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Contacting Customer Service Center is the largest online retailer with websites currently operational in the United States, China, India, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. The company was founded in 1994 as an online seller of books and quickly became the top online retailer of consumer electronics, home goods and perishable items. has three mains ways to communicate with customer service, regardless of the language.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers operates a call center that provides assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The customer service representatives have the ability to assist you with concerns, including, placing an order, your personal account settings, promotions and deals, as well as returns. Additional assistance relating to non-orders is available as well.

  • United States: 1-866-216-1072
  • United Kingdom: 0800-2796620
  • International: 1-206-266-2992

Mailing Address

The corporate headquarters for is located at:, Inc.
1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA 98144-2734 USA

Official Website

On the website, you have the ability to make purchases, browse merchandise and make inquiries regarding your account. Amazon also offers a buy-back program where customers can sell electronics, movies, video games and more to Amazon for a set price. Amazon will pay for the shipping cost and credit your account with the buy-back total. Other services provided by include eBook sales, eBook purchases, music downloads and movie downloads. Amazon Prime members have access to free eBooks and music.

Customer Service Email provides a customer service email contact on the official website. You must be a registered user in order to utilize the email function. You can email customer service here: You may be asked a few questions about why you need to contact Amazon before reaching the email form. Keep answering questions until the EMAIL button brightens. You can also choose to chat with customer service on the same page.

Our Experience

When we called, we were greeted with an automated system that explained we must hold in order to speak with a customer service representative. After approximately 45 seconds, the customer service representative answered the phone. The agent spoke clear English and quickly answered our question about returning an item. We called back two additional times and we received the same service. The call center appears to be located in the United States and the phone number rings straight to customer service without an automated maze of recorded messages.

We sent an email to customer service to the above email address inquiring about the anticipated response time relating to customer concerns. An automated response arrived in our email within 2 hours. The information was helpful and pointed us in the right direction, see below:


If you send an e-mail to our customer service, you will receive a response from one of our representatives within 12 hours.I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

Best regards,Kareem K.

03/14/12 14:25:33
Your Name: Richard
Comments:I was wondering the average response time after emailing customer service regarding a concern with your order or account? Thank you.

Have you had to communicate with customer service? Did they exceed your personal expectations? Let us know your experiences!

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40 Comments on “Contact Amazon Customer Service
  1. Persons who have purchased my book are trying to post reviews and they are not being posted on Amazon. They have made purchases from me (not ordered via online) Why are these reviews not being posted?

  2. I’ll preordered NCAA football 13 on June,6 for my son but it comes out tomorrow but i just checked when he is going to get it and he is getting it on July 18 why so late???

  3. i want to get the money from my book sales and how many i sold
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    old address
    2402 atlantic ave bk ny
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  4. Hello,

    I am a customer. It would be nice if you just had an email address so I could contact you easily. The Online change order etc., is impossible.

    Anyway, TV series North Square. I am interested in obtaining the whole series (three I believe). Do you have it suitable for viewing in Australia? Area 4 I believe. Your website only shows area 2.


    • The reason you need to go through the questionnaire, rather than emailing a general email address is to make sure you get to the correct person that will be able to help with your problem or question. Believe it or not, this is a much faster way to get your answer, because you’ll connect with the correct person the first time, rather than getting what is perceived as “the runaround”.

  5. Thanks for being a source for corporate address! (Your explanations are also helpful.) Have just had a very poor Amazon e-mail CS experience. Simple query–could Amazon offer a product and make it eligible for Prime shipping–completely mishandled, misdirected, misunderstood. I found myself doing CS’s work for it over and over, instead of it providing service to me–the customer. A frequent and happy Amazon customer, I must now write a paper letter to let Amazon know how utterly it failed to meet acceptable standards of customer service, to say nothing of my expectations.

  6. sir i want to buy two books in pakistan. vanished kingdom by normen device,,and the thistle and the drone by akbar

  7. Just wanted Amazon to know that, as a handicapped senior, I was not able to do what ws required to return a TV. A warning for people like me before they purchase such items would be really customer-friendly. Of course, RECEIVING the TV was not a problem, since the UPS driver very kindly brought it into my room, unpacked it, and placed it on the stand. Customer-friendly plus, don’t you think?

  8. I’ve have try contact Amazon to cancel my account for hours, every time I click on their support e-mail to goes right to their log in page and I can’t do anything but buy some thing and all I want is to cancel my account.

  9. 4:10-4:14pm EST, Fri, Jan. 10

    A customer “support” agent was misunderstanding my question because she failed to hear the entire question.

    When I asked her to listen to the question rather than not repeat the same irrelevant answer, she hung up on me!

    Thankfully the next agent listened, and I have an answer to the question.

    • I don’t intend to be Amazon Prime Membership and require to refund 99 dollars taken from my account 8/31/2014.
      I don’t understand why it was done without my consent?

