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Contacting Customer Service Center is the largest online retailer with websites currently operational in the United States, China, India, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. The company was founded in 1994 as an online seller of books and quickly became the top online retailer of consumer electronics, home goods and perishable items. has three mains ways to communicate with customer service, regardless of the language.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers operates a call center that provides assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The customer service representatives have the ability to assist you with concerns, including, placing an order, your personal account settings, promotions and deals, as well as returns. Additional assistance relating to non-orders is available as well.

  • United States: 1-866-216-1072
  • United Kingdom: 0800-2796620
  • International: 1-206-266-2992

Mailing Address

The corporate headquarters for is located at:, Inc.
1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA 98144-2734 USA

Official Website

On the website, you have the ability to make purchases, browse merchandise and make inquiries regarding your account. Amazon also offers a buy-back program where customers can sell electronics, movies, video games and more to Amazon for a set price. Amazon will pay for the shipping cost and credit your account with the buy-back total. Other services provided by include eBook sales, eBook purchases, music downloads and movie downloads. Amazon Prime members have access to free eBooks and music.

Customer Service Email provides a customer service email contact on the official website. You must be a registered user in order to utilize the email function. You can email customer service here: You may be asked a few questions about why you need to contact Amazon before reaching the email form. Keep answering questions until the EMAIL button brightens. You can also choose to chat with customer service on the same page.

Our Experience

When we called, we were greeted with an automated system that explained we must hold in order to speak with a customer service representative. After approximately 45 seconds, the customer service representative answered the phone. The agent spoke clear English and quickly answered our question about returning an item. We called back two additional times and we received the same service. The call center appears to be located in the United States and the phone number rings straight to customer service without an automated maze of recorded messages.

We sent an email to customer service to the above email address inquiring about the anticipated response time relating to customer concerns. An automated response arrived in our email within 2 hours. The information was helpful and pointed us in the right direction, see below:


If you send an e-mail to our customer service, you will receive a response from one of our representatives within 12 hours.I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

Best regards,Kareem K.

03/14/12 14:25:33
Your Name: Richard
Comments:I was wondering the average response time after emailing customer service regarding a concern with your order or account? Thank you.

Have you had to communicate with customer service? Did they exceed your personal expectations? Let us know your experiences!

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592 Comments on “Contact Amazon Customer Service
  1. Persons who have purchased my book are trying to post reviews and they are not being posted on Amazon. They have made purchases from me (not ordered via online) Why are these reviews not being posted?

  2. I’ll preordered NCAA football 13 on June,6 for my son but it comes out tomorrow but i just checked when he is going to get it and he is getting it on July 18 why so late???

  3. i want to get the money from my book sales and how many i sold
    kevin lee alias abdullah ali stage name america king
    125 lenox rd bk ny 11226 b7

    old address
    2402 atlantic ave bk ny
    681 clarkson ave bk ny
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  4. Hello,

    I am a customer. It would be nice if you just had an email address so I could contact you easily. The Online change order etc., is impossible.

    Anyway, TV series North Square. I am interested in obtaining the whole series (three I believe). Do you have it suitable for viewing in Australia? Area 4 I believe. Your website only shows area 2.


    • The reason you need to go through the questionnaire, rather than emailing a general email address is to make sure you get to the correct person that will be able to help with your problem or question. Believe it or not, this is a much faster way to get your answer, because you’ll connect with the correct person the first time, rather than getting what is perceived as “the runaround”.

  5. Thanks for being a source for corporate address! (Your explanations are also helpful.) Have just had a very poor Amazon e-mail CS experience. Simple query–could Amazon offer a product and make it eligible for Prime shipping–completely mishandled, misdirected, misunderstood. I found myself doing CS’s work for it over and over, instead of it providing service to me–the customer. A frequent and happy Amazon customer, I must now write a paper letter to let Amazon know how utterly it failed to meet acceptable standards of customer service, to say nothing of my expectations.

  6. sir i want to buy two books in pakistan. vanished kingdom by normen device,,and the thistle and the drone by akbar

  7. Just wanted Amazon to know that, as a handicapped senior, I was not able to do what ws required to return a TV. A warning for people like me before they purchase such items would be really customer-friendly. Of course, RECEIVING the TV was not a problem, since the UPS driver very kindly brought it into my room, unpacked it, and placed it on the stand. Customer-friendly plus, don’t you think?

  8. I’ve have try contact Amazon to cancel my account for hours, every time I click on their support e-mail to goes right to their log in page and I can’t do anything but buy some thing and all I want is to cancel my account.

  9. 4:10-4:14pm EST, Fri, Jan. 10

    A customer “support” agent was misunderstanding my question because she failed to hear the entire question.

    When I asked her to listen to the question rather than not repeat the same irrelevant answer, she hung up on me!

    Thankfully the next agent listened, and I have an answer to the question.

    • I don’t intend to be Amazon Prime Membership and require to refund 99 dollars taken from my account 8/31/2014.
      I don’t understand why it was done without my consent?

  10. ATTENTION : I want to say your Customer Service is” OUTSTANDING”in my View and I would like to say “THANK YOU”A Thousand times over for being there for me and making My Returns “HASSLE FREE” 😉

  11. apreciado amigo Erick recibi el cafe Tres Rios ,echo en su pais gracias muy excelente muchas gracias y, tengas un excelente dia tu amigo Cesar

  12. I don’t think you want me to say what I think about your organization. I purchased a pan from you and it was damaged when i got it . I have tried to call, to no avail. I have emailed your service dept several times and it is the same as phone , no one has contacted me .if it is a duplicate then why has no one did anything

  13. How do I delete something on my Kindle that I no longer want such as book samples. Also things posted on front page that I only looked at. Thanks for your help

  14. I see you deducted for Prime from my Debit Card. I DID NOT agree to this and cannot afford it now. Please void it now and stop payment on my Card.
    Thanks much.

  15. this is the reason why people like myself stay away from doing business on line,you got to go through too much ……… to get one little answer. I was going to pay monthly,but I changed my mind, I would like you to take full payment from the card,including the memory card i just ordered. I tried to get a # that did not work,if i am going to do business with a company ,i think i should have a number.

    • its confusing for folks like me to do business on line, too much …….to go through and still do not get what you are asking for,all i wanted was a # for cus,service.I was going to pay monthly but I have changed my mind,I want you to take full payment from the card,including the memory card i just ordered.can i get a amen to this.

  16. I ordered a tv from amazon on Feb. 21st 2014 was supposed to be delivered on the 28th of Feb.They called me on the delivery date and said it came in late and they weren’t sure what day it would actually be delivered??!!! So I go on their website to track it myself and they tagged my order delivery date changed at customers request!!!!! So disgusted!! will never buy anything from amazon again.

  17. Trying to find an answer to my refund question was nearly impossible. On-line IS impossible. I finally found a phone number – still don’t have the question answered (re: a refund). Can’t someone DO something about making customer service more accessible AND make it easier to talk to a live person???

  18. I am totally frustrated with Amazon customer service. I have an issue about books purchased from sellers through Amazon. They have been paid for and charged on my credit card. Two books have never arrived even though the deadline was March 6. The person I spoke to was incomprehensible and I don’t know the next step except the Better Business Bureau’

  19. I bought some stuff through you and you would not give me the ten dollors off so I will never buy from amazon again your los wallmart will get my biz from now on.

  20. I would very much like you to stop trying to sell me crap. Not every thing in your in your store is of quality. I don’t want it. Please take it off my home page.

  21. I purchased a SunsOut Nicky Boehme 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle through you named Window Shopping. I have done lots of puzzles and never saw one like this. The pieces did not fit together properly so you didn’t know if they fit or not. Usually some pieces are like that and it is a challenge but this puzzle it was most of the pieces even the frame. I will never purchase another SunsOut puzzle.

  22. Hello, I work for the Dept. of Health and Social Services, Bureau of Quality Control. I am working on th case of Terrance Ewart . He worked for you at one time. I need to know if he got a pay check in
    Dec. ’13 and when his termination date was. If you would get back to me I would be forever greatful.
    Kathy Long

  23. I was given a Kindle Fire HDX recently and I have been trying to register, but every time I type in my password it comes back as not right. I even went to and changed my email address but it is still coming back as no such account.
    Can you please tell me what I am supposed to do?

  24. Three days ago I applied for a Kindle ebook, The Goldfinch, from the Wake County Library, North Carolina. I followed the usual steps from Amazon, and the library now shows that I do have the book for two weeks. However, it has not come up on my Kindle device list, nor on Cloud. What do I do to receive the book?

  25. i ordered the wrong +2.50 glasses please them for +2.75 i am sorry for the error. please replacement.thank you mary snow

  26. Regardless of what you say about Amazon being the best online retailer in the world, they are not. I ordered my novel(s) from them on the 1st of September 2012 and never did get my order. They cancelled my order and did not give me an explanation as to why they did that and did not give me a refund either. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AMAZON OR YOU WILL GET BURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I am a member of amazon prime account and just received a gift card, do I have to activate the card before using it, help

  28. I forgot my password, when I type in the letter for recovering it I still can’t get through to my account. please help me.

  29. re: Down on the Farm…author

    I wrote this book in 2001 and gave to friends and relatives.
    This spring I saw on facebook that it had been published…I looked on internet and it Amazon….I looked up Amazon and found that it was uk…..which said they had no more copies and did not know if any more were to be published.

    Since I wrote the book I would like to purchase a copy and I would like to know what person or company published the book

    A courtesy of a reply would be greatly appreciated.
    Betty Carolyn Huffman Molinare

  30. I wrote a book “Down on the Farm” and gave copies to friends and relatives. Someone sent me a facebook entry that the book had been published ….I looked on internet and it said Amazon Uk
    contacting Amazon Uk…stated the book was no longer in stock.My question is What was the name of the Publishing Co. and their address. I would like to have a copy.
    Betty Carolyn Huffman Molinare Thanks!!

  31. when I purchase something through Amazon or check out a product,I don’t particurly like seeing it in my browser the next day or couple of days later. Do not advertise to me products that I either buy or thinking of buying on my computer.

  32. Hello,
    Instead of a comment, I have a concern to share.I have always failed to order books because of lack of credit cards which are not used in my savings bank. Wonder whether it would possible to use money transfert agencies such as Western Union or Money Gram. this possibility will help me order most of Toni Morrison books which I am reading for doctoral purposes.

  33. Who infiltrated Amazon to cause it to fail from a boycott that will take place to show how stupid the business is by placing such an idiotic patent of placing ads with a white background. I’d find who’s idea that was and fire-em, because the blowback is going to be bad. You’ve lost my business. Unbelievable stupidity.

  34. You have a great company, why would you insult your customers by having a moron like Gary Busey pitch your products. My family and I will look for options other than Amazon for future purchases.

  35. I would like to know why if you pay more postage for 2 day shipping why don’t you get your merchandise in 2 days? I am still waiting for my order and it supposedly has been shipped per your email. Your 2 day and 1 day shipping is bogus and your just trying to get more money for the postage.

  36. I ordered a Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 Family Pack, 3PC(Disc Version) 0n 5/15/20/2014 and it has not arrived

  37. Apparently, Amazon is not capable of multi-tasking. I order shoes last week and order could not be shipped due to the fact the my BILLING address and SHIPPING address didn’t match.

    How did the first pair of shoes get to me and the other 3 didn’t..

    EXPLAIN THAT??????


  39. I ordered a new comprehensive review for NCLEX RN examination 6th edition by LINDA ANNE SILVESTRI on the 31st may 2014.till now I have not received I will like to know why

  40. I’ve always been very happy with ordering off amazon, usually everything gets here onetime and its exactly what the product description says it is. Recently I ordered something, and I paid extra for the next day shipping. The thing that I ordered was important and I needed to use it right away…having faith in Amazon I was expecting it to come with the mail the next afternoon…it never arrived. Upon tracking my package it said it was scheduled for delivery on still hasn’t come and it is Thursday at around 8pm.

  41. Calling customer was a wow experience for me. The representative immediately understood the problem and took care of it on the spot. He then offered to assist with any other problems.
    Oh, I waited less than 30 seconds for someone to come on the line. I wish customer service everywhere could follow Amazon’s example. No wonder Amazon is so popular in so many countries.

  42. Really, I all want to do is sent a gift card by face book and you having me jump thru so many hoops, really? give me a break here or better explain on the screens to get me from point a to z I still don’t have what I want and tried, need taken care of by 6/27, help please, scott francis

  43. Subject: Re: Return Request Closed for order 104-9141865-8186635
    Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 14:26:51 -0400

    This request was closed due to time expiring regardless of the fact that It was defective and had never used it until 7/4/14. In my opinion this is extremely poor customer service, we did not change our minds, the product had a defective zipper which separated the very first time we used it! We ordered it early so that we would have it when we had the opportunity to use it. I am very disappointed in this and will not hesitate to let friends know, we have A LOT of boat friends that were interested in getting one for their pets…This company should not be in business…they do not stand behind their products!

  44. Can not connect on Facebook with kindle…..have login &password already always has worked!!!!!!! Now it says doesn’t. Recognize…..what’s the problem???????? Problem on candy crush game. Can’t connect?????

  45. I placed an order for 2 Motorola Batteries and have received no less than 5 e-mails regarding my address, which they had wrong. After answering each e-mail I then received a call today from a woman who could not speak English. The only word I understood was “Amazon” and knew it was something AGAIN about my order. She gave a phone number to call but as mentioned I could not understand anything she said. This is the poorest customer service I have ever received from Amazon and CCMACCDESSORIES does not represent your company well.

  46. If you don’t like my comments, why did you ask?

    If the truth hurts – sorry.

    My comments were not, rude, vulgar, or in any way bad.

    They just represented a bad experience caused by the supplier.

    I’m sorry that I upset you. I thought that you wanted an honest answer. I was obviously wrong.

  47. I must admit that with Amazon it is always easy to get a live person on the phone to handle difficult matters, when they arise. This however is of no use whatever when you cannot understand the person you have to speak to. I have experienced phone reps (I presume from India) who, when I ask for someone else to speak with, I get stonewalled or cut off. Evidently your cheap labor is afraid of getting black marks for not speaking English coherently. Easy to call, yes. Stressful to work with, yes – very much so. It is as practical as an emergency vehicle with no gas. I might as well run to the emergency.

    If you can’t do something about this problem, your Customer Service Director/VP (maybe I should say Clerk) might as well be on vacation. Sorry, but that’s the best rating I can give you.

    This is one issue you cannot blow off saying “we meet the industry standard” for this type of customer service. Does the industry do your thinking for you?

    I’m just a truck driver, but even I know that to solve the problem one might consider significantly increasing the competency level requirements for “English speaking” employees. And that’s just one of many possible solutions. Would it be a strain on your Executive resources to come up with a few more… then implement them?

    Frustrated Customer

  48. Talked with Amazon rep. last week about a cell phone I received and is not a good one I spoke with Teresa. Today I called and wanted to talk with her because she knew all about my order and my problem. Rep. said I had to speak with who answered. I could not understand her very well. Thinking about stop ordering from Amazon. Hung with a bad phone. John

  49. Im bay the baby chair but for the price change I’m return I want to now what happend requested return 115-2070715 -0525064 order the return I made on October 7 but not yet return the money to my card. The other cuestion is I’m bay 2 pack of spring valley fish oil omega 3 1000mg 400 sofgeles and 1 operation game supo sty delivered. Was made in October 3 I’m never receive this order please letme now what happened to my order or give me back my money please expect quick response thank

  50. Hola buenas tardes, desde le 27 de octubre quedaron en darme respuesta a mi solicitud de que me pasaran mis dolares a un solo email ya que equivocadamente tengo 2 email con distintas contraseñas y ahora los 200 dolares que estaba solicitando pasarlo a la cuenta que tuviera mas dolares no los veo ni en una ni en otra cuenta. Quedaron de solucionare en 2 dias habiles y ya van 5 dias. Agraddeciendo su colabopracion prestada lo mas pronto posible. Muchas gracias

  51. I do not like the changes on my kindle. It makes it more difficult for me to see the screen. Hate it!!! Why can’t people leave things alone,always have to improve things.I don’t like it. major fail

  52. I just got off the phone with customer service and I just wanted to say I am very satisfied with my customer service. The girl I spokewas friendly, knew what needed to be done to fix the problem, and was easily understood. I didn’t have to ask her to repeat anything which is a HUGE plus this day and age. I am a fan of Amazon, a prime member, several kindle versions owner, and am very happy to report that their customer service lives up to the high standard of service I expect from this company.

  53. Hello,

    Our store registration information is not complete.

    When filled in the information to “Tax Identity Information” step we can not find the link to enter.

    Could you help us send the link of this step?

    Details: Store name: usstoremarket, Company name: AUMBOW INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD,Category: Camera & photo,

    Looking forward to your reply

  54. Hi there, 13 days ago I order 4 stuffs. All had arrived except for one. It said u haven’t been able to deliver it yet. Will it arrived before Christmas?

  55. Hi there, 13 days ago I order 4 stuffs. All had arrived except for one. It said u haven’t been able to deliver it yet. Will it arrived before Christmas?

  56. I posted a book titled Mother Murdered Me online two weeks ago. Amazon paid me $179.00 for book sales. Then, Amazon took the money from my bank account, citing “Fraud” as the reason, and closed my account. This is fraud and theft like I have never seen in my life.

    I have held legal copyright for this book since 1957.
    Isn’t one honest person employed with your company who can straighten this out for me?
    I will not let the theft of my book go indefinitely. I will recover my book, as well as the money stolen from me by Amazon. I have acquired a copyright attorney, and he advised me to send this note. If you do not respond, we will file suit.
    Ronald Eugene Jackson, author of 17 books, three of which are still on the market.

    Ronald Eugene Jackson

  57. I have received two “new” credit cards from Amazon. They appear to been from VISA issued through Chase. Amazon does not seem to know about these cards or for some reason does not honor them.

    Amazon just does not ship and notifies me that they have cancelled my orders.

    Now I have no idea what has or will happen to the things I have tried to order.

    Please cancel all orders you have for me. Thank you.

