjoyable.

    PS I had her on the return flight and it was evenm better she lives in the Phillie area and I lived in the same area for couple years so we had a conversation about that .

    She was great and I hope she is on the flight next spet when I am going back to St Thomas

    Thanks Mike

  46. As it turned out, we got into Miami 35 minutes early, at gate 36, as we we’re walking to gate 6 for our 12:40 flight into St. Thomas, we noticed that at gate 21, a flight into St Thomas was departing in 35 minutes, as I struggled to speak to an AA agent, (3 were in conversation together, who did not acknowledge me until I finally spoke up) and I asked if the flight was full. To which they replied, no! I then explained that I was just in from Detroit, would love to get in somewhat sooner. And I’m sure, that you would have booked me on that flight had you known I could have made it!! Which behooves me why AA would not be HAPPY, to rebook me onto that bird!!!! It benefits me, and you, since I am a happy passenger, not spending more vacation time in a airport, and AA should be happy to please me, plus have two more seats available for someone else, on a later flight!!

    BUT NO!!! AA must charge a $75.00 per person rebooking fee!!! And not done apologetically, but with attitude! So the end result was, beginning our vacation with disappointment, and a, “upset stomach” due to unnecessary strife, poor communication, and a poor AA policy.

    I fully expect that you will contact me at some point, after our return on Dec. 22 2013. I am not one to write letters, so to sit down, on this beautiful St.Thomas beach, and spend 2-3 hours, constructing this, I feel that AA should have the courtesy to contact me, and make this right.

    Sent from my iPad it turned out, we got into Miami 35 minutes early, at gate 36, as we we’re walking to gate 6 for our 12:40 flight into St. Thomas, we noticed that at gate 21, a flight into St Thomas was departing in 35 minutes, as I struggled to speak to an AA agent, (3 were in conversation together, who did not acknowledge me until I finally spoke up) and I asked if the flight was full. To which they replied, no! I then explained that I was just in from Detroit, would love to get in somewhat sooner. And I’m sure, that you would have booked me on that flight had you known I could have made it!! Which behooves me why AA would not be HAPPY, to rebook me onto that bird!!!! It benefits me, and you, since I am a happy passenger, not spending more vacation time in a airport, and AA should be happy to please me, plus have two more seats available for someone else, on a later flight!!

    BUT NO!!! AA must charge a $75.00 per person rebooking fee!!! And not done apologetically, but with attitude! So the end result was, beginning our vacation with disappointment, and a, “upset stomach” due to unnecessary strife, poor communication, and a poor AA policy.

    I fully expect that you will contact me at some point, after our return on Dec. 22 2013. I am not one to write letters, so to sit down, on this beautiful St.Thomas beach, and spend 2-3 hours, constructing this, I feel that AA should have the courtesy to contact me, and make this right.
    Don Galat

  47. Hope you received complaint for Christopher myers about January 5 Cincinnati to Dallas mismanagement by American Airlines and American eagle

  48. i would like to know if there are direct flights from jfk to barbados in september 2014 i am tryng to book a flight and cant get a direct flight has the system changed

  49. On Jan 10th 2014, we had a return flight from Miami to Seattle. This was a direct flight which should have been 6.5 hrs. We boarded about 30 min late, only to hear from the captain that we were still waiting for fuel and still did not have confirmation as to when, but that it would take at least 20 min to refuel. Finally after 1 hour on the plane, we had refueled, only to hear that an armrest was broken and we were waiting for a repair. We had been on the plan for 1.5 hrs, before take-off. WHY, would you board passengers on that long of a flight BEFORE refueling, especially not having an ETA for the fuel? To make it even worse, the beverage cart was passed ONE Time during the entire flight. When asking for additional water, the flight attendants were irritated. When ordering food, They were low on some products and I was asked “are you sure you want the salad? there are only 2 left”. during the flight, the attendants were hiding in the back, not checking on passengers. Many passengers had to go looking for them to request more water. I made the mistake of choosing this airline for price, and will never make that mistake again. This is my first and last time flying with American, and now I will return to Alaska airlines. They seem to love their job and their passengers.

  50. I flew from Albuquerque, NM to
    dallas,TX on Jan. 2. After goining to 3 gates from 1 end of concourse to the other only to find out that my plane had been cancelled to Tampa.I was supposed to leave around 1:00 pm and arrive in Tampa at 4:30. I did not get into Tampa until a little after 9:30 PM. I was called over to an American airlines employee and was told I would get a free round trip ticket for the inconvience. She took down all of my information and said I would be getting info in the mail and also an email. I have not received anything and it has been over a month. I would like to be contacted about this problem and get it solved. I was in the airport for 6 hrs and I feel I deserve a free ticket. I expect to hear from you soon about this matter and receive info. about my free ticket. 2/7/14

    a .

  51. I booked round trip flight last Thurs online departing MFE to DFW for a weekend with my 3 little grand daughters got to airport went to kiosk cannot give me a seat I am 1 hour 15 min before flight and was told at gate flight over book and I never got a seat had to wait 3 hours and got on that flight my daughter could not pick me up because babysitter could not stay longer so another added $80 to cost of your airline flight of $720! Today Sunday we leave church early so I can get to DFW to be told 1:15 flight is now 2:15 but we left DFW at 4:10pm get to McAllen jet bridge not working same thing on my flight 3 weeks ago so we sit on this plane for 30 minutes then they tow us to another gate!!! For the cost of a ticket at $720….this is NOT acceptable. I have 230,000 miles and I was NOT even upgraded to first? I used to be upgraded every trip till your MERGER? Your service and cost have made us say Southwest is BEST option. Most of flyers agree. You need to think of flyers you WILL lose? Thanks Dr and Mrs Trey Fulp

  52. Stranded in San Diego, CA. Tried to call customer relations number, but web page lists the same number as cargo number. Is this to avoid phone calls. Waited over two hours for a return call from reservations.

    Weather caused delay, but 4 days later for a flight? We need help now.

  53. I am a lucky shareholder, who did not sell it’ shares before the
    merger. It was fortunately a wise decision, thanks to your gene-
    rosity to us shareholders. Management and all personnel of AAL are obviously doing a great job, reflected in the steady rise of
    the AAL stock.
    Tomorrow, on my BIRTHDAY, I’ll treat your 3rd share allocation as a special birthday present from all of you and tank you since-
    rely for it.
    Best wishes to all AAL employees, managers and their families!
    Nicolas Bauer

  54. My husband and I had flight reservations for today (March 15, 2014) and after a routine heart scan on Wednesday of this week, he was diagnosed with a severe heart problem. On Friday, March 14, 2014 he had to have a heart catherization and it was impossible for us to go on our vacation. I called American Airlines Customer Service and was nicely told “tough luck”. If I want to use those tickes that we have already paid $730 for in the future it will cost me another $400 in cancellation fees. I have a written statement from my husband’s cardiologist that he absolutely needed the procedure and needed it immediately. Their best advice was that I should have purchased insurance. Nice way to do business American Airlines!

  55. My complaint is, on March 8th. My luggage was delayed from Chicago, my destination was Dane County Airport Madison Wi. When it had arrived, it was delivered. However, the luggage had been destroyed and taped up. I called in a complaint right away. I had been givin several phone numbers and the firt one was just a recording to leave my phone and someone would get back to me. i tried several days and no one ever got back to me. Basicially, i got nothing but a runarround!!! I am not happy with American Airline right now! If my luggage is not replaced. Then i DO NOT expect to pay for my check in luggage on my return the 25th of March. Please have the respect of other peoples property and do the right thing by taking care of your customers. This does not set a very good example for American Airlines. And I fly with you ALLOT!

    Thank you,

    Carmon Hudson

  56. Reading the article in Yahoo! about a AA rep writing “deaf and dumb” on their luggage is rude and they deserve more than a fake apology. you just lost a customer.

  57. AA lost my baggage in Miami by not having it with me on my flight to Talahassee, Fl and when I lodged a complaint they gave me a file locator to check status. It took 3 days to get my luggage and I had to travel to Panama City Aprt to get my luggage after Tallahassee Aprt got it and sent it to Atlanta then to PC by Delta. When I filed in Tallahassee I was told my luggage would be delivered by fed ex to my home. A lie and they did not even update their website with status of my luggage for 3 days. Terrible service and it took ages to find a rep in Talahassee Aprt and to speak to a AA baggage lost-rep when I tried to follow up on where my luggage was. I only located it on my own initiative thru no help from AA.


  59. I just boarded flight 2578 from lax to SJC and sat down then was lectured to about where I put my bag in the overhead. It was an embarrassing moment for me and I frankly did not at all appreciate this flight attendant’s extremely loud and arrogant attitude. Her approach was awful and hurts your reputation as an airline. I’m an exec plat flyer and thought you should know.

    This is the April 30th flight to SJC.


    Dissatisfied flyer,

  60. My friend of mine booked my mom a reservation from haiti to miami fl I paid her $300 to buy me the fares however she did not told me the flight will be booking on a nonrevenue flight it was a ridicullus moment for all of us, quesion I have if the seat is not guarantee why did she took the money from me

  61. My daughter Lindsey VanSparrentak was delayed in Africa on your sister airlines which delayed her arrival into Chicago by 24 hours. I was charged $200.oo more dollars to change her flight which was already a $300.00 dollar ticket for a one way travel from Chicago to Cleveland. She flew in on 2898 last evening which was also delayed by 2 hours. These charges are absurd. I fell we should not have been charged anything extra. A credit to my card would be greatly appreciated.
    Tammy VanSparrentak

  62. I recently flew your airlines, the attendants and pilots were very nice and all were smooth rides. However 3 out of my 4 flights were delayed, on 5/16/14, I was supposed to depart Dayton flight#1304 at 5:45pm, we did not depart until 6:20pm to Dallas, my connecting flight#1072 to Tampa was also delayed we were to arrive at 11:50pm; we arrived at 12:27am. On my return 5/25/14, my flight#1213 back from Tampa was on time, prior to arrival in Dallas they announced there would be someone at the gate to let us know gate numbers for our connecting flight#1304, no one was there, I went to an airport screen which said the plane was on a 1hr delay and would leave at gate#A14 at 9:05pm, at 8:45 they announced the gate had changed to A38, which was at the other end; I rushed to the other gate to learn there was another delay until 9:20pm. I was supposed to arrive in Dayton at 11:15pm and did not arrive until 12:30am. I have not traveled with your airline in some time, I travel to Florida 2-3 times a year. I hope the next time I fly with your airline my experience with be on a more timely schedule and more organized.

  63. Had two on time wonderful flights yesterday, #2261 and 4221. Great service. However, at LAX all the good will disappeared when it took 40 minutes to get our bags from 2261. I am an AA Platinum member and have never had this happen before. It’s no wonder people are loathe to check bags – regardless of the cost it’s the wait that’s unacceptable.

  64. Hi my name is larneta and i flew with American Airlines for the first time to do a suprise bridal shower for my best friend,but when I landed my baggage was not there.they sent my baggage to Wisconsin. Ihad EVERYTHING for the suprise bridal shower in those bags.I couldnt figure out why they where in Wisconsin and I didnt care I just wanted them to be where I was right away.So I had to cancel everything. All her family and his family and friends.I was literally crying in the airport she didnt even know I was there I came early just for the suprise. This was the first time Ive ever threw a suprise anything and for a very special occasion,my best friend in the whole world was getting married.Do you know how hard it is to plan a party for someone and your out of town.Im actually so against surprise partys now American Airlines you ‘ve done more then ruined things.Then on top of that the baggage claim people where trying so hard to help but said it was nothing they could do and said that it was best to email you.Well heres my email Im still upset about it.Thats something you cant take back

  65. Never I repeat never will I choose American Airlines. Again.Totally unprofessional employees from the ticket agent to flight attendants. All the jokes I have heard about it being a ” cattle hauler ” airline is unfortunately true in my recent experience.very sad.

  66. january 26 my son flew non stop from st. louis to laguardia airport new york. He arrived, his baggage didn’t. He reported at the airport that his bag did not come off the plane. The lady at the booth checked the claim ticket. The bag had not left St. Louis. She gave him a locator number and told him they would be contacting him soon. They could not find it so they sent him a form to fill out of his belongings in the bag. He sent it in. They did not believe he had those items in his bag. They insisted on receipts. Anyone keep their receipts for months? So they denied his claim. The customer service says to refile, he does, he’s denied again by Central Baggage Service. I have contacted the CEO, and Supervisor of the Baggage claim. Its a big run around and still no compensation. I find it so crooked that they lose your luggage but can be judge, jury and executioner on what they will or will not pay. Glad burglars don’t get that much control.
    We will not fly American Airlines ever again, and neither will my friends and family. they will lose a LOT more than the $863 he listed.

  67. Had a issue on a flight with American Airlines
    For over 2 weeks have e-mailed customer service and never heard back from them
    Worst service ever
    Will blog this everywhere I can
    never ever received such poor service and a company that simply doesn’t care about there paying customers
    Un Believeable

  68. On Aug. 2, at 10:00 pm, I arrived from Bolivia and had to find a way to manage my luggage and wait for 13 hrs. for my last flight. A woman, at O’Hare Airport, service rep. was very helpful and friendly to me, helped me get my plan settled so I could wait in the airport with my luggage. She was a great help.

  69. Good night
    I am Josue GEORGES, I bought a ticket on Dec 8, 2013 for Montreal, and here is the Record Locator: ZWOVJZ. I cancelled the trip and the ticket is stayed open till December next. Now I’d like to have a trip to Montreal on September 17th to october 7th. Please let me know anything else I have to do.
    Thank you very much!