  10. ATTENTION : I want to say your Customer Service is” OUTSTANDING”in my View and I would like to say “THANK YOU”A Thousand times over for being there for me and making My Returns “HASSLE FREE” ;)

  11. apreciado amigo Erick recibi el cafe Tres Rios ,echo en su pais gracias muy excelente muchas gracias y, tengas un excelente dia tu amigo Cesar

  12. I don’t think you want me to say what I think about your organization. I purchased a pan from you and it was damaged when i got it . I have tried to call, to no avail. I have emailed your service dept several times and it is the same as phone , no one has contacted me .if it is a duplicate then why has no one did anything

  13. How do I delete something on my Kindle that I no longer want such as book samples. Also things posted on front page that I only looked at. Thanks for your help

  14. I see you deducted for Prime from my Debit Card. I DID NOT agree to this and cannot afford it now. Please void it now and stop payment on my Card.
    Thanks much.

  15. this is the reason why people like myself stay away from doing business on line,you got to go through too much ……… to get one little answer. I was going to pay monthly,but I changed my mind, I would like you to take full payment from the card,including the memory card i just ordered. I tried to get a # that did not work,if i am going to do business with a company ,i think i should have a number.

    • its confusing for folks like me to do business on line, too much …….to go through and still do not get what you are asking for,all i wanted was a # for cus,service.I was going to pay monthly but I have changed my mind,I want you to take full payment from the card,including the memory card i just ordered.can i get a amen to this.

  16. I ordered a tv from amazon on Feb. 21st 2014 was supposed to be delivered on the 28th of Feb.They called me on the delivery date and said it came in late and they weren’t sure what day it would actually be delivered??!!! So I go on their website to track it myself and they tagged my order delivery date changed at customers request!!!!! So disgusted!! will never buy anything from amazon again.

  17. Trying to find an answer to my refund question was nearly impossible. On-line IS impossible. I finally found a phone number – still don’t have the question answered (re: a refund). Can’t someone DO something about making customer service more accessible AND make it easier to talk to a live person???

  18. I would very much like you to stop trying to sell me crap. Not every thing in your in your store is of quality. I don’t want it. Please take it off my home page.

  19. I am a member of amazon prime account and just received a gift card, do I have to activate the card before using it, help

  20. I forgot my password, when I type in the letter for recovering it I still can’t get through to my account. please help me.

  21. I placed an order for 2 Motorola Batteries and have received no less than 5 e-mails regarding my address, which they had wrong. After answering each e-mail I then received a call today from a woman who could not speak English. The only word I understood was “Amazon” and knew it was something AGAIN about my order. She gave a phone number to call but as mentioned I could not understand anything she said. This is the poorest customer service I have ever received from Amazon and CCMACCDESSORIES does not represent your company well.

  22. If you don’t like my comments, why did you ask?

    If the truth hurts – sorry.

    My comments were not, rude, vulgar, or in any way bad.

    They just represented a bad experience caused by the supplier.

    I’m sorry that I upset you. I thought that you wanted an honest answer. I was obviously wrong.

  23. I must admit that with Amazon it is always easy to get a live person on the phone to handle difficult matters, when they arise. This however is of no use whatever when you cannot understand the person you have to speak to. I have experienced phone reps (I presume from India) who, when I ask for someone else to speak with, I get stonewalled or cut off. Evidently your cheap labor is afraid of getting black marks for not speaking English coherently. Easy to call, yes. Stressful to work with, yes – very much so. It is as practical as an emergency vehicle with no gas. I might as well run to the emergency.

    If you can’t do something about this problem, your Customer Service Director/VP (maybe I should say Clerk) might as well be on vacation. Sorry, but that’s the best rating I can give you.

    This is one issue you cannot blow off saying “we meet the industry standard” for this type of customer service. Does the industry do your thinking for you?

    I’m just a truck driver, but even I know that to solve the problem one might consider significantly increasing the competency level requirements for “English speaking” employees. And that’s just one of many possible solutions. Would it be a strain on your Executive resources to come up with a few more… then implement them?

    Frustrated Customer

  24. Talked with Amazon rep. last week about a cell phone I received and is not a good one I spoke with Teresa. Today I called and wanted to talk with her because she knew all about my order and my problem. Rep. said I had to speak with who answered. I could not understand her very well. Thinking about stop ordering from Amazon. Hung with a bad phone. John

  25. Im bay the baby chair but for the price change I’m return I want to now what happend requested return 115-2070715 -0525064 order the return I made on October 7 but not yet return the money to my card. The other cuestion is I’m bay 2 pack of spring valley fish oil omega 3 1000mg 400 sofgeles and 1 operation game supo sty delivered. Was made in October 3 I’m never receive this order please letme now what happened to my order or give me back my money please expect quick response thank

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