    W.B. Price

  58. Amazon is nothing more then a scam selling items on the black market. Brand new items Amazon smash it then sell it as nothing is wrong. Banned customer about the condition of them items was sold that is a scam. if you go and buy a gift card do not that’s a mistake. its a black market scam for amazon to rip off customers. I ordered a Nvidia Shield tablet. smash the retail box on the floor. open it. F@@K with the item to break it. then sell it to me brand new. the amount of Lies ripping off customers. going to Amazon is a mistake that lost thousands of dollars. The phone service is the worse. Amazon opens customer service in 3rd world countries what for? I feel Amazon is owned by Ebay. I am trying to find answers to this. I calling attereny on this

  59. I bought a cover for a kindle I ordered through amazon. It did not fit so I’m returning it. Today I got the charges from the purchase and my card was charged for a membership fee of over $100.00. I did not ask for membership and did not approve the charges. I would appreciate you canceling the membership.

  60. Why am I being charged for shipping when ordering through Amazon?
    I am a prime member and should receive two day free shipping.
    Please check into this fir me.
    Thank you

  61. feb 19, 2015 I placed an order used my checking account as payment option.. amazon charged me more than once for the same items.. I called and was told that suspicious activity was being done on my acct, the rep then told me he would have to be connected to my computer before he could give me any more info, I will never order from amazon againand I want my money back

  62. I received the following message from Amazon:

    “Hello christopher Yeanos, We’re writing to let you know that the payment for the item listed below has been declined. The issuing bank may have declined the charge if the name, expiration date, or ZIP Code you entered does not exactly match the bank’s information. There is no need to place a new order as we will automatically try your selected payment method again.*”

    SINCE I COULD NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL(brilliant:)– the following is my response to the message you sent me: |

    I was a function in DC recently with Jeff Bezos — impressive guy — but I cannot believe that you cannot handle simple thing with having an item shipped to a friend(not my address:) — you guys are suppose to have an impressive IT department…

  63. I ordered two watches on the first of February in stock, today one and half month later you are showing in stock but no watches.
    The second one is a ordered for a purse, at the time I ordered I canncelled it.
    Find out that you hit my card and sent the purse. I dont received vthings items I ordered and receiving one that I cancelled. Do to your errors I request a fund refund on both orders.

  64. 1) Sunday AM I called to the USA for help & comments on Amazon policy’s and had great success including (I thought) with the problem with Prime Trial Membership. Our Discussion was a 10. many thanks to the person I talked to. 2) Sunday evening I was having a great problem with playing my music in the cloud. Finally I realized again Prime Trial Memb was on site and telling to listen to THEIR MUSIC AS IT WAS DONE BY “EXPERTS” and at that point I lost my cool. Finally a young lady in So Africa helped me with a lot patience was able to finally remove Prime and then after about an hour the music started playing normally. I want to apologize to everyone and anyone I talked to that night. Amazon you need to take a close look at Prime trial and related items to it. I have over 50 years in knowledge of music and I feel your experts are lot less than that. Thank you

  65. Because it is so difficult to find immediate customer service, I ended up with a phone number that was supposedly Amazon’s that appears to be a scam. Customer Service seems almost totally non-existent. Does it help Amazon if customer service is in hiding?

  66. I have owned multiple kindle over the years as has my wife. I think your software on my fire is a disaster. First, every time I put my fire down it loses my place. I frontman a couple of pAges it could go Nywhere. I use bookmarks and they are worthless. Your book library is difficult to save and shelve my books. Your search engine is terrible. I don’t know what you can do but I think my wife and I who own 4kindle will be switching to nooks. I doubt you care about what I am saying
    But I am so frustrated that this first edition of the fire is worthless

  67. I placed an order on 3/12/15 and rec’d confirmation of the order.
    I have not rec’d any shipping details. On it still shows that my order has not even been shipped. Has changes been made that we don’t get them anymore.

  68. I never authorized for $99.00 to be taken out of my checking account for a membership fee. If I have to have a membership to shop amazon consider me a past customer. i will be in overdraft with this amount taken out. No more amazon

  69. I paid $3:99 for a game called Craft Mods similar to Minecraft I’m very upset for the false advertising the game is not about crafting I want my refund please it’s unfair and feel cheated for my money.

  70. Friday5/1/15 @6:15 pm
    I want to tell amazon how very much I appreciate your customer service. The ability to speak directly to a customer service representitive is so very much appreciated in this day of automation. Today I was helped with an order by Robin and Mark. They were both outstanding in customer service and extremely pleasant to work with. They resolved my issue completely and I will be a loyal amazon customer forever because of them and your wonderful customer satisfaction practices. Thank you! Carol RN

  71. Ordered 2 of something. Try to cancel one on website 2 minutes after but you can’t on your site. Then got the worst non English speaking person on phone. FYI won’ be using you service anymore.

  72. Just wanted to check out rieker shoes for woment. I came across a pair of rieker shoes which I am interested in buying. The problem is that there of 2 types for this item. One says ” The rieker antistress philosophy 46315″. The other says “Rieker women daisy 15 Casual. What is the different between them? The design is the same. Hope to hear from you soon

  73. I have been getting problem with getting to my Amazon account to see my late orders
    Please can you help
    Thank you
    Agnes Bonello .

  74. As usual, the customer service representative was knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely pleasant. I appreciate it.

  75. I called Amazon customer service today about several items I ordered that hadn’t been shipped yet. In dealing with your customer service I couldn’t just simply give them my order number. They wanted e-mail address, name, address and after doing all this they still couldn’t tell me when and IF my items would be shipped. I learned that I was talking to someone in the Philippines. Also, they were looking at the same thing on their computer screen that I was looking at on my computer. I knew as much as they did about my shipment because we both had the SAME information. So in the end, they were no help at all. Amazon doesn’t want customers to call and talk to someone in America and that really disturbs me. It means you really don’t care about customer service. I’ve had pretty good luck with Amazon in the past, but after this encounter, I don’t think I will be ordering as much from you. When you get so big that you have to have customer service in a foreign country, you’re going to lose business.

  76. Hello,my name is Sara I live in Asia,Saudi Arabia ,jeedah and I want to know the price of the shipping the items
    Ps: I ordered 8 items wich is a necklace a dress sunglasses an iPhone cover an eos lipstick and 2 foot jewelry wich is all costs $44.92

  77. Hello,my name is Sara I live in Asia,Saudi Arabia ,jeedah and I want to know the price of the shipping the items
    Ps: I ordered 8 items wich is a necklace a dress sunglasses an iPhone cover an eos lipstick and 2 foot jewelry wich is all costs $44.92

  78. Greetings1 Please do the United States a great service and stop selling confederate flags and products that bear that image.

    Thank You!

  79. Your company has prohibited the sale of the Confederate flag because its offensive to some. Everyone my interpret it has they wish. I believe we are still in America, so I would like request that your company also bans the sale of Islam flags and communist flags has they are offensive to me.

    Thank for understanding in advance,

    Richard Brisco

  80. Dear Amazon, congress is attempting to pass a bill called the Trans Pacific Partnership. This bill will render the Fair Use agreement essentially void, and that will cause websites like Twitch, which you own, to basically shut down. Please do all that you can to fight this the TPP, so that this doesn’t happen.

  81. I would like to know why you think it is ok to let a small amount of people decide for you what you can and can not sell!! The confederate flag is apart of our history, I do not believe in slavery but it is part of our history. We voted against homosexaul marraige but our goverment tells us they don’t care what we think anymore. They want to legalize marijuana and get rid of cigarettes, which both are very unhealthy for you. Why are we sitting back and letting our goverment take away our GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired of losing more and more of my freedom, PLEASE STAND UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM don’t stop selling a flag that is part of OUR history.

  82. We had a package delivered, it had been open the contents missing, we found it hanging on our gate. what is to be done about replacing it. it was High Plains Drifter, Clint Eastwood., we would very much like to have it replaced. please contact us at the address above. thank you

  83. Our package was delivered, it was missing the content, the package had been cut open and ups had left it on our gate, it was High Plains Drifter, with Clint Eastwood, what options do we have

  84. I understood I could pay the amazon card (chase) by using my gov. debit card I do not have a checking acct. I do not want one and I do not trust any finical institute for automatic pay. This is 2015 not 1985 get with it. I know I’m not the only senior citizen with this card and arrangement Ebay is ahead of you in this field If you would direct chase to get a brain they can have it fixed (Retired programmer). Chase can do the job if I go into their place of business. why can’t it be done online.

  85. I simply ordered a couple of items for my friend’s birthday. I receive an alert from my account there has been an unauthorized debit. I am concerned and am having so much trouble contacting someone. When my problem is rectified and I am refunded, I will post that as well.

  86. I am a prime member and use your site frequently for everyday purcheses. I am a huge fan of your products but must say I am totally disappointed in your “prime day”. There were very few items I was interested in and the few I added to my cart were jacked up in price by the time I tried to check out. No warning on price experation. Sorry to say Walmart kicked your asses today,I actually got good deals from them.

  87. No less than six emails back an forth and Amazon would not honor their own stated policy. I order a trailer cove which was supposed to fit a 22 for trailer – it need not even come close to fitting a 19 foot. They keep saying they would only honor the return if the discretion was incorrect. Sent them the discretion and the manufactures measurement for the trailer and they keep saying the same thing for not honoring. Either they are idiots or liars. Either way I’ll be looking for alternate suppliers. Very unhappy!!!

  88. I love you people, but why do you hide your phone number? I need mini splits 3 of them at a good price, please get back to me.
    New home builder, mini splits are required on a new home, must heat and air cond., 2 9000 btu. and one 12000 btu. , need price shipping etc. Please low price.

  89. I was charged with some rental books that I do not remember renting. Could you please tell me what books and when I rented and I will have the books on their way I just ha no idea and you charged my credit card.

  90. I purchased a Kindle fire HDX 18 mos ago, kept calling Tech spt and all I get someone in PI, got a new charger and went thru all reset, restart bs….the HDX will not come on Sidney says I need a new one, the cost is $358.00. This item is a piece of CRAP, I will not every purchase a Kindle item again..Customer Service spt is 00. John Sheffield

  91. Amazon Customer Service couldn’t have been more professional after their delivery service missed the delivery appointment, we had personal waiting for an 8pm delivery that never came, Amazon CS issued a credit memo & a gift card to our company maybe that didn’t cover the OT expense but it reinforced my faith in Amazon’s customer respect.

  92. About “Top Gear” I was a fan of Top Gear and watched the series on Dave and on ITV3 at every opportunity. Since the punching event I have not watched one programme.Clarkson has shown that he is nothing but a thug and a bully. I will never support such a man. I hope that the Amazon decision to Buy the programme is a disaster. I will just watch Chis.

  93. Amazon Customer Service DOES NOT GIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I placed an order and stipulated paid method to be visa credit card. I entered the visa card number. When I received my confirmation the order showed that the balance of my gift card that I use only for buying Kindle books was applied to this new order which was not for books. The only solution they offered was to cancel my order and reorder my product. I felt this was ridiculous because the same thing would most likely happen again since I didn’t authorize using my gift card the first time. They would not offer me any other solution.

  94. Customer service was excellent when I finally found the telephone number which I could not find on the website for orders. I had to “Google” Amazon Customer Service for the telephone or email address.

  95. I just tried to place an order. I am not computer savvy, therefore I tried to call & place an order. I was told you are not allowed to do that. I am not mad at the employee, he was just doing as he was told. However, that just costed you a very dissatisfied customer. You should have more consideration for customers!
    Vicki Bourgeois

  96. I am VERY upset that you keep using gift cards without my permission at check-out. Every time I place an order it automatically tries to use the gift card. I have to go through several steps to NOT use the gift card. I would like you to change that so that I choose how to make the payment.
    Thank You.

  97. I am having trouble with my account password .I changed the password as I was having problems.I ordered items and the new password was ok. later I tried to order futher items and my password was not accepted.
    I do not wish to keep changing the password and I get frustrated when it can take 5 or 6 attempts to make new orders .
    Any advice please

    Please answer.

  99. I did visit the amazone site but I didn’t give authorization for deducting $99 from my account. The amount was deducted on August 30th 2015 (on a nonworking day, i.e. sunday). Please return it bact to my account in Bancorpsouth bank Oxford, mississippi, USA.

  100. I was buying some items and you tried to force me to accept Amazon Prime by claiming I signed up for it and requested it. No, I did not request it and I will not buy from you again because you don’t force me–period!!! I can always find what I want at box stores and they won’t attempt to trick me!!

  101. This is the worst of the worst companies to order from or do any kind of work with. I have tried numerous times to give them another chance. Three stikes your out is how I feel. I received an e-mail from my Google account last night saying I ordered a pair of shoes which, I didn’t. I looked at them and they were really cute but never ordered them and the size was way off. I cancel the order within minutes of it being placed. I received a follow-up e-mail today stating I was charged which. I already knew because I looked and tonight I was thinking a lot about this incident because I’ve dealt with this company charging my account for reasons they didn’t know of. Low and behold they taken the money for these shoes sometime after 11 this morning. It wasn’t authorized any longer. We had no agreement. So fraudulently they obtained the money from my account. There is no evidence that I tried to purchase this item any longer because it doesn’t appear in my recent orders or orders being shipped. Amazon return my money and I am closing all Amazon. I went as far to get rid of my Amazon kindle fire by throwing it in the trash it’s only about the 10th time or so they’ve done this actually their known for it. Good luck Amazon user’s I’ll let you know when my money is returned to my account today is the thrid of September.

  102. I recent had issues logging in, so I did a password reset. Unfortunately, it never worked, despite the confirmation e-mails I received from going through the process twice. What happens now? My email address to the account is

  103. I need a non-notification-only email address to communicate with Amazon about problems encountered about a received product. I want to communicate with you by email FIRST to make sure to get a guarantee from you that the same defect would occur in the replacement BEFORE I decide whether I want a straight refund or a replacement. ****Please email me an email address I can communicate with you at and send you photos of the eroded surface of the Crockpot I recently purchase. HELP!!!!

  104. I just saw a shirt for sale by Amazon that has a logo on it saying dUCK THE COPS. this should never be allowed. I am appalled that any company would allow such a thing.

  105. So disappointed that you are selling shirts that say “duck the Police” with blood spatter. This is a horrible and negative way to look at police when they put their lives on the line for public safety everyday. This just adds fuel to the fire in the negative way the media views criminals and the police. I will never view Amazon the same way and will never use them again.

  106. I need help placing an order and I don’t know how to ask for help. There are three items from the same company that offer free shipping. However, when trying to place the order I noticed that Amazon split the order up for some reason, and I no longer receive free shipping. Please explain.
    Items: rubber stamp sets
    Penny Black: You’re retro
    Penny Black: Christmas cheer
    Penny Black: Smile all day

    They ship from the same location. Free shipping over $35, my order qualifies.








  108. Customer service personnel were lovely. However an update for my fav game has been available for days but Amazon seems to not have it yet. Why ? I thought you were the outlet for current games.
    I can’t play without the update. It’s midnight castle by big fish games. Very frustrating.

  109. First of all, the fact that Amazon doesn’t list their customer service phone number on the site unless you jump through a series of hoops, is shady. Their site is not allowing the returns page to load today, so I wanted to contact them in order to get it taken care of on the weekend. I was told that they could call me back in 15 minutes, and then recited my phone number. I clicked 1 to say yes, call me back. Then it said we couldn’t verify your phone number, and put me back on hold.

    This phone number is my only phone number and is listed on my account, my address, and all my payment methods. It’s listed, not blocked. The machine knew my number from caller ID, yet couldn’t verify it? This is bunk. The service is broken. I hung up in disgust.

    After more searching, I found an email address that purports to respond within 12-24 hours. We’ll see. I’m angry because the item I ordered was expensive, large, and heavy. It arrived damaged, rendering it useless. I threw out the packaging materials because as stated above, it’s a large, bulky item. I had no reason to suspect they might send me garbage. The item is number one in it’s category, and has over a thousand positive reviews. So yes. I’m angry.

    I’ve been with Amazon Prime for 9 years. Very recently, the company has gone downhill in service. I think it’s time for me to move on.

  110. Why will you not accept my address on the order i am trying to place also wanted a second item and it became a add on yes i did add to the current order, not a future
    order .. what the heck is going on with your order system .. i used this same address several time and now it invalid what is wrong with your system …
    this is enough to make you not want to order from you all at all.
    Bill Sandelin

  111. I don’t know what it takes to get a response from your customer service department. I keep sending the message that my order was never delivered.. UPS customer service tells me that the package was scanned at Amazon’s warehouse on September 6, 2015 and has never moved since . I have requested a refund because I sat outside waiting for the package for 3 days. It’s just not worth it to me if I can’t rely on accurate tracking information from UPS. I just keep on getting a message from Amazon to print out a label and return it. IF someone at Amazon would just send me an e-mail aknowledging that the package was never sent and that Amazon will go ahead with the refund. If this is not true , Amazon must start an investigation with UPS. I cannot get any further help from UPS because they insist the package never left Amazon. If I could get some kind of response from your customer service department it would be nice. Otherwise you are losing a customer. Check my past ordering history and you will see I have been ordering a lot from on a regular basis for quite some time. That is about to end if I get shafted for a $50 order.

  112. I cancel my items order n- 17094685511348230 is a error, excuse-me I order only sensor02 please for $11.99, please your can put rest my money back thank you.

  113. Sorry for bothering, I would like to ask some personal questions about Amazon. Because I am looking for case studies for job order costing system to reduce their cost or provide customized service to their customers. I just want to know whether Amazon has used Job order costing system. Thanks

  114. I would like to express my sincere and honest feeling about the CS experience that I had today when I contacted Amazon CS. I was promised by Amazon to get access to NBA 2K16 on September 25 when I ordered the above item.
    Ms. Stacey T. went above the call of duty to resolve my issue. I have never had such good customer service experience anywhere else. She was professional , nice, knowledgeable and eager to help me. She was fantastic.

  115. I tried to get the annual membership for the discount price of $67 but the system did not allow me. Not sure because I have a free prime membership for 1 month. I tried to also not to continue that and still was not able to get the discount membership.

    Florida Haji

  116. I attempted to get into my account. Was not able to. Attempted their online help which was useless. Then spent 30 minutes trying to find a phone number to talk to a human being. This person only told me what I already new and stated the account manager or service rep would get back to me by email with their response in 24 hr. That is extremely not useful. There name is a misnomer this is not Customer service!

  117. The young woman had trouble speaking and understanding English and was trying to read from a script without taking the time to listen and understand my problem. She left me on hold, first time with dead silence, the second for more than 10 minutes with awful music. I hung up and was on the line with another Amazon number when she called back so that she could read to me again. I asked her to tell me what she was going to do without reading and she said I would get a refund. Then send an email saying that she was “sorry we didn’t get to finish”

  118. The LCD that I order, it doesn’t work that well. It work for about two to three day and then it stop working, your LCD have this little smug on it which make the screen touch doesn’t work.