  70. Dear American Airlines
    On 7/18/14 my husband and I were on your flight 67 from BCN to Jfk. We boarded the plane and found that it had no wifi or entertainment options at the seat. When the meal was served we asked the flight attendant if the meal had any peppers(the vegetable) in it as the “chicken” and other ingredients were unrecognizable. My husband is highly allergic to peppers and he had to be certain there were none. The attendant said she had no idea of what the food ingredients were in either selection so he did not eat. How difficult would it be for your catering dept to send a list of ingredients for this kind of issue? The aircraft itself was old and warn on the inside. When got on the plane, the coach section smelled of fecal matter and it took quite a while for the smell to dissipate. It was not surprising to find that the lavatories were quite dirty and smelled as if they had not been cleaned in between flights. I had a family behind us with very active children who were kicking our seats and banging their fists on lowered tray tables like drums. After repeated comments to the parents with no result, I asked the flight attendant to speak to the family. She said ” the passengers in front of you want me to tell you to stop the banging on their seats.” Couldn’t she have supported me in solving this issue instead of making me look like I was complaining needlessly? I have been a fan of AA for many years when I was a travel agency owner 20 yrs ago. The food catering was outstanding even in coach and the service was top notch.
    Times have changed and its very sad. BTW – Our flight to Madrid was with Iberia and the experience was the complete opposite! The aircraft was bright, clean and modern and the food choices were appetizing and the attendants were aware of food ingredients. Obviously it can be done right!

  71. Senores Ameican Airlines,yo Yolanda Alvarado, viaje en su aeolinea el dia sabado 23 de Agosto del 2014, Caracas to Miami este vuelo #914 tuvo un retraso de 45 minutos en salir por ende he llegado tarde a Miami y perdi mi conexion rumbo New York,YFK,fui al counter y la sra. me dijo q yo tenia que correr con los gastos que no era su culpa eso era lo que l aerolinea podia hacer por mi,no es justo que yo tenga que pagar hotel,comida por culpa del retraso,yo llame esa noche en el hotel y hable con srta.Sandra Galves y me dijo que no podia ser que yo pagara por eso que le scaneara el boleto qu decia passenger pays se lo pase llame y claro me atendio otra persona Samuel Martinez y dijo que cuando tomara la conecion to N.Y volviera al counter y expusiera mi problema el sr. E.Gonzales trato de ayudar y la supervisora Dennisse Joseph le dijo que no se podia hacer nada y q no se podia perder mas tiempo conmigo a ustedes les parece justo este trato hacia mi una costumer que tenia planeado un viaje directo y se cancelo luego con el mismo momto que pague tuve q tomar el vuelo con escala y aparte de todo pasa esto les agradeceria y tomaran en cuenta lo succedido code;UQAHQD/AAvuelo de llegada a NY 1260 en espera de respuesta ante lo espuesto que atntamente Yolanda Alvarado gracias

  72. senores American Airlines me dirigo a ustedes yo Yolanda Alvarado,mande una nota anterior la cual no se si llego resumo perdi mi conexion saliendo vuelo retrazado 4 minutos tarde que tenia saliendo de Caracas to Miami vuelo 914 code#UQAHQD/AA perdi mi conexion yendo a NY y tuve que acarrear yo con los gastos no es justo que el vuelo se retraso por traffic aereo y yo pague con hotel y comida agradeceria y se me rreconozca lo ocurrido esto ocurrio el dia 23 de Agosto de 2014sin mas agradezco su atencion 201 921 8130 o mi mail gracias

  73. My friend and I traveled from Charlotte, NC to Dallas Fort Worth to Colorado Springs on the 11 Aug return on Aug 16.
    Most all off my flights are to Florida.
    The crew members were the most non caring I have ever been on a flight with. It reminded me off my days in the hotel business when we had union and non union teams. I will never fly American again I I have to go west I will drive.
    If your management could fly Southwest you would see what I am talking about
    Kathleen George

  74. Last year, due to incoming storms that was clearly predicted a flight (at the last minute ) was cancelled.
    Rather than a repeat of this, it seems the weather should be watched closer. There is as of now a 80% chance of rain, storm, possible tornado outbreaks.
    I would prefer to fly this Monday vs Sat but was told I would be charged a fee. That’s incredible , considering I have been flying with American for over 6 yrs and would never consider flying with anyone else ever.
    I Hope things don’t get cancelled at the last minute. Myson is a storm watcher, and is worried as I am. My mom is having surgery next week and expects me there safe and sound. Please keep that in mind. I am going to do my share of praying and hope this will work out.
    Thanks in advance.

  75. Sept,12,2014-BGM#4373 @11:34 to PHL @12:38 Seat 3F Window

    The gentleman in the first of 2 seats was a very huge man who took up his seat and half of mine.
    I thought there to be a policy for overweight people. I was up against the window the entire trip.I paid for my seat but as it turned out I really didn’t have one. With the Old Piedmont still flying thinking American would do better, unhappy all around.
    Judith M. Popolo

  76. I flew from Orlando to Dallas to Las Vegas yesterday and when I got home and unpacked, I noticed one of my items was missing from one of my checked bags.It was a shaving kit that was in a zippered pocket on the outside of a bag. I called customer service in Las Vegas and was told there is nothing they can do. Now normally this would not be that big of a deal because I didn’t have any prescription medication in the kit, only over the counter medicine and toiletries which cost me roughly $50.00 to replace. I also had cash money in the kit and I guess that was my fault, but American will do nothing about it. I absolutely hate thieves and am totally disappointed in American Airlines.

  77. On our last trip the leg of the trip from lax to Dallas was the worst I’ve ever had .The seating was so tight I could not read a magazine due to the tightness of the seating I believe the plane was an A 320 ,please contact me there are a couple things about the service in general,thank you, Brian Galbally

  78. I can not get the complaint section of the American Airlines website to work. So this is the only place i can find to post my information before mailing it to the cooperate office.
    My husband and i had a flight leaving Richmond Virginia with a final destination of Seattle Washington. We are familiar with flying and had flown other airlines earlier that week going to and from multiple destinations. We had all our information and went to use the American Airlines kiosk to print our boarding passes. The kiosk didnt ask if those who are flying are military personnel so we started over and waited in line to speak to a representative at the counter. Once we were up at the counter we told a lady behind the counter that my husband is in the military and we had two bags to check in. Thats when we were informed that our bags where over weight and it would be 250$ extra. We requested for the lady to show us where the package pricing is written. She was unable to provide that information and went on to tell us we could look it up ourselves. My husband who is enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard has never had to pay extra or any amount for baggage, on orders or personal. My husband gave her the 250$ and that is when the representative we were speaking with soon became very rude and threatened to cancel our entire flight. In her words towards another representative behind the counter, “I dont want to work with these people.” However she didnt want to hand back our money when i asked her for it. We had flown three times in the week before this encounter and every other airline treated military on personal travel or on orders with the up most respect. As i stood at the counter pleading for the women to not cancel our flights and getting very upset about the fact that we were being treated with such disrespect, i was highly considering walking over and paying for another flight. I am requesting a refund for our baggage and our flight. There was no reason for us to experience what we did. You have lost all chance of us referring American to anyone else. “We’re American Airlines, doing what we do best.” Your slogan didnt pretray your actions, having American in the name and completely not supporting our service men and women. We also have a frequent flyer credit card with US Airways and we will be canceling and cutting up the card if this is not resolved. We fly around 10,000 miles a year and will be taking our business to Delta or Southwest.

  79. on oct,21 I was returning home from dallas tx to Greensboro n.c. on fligt aa3071 while on my assigned seat a cockaroach was in the front seat in front of me the person sitting next to me saw it to we called the fligt atendent and would not come untell several calls for her attention the brot a man to come check an just said its ok and left we had to ride all the way home wondering where that cockaroach was and were did it go it was a very discusting trip but had to take it back home .

  80. I have always used continental airways and had changed to American but after this incident I don’t think ill ever fly with you guys anymore a cockaroach on a airplain im sure everyone on facebook would want to no about this even the news very discustin and nasty I thought airplains were pest contal free.

  81. PLEASE !!!!
    My reference number is 1-2071242862
    I am waiting for an ANSWER to my request not only a kind letter you said you received my complains.
    Answer please.
    Your web site is a disaster if someone has to complain!!
    Ernesto Girombelli

  82. 27th Oct. I flew from Chicago to Manchester on AA54. You used a B757 which was totally unsuitable for a 7 hr journey. The seats spec/recline/legroom were what I would expect on a holiday charter or commuter flight of one hour. Furthermore, the reading light did not work and apart from the film there was no channel open for music. When I tried to sleep the picture was glaring down on me and there was no eye covers offered. I guess the plain was 25 years old. I flew much more modern aircraft all over the world in the 90’s and 00’s. How can this be?
    On a positive note the crew were first class.

  83. I have spent hours on the phone trying to untangle a mistake made in making reservations with American Airlines online. After going through all of the steps in reserving a flight for my family of 3 (Brian, Marcela & Lorenzo Hawk) and adding my credit card no. to pay for the 3 flights, I did not get a confirmation, but a window on my computer screen that said “This page cannot be displayed”. I took that to mean that the transaction did not go through, so I started all over again with a different travel agency. The same thing happened again and I tried with yet another agency thinking it did not go through properly. After the third try, it went through and I got a confirmation from Orbitz. When I received my credit card statement from Citibank, I was shocked to see listed NINE entries instead of three! One was from Orbitz, one from Hotwire, and the other from Expedia. I need to have only one agency’s listing to be valid and need to get the other two canceled and off of my bill. Would you please help me?

  84. I can not understand why I can not have the opportunity to select a seat on flight #1848 from DFW to Bos confirmation LGGSNS
    On the 1st leg of the round trip Bos to DFW DTVDGW I was able to get a seat – Explain why – Dividend #4311194

  85. I was overcharged for a third piece of luggage on an international trip USA to Uruguay. I have tried using the website email to try to get a refund; no response. When I call the customer service number, there is no option to address my issue and I seem to continually get caught up in an electronic loop. I will have to issue a complaint through American Express which I did not want to do.

    Poor customer service!!!

  86. Bravo to American Airlines for giving the surprise increase to your employees. And not cowering to the disgruntled passenger on todays La Guardia flight. Just because some attendents were cheerful and wished him a Very Merry Christmas. Really ?? It’s about time we took back our best wishes and grumpy people just stay off the planes and keep their opinions to themselves. I for one am tired of the politically correct. Don’t like the way we Americans are then go to what ever country you came from. I don’t fly and I guarantee you that when I do fly it will be with American ……… Bravo and keep the good work up folks

  87. contacting a real person at AA customer service is next to impossible. The web site list a phone number, which is for cargo and that only references a web site that is no help at all.

  88. Me and my wife had to face a maintenance issue at the airport, flying from JFK to MIA (AA2299),as a result of which we had to change the flight .After explaining the issue to the red jacket AA employee, the flight was changed, and we were guaranteed to be seated in the first class as we were supposed to on the original flight (my wife is heavily pregnant).However, when we boarded the plane, we were seated in the coach,which caused major inconvenience due to the condition of my wife. Our experience was ruined and I do request the material compensation for both of our tickets.

  89. after a delayed flight out of Detroit because there wasn’t a operating PA system( which we were told was FAA mandatory). We reloaded on the same plane and flew to Dallas over 2 hours later. ( the flight attendants had to walk the ailes to speak). our flight was to leave at 600am. we finally left at 1145am. Upon arriving in Dallas we were rushed to our next gate for Denver. Upon arriving in Denver late afternoon, we had no luggage. We were told it would be on one of the next 3 flights from Dallas. I called Denver airport at 930pm. They said the luggage was there and would be delivered by courier in 6 hours. Six am the next day, I called again to confirm delivery. After numerous calls and lies by airline employees still no delivery. Our luggage was delivered at 1000pm 2 days late. We missed not only our sons wedding, we had no clothes to change into the following day for his reception. I have never felt so disrespected. Your customer service skills need to be honed. For whats its worth. I’ll make a complaint to corporate.

  90. I purchased a ticket thru Travelocity and realized the time and dates were incorrect, after talking
    To I don’t know how many people trying to get this resolved. I was so frustrated and about to give up
    Until I had the opportunity to get Tracy Paul on the phone I could understand her and she was very well
    Informed. I just want someone to know that she is the best, polite,professional and more.thanks to Tracy Paul.

  91. On Dec. 9 2014 I flew US Air flight #487 from San Diego to Charlotte and it was excellent, mainly due to the First Class Attendant, Gabe Bierbach, emp # 269993. He was a great host.

  92. I flew from Tampa to Chicago in a 737. Thank you for Row 7 for handicap. In my 83 years I have had both knees replaced, stroke, open heart surgery plus other conditions. Being 6’4″ I truly need the leg room. I used the restroom up front and the 737 has a problem—access to the toilet bowl. The toilet lid and seat should stay up when lifted. I had to use my knee to keep them up. Because of the curvature of the ceiling and the distance to the toilet I had to angle my body heavily forward to use the facility which meant I could not see what I was doing. A ceiling strap or horizontal bar would have been helpful. This room must have been designed by a 5 foot woman who does not stand. Just when things started going the plane hit a bump in the air which dropped both seats and I sprayed my left leg. What a revolting development this turned out to be. I am sure other tall people use the stainless steel sink out of necessity. The sink has soap and a towel to clean up which is easier than having an accident.

  93. The worst flight experience of my life was taking my family of 16 on American Airlines. Lost our luggage both ways. We will not be flying American again.

