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Contacting Alcatel Customer Service Center

Alcatel is also known as the Alcatel-Lucent company. The company is in communication, including cloud, mobile, submarine and wireless. Alcatel offers customers products, services and solutions to business problems experienced by tiny mom and pops to gigantic conglomerates and everyone in between. There is a LOT of technical information on the Alcatel site, though we doubt you’ll have any trouble understanding all the tech speak if you’re looking for a customer service number for Alcatel.

The headquarters for Alcatel is located in Paris. The company claims operational reach to 130+ countries with 15.3 Euro in sales in 2011.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you purchased from a business partner, your Alcatel customer service options may be different than other customers. Alcatel suggests contacting your business partner for assistance, if possible. A general customer service phone number is not listed on the site, but we were able to find a few customer service numbers for emergency and specific situations.

  • Emergency Help: 1-866-582-3688
  • Web Support/Order Management: 1-877-894-4647
  • International Web Support/Order Management: 1-630-224-9114
  • Online Customer Support: 1-866-582-3688 opt 7
  • International Customer Support: 1-630-224-9000
  • Corporate: 1-908-508-8080

Mailing Address

There are two executive or corporate offices listed on the Alcatel customer service page. We’ve listed both for the sake of sending a letter to customer service. The first is international, so we suggest taking your letter to the post office for proper postage before sending.

Alcatel-Lucent3 av. Octave Greard75007 ParisFrance


Alcatel-Lucent600-700 Mountain AveMurray Hill, NJ 07974

Official Website

You can find the official website for Alcatel at This site is clearly for Alcatel-Lucent, but the two companies are one in the same. You can read about the history of the company, learn more about the products and services offered by Alcatel and contact the customer service department about your business needs and products, as needed.

Customer Service Email

Contact the Alcatel customer service department by email at You should send only information pertaining to the question at hand, not billing, financials or any secure information. If your communication must include secure information, contact the customer service department by phone.

Our Experience

The Alcatel customer service line is automated. You can press 1 for immediate help with an outage or wait for additional options. You can press 0 to bypass the system, but you’ll have to press it twice. The first time the list will repeat, but the second time your call will be transferred to a customer service agent.

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29 Comments on “Contact Alcatel Customer Service
  1. I,m getting a message from780-11,saying to call or my service will be cut off months end.i would love to keep my service.thank you.

  2. just got a one touch it is a amazing phone awesome job with camara

    i am haveing a problem getting my music on to it though can you please explain how to do this

  3. I bought alcatel phone from safaricom I&M bank in Nairobi but it developed aproblem after 2weeks so i returned it and i was adviced to take it to TELBELL ltd for repair after 4days they informed me that the motherbordy needs anew replacement and i should wait atleast 4weeks or so,,,,so my question is should i server for those weeks or there is another option or can be replaced with anew phone immediatly plz i will like to hear from u plz

  4. I bought a new alcatel onetouch popC1 phonwe in Ireland I am now in Australia . I have asked Tesco mobile since the 20th of October to give me an unlocking code. All im hearing is that it is on its way by email. Please help I have no phone that works cant afford to buy another. How do I get an unlocking code is that to much to ask?

  5. I have been a very loyal customer to Tesco mobile for 8 years . I feel very let down as a customer. To have to wait this long for an unlocking code, which they told me it could take 10 workings days or 2 to 3 days. If I do not hear anything positive in the next couple of days I will go to the radio stations in Ireland and let them no how I have been treated. My trip has been really destroyed that im unable to contact family and friends to let them no that im ok.

  6. i bought an alcatel onetouch pop c7 and it is giving me problems. the internet works well but i never get facebook. bbm. intagram and whatsapp notifications. i only get notifications when i loginto those socail networks. i get whatsapp text a few seconds after logging in..please help

  7. Please tell me where on line I can buy a leather pouch for my popC1 mobile and also a similar item for my onetouch pixi 7 tablet…both of which I love…have a sony experia mobile sitting in the drawer…your mobile perfectly easy to use..
    Thank you
    PS do you sell laptops??

  8. i have a alcatel one touch fierce but when i make a call the screen light was automatic it’s desactivate,can you help me to activate it!

  9. I have had nothing but bad luck with this cell phone. It doesn’t keep a charge for more and less than a day. When I use it ,it will turn off and I get cut off. I have had other people look at it and they say don’t know what’s wrong with and it shouldn’t be doing that . Icon’s come up and flashes when I try to tex. or read a message. I have had this cell phone for less than a year. I got it thew Finger Hut company so you know I paid more than I should of for it. My phone is a Alcatel one tough 5020T. I am one UNHAPPY customer. I think I got a Lemon Please Help me!!!