  119. I was charged shipping on my last order of two books. The delivery date was beyond my 2-day Prime.

    Contacting you is DIFFICULT at best.

    Linda S Wilke

  120. I’m really very truely unhappy I have been charged £79.00 for a membership I never even wanted and I demand a refund my number is 07765101514 I wish for someone to contact me to discuss a refund unhappy with this !!

  121. I never authorised for money to be taken from my account !! Very annoyed I hope something is done about this !

  122. Regarding order revision (113-9218051-1699400) This is cat litter and I originally ordered at the beginning of Sept. Before you send me anymore required okays for future delays can you simply find out the reason for this extended delay and if there is any possibility that this order will ever be shipped. Simple enough?

  123. They keep hanging the phone on me, or sending me to other companies that have nothing to do with the purchase that I did in amazon.

  124. I had a very bad experience with Amazon. I ordered a printer off of Amazon and it was the wrong printer,it did not have a scanner, so we want to return it and get our money back .they would not send a return label, they want us to pay to send it back. Please resolve this problem. Signed, James Geerdes

  125. the telephone number you have for contact is wrong. May I have the correct number. I would also like Sony’s number

  126. For some reason, the paperback book I pre-ordered was shipped as (I can’t recall what the Post Office called it but it can take up to 6 weeks to receive it – possibly Media?). I requested Standard and it was stated on my order that I should receive it within a week of ordering it (Oct 5th or 6th). After having to Google for the Customer Service number, I called. I failed to get the rep’s name but she was quick to answer my call on hold, quick to find a solution and took care of my issue. She’s not sure either why it was sent the way is was sent and is overnighting the book to me now. Thank you!

  127. My last order was for10 Palmolive for MEN Classic, 100ml

    I only received 6 as 3 packages of two each.

    Please correct.

  128. My last order was for 10 Palmolive for MEN Classic, 100ml

    I only received 6 as 3 packages of two each.

    Please correct.

  129. Yesterday 10/8/2015 AMAZON’s website cause me problems because their shipping default stated items would be shipped as of NOV 2 – NOV 19 when I have ordered shirt for delivery by OCTOBER 10th….as a gift… we purchased another shirt and then was notified from seller that it was shipped October 8th
    amazon needs to cover the charge of extra shirt.

  130. Horrible customer service! Locked out if my account called them several times was hung up on and now apparently someone from Hermany I using my account

  131. Found out some one out of the country was using my account after calling and being hung up on. They said they would call me back in two hours?! Are you f’ing kidding me Amazon?! Still in resolved. I will be returning some items!

  132. Absolutely horrible! I will never be ordering from Amazon again! I will be returning phone I purchased for a full refund! You suck!

    Denise Matos from NYC not Germany!

  133. Thank you for your quick reply for my order # 002-0998938-4701856. I will send the book back for my refund ASAP. However, the company claims to no longer have the book I sent back to them that belongs to another company. I need some way of getting that book or a refund of $76.56 back. Thank you!

  134. I was on the phone for several hours the other day with different techs and customer service representatives but wound up talking to a John over in the Philippines and he helped me get my silk browser back the way it was and the way I liked it before you keep doing your automatic updates! I’m asking that you please leave it alone and not keep doing the auto updates because I keep having to do a factory reset in order to get it to how I like it and I shouldn’t have to do that every time! Please leave the settings that are in there as of Oct. 16th, 2015. Thanks

    • I ordered for a mobile Karbonn Machone Titanium S310(dark blue) on 13.10.15 and the same was delivered to me on 15.10.15 at my address i.e. Gupta Tobacco Co., 4672/21, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi -2 vide invoice no. HR-DEL2-155022891-79219. I paid the cost of phone Rs. 4599 through my HDFC Bank Debit Card as I was told by delivery boy that I would get back 15% cash back within a week’s time but it is more than 18 days now and I have not received any cash back or information from your end. Now, I would request you to please look into matter and inform me through email or at mobile no. as early as posible.

  135. Very dis-satisfied. I should not be required or ever asked to share my computer screen. I did not agree to pay for Amazon Prime and should not be charged. Plain and simple. I will be contacting the BBB to file a formal complaint.

  136. i have purchage a some product my product delevery date 14 oct mention u site and then show u product has been delevered but my product has not be delivered in my shipment address so pliz i request u my help me plzzzz

  137. Hi, I want to end my prime membership and get my refund. But I find that i can’t cancel my prime membership in amazon. Why is that???

  138. I am having a difficult time reconciling my account to the pending charges you have against my account. Please recheck your billing and in the future only ship a complete order for the correct amount due!

  139. I’ve been trying to reach you for over an hour. One of the three items I ordered was not in the box though the invoice says it is. The best I could do was choose missing part or item. You now say i MUST RETURN THE ITEM before I get a refund. I DO NOT HAVE THE ITEM. IT WAS NOT IN THE BOX! The item in question was from order. The item was the “Washable & Reusable Stainless Stell Disk Filter” for $12.99.

    If you are so difficult on this small item, how am I to trust you should a more expensive item be missing? Why are you impossible to get by phone? I am very unhappy.

  140. Unable to talk to anyone in customer service? Tried numerous ways and they can’t hear on their end? Can’t use any prompts?

  141. I ordered the book Killing Reagan on Sept. 30. I am still waiting for it . It is now Oct.26. I have received the bill but don’t plan on paying it until I get the book.Please check into this. Thank you, Jan Spada

  142. What in the world is happening to amazon. Used to be great now it is horrible. Ordered two books on October 10, 2015. Amazon indicated books shipped October 15, 2015 with expected delivery on October 14, 2015. What type of black magic do you employ?? Still have never received the books. You give no number to call. I will never buy from you again. From now on I go to Barnes and Noble. How can I return something I have yet to receive, and have conveniently been billed for? What type of swindlers are you anyway???

  143. Dear,
    I don’t understand why is it that you decided to re-charge my account for an item which I send you proof of the delivery ticket from UPS on October 10 of this year (PLEASE READ YOUR EMAILS)…
    I took the packaged personally to my UPS store I got a receive and the attachment is my proof that the packaged was delivery back to you… (LEFT AT DOCK)
    You have to understand that from the moment I drop the packaged at the UPS store I have no more control about what happened to it…
    With my attachment (PROOF OF DELIVERY) I suggest that you contact UPS I and found out what happen to my packaged… This shall it be your attend to find out what happen to it before of re-charge me and in other words accusing of steeling…
    I shop for most of the items I need from Amazon,. because of the convenience and easy of service… right now I’m not very happy at all and is not because of the money, but because of the actions that you took with out reading your emails , and or contact the canopy in charge of, which in this case will be UPS prior $$$

    Please refer to the attachment., “LEFT AT DOCK”
    PS. The following are other issues that you shall considered before of accusing one of your customers of steeling…

    A) You may have a employe with some issues
    B) You shall contact and charge UPS for the item not received

  144. Terrible experience with customer service today. I’ve been a loyal Amazon customer for years, purchasing something at least once a week and also a Prime Member. Canceled everything today because I was so upset with the transaction.

  145. I have no idea why 1/2 my order was sent FED-EX and arrived at 2:00 pm. the 2 bags of Nutro Ultra Puppy food was MAILED?? Now my puppy is starving, and want’s to eat. called and got Tatum G. who promised to call back in an hour. waited and waited, no call back. I call Amazon, got the Phillipines and asked for US. Waited on hold, then was transferred. told rep I wanted the supervisor!! I’m waiting..puppy is very unhappy, hates Amazon! Finally got Maya the supervisor She placed a replacement order…hopefully it will be here Saturday!!

  146. My “wish list” is for Amazon to make it easier to sign out!

    The sign out icon used to be at the top of the list; now, it’s either at the bottom where my computer cannot access it, though I tried & tried, or else you’ve eliminated it.

    Put it back at the top!

  147. I ordered a Tens Unit on Friday or Saturday supposedly to be delivered on Thursday,11/5/15. No show.. Used my Amazon email name No longer my Yahoo name. Yahoo screwed me up and closed my account. New name at Yahoo — lorrainealan39. If you send me an email, has to be to new name. Should proberly change my Amazon email to same, But – -what do I have to do to get my Tens Unit? I need it badly. Please answer ASAP

  148. I ordered a Tens Unit on Friday or Saturday supposedly to be delivered on Thursday,11/5/15. No show.. Used my Amazon email name No longer my Yahoo name. Yahoo screwed me up and closed my account. New name at Yahoo — lorrainealan39. If you send me an email, has to be to new name. Should probably change my Amazon email to same, But – -what do I have to do to get my Tens Unit? I need it badly. Please answer ASAP

  149. I have been a regular customer since 2002 and recently I have become increasingly upset with the delivery of prime items through USPS. It is now normal for a two-day delivery to take at least 5 days to come. Other times they list delivered when there was no delivery. If this continues it will impact directly on my commitment to using Amazon and maintaining a prime account. I want to use prime but I do not accept using USPS since they do not deliver on time and this is standard. Please advise me how you are addressing this decline in your service so I can make a decision on future purchases.

  150. I have just witnessed the worst case of customer experience in my life!!! I purchased a $500 couch from your company and it was a piece of garbage! It was broken when I got it. I tried to put it together, and it was nightmare. When I sat on it, it immediately fell apart. UPS had to come back 3 times bc I couldn’t take it apart. It is broken and twisted and will not come apart. The box I have will not fit the item. I called customer service to be told I need to take it apart and return it. I explained over and over, it could not be taken apart and I did not have a box that would fit the entire item b/c it could not be taken apart. After call after call, and person after person I was not assisted at all. I was told to find a way to take it apart or go purchase a box that would fit the item. There is no way I can get a refund, and it is not up to them to provide a box to return the item. I was sent a broken item, it was expensive, and now I am being told I need to figure out how to get it back to Amazon for my refund. I will be contacting the better business bureau to deal with this issue.

  151. last 3 months i have two mobile yu yureka plus moondust grey,first mobile very happy,2nd mobile i have received on 9 the Nov,this mobile software version and battery spare also missing,manufactured defected,So amazon please replace the mobile as soon as possible…if possible pls open delivery.

  152. please look at my tracking dates …off from start…todays 13 th…order
    sitting in tennessee .ordered on 8th as shown prime…from there had
    email guarantee on 11 th then changed to estimated date. by 8pm
    on 10th…wait tracking on amazon says 11 th now.know usps was
    closed veterans day.used ups be here long ago..ha not 11th shows
    on clown post my tracking orders,or other fake dates.canceled prime
    because of frustration of falling those weird tracking code
    through usps shows where its at .last updated pickup.enjoy 11 th as its
    shown to me…enjoy the right date 13 th .cheers sellers come first.customer 2nd. love amazon..hate my seller and usps for frustation.still keep order not
    refund out of reviews from me on seller.usps send me texts on order
    untill delivered.first saddness on order better in time ,bad week.done
    ranting….later RICK Williams ps tell seller put on drone fly to me…lol

  153. I have tried to contact you on the phone number given on your web site and it is not apparently recognisable. I am very anxious to speak to someone my telephone number is 01580201127

  154. I was charged about $150. to my bank account for a membership that I am totally unaware of joining. I would like my money back and do not appreciate being tricked into anything. This action on your company’s behalf has cause me to take a closer look at not doing any more business with you. I was surprise to note that my bank account had been debited for something (membership) that I was unaware of completely. Please return my fund to my account! (210)990-5635 Michael Lynn Fergins

  155. I ordered a duel cassette deck ( Pyle PT-649D which needs a amplifier ) the question is on what model / brand of a amplifier it would take to connect to so it can
    record/work because the leaflet on operating procedures has a picture of a
    DC and a PA and also the panel information.

  156. I order things and I just order off my card .so I do not understand with my order with this phone..I order and now your say your cancelled my orders. not send the phone or send my money back and every time I call your just lie about the phone is on next day delivery. Not why be dishonest about the phone .your have the payment card

  157. worst service I ever received with any company. I am still trying to get a package delivered to my home that your in compatent driver con not find I live right off of main street in Shelbyville , ky. you deliver to my work place daily . I work in Shelbyville ky your driver has to be familiar with Shelbyville so why is it so hard to find my damn to find my home address????????

  158. i just ordered a dewalt qw 745 compact saw order # 112-0447584-3025065
    i amazon in the add it said orders over 35.00 it was free shipping but
    you charged me 44.93 for shipping i would like to know why ?

  159. Amazon is the luckiest company ever made I ordered gat v and Xbox live for 12 months and it took the money off of my credit card and said IT CANT SEND MY ORDER!!!! Amazon better fix this or I will SUE!!!!!!!!!!

  160. I ordered several products on or about November 20, 2015. One of them was for two packages of 100 watt incandescent light bulbs, to be supplied by a Amazon associate company. The package arrived today but only ONE package was included. I ordered, and paid for, TWO packages.
    Please take care of correcting this for me, and let me know what you are doing.
    The name and address are: Lewis Gold, 15107 Interlachen Dr. Apt. 414, Silver Spring, MD 20906-5629

    Thank you

  161. I have an issue that the promo to take $20 off the order isn’t working and also I have submitted two trade ins and they have not been processed.

  162. Recently I ordered a Norelco Electric razor,but somehow you sent me 2 razors! I refused the shipment, But would still like to re-order, one (1) razor! Can you adjust my account and charge me for one and adjust my account? Thank you;

  163. I have a dilemma! Yesterday I reported that an item had not been received. I was told that a credit would be issued. Fine… the problem is that today I received an e-mail stating that the entire order was being credited. I got the order, HOWEVER, one item was missing from it, not the entire order. I have everything except that one item. So far you seem to be willing to give me a credit of $102.00 for the one item (sharpening steel) that sells for $8.00. I see no place where I can report this or get it straightened out, so I thought that since this is the only contact that I have… I would try here. If anyone would like further clarificatio

  164. Early today I was scouting for a good price Caterpillar Safety shoe and I found the one I like and I notice there is a discount for CYBERMON. So I check out and entered the code CYBERMON but was told this dont apply
    Even the prime discount of $10 I lost as I was not able to claim in online. and I got no help.
    When I tried to enter it is again my purchse was done to my surprise. So the CYBERMON AND PRIME ARE NOTHING BUT GIMMIT OR WHAT SHALL I SAY.

  165. I have been lied to by four different members of customer services over the past three days and just had my live chat disconnected by your rep because I asked why he would not tell me why I had been told my goods were re ordered last night when they had not been. Offers to extend Prime and empty apologies are no good. I cannot cancel as I bought on Black Friday. I feel trapped and stressed because you are in breach if contract and unwilling to help

  166. I don’t receive (second times) my order # 110-4403832-5867464 “Denim & supply
    Ralph Lauren” It was written: Arriving: Friday, November 27 – Wednesday, December 2. Carrier USPS, Tracking # 61292700877329505004.
    Super and neighbors did not received too. It was not left in post room or under
    my door. Help me, please. Thank you, Sincerely, G. Aranchy.

  167. i placed a few orders with yo and most of the ahs not arrived as yet according to the dates you indicated.
    However i also placed an order and paid for , order #111-3425601-6569803 (Phoenix Decor -Abstract) but this is not even appearing on my order list so i cant track it, all of the other orders are there except that on.
    Can you assist and put it on my orders

  168. I have received 2 (two) cd’s that did not work. I sent the first one back and received a second one that did not play on four different cd players. Is something
    wrong with the whole lot?
    #003137333732# IL VOLO – LIVE FROM POMPEII
    Please advise as to my next move . I need to know as soon as possible
    Thank you
    Dolores Sims-Gardner

  169. It took me 3 days to get a live person and then before I got the information I wanted I was disconnected.. All I wanted was my account balance and due date so I can pay my bill on time. How hard can that be???

  170. I want a Paperwhie Kindle Reader and would like or someone over the phone to ake my order and send it to me immediately. My brother gaveme one and I lost it. Woujld like to replace before he visits me again.Does anyone with Amazone know how to answer the phone and take an order. The last person I talked with said I had not completed my order when I tried to order over Internet. I need help

  171. I would like to cancel my membership, because I don’t decide to get it…I want the money refund back to my Visa card the last number is 2938 …thank you

  172. I don’t know why it took 2 weeks to decide this product was unavailable and then finally email me on the day it was supposed to be delivered to say so.
    I missed my nieces birthday because of that
    Your order (#116-7508345-5276268

    “AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – 35 Mile Range”
    Unhappy customer

  173. after i fill my cart and try to go to checkout i am told my email or password is incorrect. and i am therefore unable to order. but you are able to contact me andi i replaced my password this morning i was told everything was good but i am still unable to place order. what is the problem.

  174. A very quick answer to what I was afraid would be a complicated question! The lady I spoke with was very helpful and lovely to talk with. Thank you.

  175. This customer service call line has been a joke, I have called three times and been told my account would be credited. Ten days have passed not done. Charges on my credit card illegal. I have not received anything I was charged for but been billed.

  176. Please do not cancel my order #113-9702597-6353063, placed 12/10. I did receiving confirmation from Amazon on 12/10 that order was received. Today I went into the order to track shipping info and hit cancel order buy mistake. Please do not cancel this order…I do want these items and was looking up my tracking info.
    Thank you.
    Cheryl Heacock

  177. First you’re selling a book written by a Canadian mass murderer (Paul Bernardo). Now it’s Nazi paraphernalia. What is wrong with you people?
    I’m selling my Amazon stock! Today!

  178. charged for amazon prime. DO NOT WANT AMAZON PRIME. please refund my money ASAP
    my card declined the actual purshase because amazon cleared out the remanding funds i have

  179. I am very frustrated. I thought I had taken care of this problem this morning when I spoke to your customer service. I also did not get a satisfactory answer from Chase with the problems with 3139. The problem may be on your end.

  180. The employee who assisted with my problem was exceptionally helpful
    and kind. Not everyone is like her now days.

    Mary L. Volmer

  181. I called about a missing order today The Beatles 1 cd/dvd also the limited edition blu ray. also about an order for I Frankenstein 3D and Dawn of the planet of the apes. The audio on the Frankenstein move was messed up and the Apes movie wouldn’t even load. I ordered them twice. But the same thing was wrong. Will the 3rd time be a charm? I must say, I spend a lot of money at Amazon, and these being the only 2 problems I’m doing great! My customer service agent was very cooperative and understanding. I should have my replacements around Tuesday. I appreciate her help with this matter. I just hope the 2 movies will work right. Thank you Amazon!

