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Contacting Amazon Prime Customer Service Center is the world’s leading online retailer, providing products and services to millions across the globe. One of the more popular services is Amazon Prime. This service features free two-day shipping and reduced pricing on one-day shipping. Another feature of the service includes access to Amazon Instant Video service and access to Kindle books. Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service with a free trial.

A key feature of the service is the customer service. Not every Amazon customer is aware of Amazon Prime and could have questions and concerns. In the event they do, the customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Typically, customers wanting to contact the customer service department by phone will need to sign into their account. We found phone numbers listed in an obscure on the site and listed them below. All of the numbers are tested and direct customers to the customer service team.

  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-866-216-1072
  • Customer service (UK): 0800-2796620
  • Customer service (International): 1-206-266-2992

Mailing Address

Amazon Prime1200 12th Ave. SouthSte. 1200Seattle, WA 98144-2734

Official Website

The official Amazon Prime website*Version*=1&*entries*=0 provides details relating to the service, including, free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming moves and television shows and access to Kindle books. Customers can also sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department with questions and concerns relating to Amazon Prime here In order to send a message to the customer service team, you will need to have an account or create an account. Since we currently are an Amazon member, we sent a message asking about the free trial.

Customers can also attempt to contact the customer support team on the website and through social media, including:

Our Experience

Contacting Amazon Prime was a pure delight. We didn’t have to wait through a lengthy automated system; just a few options one being the customer support team. When the customer service agent answered the call, they were cheerful and ready to assist. We asked the representative to explain the process of canceling an Amazon Prime membership prior to the end of the free trial.

The agent explained the most efficient option is for customers to contact the customer service department a minimum of one business day prior to the end of the free trial to cancel the service. This way, there is no lag and the customer’s credit card will not be charged. We were pleased with the call and the overall result. We want to hear if your experience resembled our experience. Share your store with us in the comment section below.

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30 Comments on “Contact Amazon Prime Customer Service
  1. money has been taken from my account i did not give my credit card details to your company how did you get money from my account micheal o connell cork city sourthern ireland i can not find no for you

  2. I received an email on Jan.15,2014 saying I am not an amazon prime member only to notice on bank statement in amount of $79.00 was deducted from my account on 1/9/2014@3:56:01pm. Did not authorize this please refund

  3. News your asistente,I`m truncado yo enrol on prime ,but unable yo do so ,I`m diversas,in Panama Republic 9F Panama And will like yo Jokin Prime ,patente will be true a visa crediticia Carod.


  5. How do you get away with steeling people’s money. Right…. Free trial, you can cancel anytime!! The only problem is that there’s no way you can cancel !!! What a scam you have going.

  6. Did not Authorize a $99 charge for Merchandise-DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION. CANCEL any service that I supposedly have with you and REFUND my account! I was never issued any notification from you at all.

  7. Today I have received an SMS (at 1.17 AM) informing me that an amount of Rs.6578.92 has been withdrawn from my SB Account no. 015472 at AmazonPrime on 25.06.2014 22.08(SAF). In this regard I wish to state that I have not authorized Amazon to automatically debit my card account for any membership or for buying any goods or services against my debit card from Amazon. This automatic debit has not been authorized by us. Hence I request you to cancel the debit and re credit my account with a sum of Rs. 6578.92 immediately.

  8. Have been trying to get a verification of my prime cancellation before money gone from my account. Not easy

  9. I am not a memeber I have called before about a refund and not to use my credit card number and you keep charging me for the fees!!! I want a refund and It’s extremely hard to reach you people

  10. Money was taken from my account on 08/08/14 and I gave no one permission to take any money from my account !!!!!! This is very unprofessional and down right wrong if you guys feel as though taking money out of innocent hard working people accounts!!!!! I won’t both of my refunds back!!!!!!!

    A Anger Single Mother

  11. I am watching Endevaour and it reloads every two minutes.
    What is the problem. It is 8:30 on wednesday , august 20th, 2014.