  94. We have been frequent flyer customers for over 30 years, and one of the attractions for us to continue with your services are the perks you offer to us and the good service we have always had in so many trips with AA. On Jan 29 2015, I called AA en Español to make arrangements and reserve two ticket with our miles for Feb 18th to March 2nd 2015 from Detroit, MI to Los Angels,CA. A nice lady Ana Maria helped me with all the paper work and I did pay for all the extra expenses with my City Credit Card foe my husband and myself and Ana Maria told me that I will receive confirmation on my e mail, and gave me over the phone our two locator records. Well, today when I called again because we did not get the information on my email, we were informed to our surprise that only my husband had reservation and there was nothing on record for myself! this time I talked to Lorena Flores, which was very willing to help me because there was no room for me to come back with my husband on our schedule flight # 2425, she put me on hold and after talking to her supervisor Lorena informed us that we could come back together but, on a very late flight arriving Detroit at 12:00pm, Which needles to say it’s very inconvenient for us, not only because we won’t have a ride home at that time, but because we have to pay $75.00 for a taxi to get us to our home in Plymouth MI. Our frustration it’s for the facts that we are two Seniors (81 and 73) and traveling in the middle of Winter is very inconvenient and difficult for us specially when this is not our fault. Our hope is that you can assist us under these stressful circumstances . Thank you

  95. Will never fly American again! Was disappointed in service and an unexpected $140 charge for baggage being 1 pound overweight. I did not see any warnings before the travel for baggage weight, i was also woken up by a flight attendant slambing the cart into my arm! My arm was brused, the staff was very rude!!

  96. We recently returned from Hayden CO. They were begging for volunteers to give up their seats. We were told we would receive $700.00 each and hotel vouchers if we gave up our seats. We immediately volunteered. We were told to wait for everyone to board the plane and they would take care of the vouchers. We changed our arrival plans and cancelled appointments for the next day. After the plane was loaded, we were told we were no longer needed. They said thank you and told us to get on the plane. Obviously we were disappointed on how we were handled and no other compensation was offered. Not sure if we will volunteer again after how we were just dismissed, Clayton and Karen Hanninen

  97. Hi,I wanted to ask questions about bring a cat from the U.S. to China, so I called your Chinese service. The woman called Annie picked my phone. I asked my question and she said ” there is no way” I said someone told me it is possible. She said ” they are lying” she did not give me any explanation. I decided to call again, another woman answered my call. When I said “cat”, somehow, Annie speaks to me again and asked me ” is that you again?” I feel so lost. She just grabbed the phone? I don’t know how she did it. Then, I called again and hope someone else will pick up the phone. A woman called Jennie did, I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor and she did, but somehow Annie picked up the phone again and asked me what’s my name. I believe that you have recalled all the phone call. So check it.
    Thank you very much!

  98. I really strongly do not want to fly with American Airlines ever again, their customer service is horrible!!! I was on a flight on Monday from Miami, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia and had to worst lay over. Why in the world do I have to fly to New York to go back to Virginia. My fight was suppose to leave Miami International to Laguardia at 5pm. The flight was to start boarding at 4:30pm and they made an announcement that their would be a 15 minute delay and I went to the counter to ask the representative if I was going to make my connection and she told me I would be fine. The reason I checked on my connection was because my lay over wax only 58 minutes. We’ll we boarded the flight so I thought I would be fine to catch my connection bug that was so we sat on the plane for over and hour while they fixed all the needed to fix. They did not give anyone the chance to try and make alternate travel which was absolutely wrong. I was in Miami for my brother’s funeral since Thursday. My husband works two job and he had to take off from work Thursday, Friday and Monday from both jobs. I also had to take off myself. The flight eventually took off and I missed my connection. When I arrive at Laguardia there was two representative presenting the passenger who missed their connections tickets. I do not think it was fair that my husband had to take off another day of work and I had the miss a day also. I work part time and I only get pay when I work so I have to try and make up my hours. I know that I was provided a hotel, taxi and meal voucher put I would a rather be give the chance to find a flight the day I was suppose to travel. I also was treated rudely by one of the representative; when I told he I would like to find an alternate flight I was told “I don’t have a plane”. I also asked her to checked the flights going into Richmond or Newport News and I was told the wasn’t any. I knew there was an earlier flight to Newport News because the guy next to me going to the same destination was asked if he want that flight and he declined it so why couldn’t I be given that flight. American Airline need to really give their employees so real customer service classes. They also need to provide better care period. They also need to stop charging for everything like a little bag of pretzel or peanuts!!! I had the worst time with American Airlines!!!

  99. I received the below response from American Airlines after I refused their offer of a $25.00 travel voucher for horrendous service. My comments were posted on this site but they were removed. Their inadequate service cost me time and money, which I cannot get back and they think $25.00 is ‘fair and reasonable”. This company and/or their employee are truly out of touch….

    We have received your additional email. Again, we are sorry to hear about the difficulty that you encountered.
    We are also sorry that you were not satisfied with the complimentary voucher that we provided. However, the voucher was intended to convey goodwill and to make amends in some way for the inadequate service you reported. It represents an amount we believe to be fair and reasonable.
    Despite what happened on this occasion, we hope you will continue to select American Airlines for your travel needs. We will work hard to ensure that you receive the service you expect and deserve.


    Cheryl Vine
    Customer Relations
    American Airlines

  100. To:Central Baggage Service

    I have been traveling with American Airlines for many years now and am now very shocked at a recent occurrence. I had just gotten back from vacation to find that my suitcase was missing. American Airlines told me I was supposed to get it back the next day, yet I only got it 2 days later and found that my suitcase had been ripped open and destroyed. They also stole my purse, my lap top, and other personal items.I wish I had more details about my situation especially regarding retrieving my stolen items. It has now been over a month and I have only gotten one e-mail back with no information other than that my case would be “looked at”.

  101. Recent flight from Austin to Ft Myers on which I had requested wheelchair assistance did not provide any jetway assistance and absolutely nothing in Ft Myers from plane to baggage claim and NOONE to ask. Had I fallen which was a distinct possibility, it would have been a catastrophe. I am 82 years old, and will not fly USAIR /AMERICAN airlines again, and I will contact my Americans with Disability Act representative.

  102. traveling from Miami to Lima on Saturday March 21 even when I reserve the seats in advance I got the last row on the right side by the window and the seat did not move making my flight difficult ., on the way back on flight # 918 the service was worst. from the check in I had to open my suit cases to even up the weigth . when I offer to pay for the 3 extra pounds they attempt to charge me $ 180.00per suit case. avoiding to pay $ 480.00 I had to go on he floor to move around my belongins ,I had to go back to the counter because out seats ( we were # 10 on line at check in ) were separates, after that we had to keep walking on the gates because the counter employee never gave us the gate number, ( when i ask about the gate information to another amercian ailines employee in gate 26 he pointed to the gate screan ) this time the seats felt smaller that usual , the food was terrible, the bread was so hard , the lettuce on the salad look old , I returned the food the same way that I received it, the light turns off while im reading severeal times that I had to keep my finger on the switch to continue reading after 5 terrible hours I got to the conclusion that I wont travel on American Airlines again

  103. March 25 I flew from Austin to Ft Myers with a plane change In Charlotte. When booking my flight I requested wheelchair assistance. Had to hunt one up in Austin. Was taken to gate 2hours ahead of time but was assured there would be assistance for boarding. Gate was changed with no one at he desk could find no assistance, and with great difficulty proceeded to new gate. Again no assistance in boarding. At Charlotte no jetway assistance, but. After struggling to gate was transported to boarding gate, again no jetway assistance. When arriving in Ft Myers absolutely no one to help or anyone to ask. Desk was deserted and I literally struggled to baggage claim. I was in danger of falling, I will contact a representative for the Americans with Disabilities commission. I found the whole situation totally unacceptable , and maybe even life threatening.

  104. Our flight on 26 March from MIA to SAT was a great flight, but what made it great was the attention given to us by Ms. Alexandria Hull, Flight Attendant in the 1st class section. She made us feel at ease and her constant attention to details and service with a smile made our flight a delight. Please, pass this on to her supervisors. Thank you.

  105. Extremely disappointed re lack of acknowledgment of any discomfort I encountered. Seems like a simple courtesy.

  106. My husband and I flew from Palm Springs to Ft. Myers Florida, on the return trip, flight 2233 from Dallas, my husband Rick Barnes was cut very badly by something in the seat when he put our luggage in the overhead compartment. We called the Hostess and even though blood was gushing out of the wound, he was given a band aid to cover the 5 inch gash in his leg. We were told that once everyone boarded, the hostess would return with the first aid kit and would have to make a report. She did neither. When leaving, he again was cut , this time in the back of his leg. On the way out of the plane I spoke to the supervisor and gave her my card. I told her that something needed to be done before this happened to anyone else. I have heard nothing from American Airlines since the incident occurred on March 2nd, even though the “Supervisor” seemed concerned and told me that I would hear from American.


  108. I just got back from a trip to St. Thomas.

    the flight to Miami was fine.

    The flight to DCA was not!

    There was no gate ready for us and we waited a hour before one was ready. That was not what we expected.


  109. By far the worst flying experience I have ever had on a domestic flight! Late stry for no apparent reason and took 40 mins to get to terminal. Then another 40 to get bags. Horrible.

  110. Dear customer service.
    I have tried booking flights from Charlotte ,NC to Tobago. I am not able to book these flight on yours or US Airs websites,however I can book them on Expedia and Travelocity. I didn’t want to book these with a second party. I have contacted USAIR and AA and to no avail . The computer systems will not let them book these flight. The tickets, if purchased through Travelocity and Expedia would be on your ticket stock. This makes no sense whatsoever. Please advise how this can be booked through your res. system.
    Thank you Vivian Gibson

  111. My first and last time to fly with American Airlines: I am a larger woman and I paid extra for seats on two of my flights so that I would not be a burden to other passengers. Why I don’t know there was nothing different about them. My last flight to my destination was cancelled and I did not find out until I was on my way to the gate. They tried to rout me to another airport with little knowledge of the other airport. After a four hour delay I arrived at my destination. On the way back home my luggage did not make it with me and they had it delivered to my home the next day. When I went to unzip my luggage the zipper pull was missing and the zipper smashed. I had to rip my luggage open to get my belonging out of it. Now after submitting a claim, for the luggage, I get treated like the “hot potato” and nobody knows whom I should talk to or what should be done about it. American Airlines will not be getting any of my business nor recommendation ever again.

    • I too had an absolute nightmare of a flight with them. I filled out their 1500 word complaint form by cutting it down to the point that even I did not understand what I had gone through. I was answered with the comment that —“well, at least the man pushing the wheelchair knew what was going on. HE was a man from Pakistan(super sweet) who had only been working for 4 months at the airport. and he knew more than the employees assigned to assist me.
      There service sucks.

  112. I am astonished at the lack of customer service at American Airlines. I was a flight attendant for 30 years and took great pride in the training I received from American. On a recent trip I watched a passenger and agent argue about which one was ruder. There is no apparent enforcement of grooming rules anywhere in the company. Flight attendants need a new image. One suggestion is handing out cold towels in summer and hot in winter right after boarding. Have de planing crew pass out mints on departure. The bye, bye bye is an era gone. It would be a pleasure to see some customer appreciation at all levels from check in to departure. I still love American Airlines but have a hard time defending their service today. Johnie Swenson.

  113. Mr. Thomas Bettes, M.D., M.P.H.,

    Dear Sir;
    In April 2014 I was given a voucher for assisting with an ill patient on one of yur flights. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances I have not been able to utilize the voucher. When I attempted to use it on April 30, 2015 I found to my dismay that the voucher had expired. I am writing to ask that you please consider extending the voucher so that I may take advantage of your generous gift.
    I am thanking you in advance for your generous consideration

  114. I flew on American airlines for the first time and last. our luggage was damaged with black grease on it big hunks out of the handles and wheels. your plane was dirty and very uncomfortable. the flight crew was not friendly at all. My granddaughter was with me and is about 6ft tall no room for her legs and person laid back in her seat and she could not move at all in her seat. you spent more time on thanking all the people in the front and frequent flyers what were we chopped meat. if it wasn’t for us you wouldn’t have a plane to fly. we stopped at the customer service after our flight and showed her our luggage and she said there was nothing you could do about it. and was not nice at all. there are many other airlines out there and I will try one of them. never again will I step foot on your plane.

  115. My husband and I had first class tickets from Denver, co leaving on junev30th to Jacksonville, fl returning on June 6th. We were supposed to arrive in Denver at 1:30 pm. The leg out of Charlotte, nc was an absolute nightmare. We were delayed, had a crew change, no water or ice, etc. this was my first flight on American/US air and it will be the LAST. We arrived in Denver at 9:45 pm. Your ground people were not telling us what was happening and we sat on the Tarmac for almost 4 hours. This is not a good air line. I will share this information in every e mail I send!!!!!

  116. The red tape to get a response about a real messed up trip from start to finish is terrible. I have been trying to get a response from AA but the run around is what AA wants so you will give up..GUESS WHAT ? i dont give up easily. so AA i await your answer.

  117. Very disappointed with A.A. customer relations. My wife went to Italy for the memorial of her mother and while she was there she got bronchitis with ear infection, subsequently the doctor advised her not to fly before one week to clear the infection.
    we were charged $861 to change the flight itinerary. The travel agency blames the AA for the high fee and AA washed their hands.
    I tried contacting AA for restitution and received a “form letter” apologizing for my experience.
    I tried responding to the “Apology” email but I got an error reply.
    I even tried calling on the telephone and got nowhere; all I could hear is a recurrent message and when I request to speak to customer relations, I would get hang up on.
    I am very unhappy about AA and will never use their airlines.
    Thank you

  118. Doubt if anyone reads this but AA is the worst airline on the planet. Didn’t fly them for years due to internal problems. Recently made an exception and sure enough, plane breakdown AGAIN, flew Delta instead. Been trying for 2 months for a refund. No contact #’s for this. They basically tell you to bugger off. NEVER AGAIN. The worst ever

  119. I have tried, without success to reach your customer service department. I misread the flight time for your flight 3530 and need to change it. I tried calling within 5 minutes of booking this flight but have had no response.