  182. I received an email that I had not returned the textbook rental Introduction to Psychology. i sent this book back on December 21 with a second book in the same box.
    Pam Funkhouser

  183. I have been a good customer for many years, I have the Prime, the last 3 orders the delivery has been unsatisfactory. I was home all day the day my book was to be delivered. I got a text saying “pkg undeliverable go to where you get mail” NO one came to my house, no one came to attempt delivery to my door! In my town to get our mail we have to go to post office, when you have pkg taken there I can’t get it due to work hrs during their open hrs. My deliveries have always been to my house, I want this to stop, or I will never order from you again! Marcia Danielson

  184. This morning I ordered a Christmas card voucher for £50.00 and it was accepted. I received an email saying my order was accepted, followed by another saying that it was cancelled because my Visa card had not been recognised by my Bank – Barclays. I have contacted the Bank and they have no reason for this action by Amazon. In fact my card has been used several times since my original order was placed with Amazon. I am a long term customer of Amazon. Can you please sort this out.

    • \I do not know what is going on. I want a voucher but Amazon have cancelled an order originally accepted saying my Bank could not verify my Visa card. I have contacted the Bank and they can see no reason for this. Please sort it out.

  185. Returned defective item for refund. UPS Tracking shows return was received on 12-17-15 yet still no confirmation of return and not credit issued to account

  186. SmartWool PHD Ultra Light Running T-Shirt – AW15 was listed as a Prime Listing but when accessed the site to buy, it was not a Prime offering. I bought the product anyway but was very unhappy with the bait and switch. Am rethinking about the prime membership which is up in Jan 12106.

  187. My order # 114-6068912-7229824 was not delivered. It says it went to Billings Mt. That’s a 1000 miles from where I live. Thanks Jon

  188. i have been on phone for over 40 minutes. trying to get remote services. and amazon prime services. but nobody can understand what i am needing.. this is the third day trying to get help this is the worst experience with amazon prime service i have ever had. they keep trying to sell me stuff. i just want to use my prime video services. i need someone with the power to make me a happy customer and fix the problem without charging me after the awful experience

  189. I received three notices that Amazon was having difficulty processing my payment. I went into my acct. the next day and found and corrected the error. After which I received one more e-mail notice and again on my kindle device, 5 days after correcting the concern on line. I called customer service, had to say that I could not understand the cust. service rep. at least 7 times. It appears Amazon is outsourcing its cust. Service in an effort to save money!? Very bad experience on something that should have self corrected after I went on line into my acct. and corrected the error!?!? Not a good experience!

  190. I have 2 cards which were used and now I am told that I need to use the remaining balance of the 2 cards with the 2 accounts which I used them on. Why does Amazon have this? Shouldn’t the remaining of the card be used on any Amazon account?
    Please advise,
    Unhappy consumer

  191. Ihave two gift cards ,one for$100.00, and another one for$25.00 I’ve tried using them both with the #’s on the back of the cards but Im getting the same message s when I’m using them nd the same messages say: this card has been used¡¡, which is crazy cause I’ve never used them at all, I’ve used your same kind of cards and have cut them up and tossed them¡¡¡, I just found these in an old wallet and I saved these from my son’s gifts to me from my last birthday, which was last June /28/2014, do your cards expire???, my son usually sends me your gift cards as my gifts for every occassions BDs, , after this Ive told Ive told my son to not ever send me an card again¡¡¡¡¡, Ive had problems like this before with other things such as chargign my then debit card, and last 08/26/2014 I received an email from one of your customer service rep. telling me that he had research my accounts, apparently I had 3 seperate accounts for me and he had not found any charges to my account or rather no purchases to any to my account on my debit card and suggested that I call my debit catd holder and ask them to refund my almost $1,000.00 that had charged to my debit card, and when I called my debit card holder I was told that if, hasn’t found any purchases on my account then why can’t they refunded my funds themselves???, now this has been gone on for almost two yrs now Ive sent your customer service before, but last time nobody even bothered to answer my email at all, I’ve had other problems with other orders also and have had complaints also and your cust. serv. reps. promised me they woul take care of the problems and the moon and the stars¡¡¡, and all I got a big zip, zero, nada, nothing¡¡¡,

    ?????, what kind of outfit are you, I could other things from another reputable outfits even for cheaper than what you can get me, this is highway robbery to me the funds you took out of my debit card was an almost whole month’s worth of my Social Security check for me¡¡¡????? now Ive been waiting for almost Two yrs to get my funds back, that’s totally ignorant to me dont you agree, could you plz. forward this to a supervisor please???, thank you¡¡¡,…

  192. I’m trying to print return labels but I’m unable to get back to that part. I have already exchanged the cal king sheets with a order for king sheets in exchange. But I still need the return label for the cal king sheets. Please help!

  193. Ordered gift card, one day delivery, on 12/21. Has still not arrived. Spoke with 2 different individuals on 12/24 and 12/28 (when the first person said it would arrive). Still have not received it. Tried to cancel order. Waiting for that. Horrible customer service. I had asked for an explanation, none could be provided. Asked to actually speak with manager, this did not happen. My conversation today was not even emailed to me.

  194. I am trying to buy dvd’s on your site. Why do I need to load funds onto a gift card and now that it’s done, how do I use it? Where do I find the claims code required? Very frustrating and unnecessary process.

  195. Order number: # 206-5297040-4797142 has not been delivered.
    Carrier= Royal Mail.
    Royal Mail tracking Number is not recognized -# AX215560687

  196. I cancelled my Prime account…and went to monthly withdrawls.
    I’ve had 2 withdraws from my account for over $100…and one for a monthly
    amount of $10 and some odd cents..
    One yearly amount has been redeposited…thankfully
    the other has NOT
    I keep being told by someone with a strong foreign accent
    that I MUST give it more time…because of the holidays..
    this is a fraudulent..charge…Kindly redeposit the yearly withdraw to my account

  197. I. Ordered one bad of diatomaceous. Earth and I. Received it. A. Week. Later I. Ordered. Ketosis powder. Instead of getting my ketosis powder. U. Just. Sent me another bag of diatomaceous earth. That. I. Did not order. Please. Contact me asap.

  198. Y did I get. 2. Bags of. Diatomaceous earth. When. I. Only ordered one. And. U. Never. Sent me. My. Ketosis. Powder I. Ordered

  199. Your CS Dept. was really helpful–Rep.told me exactly what to do.
    Thank You so Much! I will rec. my order tomorrow-Thurs. 12-31-15.


    Willa Tatum

  200. I have received several emails from you saying I have purchased items that have been free. However, I have purchased nothing from you, free or otherwise. Also, you have been calling me “Bobby” Foley, and I am not commonly known as “Bobby”. Please correct the error.

    Thank you.


  201. i hit the roof when i saw a charge for prime.i just got ripped off by lenovo about getting a soft ware key and felt corporate screwed.anyway i called the service number to see what was going on and will get a full refund .they need to let people know out front the there is a charge.i will still use amazon to buy things its the was easy to cancel and i was told i would have a full refund with in 3 days.sense im old and poor it was good to here.the reason i shop with amazon is because and its great pricing.and i dont get around that well anymore so i only have to drive about a mile to pick up my things i buy.even if they did not tell me of a membership fee.they did not rip me off like lenovo .who still wont give me a key for my windows 7 .great products and great is the month i will be buying a windows clean disc and a new windows 7 software disc.i hate spending the money but amazon is the best way to go for the lowest price.and if you live on social security ther is no better way to go.

  202. while the concept, and sometimes the actual experience are great…lately it is the worst, most frustrating experience, quite possibly causing me to spend my money with one of the other available choices in web-based shopping. The MAIN reason for this is Amazon Customer Service. Phone numbers to talk to a live person are impossible to find, website just redirects you from page to page, and when you do get a person…absolutely NO HELP at all. repeat…at all. from language barriers, to just plain incompetence, every time so far I’ve had to do everything myself on line….service representative did nothing…why does Amazon not use native representatives for the area that the customer is calling from? this by the way is not a predjucitial, or personal issue…it is an issue of time and frustration. My time is valuable to me, and limited. Having to spend quite a bit of frustrating and useless time on a phone, or going round and round on a webpage doesn’t work for me. I give up. Thanks.

  203. Indian customer care employees are not responsible employees towards their customer. They disconnecting the ph without solving the problem of theiir customers. Its very bad for amazon such like international shoping site.

    Very unsatisfy customer
    Parizat Sharma

  204. i had returned my order long back picup has done next day but i dint gent my refud .i’ts beeing long time .i’ts not god for the amazons goodwill

  205. Having trouble with an order placed 12/20/15 Company said they tried to deliver on the 23rd of Dec. which is not true. Please resolve this issue.

  206. Your service stinks. I was charged $99 the end of DECEMBER on my American Express, for “Prime” whatever that is. I can’t afford a dime for anything but food and medicine. I bought my great grandaughter 2 little book for Christmas, all I could afford. I don’t need or want Prime or even AMAZON. Please refund the $99 and cancel my account. Thank you. Please respond

  207. Please remove your subscription charge to my BOA account ending in 9932 entered 1/4/2016.
    I inadvertently subscribed and now require $101.21 withdrawn to be returned

    Transaction: Direct marketing subscription merchants category code # 5968

    thank you for your prompt attention.


  209. Very disappointed that you keep delivering our orders to the post office and not our home. We never gave authorization to deliver to our billing address. We live in a rural area,do not get postal delivery, and only go to the post office once per week. Not only do we not get 2 day delivery it is not to our home. Why are we getting less service and increased costs for our prime membership? This is not the first time we have voiced our concerns. Do only urban communities get the best service?

  210. I just got off the phone with a customer service call. Terrible Experience. I called with a complaint that since Amazon has been using USPS as a shipper, my prime packages are arriving later promised. Not at all like UPS.
    To summarize, he sent me an email saying I was pleased with USPS. I said that was not correct, I am not pleased. He offered me a discount on the price of the item. I said that is not the point I want to make. I want to complain about your service through USPS. In the end the call was a waste of time, on both ends of the phone.
    Linda Mallon

  211. Had on hell of a time trying to find a number for customer service. This is something that should be on all Amazon sites. I needed to cancel Amazon Prime as I do not order enough to use it. Finally found a number after searching for almost an hour. Talked to a Latoya who was very nice and willing to help cancel this. My Prime Trial Membership was cancelled at 8:38 EST on 1/6/16 by Latoya. DO NOT take this fee out of my account.

  212. It seems to me that Amazon Customer Service is impossible to contact! I returned an order for refund which was refunded then it was recharged again about 6 weeks later and it is impossible to have this matter resolved because there is no one to contact.

  213. Ordered Lugols Iodine 15% full strength 100ml glass dropper bottle on 13 June 2015 and received order no. 202-0225338-4947504 notification from Amazon This told me that APC Pure was to supply. It was received on 5 July 2015. I asked APC Pure some questions as it did not include a dropper in the bottle, and more important there were no instructions on how to administer dose and whether it could be used internally. There was also an exclamation mark on the label which was did not say what it meant. Also I asked where I could obtain instructions and advice.
    The reply I got was that they would not answer any questions as it was SUPPLY ONLY product, whatever that means. As safety was paramount I could not trust this product and the arrogant company that supplied it, especially under terms that they added after the order was made. Surely they have a duty of care in supplying the item to the general public. The would not accept return unless I paid return postage, but the most important thing is that they will not accept responsibility for their product, which is to be used for health.

    I wish to make a strong complaint about :
    their changing of terms after the order had been made,
    the incorrect supplying of bottle which did not include a stopper,
    and that they refused to guarantee their iodine,
    not even give advice on an item that they should have knowledge of.
    Their arrogance indicates that they do not consider the customer and as a result they have lost any trust that might have been expected from them.

    I am sorry in bringing this up at this late stage but due to circumstances beyond my control with Talk-Talk’s failures of their system and with their e-mail access having been stopped many times I have had many problems in trying to use the e-mail.

  214. customer service has not been able to resolve a refund problem. Amazon used a closed debit card to make a refund and refuses to contact the bank to resolve the problem.

  215. I thought I ordered a DVD names Frozen. Turns out it was ordered twice and it became a dvd that I had to watch online – I haven’t.
    I am completely dissatisfied with Amazon and will look elsewhere to make purchases in the future. Somewhere it should have told me this was a rental and not a dvd purchase.
    Martin Beattie

  216. Spoke Jan 10 cust serv re ups bringing labels to take back 2 items. He never gave me track #s for them. Said shld b today for pick up. Called ups w o track #s they cannot do anything. I need these for proper service.

  217. I am confused as to why when I am given a ship to option it is showing a newark,nj address.My address book does not list this address,only my correct Nutley,nj address.I have never used a Newark,NJ address and an wondering if my account is secure.Please advise.

  218. My order ID is 10351991550632259 I received the package but the box is not sealed and the item is not in the inside of the box. Please contact me at 480-249-5125

  219. I cannot seem to find a person that can help with the student verification form. Every time I submit it it says there is an error. I have spoken with 2 customer service reps and one of them gave me the wrong email to send my information to, the other hung up on me. I am going to be a student until, at the very least, June of 2018 I have access to any verification you need, just need to know where to send it to! Thanks, and someone please know what to tell me this is beyond frustrating.

  220. I, Melissa Smith did not authorize the purchase of amazon prime in the amount of $99.00 on September 25, 2015 a recurring payment. I E-Mail you Oct 5, 2015, Oct 16, 2015…I feel like I’ve been hoodwink, bamboozle, swindle, and flimflam…Please ASAP, Please return the full amount of $99.00, Thank you Kindly Melissa Jackson Smith

  221. I want to complain about the crap service, that I am having with kindle books.I have made 3 purchases in last few months, all paid for, nothing delivered until today,when I received The Lion & The Rose Book 1 on my second kindle, not 1st.however.
    Islands by Anne Rivers Siddons was bought Jan. 4th, never delivered, nor was Bulls Island by Dorothea Benton Frank 11th January
    Please help

  222. not have words to describe my experience with amazon services and still wondering why you people even ask for feedback. your customer executives does not have etiquette to talk and neither they are ready to help. they actually do not want to listen just know tp pick up the call and say “i am so sry sir this is what we can do”..hahahaha …….what a joke…
    I ordered a watch and was not delivered for 5 days. 5th day i am getting a cancellation order mail because seller run out of stock. How dose it matter to us…we are not dealing with individual seller…We are buying stock from amazon…I highly recommend Flipcart in this case.

  223. Hello,
    I want to say that I love Amazon, but in December I bought a iPad from Pioneer Deals off of amazon and when we got it the front camera was broken. I contacted them and they stated that they would help me. And get us another one. They asked that I turn off the find my iPad and we did. They kept accusing me that I didn’t and had us call a number. Well when called they said they would transfer us to a technician and then the phone went dead. Then gave a site to go to, well nothing appeared when we clicked on it. I’m very disappointed that I spent all this money and I feel as if they didn’t want to help at all. I have never been disappointed with any other orders. Please help

  224. Hi I’ve tried to get in touch with you about an order which I have found very difficult, I recently ordered some pannacotta which was due to arrive on Saturday, it turned up today friday apparently to a resident on my street there was no note to tell who with or where.I have had three conflicting emails and I’m no nearer the truth or whereabouts of my order can you help regards Chris!!

  225. Amazon has given me the worst customer service I endured in my life. November 30,2015, I tried to give a 100 dollar allowance to my daughter. The page said an email and link would be sent. An email was sent with no link to her . She also made a call to amazon customer service and they told her to try to send the info to my email. I was sent email after trying it 3 times over several hours that the allowance had been stopped all three times. In the early evening I was sent 2 emails that it went through twice. I immediately called amazon customer service as I had her drive to my house and gave her the cash to spend from her bank account instead. I told them I wanted it credited back to my account. I had been put on hold for 50 minutes then been told it would be credited back to me. It was not then I had been told she took the gift cards and used them and I should talk to her. I was told I would need to return merchandise that she purchased to receive credit back. It is now January and I believe it has been one day short of 45 days and after several service calls to customer service and online chats and disputing the charges which I had to wait 15 days to do that it has just been credited. I was told and sent emails by several customer service people who told me they could see the gift cards were taken. They could never answer what she had bought though. The last phone call after the dispute was that my money was in limbo and if I had just waited 6 months it would have gone back on my credit card. What great customer service.

  226. My question is:
    when I shop online I am required to pay shipping and sales tax…i can purchase locally and pay sales tax only.
    Before it was shipping only, why would I want to be charged twice?
    I can shop foreign and not pay tax, probably what I will do!

  227. i need contact nos of ASAP, please

    AMAZON Ichikawa Henpin-Gakari
    2-13-1, Shiohama, Ichikawa-Shi,
    Chiba-Ken, Japan

    Postal Code : 272-0127
    Chiba-Ken, Japan

  228. Trying to resolve issues with packages being delivered late and was disconnected. At this point since you have stopped using UPS the delivery of prime merchandise stinks to high heaven an the cost of Prime membership should be lowered since it is no longer 2 day delivery. So times you have to pick up at the post office yourself, really this is what it has come to.

  229. Amazon is the place to purchase anything on the internet. They really stand behind the customer, even more than expected. Thanks, Bob

  230. I placed an order for an Amazon Echo, In Dec. We ordered in Dec. and a Manual and Guide Book, besides a Warranty. I only received the Manual, and was never notified that Amazon had run out of the Echo, they told us they were expecting a new shipment on Jan. 22nd of, without even contacting their customers about this stoppage, and I canceled the order, because of shipment delays. We are customers that have to be responsible with our orders, and tracking and more, and Amazon is not going to own up to this discrepancy on our placing the order, and having to wait for a new shipment without being told of this, that we had to contact Amazon on, before we found out. We just called Amazon to report this, and also wanted to find out about the shipment of Amazon Echo’s for January, in which we intend to order again, if there will be a supply in stock, we were told no supply has been in stock, and is to receive a shipment on Jan. 28th. No customer should be left hanging for a month on any order Amazon. Just saying. We have been an outstanding customer to Amazon also. For this to happen, without your follow up to customers is not good customer service. We hope our order is fulfilled in January on this item. As far as the other item the warranty has not shipped, also, and we are still waiting on it. We are telling you this for we think an order should be delivered in a timely fashion. Not a month later. Thank you. Dissatisfied Amazon Customer.

  231. I sent back the Michigan football hjoodie sweatshirt. You received it on Jan. 9 2016 you said I would get a refund in 2or3 days. I have not received it yet. its 50.90 you owe me. I sent all the papers back with it.