  12. My order #00263592764347436 I told UPS to return it to you. They had me waiting two days for that package and they never came. I made a formal complaint to UPS and now one to you.i shop a lot on Amazon but if my packages continue to come via UPS and I have this problem I’m going to have to stop shopping Amazon. I am waiting for my account to be credited 27.76 but I also hope Amazon will look into this problem and get back to me. Thankyou. , JoAnn Gizze

  13. Hello all… I was charged a prime time membership fee deducting $107.17 from my bank account when I did not sign up for such… I called Amazon to ask them to return my money to my account and dont do it again… Technology… smh!!

  14. I see as to reading other comments as to money being taken from a checking acct I Do Not Use For This Type of purchase REFUND REQUESTED!! This is an illegal action I never authorized this payment . And seeing the other comments this is a reoccurring issue on ur company and had better be corrected and not happen again!!!!!!

  15. Sep. 04, 2014
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I recently joined Amazon Prime, and for a while everything went as I expected. Orders arrived within the 2 day limit, ad pricing was shown upfront. However, I seem to be running into headwinds with recent orders, for instance; I am at my wits end when trying to use your site because it’s become so convoluted.
    -Wade Hampton

  16. I think my 30 day free trail should start after i get to use the amazon prime movies i cant even watch any i download silver scropt i still cant watch any movies on the amazon prime it keeps telling me to download silver script

  17. How in the world do you have the audacity to charge my debit card $99.00 for a $45.00 item I bought a month ago online and then say I authorized the charge when I bought the item? That is down right theft. If I bounce checks what am I to do? Just pay them? Non english speaking phone operator said would be returned in 3 to 5 days, Sure didn’t give me any warning when you took it.

  18. I am a college student who took advantage of the trial when ordering books. Today they deducted $108.00 from my account WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. Need to credit it back ASAP.

  19. I do not want to join this program. And this is the second time I complaint about that. You made a charge my money 107.17$ and 35$ for OVERDRAFT FEE FOR TRANSACTION POSTED ON 10/20. Please return this fee for me.

  20. Nunca abrí ni pedí nada a su empresa, me hicieron un fraude cargando a mi tarjeta de crédito $1, 448.00, 104.00 dls., veo que esto es recurrente, procederé a denunciar a las autoridades, nunca he dado los datos de mi tarjeta, que pasa, que clase de gente son ustedes, dejen de robar.

  21. I am trying to get to my Amazon Prime membership info and it is telling me I am not an Amazon Prime Member. That is strange as you took the $99 fee from my credit card after the 30 day trial. If you took my money then why does it tell me I am not a member??

  22. You charged me 99 dollar membership for some thing that I have no Idea what it is for. Last months credit card you took out 99
    dollars and I want iot back. I don’t know how you get by with this.

  23. I didn’t know amazon prime took any money from my account until the fraud squad from my bank called asking if I had made an authorized purchase from amazon prime which I did not.

    There was no notice E-mail, or even a dialog letting me know that my 30 day free trial had expired or that they would automatically withdraw any fees from my account.

    This is fraud and illegal we should have the option to say no to any automatic withdrawal.

  24. I need instant action with regard to the email I sent to Amazon prime yesterday (04/12/14) regarding the £79 taken from my bank account on 26/11/14. At NO TIME have I given consent for this membership to be actioned and therefore. this is a fraudulent action by Amazon and therefore expect this money to be reimbursed. I will require an email TODAY to confirm that this has happen

  25. I was charged 102.77 for membership that I did not authorize I am not a member call them and they said that it will be removed but call my credit card and changed number to be sure that it doesn’t happen again

  26. I purchased a Joola Indoor Table Tennis Table (Order# 113-37226098-9490642). The table is great. It arrived on time. It was placed where I wanted it, unpacked, and checked to see if all the parts were shipped. They were and the table was put together in less than 20 minutes. Our extended family has use the table for three plus weeks. It is superior to the other two I purchased for other family members the last two Christmas seasons.

    If asked, I would be very happy to recommend this table to others.


    Bob Pivec

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