  120. I have tried, without success to reach your customer service department. I misread the flight time for your flight 3530 and need to change it. I tried calling within 5 minutes of booking this flight but have had no response. I have not sent this message before

  121. Rec.loc.EPQAEH
    I booked a trip to Cabo,Mx.with AA vacations.On the returned trip we were booked with USAir.the flight was cancelled because according to the agent there was no plane to fly us back to Monterey.We had to spend
    More than $40for dinner because they refused to pay for ur dinner
    .Stephanie,a supervisor was very rude and the other agent told me ifI wanted to go t oMonterey earlier I should take a taxi.the agent did not gave me the seats that special assistant had given me because of my disability Ifound after my third attempt Darlene
    Walberg changed my seats.I think the personnel inUS air is very rude and I don’t want to travel anymore
    With them.I want to reccomend ms Walberg for all her help
    I am a million member and always enjoy traveling on AA,but U.S. Air is no good. The personnel is very rude
    Ada Stenin

  122. Ticket 0017548820217
    June 28th 2015

    I have been charge $300.00 at AA counter in LAX for a change of dates I did not need

    American Airlines employs did not the laws and regulations regarding Indonesian visas

    I am expecting AA to verify the laws regarding Tourist visa in Indonesia anad reinmburse me for $300.00

    Immigartion rulefor tourist visa in Indonesia

    For less than 31 days no visa required
    For 60 days you pay $35.00, you are given a 30 days visa with an extension for 30 days

    For 90 days you pay $35,00 you are given a 30 days visa with 2 extensions of 30 days
    I spent 2 hours and a half at AA counter and did not have the choice as I have been told or to loose my ticket and go home

    I knew I was right
    They used old regulations

    Pierrette CONSTANTIN

  123. I can not believe you board passengers prior to doing your checks on the plane. Leaving your customers stuck for over 2 hours with no to little information is total bullshit. While you are basically the same as every airline in this respect, it’s simply not acceptable to treat your customers this way. You waste all of our time and ruin people’s day. This was flight 328. Look it up.

    Do something for once. Make a change and never board people prior to doing your maintenance checks. It’s absoloutly wrong to put good paying customers through this BS.

  124. I have been trying to make contact with the airline for over an hour without any success. what are my options?

  125. My daughter and I flew to Barbados for my friend”s funeral on Jul 23rd. We had a disservice and on the return flight, we were forced to wait over an hour for a wheelchair. It was frustrating, and as a person with cardiac health, it was somewhat scary. what was annoying there was no AA agent just two airport employees who kept calling but no answers, we had a four hour drive ahead of us, which brought us home at three in the morning. Why was there no wheelchairs at the gate, and why did the agent leave us alone knowing I needed a wheelchair??????

  126. I find it terrible to have my luggage go missing in Miami on both leaving and returning flights. I expect to be contacted immediately on how we can come to an agreement about this. I will be doing a follow up.

  127. On the 04/08/2015 in Dallas/Fortworth airport we encounter the most helpful and kindest flight agent. Luis Mendina helped us out and got us a flight home. We had been at airports (LAX) from 0700 that morning and now going on 2000 hrs. We were tired and frankly a bit annoyed. Flight delayed over two hours in Los Angels because of mechanical problems. Missing connecting flight to New Orleans,
    Luis not only got us on a flight but upgrade to first class. This was a big treat for us. The flight number was AA2386 in case I spelled Luis’s last name wrong. AA needs more people like him, a people person. Can’t thank Luis enough for his work and kindness. Keep it up, we will fly AA next time we take another trip.

  128. went to the Dominican Republic on vacation with my wife and son on july31 til aug 7th 2015 had a great time until time to go home, the flight leaving on the aug7th had a delay for 8 hours for departing to Miami then suppose to connect and go to dulles airport. that did not happen. we had to stay in Miami until the next day, not happy at all because we did not get to dulles instead they sent us to Reagan airpoot, had to pay a taxi $150.00 to take us to dulles, money I did not have. not happy at all

  129. I have been trying to get a response from someone in customer service, Marjorie Nir, I was awarded 2 X $200 voucher but the “click here ” button only takes me back to the AA web site. There is no way that I can find any information except by trying to contact again through a lengthy application. This is the worst system I have every been exposed to, worst customer service ever.
    Jolene Dixon

  130. On 8/9/15 my wife and I had our worst travel experience in American Airlines. We left St. Martin 2219 2 hours late after 2 seperate delays. We pulled into Miami and sat on the run way for and additional 45 minutes. We therefore missed our connecting flight. No one was able to get help or information for another hour and a half. Information was not forth coming. We were eventually told that there were no seats available until the next night. We were on standby for all the following day flights. We got off on the 9:00AM flight to JFK. We we landed in JFK we had to wait for 45 minutes to find some one to operate the jetway. This is no way to operate an airlines.

  131. I wanted to take a moment to call out the wonderful customer service Connie Sanders in your Dallas office gave my wife and I in a very stressful situation. Connie went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of and her level of attention to repairing our trouble filled day was extraordinary, she single handedly restored my faith in your organization and she deserves congratulations for the work that she does.

  132. LIES. American Airlines has lied to me repeatedly. My bag did not arrive at the airport. I was waiting for an extended period of time at the carousel and no bags came out for my flight. Nor did anyone from the baggage office that had a clear view of the carousel come out to say nothing would be coming. I checked at the office and they then said there was NO REASON why my suitcase shouldn’t have arrived. They were to send my suitcase to me at my hotel. At 2:24 PM I received a phone call from a recorded message saying my bag was picked up and would be delivered within 6 hours. LIE. I called the delayed baggage number and was told it was picked up at 3 PM and would be delivered within 6 hours. LIE. I checked online this evening and it said it was picked up at 3 PM and would be delivered in 6 hours. LIE. I called customer service and waited for 5 minutes and was cutoff. I called back and was told my bag was picked up at 8 PM and would be there within 3 hours. LIE. I called again and was told it was picked up at 8 PM and would be here within 4 hours. LIE. I told them I wanted to Am Airlines to contact the person who physically has my bag and find out exactly where it is. The customer service representative repeated the false and useless information about pickup and delivery. I continued to demand they contact the person who has my bag. They finally said they called a number but got a voicemail and left a message. They refused to contact an actual person and refused to find out exactly where my bag is. MY BAG IS STILL NOT HERE. I had to attend a work meeting in jeans today. I usually go to be at 9 PM but am not able to. It is after 11 PM now. Still no bag, but plenty of LIES from American Airlines.

  133. on July 8th I called usairways to make res. using my companion pass from Elmira ny to Palm Springs, Ca. Got a confirmation # for usairway and American Airways because of merger. On Aug. 8th I called AA to upgrade to1st class using my AA advantage mile and told it would also cost 300.00 for 2 to upgrade to and from Elmira and miles. That was fine but when I received my AAadvantage credit card bill yesterday the 300.00 was on there but there was also a charge for 478.13 that I knew NOTHING about. I’ll called and they said you can’t upgrade on a companion pass so they charge me the additional cost of the flight but didn’t give me the option to see if I wanted this additional charge, they just went ahead and charged me and to add insult I lost my companion ticket, they can’t refund that. If this is part of the merger please let people know about charges that my accure. This was not right. I know nothing can be done or won’t be done, but I think everyong should be on the same page and let the customer know what’s going on.

  134. Just flew america airlines via american eagle….had the rudest flight attendant ever….another passenger was javing questions on connecting flight …she was so worried missing it…flight attendant was so rude and no help….she was nasty to passengers whole serving beverages…..we sat for 20 minutes waiting foe gate when landing in chicago…many of us needed to uae restroom…she snapped at people when we tried to use restrooms. ….not pleasant!.then after getting my bags…i opened them to a complete disaray…and someone else’s pajamas wich had oil and grease all over them and put in my bag…..not happy with that since it got on my clothes! Have flown american many times..rethinking of ever flying with them again…..

  135. I am currently on a flight from JFK to LAX on American Airlines (flight 0019) and was EXTREMELY frustrated that I almost missed the flight due to extraordinarily LONG lines to get through security. For my 11:00 fight, I arrived at the airport at 9:45 — pleased to have plenty of time to get to my gate, or so I thought; I barely made it on the flight and I was the last one in the door with no time to get water or use the restroom. My taxi could make the very traffic-filled drive from NYC in far less time than it took to get through the security line, first the ID check and then the scan…both were seriously understaffed. This is a bit of a deal-breaker for me…I recently decided to try to book all of my business travel through American to get the miles for rewards but if this is the type of service that I am to expect — not worth it.

  136. First of all, big thanks and shout out to your Cust Svc rep Laura. She is very friendly and was able to address my problem quickly. You should feel very fortunate to have her as an employee.

    The complete opposite is your employee Liibide (sorry I didn’t get the spelling of his name). I hesitate to call him a Customer Service Rep. He did help me with some problems I had on my outgoing flight but basically was of no help whatsoever with my return flight. I called at approximately 1.45 HST on Thursday 3 September, so you may wish to review the tape. That was not a good experience.

    I appreciate you are going through a merger and some employees may be less than thrilled, but this attitude should not be evident to your customers who are just calling to get some help.

    Lesley H

  137. I have had a very terrible experience with the service of American Airlines today.
    The woman who was assisting me with a wheel chair had no knowledge of the DWF airport itself. When she could not take me to the boarding gate she left me on the way. I was lost and helpless today. Some how I managed to drag myself to a gate. I had to wait overnight at the gate for next flight tomorrow and it is the other gate I have to fly from. I don’t know how I will make it to the right gate.This is very disgusting….

  138. I have this date, due to illness(A Stroke) had to cancel round trip ticket
    no. 0012309351902 from SNA to DFW. I was issued future flight passes good for a year. I am writing to request that you waive the $200 transfer charge when I am able to use the passes. This request is due to my circumstances of not being able to travel for the next few months due to my illness. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Donald D. Gandy

  139. I am holding reservations for flights departing 26 Sep. I booked this flight in June. I am using two vouchers as partial payment for these flights. I sent the vouchers to the address provided in July. This is September 10 and they have not been processed so I still do not have tickets.

    I called on Tuesday, September 8th (the third phone call I’ve made on this) and was told – after they indicated a bit of confusion as to where the vouchers were – that they would be processed THAT DAY.

    I began following up on these again today at 12:20 Pacific time. I chose the call back option. I was called back to discover that you evidently lost one of my vouchers as you only have one voucher for $500 where there were TWO vouchers, each for $500.

    I was on hold for about 40 minutes, with regular ‘updates’ from a supervisor named Tony…who was contacting some unidentified department to check on the second, missing voucher….when…yes,, I was cut off!

    I called back…only to be told the wait would be 18-25 minutes. I’m still waiting on this call back.

    This trip is the trip of a lifetime for my husband, a wounded veteran and cancer survivor. We are traveling to Pittsburgh where I am taking him to see his FAVORITE TEAM, the Steelers play arch-rival the Baltimore Ravens. Two days later I’m taking him to his first MLB game – seeing the Pirate vs. Reds. I have scrimped and saved to make this trip a reality.

    I am beyond flustered…I am angry and frightened that his trip will be ruined. I am livid that I have made multiple calls on this and it is not resolved.

    What do I need to do to get customer service from you? HELP!!!

    Beth Wiruth

  140. I am very disappointed in AA. I Flew to Columbia, MO on 9/07/15 which was fine. Coming back on the 10th was a disaster. My flight to Chicago (why I didn’t go back by way of Dallas I don’t understand), was to depart at 5am. I arrived at 3:50am.First they changed it back to 6:23, then 8, then 9. We were in he loading area when they told us we weren’t going at all. I was rebooked for 4:15 pm. Hurray we made it to Chicago. I had 10 mins to spare. No problem that plane wasn’t going anywhere either. After sitting on that plane for over a half hour we had to get off and wait for another plane that wasn’t even on the ground yet. By the time I got to Tampa my ground transportation wasn’t there. By the time I got home it was 3am. I am a 82 yr old healthy and happy women, but let me tell you when I am still awake at 3am for no reason of my own I am not a happy person. For shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. I recently had a flight cancelled by American Airlines and stood in a line for 45 minutes to get rebooked on another flight. I was shocked to find out that the gate agents did not have a view into the available USAIR flights. As I was standing in line, I accessed USAIR online and I saw flights that were available. The agent was able to book me on a Delta flight. Do you think that was a little strange? I do.

    When I got to the complimentary hotel that American setup for me, I called 800-433-7300 and talked to an agent there who, to my surprise was unable to see flights that were available on USAIR. She told me there were no open seats on any of the early USAIR flights. I was online and could see that there were available flights. I actually booked a flight to prove it to her. While she could see my reservation once I gave her the confirmation number, she still cold not see that I had selected seats on the flight. When I got off the plane with her, I checked in to ensure that I was able to get on the flight. To my amazement, I was able to check in. I selected exit row seats and was able to fly out the next morning well ahead of the 6:50pm flight that the agents (both at the airport and on the phone) said was the earliest I could fly out.
    If I can do that, why can’t do that? Here’s a suggestion. Since the agents cannot see USAIR, why not give them access to the internet so they can see available USAIR flights? There were several USAIR flights that would have taken care of at least half of the people who needed to flights.
    I understand that it may be a while before USAIR and American software will be synched. But, there is no reason for your agents to be so disconnected.
    I have to admit that I was selfishly happy to be able to book my flight before all of your other customers and that the agent was able to remove the charges.
    But it was inconvenient and nonsensical.