  232. I have a past due of $91.00 ???
    Amazon deducted 35.97 w/c was deducted from my checking account.
    this $28.01, i thought was deducted. Can you please deduct this to my checking account? It’s hard to look for a person to talk to regarding this. My credit score went down because of this. I put an Amex Na my checking account. I also don’t knpw my Amazon Store credit or Credit card.

    Mary Ann

  233. I sent this message once before a few weeks ago but never got a response back.

    I am writing this email on behalf of my girlfriend Karen Helm who is very upset over the ordering process for Order # 002-4748682-1006602. She (and I) has used Amazon many times in the past and this past order unfortunately an example of very poor customer service. Karen bought many Christmas presents including a North Face Fleece for all of her family and mine. They all arrived except one for the youngest member of the family. She was told the order was on back order and it would arrive “soon”. Just yesterday, she received an email stating the following:

    Dear Karen Helm,

    We are sorry to let you know that your email(s) below cannot be delivered. The recipients have decided to leave the Amazon.complatform or are not eligible to receive any further email communications.

    So besides waiting all this time for nothing and having a young child disappointed that he is the only one to not receive a fleece, she then gets an email that basically states “oh well”. I would think Amazon would be more interested in long standing, valued customers than to have the process follow this protocol.

    I am asking Amazon to help Karen (and me) regain our trust in the Amazon company, its processes and customer service. I would think that Amazon should allow Karen to re-order the one remaining fleece from perhaps another vendor (with a price match) and then offer her some good will credit for future orders. I will leave this amount up to you to do the “right thing”.

    If there is something more specific you need from Karen, please let me know and I will get her to provide it. She is traveling now so I am helping out.

    Rich Hauptschein

  234. I have 2 items on my bill that I did not authorize and you do not have acustomer service number. I need to speak. to someone. And I mean soon not 10 week from. cannot believe that you do not have a number.

  235. I show several digital orders charged to my bank account that I did not authorize. I went in and deleted these “orders” and still the charges remain. The only digital order that I DO WANT IS THE KINDLE ORDER of LRS-B, not any others. Can you help me with that? I tried so hard to find a way to communicate with Amazon but was not lucky. I have been an Amazon Customer for 5 years. Charles Lilly

  236. Amazon said they were giving me a “gift” for being a good customer. I chose a Vivalux – and found it to be not as good as drugstore cosmetics so I spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to cancel what was billed by Amazon as a gift. No one ever took my call. ! I did and will not order more. Now they are billing for more. I accepted this gift from you because of your good name. Please fix it!
    Below the information I sent to Vivilux.

    Please discontinue sending the products, Vivalux Wrinkle Renewing Cream 14708 and Opuderm 14668 and see that charges are removed from my credit card account and the account closed. I tried to call weeks ago and was left waiting on the phone twenty minutes before I gave up. I will also send a copy of my complaint to amazon and BBB . I don’t like these bait and switch tactics!

  237. Jul or Aug of 2015 I purchased a Nikon Coolpix S2800 20.l MP, Order #105-2189361-6253824 as a birthday gift. Individual whom I bought the item for had not used it until this past Christmas 2015. Upon trying to download the pictures from the camera to his computer he discovered that the USB cord provided with the camera did not fit the camera, so I ordered another USB cord through AMAZON, that did not fit either. I contacted you and Nikon as to what they suggested I should do with the camera and the response was since the camera was still under warranty to send it to the Nikon Repair shop. I did and now I received an email from them telling me that this is a grey market item so therefore it cannot be fixed. In order for me to get my camera back I need to send $7.00 plus for postage which is the amount I spent to send it, I believe I paid more because I requested a return receipt. As a result of all of this I am out approximately 150.00 (Price for a defective grey mkt item, new USB cord, postage for sending an return for the item). Makes me wonder how many more items that I have ordered through Amazon are grey items. I have had to return some other items purchased through you because of them being faulty. I also ordered some Spanish movie dvd novelas that were bad because after I compared them with the true version they were incomplete (not fully recorded). I believe I will have to cancel my membership because of all of these faults. I need to know is there a way I can be reimbursed for the Nikon Camera?

    Beatrice Salazar

  238. So I was charged 16.47$ on January 26.I checked the “Your order” and I didn’t order anything on that day.I am wondering I was charged.Please reply if you know..

  239. In the past I was always given a tracking number when there was one in my shipping notice. Now I am receiving packages with tracking numbers but I was not provided the number in the shipping notice. I have a delivery problem with my P.O. and it is useful for me to have the number so my contact at my P.O. can make sure I get the package.

  240. I am very disappointed with AMAZON, when I purchased my NIKON coolpix camera I was not informed that it was what has been identified as a gray item. After I discovered that my camera was defective which was past the date of return item I was told to send it to the NIKON repair site. I did plus having to pay out of pocket after being told by the repair shop that they could not recognize the warranty on this item because this camera was a gray item. Now I have to pay $7.50 to have it returned. This item is turning out to be very expensive. 116.00 for puchase, 9.00 for usb cord (which did not help the function of the camera) and 10.00 to ship item to the repair shop and now 7.50 to have it returned. All I keep getting from you is some kind of referral to some foreign company. I bought this item in good faith and did not hesitate to pay for it now all I get from you is lip service. All I want is the money that I payed for a deffective camera reimbursed. I’ll let you do the foreign company contacting, you are the ones doing business with them. Beatrice Salazar

  241. Kindle support is the worst, I was on the phone for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I called Amazon and they couldn’t help me. 7 calls later I gave up. You think Amazon would have better customer service. This is the worst, it sucks. Help. Hire people that speak and understand ENGLISH. Does anyone know how to get rid of silk browser? I changed to yahoo but it switches back to silk.

  242. Amazon customer service was simply WONDERFUL! A package of mine got delivered to the incorrect address (an old one that was previously on file) and they replaced the item at no extra cost. Thank you amazon. Great customer Service is one of the reasons I continue to come back and use you time and time again! Keep up the GREAT work!

  243. I have placed an order on my Amazon Prime account that was supposed to ship yesterday. The online system still shows many of the items as “Preparing to Ship.” I called customer service and while very nice, the people there apparently have no more data than I have. I want to be assured that my order will arrive tomorrow as promised.
    Thank you, Kris Powers

  244. Much difficulty trying to view prime video using fire stick or browser. The “customer service” web page is pure frustration. It doesn’t seem to know about my problem, & I find no way to interact with a person.

    Problem started occurring last night. No problem on Kindle.

    Error code says “unknown error”. Please (oh PLEASE) respond!

  245. I have been trying to return an item for over a week. I’ve spoken to THREE customer service reps. The first one said: We will credit your account BEFORE we receive the item. (didn’t really think that was going to happen and it did not) He told me I would have 2 weeks to locate a box big enough for this large item. Then to call back and he would have a notation in my account that said UPS was coming to pick it up. I configured a box out of several others with a great deal of effort and a LOT of packing tape. Called to say it was ready, and was told we will send you a return label that must be placed INSIDE the box! I re-opened said box and went to print our label from my email only to discover that Amazon emailed me a label with THE WRONG ADDRESS for pick up. Amazon used the address of someone in my address book to whom I had mailed a gift months ago. As I type I am on the phone with yet a THIRD person trying to get Amazon to email me yet another label so that UPS can pick up this item. I am what I would consider a good customer ordering many times per week and relay to many people what a good company this is. I have returned almost NOTHING. This is not a common practice for me. I am sorely disappointed in the way this has been handled.

  246. Hello:

    I am very concerned because i talk with a person of the bank and they told me i have 100 dolars in my next account statement about a contract with Amazon Prime. I didnt want to get Amazon Prime. I just bought two staff on december 15′ and pick the regular shipping option, but i didnt want Amazon Prime. Please i need that Amazon returns the 100 dolars to my account.

    Thank you.


  248. I recently changed my credit card used for my purchases, now every time I order an item, I am still being asked to update my credit card !! Is this an electronic problem, or can you folks not read !!

  249. Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you today in regards to cancelling my amazon uk digital download services, in which I have until now been paying £7.99 per month. This amount of money is taken from a/c 88719316, I am no longer interested & would therefore ask that no money gets taken out of my bank account a/c given. I would like to cancel this as from today,s date Sat 13th Feb 2016. I wish for your response to the above situation & ask for a e-mail sent back to me at my above e-mail address please a.s.a.p. I would greatly appreciate this & look forward in the meantime to hearing from you. Yours sincerely MS. J. M. Standen.

  250. I have had a 0rime acct and ordered tons from your I am unable to get in my password ha always been (Kathy 123.I am unable to get in and I have always had prime.Please help. !!!!!

  251. I am so angry with the addition of the “more like this” screen on the Kindle update. I do not appreciate this intrusion on MY Kindle that I Purchesd, not Borrowed from Amazon. Now, I must take the extra time to remove all this nonsense off the screen. If I am looking for something, I am capable of obtaining and purchasing with out the intrusion of my kindle. I implore Amazon to stop this intrusion Immediately! It is MY Kindle and the screens should have nothing, but what I want, on them.

  252. I ordered CD “I LOVE TO LOVE” on Dec. 23, 2015. It is Feb. 18th and have not received an approximate date I may receive this item. I agreed to wait for it, however, I would like an email keeping me informed, updating the status of delivery.
    Please advise
    Thank you. Bella Baldo

  253. i have loved doing business with Amazon as a Prime member. Recently, I purchased an item that I wanted to return because of a change in plans. Order number 106-7678027-9092259. I am being charged for the return freight. I thought one of the advantages of Prime is the ability to return an item at no cost? I can easily return an item to Walmart for whatever reason if it is unopened.

    Also, I have spent the last hour trying to find out how to contact Amazon via email and keep ending up in an endless array of non helpful round robin. Is it your intent to make it very difficult to contact customer service? No phone nor email easily found. Finally had to resort to Google. Shame on you.

  254. when are you going to ship my order?

    Hello Lila Garrick,
    Thank you for shopping with us. You ordered “NETGEAR High Speed DOCSIS…”. We’ll send a confirmation when your item ships.


    Order #105-7510938-9693021

    Tuesday, February 23 –
    Monday, February 29
    Your Orders
    Ship to:
    Lila Garrick
    2135 S KIHEI RD APT 107…

    Total Before Tax: $63.73
    Estimated Tax: $0.00

    Order Total: $63.73

    We hope to see you again soon.

  255. Please be advised. You have put a tracking program into my computer. If that is not removes from my computer I will stop using Amazon. I have been dealing with you for 40 Years and now I can not go on line without your adds popping up.













    ORANGE MA. 01364

  257. recently 0n 02/12/16 took 99.00 out of my account I do not want NV. I would appreciate if Amazon would please return my 99.00 to my account. Thank you.

  258. I really like shopping on Amazon. I do so frequently.
    Today was the first time I opened an order that was supposed to be new. Retaping effort proved it was not. Jumbled mess and broken part… further proof.
    After Siri found a customer service phone number for me, and a long conversation about replacing the whole order, not the part, I surrendered. I’ll make it work. Your still my favorite, most days. I should buy something to make me feel better. G

    ORDER #S

  260. Do you, or your vendors, sell your telephone lists? If so, you, nor none of your vendors, should require a phone number in order to place an order. We are tired of telemarketing callers that have purchased phone lists from establishments that we have ordered from on line.

  261. Are you becoming like ebay and letting anybody sell their used items?? I have always shopped on Amazon because I knew that I would get quality new items. I recently purchased what I thought to be new and found that it had been used. The seller told me to check the sale, that it was “acceptable”. Although I am able to return the item, I don’t appreciate being sold used items. Maybe you should check a little better as to the condition of your sellers’ merchandise.

  262. My account was hacked someone tried to buy a razor keyboard cancel my membership I will never use ur service again

  263. I just got charged a moth after returned something was broke first time glass and second time it made it to Warwick.So why did you charge my account a month after on today March 2 ????I didn’t order another one.Would you please put my money back or my layer is getting involved like realy.I didn’t order anything but 9.99 ph meter not glass.Can you refund me the money you fraudulently took or gonna be a problem.Thank you Don Waddington

    .I just looked its in my bank statement.


  265. I never signed up for prime, never gave you permission to charge my acct over 100.00! I am 85.00 neg. In my acct. Put my money back, please!!!! I. Knew you gave me 1 month free when I bought my kindle. I never agreed to this.

  266. How long before I can file a claim? I ordered an item on February 13. Estimated delivery date was between February 24 and March 10. The item never arrived. I have contacted the seller four times now and they do not respond at all. When I try to file a claim, I am unable to select the correct reason for the claim. There is a disclaimer saying disabled reasons will enabled “shortly” after the seller’s advertised delivery date. What constitutes “shortly”? I have been waiting a month for an item that was meant to be a birthday gift. I want to file a claim now. Thanks so much…..

  267. Why is it so dificult to find instant video on the home page, if I type thw name of a TV show in instant video ur under watch now I dont wat to buy it or pay per view I expect it to be easy to watch my choice. In this instance Mr Robot. episode 3

    I am seriously thinking of discontinuing with Amazon

  268. I had an order of Dickie jean pants promised when the mailman came for delivery today the usps claim that they tried delivery but were unable LIES Iwas home all day and w hen the mailman came he had nothing.By the way I’m PRIME SO BE CAREFUL


    I packed the above item and a copy of return label in it’s original packing material. I pasted the printed return label on the outside of the package and and placed the package in my mail box on the 14th of March 2016. I confirmed that the package has been taken from the mail box

  270. I am trying without success to find a place to issue a complaint. I will try here. I consider myself a good Amazon customer. I however, am not a happy customer at this point. I did much of my Christmas shopping through Amazon. Some items were received in a timely manner. Some took as long as 10 days. Some almost a month. I tried Amazon Prime for a month, and found that nothing changed. Only 1 item of numerous items came within the 2 days promised. Your ordering system is anything but timely. With Prime or without.

    Several items came from China. Had I known that, I would not have ordered them. SO, two items that came from unknown parts of the world could not be returned. One was returned to me, even after I printed out a return label, supplied by Amazon! So I am expected to eat the costs of both items I don’t need or want?!?!?

    I expect better service. I don’t work a job so that I can make unnecessary purchases that I have to keep, even though I can’t use them!

    I hope this goes to the proper place, and that it is addressed. Amazon, you can do better!

  271. I returned an item on 2-25-2016. still no refund- have called 3 times with zero progress- very frustrated with the follow through

  272. Honestly, this is the worst customer service issue I have had in my life. I am 61 years old. This is what occurred : I callled Amazon customer service about a $10 bonus offer which AMAZON E-MAILED ME to one of my Amazon accounts. . When I spoke with the customer rep I mentioned the bonus offer FROM AMAZON which I was viewing at Amazon’s website. I was told again and again THAT THERE WAS NO BONUS OFFER FROM AMAZON LISTED. I was amazed because I was viewing the Amazon page REAL-TIME. I asked for a supervisor named Louis who also insisted that I was not telling the truth. At this point, it is no longer about the money. It is about THE INTEGRITY I possess but which Amazon appears to be lacking greatly. This is actually a sad event for me. I have placed thousands of dollars in orders with Amazon and have always been satisfied. Until now. Please have someone who is not willing to call me a LIAR get back to me on this matter. I do not deserve the treatment I have received today. I also have a 3rd account with Amazon under Donald K.


  274. I have tried and tried to get a hold of customer service with no avail. I so dissatisfied with an order I received and can no way to get an answer to my problem. If I don’t hear from someone in a very shore time I will cancel my Amazon account and never shop with you again. My name phone number is 920-979-0834.

  275. I got a call today from Where The Winds Blows canceling my order for 4 MahJongg cards and they told me to reorder and put the 25% discount in the provided block–which I couldn’t find when I reordered. Can I get that discount? Also I do not want the $99 Amazon service. Please do not charge my Visa for this.

  276. I got ABSOLUTELY no help! All I want to do is REST the parental code n my son’s Kindle Fore 5th Generation. I called twice. The first time the agent was asking too many personal questions. the second agent couldn’t seem to understand that I wanted to reset the password for my Kindle Fire and had me reset the password to my Amazon account! Pointless! Then he didn’t seem to understand that all I want to do is RESET THE PARENTAL CONTROL PASSWORD ON THE TABLET! I really don’t understand how that could be a hard question to answer!

  277. I have been trying to make a purchase from your site. HOWEVER I am still without a new book, or extra points for a game that I play. I received a new updated bank card this week. I entered the new account information, then deleted the older useless card. I have received several notices telling me that “guess what”, the old card won’t work, and the new one doesn’t either. I AM VERY FRUSTRATED! PLEASE clear up this matter as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Kathleen Donnelly Smith

  278. Say in the last few days I have ordered 3 amazon fire refurbished
    Tablets and today the price dropped to 21.67 each . If this occurred to you how would you react? Can this be adjusted or
    Must I return and reorder?
    Do the right thing 28.89. Is 7.22 dollars x 3……21.66 I didn’t need to spend.

  279. I have been trying to send an email and it just goes somewhere else, very confusing. I put in my new Credit card number weeks ago and every time I order a kindle book they say there is a payment problem. I just put it in again and if that happens again, I am done. Anyone with any sense would know the card that expires in 2019 is the new card. Why am I having this problem.

  280. I believe that you are doing good for great
    service,as long as Amazon does not interview
    Emily Ables for anything.She is not well secured
    and without password protection, so anything she
    does online, is vulenerable.

  281. I ordered 2 items at the same time; they were put on separate invoices, Why? to charge me a total of $16.66 postage when both items totaled over $49.00 and I should have gotten FREE Shipping? I have purchased a lot of items from Amazon over the last year or so. I can stop ordering from you if I am screwed again for postage.
    Order # 103-9677236-0227450 (puck lights)
    Order # 1032282631-0985853 (knee sleeve)
    Ann Boyd

  282. I love Amazon. Normally I don’t have problems. I have a great Christmas time with my grandkids. Thank you.

  283. My cell phone … 630-418-6051 has received a message saying my credit amount carried over from my Discover card is being questioned?
    Please advise me. My password is not being accepted. ???

  284. 2nd try:
    please check my account for discrepancies. Let me know how to correct if necessary. My cell# was used to inform me of a Discover problem.
    Dolores J. Karcz “Lory”

  285. I have TRIED for 30 minutes to email or contact via internet Amazon to question amazon’s pricing versus local seller’s. CANNOT FIND A CONTACT POINT…JUST A LOT OF diversion paragraphs. ISSUE: I started to purchase a husqvarna shoulder bolt and locking nut…cost was &5.95 PLUS SHIPPING. I went to my local dealer (touted by many as being an expensive seller) who sold me the IDENTICAL SHOULDER BOLT AND LOCKING NUT for $2.78. IT IS IDENTICAL. THIS APPEARS TO BE A RIP OFF BY AMAZON. I sure would like to hear an explanation from Amazon.