  142. I recently had a flight cancelled by American Airlines and stood in a line for 45 minutes to get rebooked on another flight. I was shocked to find out that the gate agents did not have a view into the available USAIR flights. As I was standing in line, I accessed USAIR online and I saw flights that were available. The agent was able to book me on a Delta flight. Do you think that was a little strange? I do.

    When I got to the complimentary hotel that American setup for me, I called 800-433-7300 and talked to an agent there who, to my surprise was unable to see flights that were available on USAIR. She told me there were no open seats on any of the early USAIR flights. I was online and could see that there were available flights. I actually booked a flight to prove it to her. While she could see my reservation once I gave her the confirmation number, she still cold not see that I had selected seats on the flight. When I got off the phone with her, I checked in to ensure that I was able to get on the flight. To my amazement, I was able to check in. I selected exit row seats and was able to fly out the next morning well ahead of the 6:50pm flight that the agents (both at the airport and on the phone) said was the earliest I could fly out.
    If I can do that, why can’t do that? Here’s a suggestion. Since the agents cannot see USAIR, why not give them access to the internet so they can see available USAIR flights? There were several USAIR flights that would have taken care of at least half of the people who needed to flights.
    I understand that it may be a while before USAIR and American software will be synched. But, there is no reason for your agents to be so disconnected.
    I have to admit that I was selfishly happy to be able to book my flight before all of your other customers and that the agent was able to remove the charges.
    But it was inconvenient and nonsensical.

  143. I received a promo in the mail from American Airlines in reference to fast tracking to elite status. When I tried to log onto the web site in the promo I could not find it ( Was there really ever such a site? The time register has now expired. It’s a little upsetting that I wasn’t able to get myself registered and earn the elite status faster.

  144. was in Haiti August 17th,went to the airport 11-30am and the flight was to depart for the US at 1pm and was told I HAD MISSED MY FLIGHT.But was not offered any essentive to stay for the next day,and was forced to buy another tickert for August 23rd at my expence.I almost lost my job because of tht,they sold my seat and put me at an expected expencies of which I DEMAND TO BE COMPANCERTATED FOR THE MONEY LOST,WAGES LOST.PLEASE DO RESPOND TO THIS URGENT MATTER SO IT CAN BE RESOLVED IN AN AMECABLE MANOR.THANK INADVANCE FOR YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION TO THIS URGENT MATTER,WILL LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR FROM YOU AT YOUR EARLIEST POSSIBLE CONVENIENT TIME.THANK YOU SINCERLY jEAN Noel

  145. I am standing at American airlines counter in McAllen, Tx waiting for a hotel voucher 3 hours after landing from Flight 5783 that was redirected due to bad weather over Queretaro. No one from AA communicated anything until 11:30 pm. Saw flight was cancelled hour before. 3 hours to decide, really? No communication, really? By the looks of it and one person at counter, I will be here at least another hour. Poor. I am a AA FF#64L8RJ4. Disappointed.

  146. I flew to Cleveland, Ohio from Albany, New York on September 13, 2015. One stop occurred at Charlotte North Carolina. Changed planes. Upon arrival in Cleveland, I learned that my baggage was not on the plane. After an hour or more, I finally learned that the baggage had not been placed on my plane and would be coming on another flight. By this time, it was in the middle of the evening. My relatives and I waited around an finally were told that the baggage would come to our home in Shaker Heights. We waited at home several hours. At about 12:30AM, we received a call that the delivery was going to take place soon. At 1:00AM it arrived.
    I was distressed by the event — I had medications in that baggage, and was most anxious about having it delivered.
    Distressing enough to pay a high price for the round-trip ticket, distressing enough that there was a stop —— I have had a couple of non-stoppers going to Cleveland from Albany in the past. It makes me concerned about flying.

  147. American Airlines,i am so disappointed !!! I had such a difficult time with my disabled child!! You lost my stroller seat belt, i had to walk all the way on the airport holding my 4 years old daughter…and after standing one hour at the baggage claim they told me to call your customer service ,guess what? They could’nt do anything!! it proceeds? unbelievable!!!

  148. Last Thurs.9/17 I took two flights on your airline. Minneapolis to Chicago, 1/2 hour late for weather then another 2 hours delay for an engine light. Missed my connection from Chicago to Toronto, took a later flight which was delayed 1 hour for computer issues. I returned Sat. 9/19, my flight from Toronto to Chicago was delayed 1 1/2 hours, again missing my connection. When I got my carry-on bag, valet service, my bag had a zipper open and my cell phone was missing. My Chicago flight to Minneapolis was boarded on time. we sat at the gate about 1/2 an hour before we left. I accept the fact that some things are uncontrollable, like weather. 2 very long days of flying and missing my belongings makes me believe American is not the way to fly.

  149. I felt compelled to state that I can no longer fly with you, as you continue to treat people without respect. The latest, the service dog issue. What is wrong with your training? Whatever it is, I cannot fly with a company that cannot properly train its personnel. Good bye!

  150. Just wanted to tell you of the experience I had today on your
    airline. There was a gentlemen ahead of me when we were leaving the
    aircraft that was blind. Your flight crew was amazing with him they
    were very kind and understanding. They helped him off the gang way and
    had an escort waiting for them. Unfortunately we had one passenger that
    was an absolute jerk a wanted him moved. But your flight crew and
    escort was great. Kuddo’s to them for being so compassionate with the

    Flight Number: 2202

    Flight Date: 9/14/2015

    Approximate Departure Time: Anytime

    Origin: Shreveport, LA, US (SHV)
    Destination: Tucson, AZ, US (TUS)

  151. I would like someone to call me regarding the three worst customer service calls I have ever had today. Email me first since the representative said I can only do it in writing. #flysouthwest. #behelpfulfail

  152. American Airlines, never more!

    Me, my wife and my son had scheduled everything for our vacation dreams during 7 months. We plan all the details: We bought the air tickets (AA), hotel, rented a car, bought all the tickets for the parks. And on 08/26/15 we boarded.

    On the way there were some setbacks. My husband have 1,97m and I have 1.82m, and it was a painful because of the very tight space between one chair and another. It was a terrible night!

    Besides all the discomfort, there was a delay of one hour from Miami to Orlando because of problems with the door of the luggage aircraft compartment.

    But just when we arrived at our destination, we decided to forget everything.

    The 9/15/15, it will take a while to be forgotten. Starting with another delay in our flight, which theoretically would leave Orlando 19: 40h, and after hours of delay, again because of problems with the aircraft, the commander warned us that maybe the aircraft would not take off because of possible structural problem with the luggage door of the plane and the door was opened to any one who wanted to leave the plane.

    After this communication, I´ve tried to cancel our flight (of course I didn´t want to fly in this plane anymore), but the attendant company brusquely warned us that if the plane was repaired, our luggage would go with the plane! Even when I asked for more of 3 times to have my luggage.

    After +/- 3 hours, even with a lot of people scared and worried the plane left toward Miami. As everyone in the airplane lost the connection that would take place at 21: 30h, AA informed us that we would be reallocated in the next and last flight of the day, at midnight.

    Given the lack of space we face in the first flight (from São Paulo), we had managed to book the seat 20, which there are no chair in front of us, so a little more space for the legs. Which fell down because of these problems with the delay.

    Arriving at the airport, they made us run (the guy of AA came in a little car and said to everyone Hurry up Guys, hurry up) to the plane. When we arrived at the door the manager told us that we would have to go separate in the airplane and that we lost the chair 20. She told us that she had to separate others people to to let an adult with a child. Funny no?? What does she wanted?? My 6 years old boy flying alone??? I just said that I wanted to fly together, it was our last day of vacation. I even accept to be accommodated on the next flight, she just said, no you will fly in this one, and again I heard, your luggage will go on this flight. My son understood what was talked about and start to cry because he didn´t wanted to be separated from one of us. She was still looking at me and saying that I had to understand and that we had to fly separated (Frankly speaking it´s not a 30 minutes flight so I didn´t have to understand anything). In this moment I asked her if she had a son, she answeredd yes, so I asked her to explain to my boy why she was separing us and calm him down. After about 30 min, she put us in executive seats13, and on behalf of a hurry, since the flight was already late, she has not given us any boarding pass.

    After about 2 hours flying, more or less 3 am, one flight attendant waked me up questioning if me and my family should be there because no one informed the crew. I explained everything and 15-20 minutes after he came back and asked to spell my name and my wife name because if no one could confirm that we should be there (even knowing all the stories) we should go to the economic area because if we didn´t go he would be obligated to call the police for when we would be landing!!!! Do you believe on that? I had to describe the flight attendant who saw the AA land responsible telling us to seat there (at 3-4 am!!!!). He said the captain would send a radio contact to Miami to be sure we should be there because if not he would have to call the police (again). After that I´ve tried, of course, to search the flight attendant without success (the flight attendant who was serving us remembered that we was guided by the responsible in land but he was not sure where she told us to sit. In this moment this guy said (it was something like 5-6 am already) that he was police before to be flight attendant and that was why everyone ask him to do this type of inquiry.

    When there was about a half hour to land I saw the flight attendant who saw us be guided to seat there, Mrs Fatima, she remenbered in the same minute and I call him and she repeated that we really should be there. In this moment he said “please, don´t worry, I´m not worried anymore, so you shouldn´t be worried anymore”. He threatened us with police and he wanted me to just forgot ??? Really unprepared team. Fatima told me it was a strange way to talk to us and he should ask her anything before because she was the responsible to change anyone of place in this flight.

    As I said in the beginning, AA probably never more!

    • Purchased 2 round trip tickets to Maui, Hi from Phoenix. Almost 7 weeks in advance.
      My wife and I received 2 middle row seats on outbound flight and no assigned seating on return trip. Ended up with 2 more middle row seats in back of plane on return flight. We were at airport 7 hours in advance. Although, no staff until 3 hours prior to flight. Flight was extremely rough for hours. My wife was praying for hours, would have been nice to be next to her. Have trouble understanding lack of concern for your guests. Ground and flight staff were wonderful and professional. Shame it can’ be said of American Airlines!
      Ray Kramer

  153. On a flight from SFO to Miami (#208) on 9/28/2015 I had money stolen from my handbag while I was in the rest room.
    I would like to make this report to you. I was surprised that I was unable to make a report by phone.

    Sallianne Dale

  154. On September 11, 2015 I had a confirmed flight from Tulsa to Las Vegas
    after arrival at airport I was informed that the flights had been overbooked and I could get to Dallas the next morning but not to Las Vegas.
    I was on hold with reservations several times for very long periods of time. One AA reservations and one agent told me it would cost me an extra $189.00 to fly out next morning then stated that flights were booked next day.
    I was contacted by email that my flight was canceled due to weather

    when it was 71 degs. sunny, 2 mph winds and all the flights I had confirmation number were all on time.

    I was even told that the flights were extremely overbooked. I have filed several complaints with AA Customer Service (Reference: 1-4458415193) with no response. I had non-refundable hotel, pool cabana, car-rental and event tickets in Las Vegas which cost me thousands of dollars not including scheduled vacation time.
    My concern is that AA long responded to my complaints and lies about reasons the I was bumped of flight.
    I have always been a loyal customer to AA and do not believe any of your customers should be treated in this manner!
    I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
    BBB Fort Worth, TX complaint #10810158 which AA has failed to answer.
    I received this email and this continues to get worse.
    I arrived at Tulsa Airport at AA ticket counter 1.5 hours before my flight.
    I did not have any bags to check! Why does AA Customer Service continue to lie about reasons that the flight was overbooked? The ticket agent told me the flight was overbooked.

  155. I traveled recently on your airlines and experienced a discomfort on Flight us3861 Tuesday oct. 8th 2015 . The air conditioning wasn’t working and because of my asthma it was hot and I felt funny. I BELEIVE YOU SHOULD NEVER LET AIRCRAFT OFF THE GROUND LIKE THAT BECAUSE EVERYONE WAS REACHING TO GET AIR AND FOR THE PRICE ONE PAYS WE SHOULD GET THE BEST. THE STEWARDRESS APOLOGIZED TO US BUT THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. I EXPECT BETTER SERVICE IN THE FUTURE. tHANK -YOU

  156. My Mom had a worst experience with AA Mom is 81 yrs.old lady who does not speak English.We requested wheelchair assistance due to her arthritis and a language problem.We had reconfirmed out request prior to her departure and a few days before all together 4 times.At DFW airport she needed to change plane.She got off the plane and was instructed to wait for a wheelchair assistance.After waiting long time nobody came to help her.Due to not getting a wheelchair assistance on time she missed her connecting plane to N.J.Somehow she manage to get a plane but not until next morning.Agent was helping her to make an arrangement for her to stay overnight at the Airport.Agent gave her new boarding pass for next day 10.00A.M flight.Agent was supposed to get her all the sleeping supply.Told her to wait at a certain area so she can get a bedding supply and food voucher for her.Agent left her alone.My Mom thought that Agent will get her bedding supply and food she was waiting on an agent’s arrival with all these goodies.She had to use restroom so bad but my mom was afraid to leave the area since agent was supposed to show up.After waiting for a hr agent never showed up.Finally another customer helped her to get all the bedding supply.This is worst experience she had with AA airline.Never again with this Airline.

  157. I am sorry to say that our experience at the AA counter in Newark was less than stellar – Of the two customer service reps at the counter assisting passengers checking in, one dedicated her time to ONLY First Class passengers, and the other woman seemed to do as little as possible – too busy worrying about what everyone else was doing – all except what she could BE doing! As the line grew longer, the less interested she became, and her attitude was horrific – It took us less time to get to the Airport than it did standing in line to check in! (over an hour with only four people in front of us). By the time we stepped up to the counter – a new representative got on board – we had to “calm ourselves down” – you can imagine how the other forty or so people began to feel behind us! As you continually strive to tell us, you “care” about the passenger, and this individual could use a bit of attitude adjustment – or find her another position! She was caustic and should not be involved with passengers! Sorry, but you need to know this. AND, before this – we tried to check in on line, and although we already had assigned seats (four of them), we had to choose seats, and we were charged an additional $67.00. REALLY! How much more could we possibly have spent? We then get popped $25.00 for our luggage, which we are prepared for, but $67 for more seats – your website was NOT user friendly – So, we were already bummed by the time we got to the airport, and then stand on line another hour to watch this “dog and pony show”, and then – well – thankfully a nice flight, and a good trip home – I’m afraid I’d think twice before I fly AA again – I do thank you for listening! It’s what you want, right?!

  158. I am writing to express my disappointment with my recent trip. I made arrangements via American Airlines so that I could use my points and I was happy with that. I got a good price. Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate security breach at Albany Airport my flight to Norfolk was delayed two hours. We rebooked to Newport News in lieu of Norfolk to get there at a decent hour. Our luggage however went to Norfolk. We rented a car and picked our luggage.On the return flight and checked our luggage and then got an email from YOU telling us of a delay and based on the information YOU provided we rebooked to a later flight. Once in the air we realized that the information YOU gave us was wrong and we could make our original flight. You said that we had to go from terminal F to B but we only had to go a few gates in F!! We got re-ticketed for our original flight. BUT OR LUGGAGE IS STILL NOT HERE. We both have to get up early tomorrow for work but have to return to the airport to get our luggage! With a name like American and or United whoever you are now…I expect better!

  159. I have been an AA customer for over 25 years. Your service has become disappointing to say the least. It is in all areas of service from check in to , tavel to baggage handling. One of your long time employees advised me to start flying Delta? ? ?

    Do you have plans for improving this or should I take this advice and transfer my status to another airlines?

  160. I tried to use a $500 travel voucher for a recent flight and I was unable to do so as American Airlines refused to accept the voucher. Please tell travelers to keep their seats and not be scammed by these fictitious vouchers that AA offers for travelers to give up their seats.

    Ps I also mailed a complaint to AA via their wed site and tried to resolve this issue and I never got a response. Just another fictitious game provided you by American

  161. Had an online reservation set to go and when trying to submit it told me to start over – I called a representative right away and said they could see the price I was quoted but when refreshed when up $120 – Hard to believe that they would not stand by what they could see online – I ended up having to pay the additional $120 because I needed those exact flights – again hard to believe they would not stand beside the online price – very expensive

  162. I flew to Ireland on 9/15/15 and returned on 9/25/15. This was my first international flight and my first time to fly in many years. The personnel were nice and the food was good. Comfort on the way over was ok as I had an aisle seat but was in the middle of 5 seats on the return flight and the person’s chair in front of me was all the way back (seemed a little further back than some) and I was not able to watch movies as it was too close and could hardly put my tray down to eat. When returning, I kept watching for my bag and it just wasn’t there so went to the counter and ask. She said it had not been checked in to be sent to US but they would deliver to Terrell, Texas when they were able to get it here by another plane. I checked back and was told that it would be arriving next day at 4:30 pm and would be sent out at 7:00 pm. I called several times and was given many different times which kept me up all of Saturday night awaiting on the arrival and not wanting to miss them as it had my medicines in the bag. I had to go out and buy toiletries because I was attending church on Sunday morning. The bag arrived while I was gone. I am a senior citizen suffering from fibromyalgia and the stress and lack of sleep were really hard on me.

  163. I had reservations on a 5:45 flight out of Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, October 17, 2015. At 5:30 we learn there is a problem with the plane and they will update us in an hour. At 8:00, I ask the desk attendant about my connecting flight in Dallas which was scheduled to depart at 10:20. She said you will be fine. At 8:30, I asked again and was told you will be fine. I asked again at 9:00 and was told I would miss it and I was on another flight leaving Dallas at 5:00. I was going to Las Vegas and had 7:00 show tickets worth almost $300 and was going to miss my show. The attendant shrugged her shoulders. I knew there were three other flights between that time and asked about them, she told me to just let Dallas handle it. I had my 81 year old mother with me and she was and I both were just very upset because we were left up in the air. When I got to Dallas the desk attendant there told me we were on a 5:00 flight but she could move us to a 12:25, which we were more than happy about. We didn’t care if we sat together or anything else, we just needed to get to our destination because we were meeting family at the airport to go to our hotel. I was very happy with all of the AA employees we dealt with but the attendants in Huntsville who just could not have cared less. I understand things happen and delays cannot be avoided but a little time and investigating on their part at the start of the this problem could have saved us all a lot of heartache.

  164. There is a middle aged African American woman with a short hair cut and glasses at your Philadelphia Airport location who refused to give me her full name when I requested it due to her despicable attitude. She finally told me her name was “D” and hid her name badge as she stated this. “D” does not deserve a job in customer service and especially not in your first class check in area where I encountered her. As I rushed past the long TSA line to the self service ticketing counter with only 40 minutes until my flight departed I was happy to see there was a free kiosk. I began to retrieve my reservation and midway through this process “D” walked up to me and said “This is for first class passengers only” I looked up from the screen confused because there wasn’t any sign or indicator that the kiosks were first class kiosks and additionally I wondered how “D” knew I was or was not first class and why she would make such an assumption. I replied “Excuse me?” “D” condescendingly stated “These kiosks are for first class passengers only”. I replied to “D” stating that I wasn’t aware of this as there weren’t any signs, that there currently wasn’t a line and that I only had 40 minutes until my flight departed. “D” proceeded to press the “cancel” button on the kiosk screen and state “Well with 40 minutes left you will miss your flight anyway”. I was FURIOUS but needed to check in for my flight so I ran down the hallway to the non first class kiosks. As I then ran back up the hallway I overheard “D” arguing with another customer about the kiosks being “first class”. This lack of customer service or basic manners and understanding is unacceptable specifically in a customer facing role. Customers have options and buying power. I fly weekly for work and this was my first time flying American in a long while. My company’s headquarters is based out of Seattle and I generally fly Alaska Air but decided to give American a chance. Needless to say I will not be returning due to the behavior of this one employee.

  165. I left LGA August 26, 2015 and have my baggage claim ticket but need a copy of my airlinet ticket because I arrived home to find my jewelry and purse were missing from my luggage – I have filed a claim bu they want a copy of my ticket and I can’t find it – can u send me a copy of it or tell me how I can find it — everything else was in tact nothing disturbed except these items and purse was laying of top and jewelry was in side pocket

  166. Purchased AA tkt may 2014 to fly LHR-EWR 18th may PNR:MSJNWK AA6148 tkt 001-4836746495 around £700 rebooked £200 BA DUTY OFFICER ADVICED NOT to fly due diabetice-neuropathy-heart attack at Heathrow London,BA authorised refund.Thereafter Hospital-Doctors document forwarded AA agreed to send the refund.100 reminders sent AA is ignoring my requests please I am Disabled and just had a Brain Stroke with vascular Dementia.If AA does not accept BA authority or your Reservations staff lying then please advice accordingly.Just to let you know when AA came to UK, I assisted your Finance Team from Dallas and your Mr Tony Sachet Cargo Manager was assisted at Heathrow Airport Trans Mediterranean Airways.Kindly assist me

  167. On October 20th of this year I had the unfortunate opportunity to fly American Airlines from Myrtle Beach to Jackson with the final leg being from Washington the Jackson. This was an 8 pm flight (AA3879) which should have been a quiet and somewhat relaxing flight at that time of night but was turned into pure misery by a rude and unhelpful attendant. I didn’t get her name because her tag was turned backward but since she was the only attendant on the plane her identity shouldn’t be too hard to sort out. As I write this I realize the futility of my complaint because I will come off sounding like a disgruntled passenger who exaggerates a story to make a point. Be that as it may, I will tell you what happened knowing that the fellow sitting next to me and the ladies across the aisle can confirm what I say. The 2 ladies across the aisle work with me and as we deplaned made the comment that “she surely had it in for you”.

    I manage a special investigations unit for an insurance company. We had gone to Myrtle Beach for a seminar and had to come back through Washington. Our flight was not full but was probably 80 to 85 percent of capacity. I had the aisle seat of 10C. My seatmate was a nice young man that I would describe as sturdy. He was around 5 foot 9 inches and weighed 350# or so. He did all he could to confine himself to his space allowed but some things just don’t work. The center armrest not only would not come down but could not even be seen since it was midway of his right shoulder. Even though I am not large, I had to sit at an uncomfortable angle to fit in the seat because his right side would have been behind my left shoulder if I tried to sit normally in the seat. My plan was to make sure the plane had boarded so as not to get someone else’s seat and then move to a more comfortable seat. I had my eye on the window seat two rows up which was an exit row. A smallish lady sat in the aisle seat and we would have all been comfortable.

    Here is where things fall apart. As I was waiting for the doors to close I was looking up the aisle and noticed the attendant go over to Stacy Pickering, our state auditor who I happened to know, and say something to him and motion to an empty row several rows behind him. He thanked her and got up to move to the seat the attendant pointed him to. I heard the doors close and a few minutes later the attendant walked to the back and I asked if the plane was fully boarded. She said it was and I say something to the effect of “great, I’ll move up to give us both more room”. She immediately said I could not do that because “it would upset the weigh distribution on the plane.” She told me I had to remain in my assigned seat. I am sure about this time you are saying to yourselves that she wouldn’t have said that because it is not only ridiculous it is unnecessary. Why would she not want me as well as my seatmate to be comfortable? I don’t know, I just know she did and my seatmate and the ladies that work with me were all dumbfounded by the comment. Since my overriding desire was to get home and not get thrown off the plane I kept my mouth shut and kept my seat. Her instruction begs the question of how could random selection of seat assignments made days and sometimes weeks prior to boarding along with no declaration of our individual weight have any effect on changing seats to be more comfortable? The average 6th grader could see the contradiction in what she said when compared with basic common sense.

    The story get better (or worst if you are me). I tried to read during the flight to pass the time and since I had to sit at an angle the book I was reading was partly in the aisle with my right arm supporting my weight as I leaned away from my seatmate. The attendant made it a point of walking down the aisle 6 or 8 times during the flight for no apparent reason and each time she passed my seat she would walk straight ahead instead of turning to the side as she passed. This too was noted by those on either side of me. And when I said she walked down the aisle for no apparent reason I can assure you it wasn’t because she was taking such good care of your passengers. As soon as the flight left the ground she came on the speaker to inform us there would be no beverage service on the flight because her garbage can lid was not working properly. Seriously, I’m not making that up. Check it out with the pilot or other passengers. Her garbage can lid wasn’t working. We got a 2 hour flight facing us and don’t even get a coke because she can’t collect the garbage after we drink the beverage.

    It’s been a long time since I have had the misfortune of dealing with someone as unpleasant as your attendant and then I could normally chose to leave or ignore. Neither of those options were available to me since I was trapped in a metal tube at 35,000 feet.

    If this is the new American Airlines I’ll go on record as saying I like the old one better. You won’t go broke by losing my business but you will have an extra seat available to sell to some other unsuspecting customer.

  168. 2 hour wait and no offer of another plane. Staff not being very involved and customer service saying 10 more minutes. Worst flight!

  169. Re: Extreme deficiency of Wheelchair Service at both Chicago O’Hare and Miami International airports (AA Flight 1377 on October 19,2015)

    it is pitiful to have to report that my several emails to Customer Relations have not been answered as of to date October 29, a total lack of the most elementary courtesy toward an 84 years old First-Class passenger and Frequent Flier….

    Francois Dangleterre

  170. At check in for flight 2356 my bag was viewed by personnel as oversized. Placed in size check & was 1 inch to tall . My gripe- my husband with identical bag was not ( diff color) asked to size check. observed numerous obviously too tall bags past check pt. your losing $.

  171. I wanted to vent my frustration with the baggage situation with your airline. Everything else was good, but the way my baggage was handled would make me think twice before booking with AA again. I was charged $25 each way for one bag, not being told my bag could be carried on for no charge. To add insult to the $50 charged, my bag was damaged on the outside upon being returned to me. Customer service at check-in should be more helpful, rather than merely tell you to just check-in with the kiosk. This was my first time flying with AA, I thought they would be competitive with Southwest which offers baggage included and some sort of snack included. Would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.

  172. I work at the Alaska Airlines Central Baggage Service Call Center in Seattle and received a call this morning from your AA Agent John Young in Traverse City, Michigan. John stated that one of our Mileage Plan Members had flown on AA and had left his Alaska State ID in the plane, which eventually was found when the plane arrived in Traverse City. After giving me the Mileage Plan info, John asked that I call our MP Member (since John himself did not have access to the phone number) and let him know he was putting the ID in the mail and Tyler should receive it within a few days . I called and Tyler was very happy to know that John had taken the time and effort to get this ID back to him. I commend John for his diligence and caring attitude displayed by his time and effort to get this item back to our Mileage Plan Member. Thank you, John! American is fortunate to have you as an Agent.