  287. Hi my name is Eloise bermudez
    I sorry but Amazon store please put stuff back put my money on my rush cards please thanks you so much

  288. why wont you allow a nonmember to ask a question before joining AMAZON
    eg you offer books that are sold as a kindle download wont say anywhere if that book can be printed out to read after the download or Q2 is an app needed to even download it or an app to print it.
    Q3 can th edownload if it happens be run to a larger HDMI screen for home study eg text book
    I have hundreds of dollars to spend on your technical books but you wont get a cent of it like so many thousands of technical qualified people if you continue to make even tryingot to email you a super secret search to find even ione email site that might read this pleaa to you ! put what features a kindle download can offer if thebook is purchased from as a download eg print it save it to a USB read it ona larger monitor screen capture apage and add side column comment in another package ..ANYTHING to just let smart people think you are not ripping them off with a totally immobile download eg just one page of dot points utilities on KINDLE relative to that specific book as a hotlink on that books web page writeup what can be done if a perosn buys a kindle download version. AND WHAT CANT BE DONE Communicate or hot link the obvious questions a new user HAS to know to part with hundreds of dollars for textbook items on your web pages including Q5 how can a person secure a download so it isnt lost by an accidental wipe or a system reset.. surely your buyers are not so dumb they dont even know date loss occurs til it happens or are unaware they will suffer total loss of all purchased data in a reset. Q6 do I haveot buy a kindle to get a kindle download text or can i download to an Ipad because at $US289 for a kindle just to get a download sounds like a majhor barrier Meet your costomers dont hide from us !otherwise we just are let wondering Q7 why wont put a non member contact email opportunity on its home page allow us to email chat on Q8 what does kindle offer us we cant get on IPAD or Samsung or other ebook compatible machines or Q9 why cant we chat with you BEFORE WE HAVE TO SIGN UP to Amazon and if you wont compromise and talk to educated people before we have to join to bring you out of the hide out at least address Q10 what will you do about being approachable on kindle ONCE WE DO SIGN up. We deserve to know what you kindle ebook has to offer that makes any other way to read an ebook form your store impossible. B. Brown Teacher from australia

  289. Hello! I want to send a box containing 6 boxes of Jasmine green tea back to amazon as they are giving me a refund and I don’t want to keep a product I didn’t pay for. This is very kind of Amazon policy but I do not feel comfortable keeping these tea’s I did not order. They are not opened. Is there an address to return items??


  291. I purchased a new computer and I have no immediate issues that need to be addressed, I just want to make a comment. This computer was loaded with malicious and pesky software that has been flooding me with advertisements. I paid for a functional computer, not a subscription to various advertisers. This machine should not be filled with so many unnecessary programs that behave against my interest as a consumer. Please hold you vendors to a higher standard, thank you.

  292. hello,
    i’m making this simple enquiry here because i couldn’t find a customer service email address on line to write to!!! what i’d like to enquire about is the following:
    if i register with amazon to purchase some dvds, will i preserve the right NOT to have my full name and postal address displayed on line??? because the information that i have is that as soon as a new customer’s personal details are registered with amazon, their name and address go on line without asking!
    if so, what would i do to achieve that?

    * plz pass this message on to the right department if your address is not the correct direct one.


  293. I love ordering from your company because it always comes quickly. I was suppose to have a delivery on Tues. April 27th. UPS says they left it at the porch. I never found it there. It was a bad storm day so I thought maybe it was blown away but I was home within minutes of the recorded delivery time and find it hard to believe that it got lost that quickly. What do you do in a situation like this? I was hoping to have the tumbler for a birthday gift but don’t want to pay for another one. Any advise will be most appreciated.

  294. So far I find customer service, lacking. I wan’t to know, Why Amazon has been charging my C / C, $99.00 each month . For the past two months, at least. What was that for? I Have no record of making any purchases in that amount Thank You
    Channing Winnett

  295. I think if the correction is appropriately made is the major value of a good deed
    and a good careing customer.

  296. Hello, I have placed an order on Mar 2016 and have only received I box of 4 videos(sister code). The remaining products still in route since April 2016. I have send several emails requesting for reimbursement which I haven’t receive. I appreciate a response regarding this matter ASAP. In addition, the amazon website is not user friendly when I can’t send an email. I have send a comment regarding this matter using the return & replacement comment tab and send this same email. I had to google to obtained customer service contact info. Thank you!

  297. If Amazon, and/or it’s CEO keeps harassing Donald Trump I will discontinue all business relations with Amazon.

  298. I enjoy using Amazon and use the site more and more. The survey I was lured into today however was very misleading:

    Thank you for your purchase!

    You have been selected to receive a $50 Amazon gift card for answering the very brief survey/questions in the link below:


    Guess what my prize turned out to be? A choice between male enhancement products and memory supplements. What happened to the $50 gift card that was used for bait? Very disappointed.



    Thank you for your purchase!

    You have been selected to receive a $50 Amazon gift card for answering the very brief survey/questions in the link below:




  299. CS very good….but I am confused on one issue. If I order over $50 on line do I not get free shipping?

  300. My Order Number: 112-9185576-9079428
    Trewax Vinyl and Linoleum Instant Wax Remover, 1-Gallon will be shipped to Anne McCausland by
    Estimated delivery: June 6, 2016

    Why does shipping cost almost the same as this item? We live literally 5 minutes from your distribution center!
    Why do you make it so difficult to access customer service. I may have to cancel my account. This is ridiculous


  302. Re: Order #D01-8101951-9159045

    I am not able to download this video I purchased. Please credit my account. I have purchased the DVD.

  303. I was informed by BSR Cellular-Amazon that I have been refunded for this product that I returned by Amazon.
    How do I see/find/locate my refund statement listed in my Amazon Chase Credit Card statement for this item? I went to my Amazon Chase Credit Card account to confirm this refund, but could not find it. In other company’s Credit Card statements, date of refund and the amount is listed, but not with Amazon? My balance last statement was $349.89 and it is still the same till date. Where is the refund statement, and why has the 34.99 purchase refund not been deducted from the $349.89 balance? Thank you.

    LG Prime GS390 Unlocked Phone with Touchscreen and 2MP Camera – Unlocked Phone – US Warranty – Black/Silver Sold by: BSR Cellular

  304. Hello,
    I ordered two items via amazon prime. However, with the free two day shipping they are expected to arrive a week later. I’m unsure as to why this is happening with both items? They are both prime eligible items. I was expecting to receive today as they were ordered on Monday. Please let me know what the hold up is.

  305. I’m having a bit of trouble trying to contact Amazon regarding a Prime account that was canceled 2 days before the expiration date; I was still charged anyway.
    Could you pls direct me to the correct department. I tried to use the “Contact Us” page, but would only get messages saying I wasn’t a Prime customer anymore…..any wasn’t charged for Prime.

    C. Ryland

  306. eventhough i tired to login to amazon website it always says incorrect password or e-mail.I even changed the password too,but still i couldn’t login.please help me

  307. The app won’t let me buy anything from anywhere
    It only shows half my delivery address and I can’t get it to show the complete address
    It also shows only part of my phone number and I can’t get it to show the complete number
    I have tried customer support for over two months now and cannot get a response
    I have never had a bigger waste of time ever

  308. Hello. My shipping address is a freight forward office. They does not work after 5 pm nor in the weekend or holidays. I concern that if the happens to leave the product when no one is available someday it might go wrong. Appreciate a reaction from Amazon. Thanks. Regards Emilio Geerman.

  309. Recently ordered Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear for my Kindle. I received the book on my Kindle, but today I also received the paperback of the book by mail. How do I return the book? Also, I want to make sure I wasn’t charged for the book.

  310. i contacted your customer services 4 times regarding a block on my account, nobody has given me an explanation as to why my account has been blocked,
    i have over £52 in amazon voucher in my account which i cannot access, you sent me an email on 17/06/2016 to reset my account, however after putting all my details in, this took me back to my wife’s account which is on the same email address. PLEASE will somebody help me, i’m an old pensioner and have worked hard completing online surveys to earn these vouchers, and now you have put a block on me accessing them. HELP. kind regards john davey.

  311. I have been a prime member since 2011 Amazon UK.. I have spent £100 s on your products.You have just made an orderof a prime rental that I have already had. There is no facility to cancel this order as it was made 24 hours ago. I have also
    had a £5.00 credit used on this unrequested duplicated order. Please cancel and
    recredit my £5.00 token and the balance of the costs incurred to my debit card.
    The video was a rental of “Son of Saul”.

  312. you guys messed up an order and received 2, was told to return item and I would be reimbursed for shipping, I was not. Then told I would receive $200 credit on my account and have been trying to get this resolved since April.Very poor customer service, never get back to me via email or phone and I’m out $204 for shipping your screw up back!

  313. Dear sir,
    I requested my delivered order to return and begin the refund on 18/0616 but no one came to collect that item.So please kindly solve my issue at the earliest.


  314. Once again I called customer service and was given the old run around by persons who could barely speak English. Not everything can be resolved via the internet and finding a telephone number is next to impossible and if by some miracle you find a number it is useless because of the person(s)who answer cannot assist you. PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. Your sitting on an order for a week before shipping is getting OLD. everything I order elseware is usually shipped the next day. no I’m not going to buy your premium delivery service to get the service I get elseware as a norm.

    C. Davis

  316. Your sitting on an order for a week before shipping is getting OLD. No I’m not going to pay for your premium delivery to get the service I normally would get elseware as a norm

    C. Davis.

  317. I’ve been disappointed in the delivery service of Amazon. For my past three or four orders, my order has been delayed. I’m signed up for Prime, and use that, and even sometimes pay more for a speedier delivery, but it still is delayed. I wouldn’t bother with it if it had just been one order, but as I said, everything I’ve ordered for the past three or four times, this has happened.

  318. I am truly upset with the disrespect I have received from Amazon customer service. I have been a customer for a good 15 years. When you ask for a price adjustment they will not give it to you. Buyer beware you are also contacting no one in the U.S. but abroad.

  319. The representatives are very nice. Amazon will be the last place I’ll ever order from again. Look up my last 3 attempts to order an easy order. Biggest problem is finding out how to contact Amazon. I made a simple order for 2 jeans. I gave my Visa #. It was charged to my Amazon acct., only used for books. The items said “shipped to home.” I gave my home address. It was shipped by USPS, and returned. I gave them my box address. It was shipped by UPS. And returned.I gave them my home address and assured it would come by UPS and I just got notice “thank you very much” your shipment has been returned. Check out my last 2 chats. I had to find your # from online. It’s not listed in Amazon w/o great difficulty in searching. One simple order for 2 pairs of jeans. Over 2 weeks spent dealing with Amazon. Get this order out or reimburse my Amazon account. I do not wish to talk to anyone anymore.

  320. I want a phone number for an english speaking person –I’m older and is hard to for me to understand ..If it’s not possible then I’ll have to quit buying from Amazon.This isn’t racist thing I just get irritated when I can’t understand

  321. my American express / Costco card is no longer valid so I need to talk to customer service to change to my visa card . please provide me with a phone number for customer service. thank you sherry wilcox

  322. My Husband order a table 1 week ago and it was support to be here 6/30/2016
    which they said they delivered it and we refused it which is a lie. and we was home all day waiting, Use have some lazy drivers out there and just didn’t want ot deliver it ,

  323. amazon logistics tried deliver a parcel on 16.06 at 13.00 and 16.30 left a we miss you card but no name or tracking number and say we still have your package but I stayed by the door next day many days after,but nothing happen there after?

  324. I have a item that is defective and is under warranty I just want to get it replaced !! crock pot…..( sccpvl600s) purchased on 3/5 was shipped on 3/10 can someone please help !! ??

  325. Why dosent your phone work and why did you send me a label I had to pay for. I would like some sort of credit on my next purchase

  326. PLEASE: Pass this message on to the proper persons.
    I want my address removed from your address file. I’m receiving emails from people all over. I thought that my address was save with you. Not to be distributed among all your customers. PLEASE REMOVE MY ADDRESS FROM YOU FILES EXCEPT TO ORDER FROM YOU. Thanks

  327. Hello,

    I had 30 days of trial for the prime membership but I couldn’ cancel the memebership on 7/8/16.

    please advise.

    Diana phan

  328. Thank you for your immediate response and solution. I’m still wondering about why the other orders that were placed around the same time are taking so long to ship.

    I love shopping at Amazon and will continue to do so if the shipping would just happen faster. Thank you for a great place to shop. I live on Kauai and am disabled which makes it difficult to shop around in the limited good stored. I enjoy finding almost every thing I need.


  329. good evening i had to wait until i came home to finish my amazon order tonight i put in my visa 30 promotional code which you had emailed me, but it has expired! you did not give me a time limit on the email. now, i am very upset, and will not submit my order and will cancel my prime membership why email a good customer a code and not honor it? its still prime day! i will contact the “haggler” in the Sunday NY Times about this He will have a field day! Bad PR for you

    I just don”t understand why you make an offer and don’t honor it

  330. This company is nothing but crooked, they jerked me around for 5 days lieing and misleading me to where I lost a lot of money, I purchased some gift cards that got caught into a scam I immediately contacted amazon,com and reported it, the took all my info and turned it into the fraud team who was suppost to contact me back in 1-2 days never heard from nobody everyday I would call numerous times, I even had a rep tell me they identified the account those cards were used on and had canceled their order and their account was on hold and they couldn’t even sign into it and they could not use the gift cards, I was assured many times I would get my money back, after 5 days of nothing no calls or emails I was getting mad so I called and finally some lady transferred me to payment specialists were a man informed the whole amazon team had mislead and lied to me, I should have been talking to them the minute I called and they done it all wrong, he admitted it hisself, I then ask for the CEO number, who I got a email address, finally some executive specialist guy called me to inform me he had listened to all the phone converstions and read all the emails and said YES you were done wrong and it was mishandled but theres nothing I can do. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! THE AMAZON TEAM messed up and screwed me out of a lot of money they admitted and will not do nothing that’s so rude and disrespectful how on gods green earth do you do your customers like that, I will never order from them and neither will my family or fellow co- workers, watch out guys what you do cause they wont help u in any way….

  331. Just received my bill, don’t understand some of it .My bill is showing a balance of $32.48, I had payed it off with a balance of $14.48, I don’t recall ording a new book, other then End of Watch, by Stephen King. Also if I did order could you please tell me what it was, also have a credit of $52.00. I am puzzled .!

    Love your service,
    Linda Fuller

  332. My wall charger blew up in my back pack while possible on the airplane. I have pictures for you but I need your email address.

  333. My wall charger blew up and cased a burnt hole in my carry on. This could have caught fire. Very dangerous pull them all off the market.

  334. Although tracking information said product was delivered, I did not receive it. Amazon contacted seller and seller responded within minutes offering replacement or refund. Absolutely amazing customer service from both Amazon and Seller. So rare to have this experience with online purchases…perfect!

  335. I have not received notification of my bought item being posted nor have I received the purchased item which is now a week overdue.



  336. When I want to buy only 2 small items I can not.

    Add on items , try to sell me a credit card, etc can not just check out and pay!!!!

    As a senior we all can not buy in quantity.

  337. I am done with Amazon. For one they cannot control their Chinese sellers on their website which is a maze of spiderwebs you order something from one seller it ends up coming from another you can never tell where the seller is located and Amazon does not back nor police their Chinese sellers the way eBay does
    I have been on the phone for over two hours trying to fix a simple problem you always get overseas support you ask for US-based support they normally lie to you and tell you they can’t connect you but if you insist they will. The US support is a little bit better but overall I will no longer be using Amazon because they cannot protect their buyers the way that eBay and other sites do
    In my personal opinion I would not advise using Amazon because they don’t even know who half their sellers are and then do no control over them. Their Amazon A to Z guarantee is worthless and nothing like eBay’s guarantee or other online retailers I am done with Amazon and anybody should be very careful. You never know who you are ordering from and if you were ordering from China you might as well forget it.

  338. I recieved my order today. BRI Prostate8 – Prostate Health Formula With Vitamins and Minerals – Potent Urinary Function Supplement – 90 Count Vegetarian Capsules. I don’t normaly complain about a product but I have to lt you know that I cannot use this product due to such a fowl taste it has. As soon as I placed it in my mouth, the taste of the capsule was terrible and I thought it may have been outdated and stale, but the date is 12/2017. I paid $10.00 for 90 capsules. I relied on the positive comments before purchasing the item. Just wanted you to know about it. I guess Im out the $10.00. I will probably go back to my original produce the super beta prostrate. Thank You

  339. On September 29th, I had ordered a Planet Waves PW-CSPK-03 3′ Classic Series Speaker Cable. A $12 cable. I now have been notified that it is going to be delayed and I can expect it as late as December 1st. It’s shipped from sold by Amazon, and not a market place vendor. I just cancelled the order because of this ridiculous delay. Please, then, tell me why I should renew my Amazon Prime when it comes up for renewal. Two months to receive a cheap, commonly used cable is outrageous. Anybody? Anybody?

  340. Two shipments were combined in shipment, so that a heavy 8-inch castor wheel was shipped along with 4 of GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door 20 oz Insulating Foam Sealant, 3 of GREAT STUFF PRO Gaps & Cracks 24 oz Insulating Foam Sealant, and 2 of GREAT STUFF PRO Dispensing Gun Cleaner, 12oz.
    The result: the castor wheel punctured some of the foam canisters and we received a box of foam-encased items. We contacted Amazon and spoke with Damian and Amazon is replacing the items. Thank you.

  341. Hi, I’m buying 6 basket balls. I would be requesting that they send to my hotel. The balls are shipped deflated or not. Thanks and Regards. Gerardo Vigón

  342. Disrespectful company. charging an account that I used a card to make a purchase on for other things not approved! Twice.

    I keep multiple clients credit cards on my account so I can order for everyone. Now I wonder the safety of this.

    Are you a legit company or a monopoly. Wondering?

  343. I ordered a blanket (mermaid style) in November. It was shipped November 29th
    and was supposed to arrive no later than December 14th. It still has not arrived, but is in New York being processed. I needed this as a Christmas gift for someone and I am leaving town the 22nd of Dec. Obviously, I am out of luck for receiving it by then. Why do they tell people no later than the 14th when they
    cannot make their commitment? I never would have ordered it had I known it wasn’t going to get here on time!!