  173. Their service has been horrendous. After I failed to catch a connecting flight to my grandmother’s funeral because they only had one mechanic in the entire airport, they agreed to pay for my hotel costs. However, it took them three months to get back to me, and by the time I got the check, it had already been cancelled. I tried reaching out to them, and they said it would take 6-8 weeks to receive a response. That was at the end of August. It is now November, almost one year since I started this process. I am almost certain I will never use American Airlines again

  174. I think I am getting the run-around! I have telephoned Customer Service,
    spoke to a representative who could not find the flight I was supposed to
    have been on. (The Gov. McCrory asked everyone to stay indoors due
    to a weather emergency on October 2 thru Oct. Oct.5th). I wanted to
    find out the status of my flight.
    In the meantime, I flew to Tucson, AZ, where I was told that representatives
    were no longer available at terminals and I would have to contact AA. Well,
    I am trying to do that and each time I call, I am being disconnected.
    What gives???

  175. Our flight from Greenville, SC to Dallas arrived on time but we were required to remain in the plane on tarmac for almost 90 minutes causing many to miss connecting flights. AA screwed up again–no one happy with being treated like cattle; you have never appreciated your customers. Dallas/FW is a real mess with no departure/arrival boards on tram level and hard to get around. It must be hell for elderly and those traveling with small children. Also, the PA announcements on your planes are disturbingly loud!! Get your act together; but AA seems no different from most airlines; more competition is needed for airlines to start appreciating its clientele.

  176. Still trying to find someone to help me with my issue. Have sent a message on the AA site with a response that made no sense. Have called and been told to send the message. I tried to response to the message that made no sense and I received an e-mail back stating that the e-mail address I responded to is not is use. If anyone can tell me how I can a response I would greatly appreciate it as I need to book airfare for my family over Christmas and can not do so until i have a response on a credit available for one of my family members. the credit is due to not being able to travel in June 2015 due to a heart condition and now they have been cleared to travel

  177. I was trying to purchase ticket for 15 year old son and couldn’t use website for he was considered minor. I called customer service and she assisted me with airline purchase. I specifically asked if I needed to cancel if I could within 24hours. This attendant said yes. I found out 4 hours later the reason son would need to fly was cancelled. I called back to cancel the flight the attendant told me I couldn’t cancel flight and it was a nonrefundable ticket. I told her situation as stated above she said she couldn’t do anything. I asked for a supervisor, I got one and explained the situation, she said I couldn’t cancel it and get my money back she was extremely rude and hung up on me. I called back to ask for another supervisor and as I was talking to this supervisor she informed me that the last supervisor stated in her record I refused voucher. What ever a voucher was I was not even sure. Then second supervisor told me what she thought. So the flight wasn’t cancelled since she stated to wait a couple days before I make my final decision and she would wave changing fee to do so and I shouldn’t have any trouble. I then called back thinking I could fly in the place of my son on the exact flight and time and cost would be the same. That supervisor explained to that I had made three different requests and I would have to talk with customer service and let them decide if they would help me. I mailed letter to customer service and still haven’t received a reply. I tried contacting them email and it states wrong address. I have been unhappy with this customer service and with this airline. Still waiting to get email or letter in mail as to deal with poor rude supervisor that hung up on me and then wrote that I declined voucher. I have flown other airlines and have had similar issues and they resolved them to my satisfaction with not this kind of hassle. I can’t trust what the phone customer service say for they just want to make a sale I have decided. Poor Poor customer service fly other airlines is my advice.

  178. To whom it may concern. I was very unhappy with the customer service that was provided by one of the flight attendants. (Flt. no. 408 from DCA to PHX) Very RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL) Certainly not as polite as the videos that are shown before the flight leaves. She should have left her attitude at home because I was not the only passenger on this flight that experience her wrath. The flight attendants name is Cher. I was traveling in a very large group on business and will definitely think twice about using your airlines. The lead flight attendant was very apologetic however this should not have happened in the first place. By the way the lead flight attendant apologized and told me that he understood that there was a language barrier. I’m part asian and found that quite rude making assumptions and stereo typing me based on my race. I’m born and raised on the island of Oahu and have been speaking english for 52 years. Don’t you feel that this came off as a little racist. On the other hand I would also like to thank the crew on flight 694 from PHX to HNL. EXCELLANT service. This one incident although small is a definite reflection on your
    airlines. I would certainly like to hear that she will be thought the proper way to treat people. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Valerie Lum-DeRego

  179. Flight delayed again? Flight 165 on 11/15/15 was supposed to leave at 8:50. Delayed an hour then another half hour. Boarded then told the tire was damaged on landing and it’ll be at least 40 minutes. Then an hour. Then we have to get off the plane and will reboard at some point. This has happened to me before and I am a faithful American airlines customer. I’ll be flying every 6 weeks and bringing my kids to Vegas for The holidays. I’ve booked 4 flights in the next 6 weeks. I have a gold Citibank AA card and never get a free bag. I am very frustrated with American and am requesting 100,000 miles, gold status and free bags for life. Thanks for considering thus request. AA # 214J7B0. Gloria Lynn Hoffman

  180. I was scheduled for a flight leaving Ronald Reagan Airport to Columbus International Airport today, boarding at 2:42 departing at 3:50. Me and three others , sitting in the assigned gate, never heard the boarding announcement. Once we realized people were boarding went to the gate and were turned away. It was 3:04 PM when we were told this. Mind you the gate just closed two minutes prior and we sat and watched the plane front of us for another 20 minutes. People were still dropping off bags and boarding the plane . When asked why we can’t board the plane, we were chastised by the staff for not listening. The gate was crowded, and noisy. I can tell you we could not hear your staff. I am now sitting and waiting for a flight seven hours later and cannot understand why we were not let on the aircraft. I will get home around 11:30, which will make my wakeup call at 5:00 AM a rough one.

    American Airlines should review how they manage large crowds and your gate managers should learn to exercise sarcastic restraint to customers who have a legitimate customer service issue. I will live but must admit, it will take a long time before I consider flying on AA. I say this as I missed my child’s first viola concert tonight. Additionally I will file a complaint with my travel administrator regarding how I was received by your personnel. I will also make sure my team is “aware” so they can exercise their own due dillegence ( I work for Vantiv.)

    I am not sure I will get any response from this, but hoping I will.

    Patiently waiting for another flight

    Patrick Dowdy

  181. My husband and I were booked for honeymoon to NYC on Nov 9, 2015. Record locator: VDEURG. On the day we were to leave, Our flight #4378 was cancelled due to no crew. We were booked for later flight #5738, costing us a half day of vacation. The SECOND flight was then cancelled due to maintenance problem. Several alternatives were offered but nothing that would get us to NYC n the 9th. We had garanteed reservations at Hampton Inn, Times Square at $317 a night that were non-refundable as it was less than 24 hours. We ere offered a flight to Dallas that would get us out of Pensacola late but only if we drove an hour away to Fort Walton Beach airport. We took it, got in late and left after 4 hours sleep the next day. That cost us an additional $177.00 in hotel fees. My husband’s luggage never arrived in Dallas as we were promised it would- mine took over an hour to find as it was not on the carousel with the rest of the flights luggage, We got into NYC a day after our honeymoon was to start, with a lot of stress and cost. when we left to come home, we were told we could not change our flight to Fort Walton Beach without a fee even though there were seats available. So we flew back to Pensacola, caught an Uber ride home and drove an hour the next day to get our car. That cost us $42 in parking fees we would not have had in Pensacola as family would have taken us to the airport. We feel an apology and compensation is in order. We have a trip to Ireland already booked for May, 2016 and as we will both be retired by Feb 1st, 2016. We plan on traveling extensively throughout the USA and Europe. At this moment, I would hesitate to use AA again. Hope to hear from someone to make some of this right. We can never get the day of our honeymoon back. Andrea (Pease) Lewis

  182. Very unhappy with American Airlines service. Unpleasant person while checking luggage….and now twice delayed night before Thanksgiving for short Chicago flight. No information from gate agents. Will think twice before booking AA ever again.

  183. Maria Melody Drenckberg AA#: 7M54JY4
    Samuel Howe AA#: 9N64JY2

    Reservation #: PXVWNZ

    I have tried calling and was on for 15 minutes just to be hung up on. I have sent 2 emails with no reply… I love your airline but trying to have a change made so we do not lose all the the money we spent on our flight because we aren’t able to make it because my fiancés grandmother passed away and we need to be here and can’t leave right now with the funeral coming up during our scheduled trip. I have not been able to get anywhere and being that I am a Travel Agent, I know that for cases like this, even with non-refundable tickets, the airlines can give a credit for partial or may even give credit for the full amount to be used on future travel. I don’t have time to keep calling and being put on hold just to get hung up on after talking to someone. Emails go unreplied to. I am just asking for someone to help us since our trip to Las Vegas where we planned to go and get married but now cannot, just help me so I don’t lose all the money and will be able to reschedule in the near future. Please help me out.

    Melody Drenckberg

  184. my flight 5151 out of savannah to charlotte 405pm was delayed for four 1/2 hours with a flat tire no tire at the savannah airport to fix it so we had to wait for the next fight from charlotte to bring the tire to us and then we had to wait again for another flight to bring the tool to repair the tire . we were told to make our on reservation for new tickets and yet when we called in there was no information of a delay my frustration level is overwhelmed, laura a AA employee tried to help and got very frustration because she had a hard time setting me and my family together I was told to have a seat and she would try later after helping other customer at that point I felt like I did not matter after feeling that I was not important I request 2 meal ticket so we could eat because if flight was not delayed I would have be home for dinner at 7pm in Cleveland ohio I have never taken this airline before please make it right and replace 2 round trip ticket

  185. I have made 3 attempts to contact customer service through emails regarding a recent international flight in which I had problems with not only the preferred seats that i did not receive, but the horrible customer service in which my sister and I received. She was discriminated against for being to big to be served food because the tray couldn’t come down so the flight attendant said he couldn’t feed her. While there were open seats, and we could have been better accommodated, instead we were put near the windows and stuck there with babies. I really hope to not only be refunded for the amount i paid for the preferred seats which we did not get and we were specifically told through your company that we would be, but for your company to take acknowledgment of the problems and horrible service we received. Also, my sisters comment on your Facebook page has been removed by your company because I am sure you do not wont the public to know about such situations such as this. I look forward to a response from someone and to hope to not be ignored.

  186. I would like an address to mail a letter to American Airlines Customer Service, and I hope you will reply with this address.

    I also wish to comment on the excellent service AA offers to the handicapped. I am 84 years old and now need wheelchair assistance to get around in the airports. I was amazed and delighted at the assistance I received, and also at the attitudes of the people who assisted me with the wheelchair aid, and also the drivers of the handicap carts in Charlotte airport. They were all so helpful and very friendly as well. I wish I had gotten the names so that I could compliment each of them, but I only got the name of one person, who was exceptional in her effort to help me make a flight connection and she was so very good in making me and other elderly handicapped people feel more comfortable about needing the help. Her name is Pearly Mae Chisholm, Employee #50443 (or maybe it is t6443) She deserves some recognition for the excellent way she does her job!! Thanks for ‘listening’ to my thoughts.

  187. We purchased round trip connecting flights through Charlotte from Boston to Aruba for 11/28/2015. We paid additionally for your “extra room” seating. No where were we informed that these “extra room” seats did not offer a reclining option. When we arrived in Charlotte, we boarded flight 874 only to b told by the Captain that he needed to do some “routine maintenance” that would take a “few minutes” before we left, because he “would not be able to leave Aruba in time” if he waited to have it done done there. We were delayed about an hour for this routine maintenance that was only supposed to take a few minutes. Why is routine maintain being performed while a plane is full of passengers sitting on the tarmack? Shouldn’t you be completing your “Routine Maintenance” while your planes are not in service??? The hour delay resultd in our rental car being given to another cusotmer in Aruba.

  188. ( Continued from comment 191) In addition, we had to take another day of our trip to return to the airport 3 days later to obtain the car we had reserved. When we arrived for our return flight to Charlotte on 12/5/2015, we boarded flight 875, and one of our suitcases apparently never made it onto the plane and was left in Aruba. When we boarded our connecting flight to Boston, I was checked in and released to enter the jetway. While I was heading onto the jetway, I was told I needed to return and wait against the wall while others passed me by. I was told I needed to “consolidate” my belongings. I had a wallet purse around my neck against my body that measures 3 inches by 5 inches. I was told I had to take it off my person and place it in a canvass bag I had. Are you serious???? On board flight 1783, we were approached by one of the rudest stewardesses I have ever encountered in my life named Sheila. This plane was different from the other planes we had been on, and our “extra room” seating apparently would not allow us to put our personal items under the seat in front of us. While we were looking for a place to put our items Sheila was apparently trying to speak to me while there were people in front of me. She kept saying loudly “YOU NEED TO PUT THAT IN THE OVERHEAD!!!” I had no idea she was trying to speak to me. She got very loud almost yelling and I finally ask her , “Are you talking to me?” By that time, all the overhead bins were being filled and we had to put all the water, magazines, and food items we were planning to have on the plane basically inaccessible several bins behind us. She spoke very abrasively to my partner telling him she would have the gate agent remove us if we weren’t happy with our seating. When we arrived in Boston we found out that his suitcase was missing. The baggage claim agent told us it was left in Charlotte, and it would be delivered by 12 noon the next day. It never arrived. The number we were given was an 800 number that was automated and provide no information as to the status of the bag, as did the website. We were able to reach someone this afternoon who informed us that the bag never left Aruba!!! So we were lied to by the baggage claim agent in Boston! We still don’t have our bag!