  344. I was offered a ‘reward’ for a large amount of purchases at Amazon back in October. I chose some sample face creams for which I was to be billed $4.95 and $3.95 respectively. Imagine my surprise when I was billed that plus $99.95 and $88.95 on my Citi Card. I have been battling the company (AngelicBe) and also Citi but can’t win. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I received nothing but the two samples. Don’t want anyone else to get scammed. I’ve been an Amazon customer for many years and am very disillusioned.
    Elizabeth Stolte

  345. when i’ve contacted amazon i got terrible service.
    When I’ve called they tell me to repeat the process.
    when I’ve repeat the process get the same results.
    My problem still exist.
    I call amazon, i repeatedly explain my problem.
    they tell me to repeat the process. I do, guess what.
    problems still exists,
    I’ve done this with maybe a dozen service reps.over the last two years.
    Each time i call they tell me to repeat the process.
    I tell the rep I’ve called before’ can you check you records?
    Apparently they can’t.
    Your reps apparently don’t have the brains to talk to other reps
    who may know the solution.
    Are you reps that poorly trained?

  346. Wow! And they call this Customer Service? Csr could not answer any question I asked. I asked 3 times for to be transferred to someone that could answer my questions. I still have no answers since being transferred = being MAGICALLY disconnected!

  347. I have been an amazon prime customer since 2015 and have two issues one an order I placed before the holiday and did not receive one of two orders I placed . And two I have a charge for 50.00 on my card as of 1/9/17 . I have not placed an order for that amount !

  348. I have been an amazon prime customer since 2015 and have two issues one an order I placed before the holiday and did not receive one of two orders I placed . And two I have a charge for 50.00 on my card as of 1/9/17 . I have not placed an order for that amount !

  349. Really the t-shirts you are selling saying f-trump? I can’t wait until you are put out of business I’ll never buy anything from you again!! You don’t have to like him but he is the president why didn’t you sell obama shit like this? Stupid and idiotic, you’re going down!! This will be your demise, Amazon I think you’re disgusting racist pigs

  350. I oredered one fastrack watch but i received different one..
    i want to return but i cant get proper return option on Amazon.
    Please let me know any option.

  351. It sucks!!! I can never get help from the Unitrd Stares. I getvreroutrd to thevphillipines orvsuthcafrica. They reined mybkingldlevby setting it to factoryvsettings. Nobone has returned mybcall. This is myv6 or 7th kindle. I havecbeem a primevmember for years and order 3 ro 4 times a week. For a company as big as Amazon this is unacceptable m I want to hear from a good rep in the United States orvibwill be contacting the hetter husiness bureau

  352. I have just received a debit on my ckg account for
    Amazon Prime. I have not requested, authorized, or asked for this service and want an explanation on the debit immediately. I have never had and do not want this service.

  353. I ordered a bottle of Yon Ka invigorating mist in February. I have not received it yet even though I am a prime member. I have received an email asking me how the service was….really bad since I do not have that item yet.

    • Everytime that I order something on, you automatically enroll me in Amazon Prime and charge my credit card. Sorry, but I did it again ordering fromGoogle and as usual, you enrolled me in Amazon prime and automatically charged my credit card. I dis-enrolled and you said, I only had to pay once.
      Let’sget this straight………………I like I only want one membership and I will try to remember to order only from the Yahoo site as it appears you are not capable of managing my account any other way. Now, I want to keep my membership in Amazon Prime and am not going to pay again for another membership. Are you capable of managing that? And are you capable of replying and informing me of the status?

  354. Amazon used to be my go to shopping stop. Now I only order through Amazon if I can’t find another source. I cannot support a business that supports or associates with an organization like Breitbart.

    Shame on Amazon

  355. Amazon really does not have customer service. very difficult to contact in a user friendly, and they always act like they are doing YOU a favor tracking down the goods you paid Them to deliver to your home. at least here in Saint Petersburg Florida 33709 , the usps delivery people are often terrible these days, so even though Amazon gets the item quickly to within a few miles of your home, they have no real follow thru to get it to your home, and no real interest in doing so. Had two recent orders that sat in mail trucks passing by my home, sweltering in the sun for two full days, the carrier too lazy and careless to deliver. I asked for a full refund because of this terrible service. They did not give it, I got a whiny e-mail instead. OK with me, I will shop elsewhere.

  356. My name is Juanita sutton I have not had the privilege of meeting or speaking to customer service . Had so much trouble ordering and getting return of monies. First time for me to order on line very confusing and tireing. I need help find my refund and spending it with you guys. I have a credit of $ 135. And can’t seem to make the order without using my credit card over again

  357. I received an email stating that a package was left on front porch Tuesday, March 12, 2017. I never received this package. The gate is locked at 5PM and no one should have access to the front porch. Please advise. I do not have this product. Thank you. Veronica M. Goff Tracking No. 1Z3Y13E40305804060

  358. I had some stupid problems getting my first Amazon order completed last year, which involved your accepting and then later declining my debit card that was eventually used to purchase my order then. I am considering trying Amazon again to buy some DVDs and books and want to know if you can give me any discount offers to help compensate for the time I wasted with that prior nonsense. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

  359. Dear Sir, I am having problems with Amazon. Every time I order anything I get a message regarding my credit card, then I receive the goods, after checking my card again. This happens every time I place an order. I have also received a message saying I haven’t ordered anything in the past 6 months followed by another message with a list of items I have ordered. It would appear the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I hope you can resolve this problem.

  360. There was a problem processing your order. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your information.

    can you fixed that where my order be good

    and make it free shipping where i don’t pay online or in person

  361. i ordered two practice swords, one came warped and missing a handle guard. I would not like to replace them just have the guard handle sent to me.

  362. I need to contact amazon customer service via email and I’m denied this option. I need to ask if I can watch my prime video by connecting my computer to the TV via an HDMI cable since my TV is older than the newest smart tv?

    Can anybody help?

    Thank you

  363. This is an email I received and hope that they are not connected with you.
    Book your next hotel with Rocketmiles and earn US$10 – US$100 in Gift Cards per night. Plus, for a limited time, earn an extra US$30 Gift Card on your first stay. So I did and this was the next email I received. Your reservation at Baymont Inn & Suites Oceanfront has been confirmed. Attached to this email is a room receipt for expense reporting.
    This reservation will also earn you a US$40 Gift Card after you check out.
    Then Wednesday I got this email…
    Thank you for choosing Rocketmiles for your hotel booking needs.

    We are reaching out to you regarding your reservation, E5E2Y2 for check-in on April 08, 2017 at the Baymont Inn & Suites Oceanfront. The hotel has notified us that they are unable to accommodate your reservation.

    We want you to know that this a very rare occurrence and not the experience we want our customers to have, but occasionally it does happen.

    We can cancel your reservation free of charge and you can book a different property or we can try to relocate you to a similar hotel in the area. If you prefer to be relocated, please give us call as soon as possible, and we’ll happily look into other options for you.

    Awaiting your response,

    So I called and talked to a supervisor and asked her to help me find a matching hotel and this is what she found, no water view no balcony and 10.00 more a night. I had a balcony on the water with my hotel.
    I would hope that this is not the kind of company that you are working with.

  364. I ordered a bottle of Yon Kah spray lotion over 2 months ago and I never received it. I did receive a questionnaire about how good the experience was. I am wondering if I should order it again.

  365. I purchased items , my charity is NJ American Veterans
    Nothing show up that you donated money to my charity

  366. Amazon has by far the best customer service than any other company. Their Alexa echo support is the best. They answer the phone quickly and handle your problem instantly. They even refund your money for a purchase of a defective product within one hour (you don’t even have to return the item sometimes). Nothing but great experiences with Amazon support.

  367. dear sir,
    your serice to customers is good and hav,nt heard nothing . i need high grade hemp seed iol pl.tell me where in u.s.a i buy

  368. I do not have many problems when ordering stuff from Amazon, but when I do like I recently did with my echo dot THEY ARE BY FAR THE BEST COMPANY IN DEALING WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS!! They were unable to correct the problem over the phone with me and they sent me a new device. I AM AN AMAZON, PRIME MEMBER CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!!!!

  369. I received an email last night thanking me for being a loyal cardholder. I DO NOT want an amazon card! I didn’t apply for one; I don’t have one;; and I’ve never used or authorized the use of one. Also, it doesn’t exist in my Amazon Wallet so why did I receive this email?

  370. I ordered an rv from what I thought was a legitimate Amazon transaction.As a loyal customer who has bought everything from lap tops to bumper stickers. I am not happy that Amazon wants nothing to do with my problem.This scam is using Amazons logo and all purchases were made with Amazons gift cards. I have filed a police report and would like some relief from amazon.I bought $2800 dollars worth of amazon gift cards. .I was buying this rv to live I am spending money to stay at a hotel.

  371. You guys don’t have any really popular games on the amazon app store. May I suggest clash royale? You guys really need better games on the appstore.

  372. I have contacted your company three times by email and twice by phone to get my account straightened out. My old email is no longer active so I went in to try to change it and it set up a new account. Your customer service representatives have tried twice to fix the account to no avail. One even stated she would call me back after she fixed it and of course I did not receive a call. The customer service and the ability to get help is horrible. I know have an account I cant even use because it continues to ask me to set up an Amazon Visa or Amazon credit account which I already have.

  373. Amazon REQUIRES you that store your credit card information with them. I have never been subjected to this before. Generally you are ASKED if you would like for the seller to store your information, and you are allowed the option to not have the information stored. Also, I have been looking on their website for 20 minutes or so for an actual email address and there is none that I have found yet. They need to know that these practices are NOT acceptable. Walmart, here I come.

  374. Comentarles que realice compras en Europa. Un iPhone usado y unas zapatillas. Las pedí con entrega en un hotel de Milano Italia.
    Luego me llamó mi hermana desde Chicago para informarme que estaban ustedes queriendo confirmar esta compra..Favor de mandar a la dirección en Milano que les silicite

  375. I have been trying to contact customer service to report unauthorized activity on my account.You keep sending me authorization numbers to prove it’s me.I go to my e mail to get it and when I go back and enter it,you say it is incorrect.I could probably get into Ft. Knox easier than you people.I need to contact somebody.What must I do?

  376. Been ordering for months. Now when I go to order I can’t get
    Through to finish. Orders William

  377. I received a cancellation notice from Amazon for Pocohantas being cancelled today. I did not order the above, and I am requesting my account that I have had for years be frozen until this can be resolved. Please do not let ANYONE use my account until I have contacted you by phone. This is very upsetting, as my husband and I have just resolved an $11,000.00 fraud with Visa.

  378. I would like to request a game called dragon mania legends because I had it on my other tablet I got before I got this one and I loved the game so I was hoping you could put it on the game shop because it would make me really happy so that is the request please make it happen

  379. One of your merchants is selling racist and hateful products. Search for Palestine and liberate ad you will see. While I appreciate this is a controversial issue, the products being sold promote hate and violence. Please have them removed asap

  380. June 3rd my visa card was compromised. this is the second time. how can I avoid canceling my account with Amazon. if fear of this happening again.

  381. TERRIBLE!~ Just called and got a male and then he hung up. I have redeemed my gift card but will not use you again. The trouble I’ve gone through for this purchase isn’t worth it to me. Ebay….here I come.

  382. After recent changes to your cloud policy along with the decline of services I will not be renewing my Prime account, cloud services for ordering anything from Amazon in the future. I have spent tens of thousands over the years but this now ends and you will not be getting any business from me in the future. Very disappointed.

  383. I’m thinking about calling customer service tomorrow. My mom ordered for me it was a dress. We got it in the mail. I’m a size 5x. I couldn’t get the dress on figured maybe my daughter who is between a 1x and 2x could fit it and it wont fit her. What can we do at this point. Dress was beautiful.Im disappointed.

  384. I just want to know where my package is; the guy I talked to at the call center lied to me, need my package for father’s day Thank you Helen Schwab

  385. I need to know where my package is, the guy at the call center lied to me, I need the package for fathers day Thank You

  386. I am working on a problem I have with one of their sellers and contacted them on the phone. The person (from India) did not understand anything I said. the following day I received a call from their Amazon service at 12:14 AM !! Yes – in the middle of the night. I was floored to say the least. Problem not solved to say the least, I plan on sending a registered letter.

  387. It says i’m locked out of my account and amazon won’t do anything about it. never shopping on amazon again!!!!!


  389. About my orders of 2 Short sleeve shirts and 1 Tamayo rice cooker on June 07-2017, Still I do not receive any things. Please check this problem and let me know.

  390. I have a major problem with returns. I cancelled 2 air conditioners, via ups and rep. From amazon. The next day one air Conditioner was delivered to my apt after 5:30 pm without ringing my bell. It was,just left there. The air conditioner could have been stolen. I live in an apartment. I wasted an entire day waiting for Pilot to pick up this item. They told me it would be picked up between 11 am and 3 pn. It is now 5:07 and it’s still here. I have an obligation to pick up my grandchild and had to inconvenience someone to watch her for me until this package is picked up. I wanted amazon to be aware that this policy doesn’t work for me. I am frustrated to say the least. My entire day has been ruined. Amazon is a tremendous company but their clients shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced at all. When I spoke to your rep a little while ago, she said I would be compensated with a $20 credit. Is amazon kidding? I should be allowed to keep the air conditioner! I was honest enough to report this incident and Amazon wants to give me $20. Wow. Thanks,

  391. I’ve ordered from Amazon for years & this day was one disappointed moment. I placed an order last week & Amazon decides to send what they want to send. I ordered one thing & they sent something different. I have a grand baby on the way & ordered size newborns & size 1 diapers & they send size 2. I think the best thing for me to do is stay away from Amazon for a while.

  392. June 21 2017 Made purchase using a &25 dollar gift card. The card was purchased with cash. Amazon sent message that purchase was approved and would arrive on Friday the 23 of June. Later received e-mail that purchase was now declined!!! Called customer service read all the information on the card! Customer service could NOT FIND CARD!!????? I AM ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED!!! HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE PURCHASED AMAZON GIFT CARDS THAT ARE WORTHLESS BECAUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN NOT FIND CARD IN SYSTEM. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM FOR AMAZON!!!!

  393. you sent me a vixia camcorder next day delivery with no memory card so

    i could not use it

    i hate you


  394. If you can afford to buy Whole Foods, perhaps you can find a way to acquire the show that represents the whole world?
    Please Amazon, acquire Sense8. Take a minute to go to FB and read what a difference this show has made in people’s lives. Watch the show. You may understand the reason the fans have been begging to keep a show on that received little to no advertisements but, still has thus large fan base. I see a lot of things about LGBTQ but, I hadn’t read that prior to getting sucked into this amazing show.
    Please, get this to the correct department if this is not the correct department I’m sending this to.
    BTW – I’m a happily married white, straight grandmother. Thank you.

  395. I have been receiving order confirmations and order cancellations in my email junk mail yet I do not even have an account with Amazon nor have I ordered anything. I have not opened these emails for fear it will crash my computer. Please check and see who is trying to order from my email..

  396. If it is true i don’t know why Mr. Bezos has any agreements with Breitbart.

    That organization represents the opposite of everything Amazon stands for.

    Please end all associations with Breitbart.

    Thank you for your attention.

  397. I ordered a kindle fire and folder for it, which I received. Today I received two more Kindles which I didn’t order with no return paper. What to do?

  398. I have been going through steps requested on yahoo then live chat with cus t service at Amazon did what she said issue not resolved after all this and trying for over one hour to resolve issue. Yahoo keeps asking for correct password forgot mine went through process to change password everything was according to yahoo fixed But when I go to check mail error pops up.

  399. hi I should to return a package it is a kitchen Hood Amazon sent me as dubel order by mistake I am not able to deliver this big box to a center

  400. I noticed the Breitbart website has Amazon advertisements. Breitbart is a purveyor of hate – Amazon should not support it in any fashion, by ads or otherwise. Thank you for your attention.

  401. A courier representing Amazon walked into our reception lobby yesterday to deliver a package. This woman who was 200lbs plus was wearing short shorts, along with the yellow construction site vest that you require them to wear. She was covered in visible tattoos, had mint green fingernails and her hair was in pig-tails. The woman was at least in her 30’s – maybe 40’s. We were not only embarrassed for her but also for our customers who had to view this. It this the image Amazon wants to portray?

  402. your customer service is awful i have been trying for 3 weeks to take care of an issue, and i can not get it done.. package says delivered and it has not gotten to the destination.

  403. It is absolutely a nightmare to try and speak to anyone at Amazon! I am trying to pay a bill and they are making it impossible to do so! I need to speak to a live person to clear my account and plan to NEVER purchase from them again!

  404. i am looking for a 2018 TENEUES PUBLISHING WEEKLY engagement planner, Amazon has many of these from previous years. will you have 2018 for sale soon? the item has a wire ring binding and a hard plastic cover which covers the soft designed booklet cover.. the days if the week portions are lined . i purchased this item for several years. however, i could not find it 2017 and now 2018. they are the best planners and i do not wast to get a substitute for 2018 as i did for 2017,

  405. Can’t find any answers from amazon , so once more I order two book via. Amazon both lots of money taken from bank account on 02 July 2017 but now showing amazon has no record, please let me WHY

  406. My order of Unique and 1 set of head bands apwas supposedly delivered on the 14th of July and it is now the 21st and I still have not received them! Please find my order and get it to me!

  407. I have been waiting for my order for past three weeks, for two items, the first one is an electric shaver and sun glasses. It has been more than three weeks and I have not received my order. when I phoned Amazon is saying that your cart is empty.
    Amazon,filling order is as important as taking orders

  408. Why continue sending my orders via mail? I have told you there is no mail to ALVISO. Send UPS or to my mail box in Sunnyvale

  409. it would have a lot easyer if you put your address were to send back to

  410. Dear Amazon Folks, I am not impressed with, nor do I feel Prime Pantry is worth ordering from. Brand selection is poor, prices are not competitive with my local grocery stores, including Aldis, CVS, Giant & Weis Markets. I ordered recently to try it. Will not be ordering Prime Pantry again. Because your selection of brands is so poor, had to order brands such as BandAid, & Scott, neither of which our family normally use We use CVS bandages & Cottonelle wipes normally. Our family not happy having to use the more expensive, poor quality BandAids & Scott Wipes.We are not returning any of theses Prime pantry products, naturally, but want you to know we are not satisfied with prime Pantry ordering., and will not be reordering. . Just so you know.. Sue Lennon

  411. I’ve never been more frustrated with a site in my entire life!!! I have had 3 issues in the past month or so and each time I had a heck of a time getting through to customer service. My last item never came, but to go to the item and find a link for missing items good luck. It only allows me to return an item and print a label. What if the item never comes??? Where is the link for that? I searched and searched, wasting a ton of time and frustration trying to find a user-friendly way to just let A. know that my item never came? Was there such a link??? Hell no!!! I finally google searched a way to reach someone and found a phone number. Why do I have to go through google to reach A? Come on people!!! We all have different situations with our orders!!! Not 2 or 3 canned answers.

  412. I just received my monthly statement from bank. I have been charged $10.99 from Amazon primetime. I haven’t signed up for anything like that. Please tell me what I need to do.

  413. I have been receiving emails for over a week, saying that my order has been shipped. I have not ordered anything and am afraid someone has gotten my info. When I try to check on what it is or where it went the site goes to getting a gift card and taking a survey, I just want to know what is going on. I will turn this over to the BBB if I can’t get a response.

  414. Not that this will do any good, but your CSR flat out told me to call back in an hour to help me. Thats BS. I will call back and cancel my order, and than back to the old days, brick and mortar. No more amazon.

  415. I was sent an email from Amazombie that said my lift chair for a handicap personwould arrive between 9 & 12am on this date, it never arrived, never had the courtesy of an email or phone call!! I had to make special arrangements for someone to be present during those hours, what a poor, horrible display of customer service.

  416. I realize everyone is trying to keep costs down, but the amazon delivery services excluding UPS and USPS are HORRIBLE! They leave packages in full view instead of behind the pillar at the front door, they block the front door if you are inside and have to push the package with the door to get out and get it, and they flat out lie about the delivery, saying they handed the package to the resident when they left it on the porch!! Not to mention delivering the packages to the wrong address! give up these cheap pseudo delivery services and just use the professionals!

  417. I have just received amazon fire 8 he to add to my other devices.Although I been a long standing subscriber I
    Am now unable to download any apps on the fire as the message comes back that my englis h credit card which I used to purchase the fire is not acceptable for apps. I have loved in Spain for 15 years and always use the same credit card, with the usuall updates for all of those 15 years! What is wrong with your system that you change the rules between buying from and downloading apps for Fire. This leaves me in a very difficult situation as the Fire is very little use without the apps.

  418. I ordered a bottle of Garcinia from an ad on Amazon. I was to pay the shipping of $4.95. When I received my credit card statement today, I was not only charged for the $4.95 shipping charge but $$79.95. I called the number on my credit card, was cut off by the man in customer service I finally got a hold of. I have not opened the bottle I received (only receive 1 bottle) as after reading can not use. I want to send this bottle back but customer service would not give me an address. I have an order number E6512F3445. Customer Service was not interested in that either. Spells SCAM to me. Can you help me.

  419. my husband said he ordered 5 items for me: “Stones for Ibarra” by Harriet Doerr in 1978 also DVD Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro , Samson and Deliah with Hedy Lamarr in 1949 also cd “Air Supply’s greatest hits and finally the book called “Grace” by Jon Michael in 2017

  420. Hello,
    I’ve noticed that my e-mail address has been changed.
    I did not change my e-mail address nor did I request to have it changed.
    Please correct this incident immediately.
    I would like my e-mail address to remain the same as listed below.

    Thanking you in advance.

  421. Order #114-5025297-9472211 a casper mattress was not delivered to my house.
    UPS driver said that he delivered this item to my door but the item was not seen by me or my neighbors. I was home at the time. Did not hear any door bell or
    knock. Suspect may have been delivered elsewhere. UPS truck was not seen by
    anyone that I talked with.

  422. The second part of my order is to be delivered today. Base for the item.
    It is not needed now. Please cancel it is a base for the bed. But now there
    is no bed.

  423. I recently contacted your customer service by telephone. I had a question about my latest bill from Chase. The representative ( who spoke English with a thick foreign accent) asked my name, phone number, and e-mail address. I did this but he said the e-mail address was incorrect. I gave it to him several times with the same response from him. I clicked over to my e-mail and actually read him an e-mail from your company regarding an order. He told me he couldn’t do anything unless he had my e-mail address. Finally, I asked to speak to his supervisor. He told me the supervisor was busy. Frustrated, I finally hung up.

  424. Order # 111-0114267-7304236
    I paid $11.97 for shipping on the above order where they were guaranteed to be here today – then I receive an email that they will not be here until Friday 8/4/2017. If I did the free 2 day shipping it would’ve been the same result. I needed these items by today which is why I paid the extra shipping! I am not impressed with having to pay extra and getting the same results as you guarantee with your free shipping.
    I would hope that you would at least refund the shipping charges for these items I am now not going to get in time.

  425. I”m not applied for the amazon prime, why you charged 99.00 dollars in my account on the date july 9th 2017.
    I would like to cancel the amazon prime and get money back total amount.

  426. Not very happy. I have been trying to log in to my account after changing my password and I am given the two step process for accessing my account. Enter password and then I’m told a security code was sent to my email address and to enter that code. No email received for over an hour, then received two, both codes had since expired. Fast forward 5 days and I still can’t get in I have never received another email with a security code and each time I try to contact customer service via their links I am asked to freaking log in!! Getting very frustrated. (No email is not going to junk or spam)

  427. I returned the package last Friday (07/28) in amazon lock box. I did not get any credit as of today. I called this morning and talked to representative.I was on the phone for 1/2 hour. The first person transferred me to the wrong department. I had to explain the issue. Then she said that I have to transfer you to different dept. Whe should I stay on the phone for something this simple? ASSOCIATES NEED TRAINING. I had to hang up since it was along hold and had to leave for work. My
    I am very disappointed

  428. A survey firm has contacted me and asked questions about my customer experience with Amazon. They offered me a choice of a free gift in exchange for my answering the questions. However, there is a catch I must pay a delivery charge. I am not interested if there is a deliverer charge.




  429. I received an e mail from amazon stating that many amazon accounts have been compromised on July 20 2017 and that amazon needs all my account information including debit credit card numbers. Is this message just some hackers or what?

  430. disgusted really terrible service can’t get in touch without having to pay it should be made criminal is that one of the reasons you’re not a British company

  431. No contact at all! How pitiful. I bought a $50 Amazon gift card from my local Food Lion that was stolen out of my mailbox and called to cancel it. The rep was unable to look up the card from the pin number on the receipt. She claimed she needed a bunch of other numbers. This is my second bad experience with Amazon. I bought merchandise two years ago that was defective, returned it for a refund and paid the shipping both ways. When I asked for my shipping back, I didn’t even get a reply. My last Amazon purchase. PERIOD

  432. recently I am got upset about Amazon. First, I was somehow signed up for Amazon Prime, what I did not request. Second, the shoes I received as a present for my mom was already used and dirty. I am lucky, I did not send them as a present straight to my mom’s address. It would be a disaster. I got reimbursement for them, but is did not help to keep good opinion about services. I did order another pair of shoes, but I was not delivered as promised. Interesting thing – website says Delivery Attempted. I was home all day waiting for them and did not get. How it could happen? I get a lot of packages left at porch, not this one. Trying to reach customer services by the phone right now – still waiting, all representatives are busy. Very upset, do not plan to use Amazon anymore. .

  433. I am having a bit of trouble with one of your suppliers,Healthey Garcinia you sent me an e-mail that there were some gifts for me I chose Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin all I need do was pay shipping $4.?? I specifically ask the people would there be any reaocurring charges on my card 3 times they told me absolutely not.But here I am staring at two charges made by them $89.96 and $79.29 I cant get them to refund my money and the product does not work

  434. Absolutely mind numbingly terrible customer service over the phone. They outsource their entire phone customer service, and every time I call them I have to request someone who speaks better English in order to understand them. While the frustratingly poor English speaking customer call center representatives are annoying to deal with; they also have rocks in their heads instead of brains. I firmly believe the only thing you need in order to work at a Amazon customer care call center is a heartbeat. I actually get sweaty trying to talk to these customer call center representatives because of how angry they make me when trying to solve a simple problem. You would think that Amazon would do a better job at managing and/or hiring better customer call representatives with all the money that they have.

  435. My acount was blocked. I tried to confirm my payment information by fax many times and nothing happened. After that 99 usd prime membership payment was charged from my account. How is it possible??? I even can not cancel it or contact customer service.

  436. Best service one could expect. I’ve used Amazon for years and I have discovered the following things about them:
    1) outstanding variety of products
    2) excellence in their product services area
    3) great delivery time
    4) prime membership advantages
    5) wonderful, hardworking phone agents, always helpful and friendly
    6) never a problem with product returns
    7) customer oriented, the list goes on. I’m not an Amazon employee, neither a
    relative or friend with an Amazon worker

  437. I want to order but the web sight says my email is already used ? I tried to put in password but can’t open the account .
    Called on phone but got a serve weustionair ( interception) ? What am I to do ?
    Ken Olsen

  438. I ordered a 22″ TV with free shipping. When I saw that the TV was not even going to be shipped until 7 days after I ordered it, customer service had no explanation for the delay in shipping other than “it is so big”. It was not coming from China but from the Amazon warehouse. I asked whether they were spending 7 days bubble wrapping it and he responded “yes”. BEWARE of the free shipping. Apparently that means that even though we have it in our warehouse, we will sit on it for 7 days before we even begin to think about shipping it. In other words, pay for faster shipping or we will delay, delay, delay with no reasonable explanation.
    I will avoid any future orders from Amazon based on my customer service experience.

  439. I found Amazon’s website to be a maze of confusion, we had to google the contact number to be told they could not help with our situation. Though customer service was indeed in English, I could hear the accent and was aware that he was not from America, back ground noise with someone instructing him on how to pronounce words.
    The purpose of contacting Amazon was to find out why my $50.00 Amazon Gift Card would not work to pay for my Student Amazon Prime account. Amazon’s website doesn’t state that they don’t except “Their” gift cards as payment, but when I tried purchase the Student Prime it states “Select A Payment Method”, and only provides you with a credit card choose. I have purchased Prime in the past and was able to use my gift card, so I wasn’t aware of this change and spent money on a gift card that I am unable to use to purchase my Student Amazon Prime through. When I contacted customer service, I was told to use a credit card, that Amazon’s own gift card was not allowed to be used to purchase Prime anymore.
    I am confused as to why Amazon will not accept their own gift cards as payment for a product they offer.
    Amazon, I am requested that you please explain why a patron of your company can no longer use “Amazon Gift” cards to purchase your service.
    I am not angry with your company for its changes, I am very disappointed and will reevaluate where I spend my money.

  440. I purchased a new Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30 x 50, I had a custom rifle made for varmint and IBS shooting, I purchased the scope from Amazon, got the scope and was missing the sun guard, This morning I spent couple hours mounting the scope with lasers and levels, ready to head to the range and the side focus does not work. I think Amazon sent me a used bad scope for this many things wrong, it was shipped not in original box, missing some described enclosed, now the side focus does not work. Major disappointment in Amazon

  441. I am trying to order but cannot get into my account. I have tried several times and it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect and you are sending me help via email. No email are forthcoming from Amazon and I don’t understand. I’m even a prime member. can you help me please?

  442. I just had a WONDERFUL experience with a customer service rep. She was so amazing, patient and helpful. I am totally impressed with Keren P. and hope she gets a shout out from her manager.

    thank you,

    Janet Byrnes

  443. Hello Amazon, Why can’t I have access to my account, I had problems last week and changed my pass word. still have a reject for password. even tried an access code no access still.

  444. I have received email notifications that my order has shipped; however, the last things I ordered on Amazon were ebooks.

  445. To Whom Concerned, I seldom look a twitter, but today I wanted to look at what people were saying, when I saw the address I read a political comment posted by someone who may work for your company whose political views should not be posted.

  446. Ordered and tracked order #113-3804077-1754613.
    It was never delivered although tracking shows delivery Sun 8/13.
    Many shipments previously delivered this address. — not this.
    We were home all day, never saw delivery.
    Please locate and deliver ASAP.

  447. You people make it almost impossible to talk to someone or email a question. I am finding if hard to not total give up an buy from eBay or someone else but you do seem to goods and a good verity of Items.

    My wife have has a Prime Account & a credit card. I have bought a lot of things from amazon from work & home. You are always pushing prime for free shipping but I have never been able to figured out or what good it does other then watch prime TV How do I use the prime account to save on shipping. I have 4 items that I want to buy but am getting very tired of paying shipping I notice my wife pays shipping also , Whats the trick. If I do not here from you soon I will cancel Prime And try net flex.

  448. I have been dealing with my chase acct. for a refund and what a big mistake that was. Appears they never contacted Amazon, but took it upon themselves to make the decision. I just contacted Amazon direct and spoke with Mathew who was very pleasant and explained that I should, if need be in the future, to contact direct, not to go through Chase. He took care of the refund 100% and was again a very pleasant person to deal with.

  449. I placed and order several days ago. I have received the order. There is a available credit on my account at this writing that is after the account has been charged for recent order. Why then are you saying that the payment was declined. Please get this straightened out and stop calling and texting me.

  450. I Ordered AND PAID $42.85 For the Book Titled “THE LAST DAYS/SIXTH EDITION By SMITH. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT ??????

  451. I got a package on my porch this morning that does not belong to me,called amazon the representative keep asking me for my email and order number even when i told him i didn’t order anything from them he told me to keep a package that does not belong to me I’m sorry I don’t think that’s right.This package was delivered to the wrong address someone should come get it and deliver it to the rightful owner I will not order from AMAZON!!!!

  452. I am getting charged 10.99 for Amazon Prime that I did not sign up for. Please contact me and let me know how to stop these charges.

  453. Hello. I just learned that the Super Nintendo Classic Mini (SNES mini) has sold out on Monday (8/21/17). On August 10, 2017, I signed up for the Amazon Alert email system. (Check your files and make a note of it) Why didn’t I get notified on my email when the SNES became available?

    You shouldn’t advertise and make promises — very misleading!

    I shop on Amazon all the time, but lately it’s been a headache trying to get these consoles. Can anyone please help?

  454. I called the 800 number I got a rep in the Philippines.I called the 888’number got a rep in the Philippines .I was told by the tech he could not connect me .I would like to know what is going on ? I am very disappointed.

  455. I have recently attempted to order from the site and the parcel tracking states delivery but I haven’t received. I contacted ?seller and they said a new one was to be resent. This still hasn’t arrived. As a prime member I would expect a better service

    Can you please respond

  456. difficulty viewing video, (eye of the needle) constant message that streaming is delayed. I call amazon, talk to 3 techs, and poof, the delay is gone? Give me a break!

  457. Please cancel my Amazon account. I no longer want this Amazon account. Your prompt attention in granting my request will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  458. I would like you to print the names of all the musicians who play on the recordings you sell on the program notes. It doesn’t do any good just to give us the chief headliner. Give us the names of everyone who plays on the disc(s).

  459. I have been trying for 3 hours to contact a PERSON at Amazon. Your ‘help’ button is not much help. You are am impossible business to contact! I have had my account with you for YEARS and yet, today, you have required me to wait for 8….count them EIGHT verifications codes in my email to get onto my account. Each time I entered the new verification code, I got an “there was a problem…we’re sending you a verification code via your email”. REALLY??!! Is there actually someone who can help me?

  460. I place an I am yet to receive my shipment below when tracked via DHL I was told the item was shipped to Indian can you please advise.

  461. We are recent subscribers to Amazon Prime. Our most recent order (a Kenmore water filter 9990) was listed as delivered on August 25. It was not received by us. We are not saying it was not delivered, but it was not in the spot listed by the USPS.

  462. There is no way to contact iTunes. Since it’s part of Amazon it’s hooked into my American Express, as is Amazon. They have been charging my account with purchases I never made. Now a charge has been made on my bank card. When I called the number on my bank statement I got a recording telling me to email Then the number disconnected. When I tried emailing I got an error page. I’m very upset that they have charged my American Express for non existent purchases but I’m really irate that charges are being billed on my bank account. Answers please.

  463. Today I pre-ordered the video game Star Wars Battlefront II : Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition – Xbox One (Digital Code) @ $79.99 to be available November 14, 2017. I didn’t realize it was to be downloaded onto my computer. I want him to be able to have it be downloaded to his computer when it comes available. Is it possible to do this or do I need to cancel my order and have him preorder it on his computer?
    How do I cancel if this is the best route to take. Thank you.

  464. I just read that Amazon is selling Antifa flags. Well guess what? It gives me the message that you support and promote troublemakers and criminals.
    With that said, I refuse to do business with your company.
    I hope you go bankrupt

  465. I recently ordered a KC Royal mug from you. It was the second one I ordered because I needed it as a gift. When I opened the box it said KC Royal mug but inside was an Indianapolis mug. I am not sure how to handle this please advise. I want the KC Royal mug. But need advice on what to do with this one.
    Thanks, Sue Olmsted

  466. I have tried for 3 hours to find a way to contact Amazon. I changed my password 5 times and each time it said account locked for security reasons. I been Hacked by can’t contact Amazon. I can’t fix or change anything because it keeps asking me to sign in and I can’t.

  467. To whom concerned, you have a great business, but as in all companies there is a leader. The company seems to support the legislative actions of donald trump, America is watching, don’t blow it.

  468. my account was hacked last sunday 3rd called customer support who said IT would sort this out and contact me after 24 hours, its 22.30pm on Thursday night of the 6th and still not heard anything still cannot log into my amazon account, I’m a prime member and use all of amazon add on’s all the time, no one has updated me and I’m getting very frustrated in this.

  469. I live within 10 miles of the dist. center in san Bernardino. There are no lockers in the Yucaipa (92399) area. would like to pick up my order at the center in san Bernardino, but my problem is the free shipping 6-8 days on an item located at the dist. center. This is very bad business to have to wait many days when I should be able to pick up my order the next day. Not everyone can afford prime or don’t order enough to pay to have prime.
    Larry Essman

    Please Advise

  470. hello have tried to get in to my orders but it says I have not ordered in the last six months I returned pac amac on 30/08/2017 for refund have not heard any thing cant get any help from any one phone numbers don’t work if I don’t get reply going trading standers to get refund

  471. I ordered Simulation face cleanser – when it arrived the contents were oozing out of the bottom of the tube. The product arrived today as promised.

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