    We are so incredible upset with this kind of mis-treatment and poor management by American Airlines and will never fly you again. When I read some of the above comments from other customers I am appalled. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If I conducted myself like this at work I wouldn’t have a job. Someone should shut you down.

  189. On Dec. 5th my wife, Tamar and friends Keith and Janet Burd and I were returning from a 7 day cruise on Celebrity Cruise Lines. We were scheduled to return from Miami to Louisville, KY via Charlotte on American flight 2448 at 1:00 P.M.The flight was delayed and we were at risk of missing our connecting flight out of Charlotte. The ticket agent assured us that we would have plenty of time to make the connection in Charlotte. Well, the flight got later and later and the ticket agent then told us that we would have to make any connecting flight changes in Charlotte. After the plane finally arrived and all passengers boarded, there was another delay due to mechanical problems. Then, the flight was cancelled and we were told to return to the gate where an agent would rebook us. Okay so…..150 passengers with one agent ! We found out about the “rebooking center” so we left the other 148 passengers in line and went to the rebooking center where they rebooked us on a direct flight to Louisville at 8:15 P.M. out of gate 60. The flight was then changed to gate 55, later to be changed to gate 53, then back to gate 60. Well, this flight was also delayed. By the time we boarded our flight, we sat on the tarmac for a suspiciously long time to find out that this flight was also cancelled due to mechanical issues. (Are you seeing a trend here?) We were then told that as soon as a flight left Miami, dropped passengers off in Key West and then returned to Miami, that we would then board that plane. Eventually we boarded the plane after midnight and arrived in Louisville around 1:30 A.M. Needless to say our luggage was not there, so we had to file a claim for that. The luggage was delivered that next day.

    So after all of that being said, I have one question…..How the Hell does American Airlines stay in business?

    I can tell you this, unless there is some kind of compensation coming from A.A., I will never, ever, ever set foot on an American Airlines flight again ! There are too many other airlines that can stay on schedule.

    So bottom line…..unless you come back to me with some kind of consideration, you’ll never see me again.

    John Martin

  190. Hello, Please Help!!
    My family booked a flight to Houston from Portland. We accidentally booked on the same date that we flying back. This is our American Airlines Record locator: JDBBXA. Return: American Airlines Record locator: ITPSIS. I just called in today wished that I can change the fly out date to Thursday 24th of December and keep our return date the same on 28th.
    I’ve learned that to change the date we have to pay $200.00 per flier plus the ticket difference. My family have 4 members; that come out to be $800 + flight difference, and taxes.
    I know we all here to make money and the most of it. Unfortunately for us $800.00 is a lot of money. We just regular working people and have 2 kids. We’re trying to work until last minute to be able to afford our ticket to spend some time with the family down in Houston, then get back right away and ready for work that morning.
    I know we should be more careful when placed our tickets online on the 11th. I don’t know why, we made just a huge mistake with flying date.
    What I want to ask from American Airlines is can you guys please waive this fee for us. I know I called in today and paid the different, but if you guys can please help us out, that would mean a lot for our family in this holiday.
    thank you for giving the chance to write you this email and read it.

  191. What disorganization and misinformation given regarding flight 4397 Miami to tallahassee on 12-20-15. Mechanical problems everyone told to deplane with no further directions. Everyone confused. Some going home. What a mess. Understand mechanical problem. Don’t understand lack of information and organization.

  192. When will AA restore service on Aadvantage to Belgrade, Serbia. Ever since Malev Airlines went out of business 2-3 years ago there have been no award flights to Belgrade. AA partners BA and Air Berlin both fly to Belgrade last I checked but things may have changed. Neither BA or Air Berlin flights in or out of Belgrade are available.


  193. I ordered round trip flight from Phx to Kansas City.

    The e-ticket was to be here within 3 hours. It is now at least 9 hours.
    Orbitz # is PBORB – 028-074-5534


  194. I purchased an airline ticket through expedia for travel in March 2016. the information received with my purchase indicated that I should contact the airline for seat assignment. Today, I contacted the airline, excellent customer service . However, I was informed that because I did not purchased my ticket directly from your airline, there would be a charge for me to obtain a seat. Can you explain why, because when purchasing a ticket, I thought I would obtain a seat for this flight. I did not know that I would have to pay for a seat, which increased the cost of my travel.

  195. It’s interesting to me that it has come to this avenue. I have done quite a bit of research Online to try and find an Email Address that would go to the Company directly. However, the only thing I could find was a Customer Service Department Questionnaire that is supposed to eventually lead to contact from them. This in itself is quite a serious flaw of the organization. I filled this out and in turn never heard back.

    If you are proud of your Business, and actually have a mind of trying to operate in a thrifty manner. This shows that you are quite challenged in doing this in the first place.

    I worked at Boeing for quite a few years, until I eventually came to my senses to the fact that the CEO Jim McNerney does not truly concern himself with the ‘actual work’ being done. Instead, he cuts it down so far with layoffs, that he actually shoots himself in the foot. You would think this would hurt. However, he leaves just a Company before the penny drops. He did the exact same thing with 3M before he took the job as the Boeing CEO. You can only appease the Shareholder’s for so long with His method, and then leave the mess for someone else to clean up. He did the exact same thing with 3M before he took the job at Boeing. And what’s worse, is that they are paying him a $20 Million Dollar Salary to do this. The story with the previous CEO was terrible. However, now they are actually taking their anger out on the actual employees of the Company by hiring Him. And, they will have to have the reality set in to realize what they have actually done to the Company.

    You see a closely related example of this with American Airlines. I recently took a trip and they never got me to my destination.

    The first thing I noticed was the Aircraft itself since I have actually worked in this field. The first plane I was on was not even built in America and was so in Brazil before I was even born.

    The Pilot said there was a weather issue, and there was with Tornado’s in the City we were supposed to fly into.

    So, we landed in another city, stayed the night there, and then flew in another Aircraft. We were all set to go, and then they told us we couldn’t go anywhere due to “Mechanical Issues.”

    In turn, I was delayed another day to get to my destination. Then, another day following this, I boarded a plane after a slight delay (I had gotten used to this since every single flight I was on was delayed for technical issues)

    We flew almost within eyesight of the destination, and then the captain came on and said that the technical issue was acting up, and instead of landing where our destination was, they needed to turn back to have it serviced by people that could actually do this. It’s surprising to me that they didn’t have a service department at every Airport they flew to. (however, this would actually require common sense, which they clearly don’t have)

    I had some extremely constructive advice to give them to avoid this in the future, but was unable to establish contact with them.

    So, there are a few thing’s I have noticed that I will note here, and consider it my own educational venting since they do not serve the customer well at all with regard to this:

    – Flip your approach and to not treat the Customer like dirt. Realize that they are your ‘bread and butter’ and without them you wouldn’t be in operation at all.
    – Fly Safer Planes that were actually build more recent than 30 years ago
    – Completely change your management structure with people who ‘actually care’ about your primary objective.

    Everyone – “Never Ever Waste Your Money, So Never Ever Fly American Until Serious Changes Have Been Taken.”

  196. Last month, I traveled on American Airlines from Portland, Maine to Washington, DC. I can’t tell you enough about the excellent service I received. I requested a wheelchair for both airports and the chair and attendants were right there and went above and beyond the call to duty. So often we send complaints and when people do an outstanding job, no notice is given. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with all the service I received. Thank you.

  197. ZGGUF 4/12/16 and 4/21
    CSR Sherry made contact with Seating Priority to insure Ellen Arnold and myself asile seats in front of cabin to accommodate our knee and shoulder surgeries. I hope her efforts work as we really do not want to purchase seats on our annual flight to Paris. I have used this USA now AA flight for 10 years. Please help us make these valuable seats possible for us seasoned travelers. GDW

  198. Hello
    On December 25, My three sons and I had a flight from Cleveland to Phoenix that was to leave at 7:50 with a stop in Charlotte NC. At about 3 or 4 pm on the day of our departure, American Airlines delayed our flight which would make us miss our connection in Charlotte which had no other flights out to Phoenix that day OR the next! And why the delay? No explanation. So without any help from an AA representative..(almost as if it was our fault) we found another flight through Dallas…which left in an hour and a half. We made it to the airport but with yet another rude AA representative, (I understood it was busy with the holidays and all) I was assured that I could get my bag in Dallas since we now had to spend the night there. I asked him about the tag that looked like it was checked to Phoenix and he said curtly, you’ll just pick it up in Dallas and recheck it in the morning. Well the bag did not make it on the conveyer in Dallas. When I asked another representative about it, he said it was in a big room and it was going out when we left in the morning. I told him I needed it for my hotel stay, and he told me it would take 4 hours to get it. Okay…nevermind…I’ll be back here in four hours!!! So I left for the Dallas hotel without my luggage.. Got on our flight the next morning and took off on time..(will wonders ever cease?) only to find that the bag was not there when we arrived in Phoenix. It was nowhere to be found. after about two calls a day, I went back to the airport a few days later and looked around again myself. It was nowhere. The agents working in the baggage dept. could not find it and figured it got stolen since the documentation said it had arrived the night before. She said that it was checked in but NOT checked as “unclaimed” which meant someone very likely walked off with it. So I spent my entire vacation without any clothes except what I was wearing and what I now had to go and buy. This was MOST inconvenient. I called several times to check in and kept getting the same response..that they were so sorry and they’ll keep checking. What is to be done with this? What compensation is there? What accountability is there? My bag finally arrived yesterday at my home. And yes I’m happy but what is the next step? I had to go and buy many needed things. I have been told to call Baggage Resolutions but cannot get through. I spent my entire vacation without my bag. I paid over $600.00 for the airline ticket and 25.00 for checked bag not to mention everything I had to buy. Could you please address this matter? At this point, customer service has been “nice” but nothing has been done. I also would like to know where my bag was found. What is my next step? Thanks for your time.

  199. Please refund my $30 for extra room. Purchased only to board earlier with luggage. Flight from Jacksonville to NY allowed luggage on board. Will share this with Harvard colleagues. Karen Turpin

  200. Had great customer service sine 1/17. Been pulled off the FRA flight and stayed for 2 days in Philly. Today 1/19 I will resume my flight to FRA with up to par documentation. To my surprise the ticket agent at the check in counter were absolutely rude, not helpful and expected me to hunt down my luggage that was checked in on the 17th and that I was unable to retrieve when I was pulled off the flight on Sunday. 3 ticket agent’s were completely useless with attitudes. Once I cleared security I went to see a special customer service agent who told me my bags will be placed on my flight today.

    Every other employee I encountered was exceptionally helpful, courteous and made my travel experience a positive one.


  201. We need a written verification from American Airlines to process our cruise insurance claim. Stating the circumstances of delays on the day we traveled to board our ship. Our ref. no. is XPNOSG. December 12, 2015. Due to fog in Charlotte we missed two connecting flights to Ft. Lauderdale. We have received vouchers from American Airlines, but the cruiseline claim is pending. May we have a response soon? Thank you.

  202. I flew American airlines for the first time and it will be my last time it was the most horrible experience I had ever had with a airline. never again you had better get your act together

  203. I am 77 year old I plan this wonderful vacation with my daughter to show her our heritage in Chile, we paid almost $3000.00, we flew to South America Chile on 12/27-01/06/2016, then the nightmare started the fly from Miami to Santiago scl , we seat in the runway for two hours due to luggage delayed, the pilot said it was problem with not enough employee to load the plane AA957 with luggage. then our seats problem: seat 41A , my daughter TV was broken, my seat 41B my arms were broken, wouldn’t move up, so and when I need to go to the bathroom I couldn’t get up, since I have Diabetes I need to go to the bathroom that is why I took the end seat when I tried to climbing over the arm I cut my leg and was bleeding. I ask the flight attendant for help, she was no help at all. my daughter tried to help me by climbing over me since we couldn’t get any help. she slip and fell on both arms trying to climb over me and bruised the inside of her legs really bad. we have pictures of her leg and my leg look like elephant feet, let me tell you it hurt so bad I cried from the pain, the whole two weeks in Chile I had to buy sneaker one size bigger since my feet were so swollen and my daughter couldn’t wear her bathing suit since the inside of her leg were all bruised up. the doctor said I was lucky to be alive not being able to move for 12 hours and he swollen legs it not a good sign at my age. we didn’t have dinner till 2:00 am, I am Diabetic when I started shaking my daughter had some cracker. we finally go to Chile.. the trip back …plane AA 940 ,the nightmare start again, my daughter seat arm was broken here we go again the fly attended was no help again. they just want to chat with each other or the men on the plane. when you tried to ask them a question they gave you got dirty looks, so she had to climb over the arm each time she had to go to the bathroom. because of our injury we were not able to enjoy the time fully like we wanted too. I am 77 year old my pain was so bad I cried and normally I am a tough old lady, when I got back I had a mild stoke from the stress I am lucky to be alive. Please let you employee know that old people need more help then young people we are people too …we will need more attend and love. thank you Dora

  204. Every now and then you find someone who truly do the job they are paid to do. I not only found one , I found several at American Airlines .While traveling 01/25/16 from St. Louis Mo. to Ft Lauderdale I left my black canvas Ralph Lauren polo carry on at the gate, I was not allowed off the plane to retrieve it because the door was closed and the jetway removed. However the flight attendant assured me that he would do what he could to get it back for me. Doubtful, I sat down . Unknown to me The flight crew notified the Ticket Agent who located my bag and turned it over to baggage claim in St.Louis where Ms.Maple and Jeremy was most helpful in sending it to my home in Miami fl.two days later with my iphone and other goodies inside. Thanks for a job well done.

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