  10. Phone accidently got “tuned in to” ENTER PUK (Whatever that is) & I can’t get to clear so I can use my phone.
    Is there and “easy fix”?

  11. hi,
    the external memory card i slot in was unable to save images,application e.t.c on it, i used the internal memory only which makes me delete almost all my image, application etc.

    kindly reply on time .


  12. I hate this phone nothing but problems. Can’t use it half the time. You need to do a recall on this phone and use them yourself.

  13. I have been using my alcatel idol 3 4.7 inch for a while but it has spoilt the screen …its lost sensitivity after falling . Where can i replace the screen in Nairobi Kenya?

  14. I purchased a smart phone approximately 2 mos. ago. the charger was defective. I brought the charger to the store where I purchased it and it was tested and confirmed that the charger was in fact defective. so I contacted the company and was told that I would have to pay for repairs. I expressed the fact that the charger was defective when I purchased it, so why should I buy a new one or pay for repairs since I already paid for the charger that came with the phone?
    then I got an email saying that they would pay for repairs and I would have to mail it. I asked for a shipping label for postage. that has been awhile and still no shipping label. something is wrong here! I buy a defective item and at first told I would have to pay for repairs, [probably a replacement], and then I would have to pay for the postage? ah, something is wrong here with the companies regard to their customers.

  15. I’m really upset. I have an Alcatel pop4 android phone and today when I tried to use it something called Joy Launcher has appeared on it and I can’t get rid of it. I do not want anymore unwanted software on my phone! This is an imposition, I have not given any consent for it to be there and I can’t turn it off. I can’t use my phone without ‘customising’ the horrid thing. I need to make a call, I bought this device it is supposed to belong to me now and I don’t want anymore software on it, as it is it has very little brain, all the capacity practically is being ‘used’ by software I neither want nor use what is wrong with you people? Why must you force your products onto unwilling customers? Do you think that is going to make them buy any of your products again? If you make a bunch of software and it’s good, it gets good reviews etc then people will seek it out. If you force it on us we will just never buy a phone you’ve made again. I’m so angry I feel I’ve been duped. When I bought this phone I specifically was looking for one with a lot of memory, not many built in programmes NO ‘games’ or stuff like that all I wanted was a good phone with a good camera, to be able to get directions from google maps and that’s it, anything else should be optional!!!! I certainly don’t want ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ or anything unless I choose to download it. I chose ‘what’s ap’ but there are dozens and dozens of things on my phone I don’t want and can’t delete, it’s always telling me I’m running out of memory, all the time all this useless unwanted shite is using up space, and telling me it needs to be updated and if I try and erase it it will affect the functioning of the things that I use WHY?

  16. Good day ,

    I own the HB160 Alcatel mobile.
    Kindly advise where i can purchase accessories here in Gauteng,[Johannersburg],South Africa,e.g. charger ,battery.

    Your response will be highly appreciated ,

  17. I had a problem last week and the tech was efficient and extremely good at what he did. wasn’t cris my tech? G jones

  18. I bought 2 Alcatel IdealXCITE’s and am unable to get a case for it! I would like a heavy duty one as my husband works in construction and I ride horses. Any ideas/ we bought them at Walmart and they said to get them from Amazon, and everything they have is for everything but…my IdealXCITE!

  19. Customer service that is a joke. I have been trying to contact the for over a month.Erica at Best Buy in Plano, Tx a so called mobile manager with a chip on her shoulder refused to take the phone back after her employee Daniel printed out the receipt to process my return until he realized I didn’t have the box or cord just the phone and charger plug.So I drove 10 miles home and back.She said he’s new and did nt have the authority to take the phone back.AT&T said was a manufacturer issue and Best Buy should return it to Alcatel. The only number for Alcatel on the internet was to Alcatel Lucent a man answered and snapped you have the wrong company and hung up. So now here I a senior citizens with no money and a broke phone.which is dangerous since I have several medical problems.return the phone. Best Buy should be ashamed of Erica because she also refused to let me speak with Karl Arnst the store manager indicating she was the decision maker. Alcatel has to have someone in the USA to represent and handle their defective products I only had my phone since June 2017. If they dont and reading the post here they need to be hit with a class action suit.

  20. WORST customer support I have tried and tried to contact.
    Would not let me email or chat.
    I will NEVER purchase another from ALCATEL!
    I could even get someone to talk to!

  21. When I purchased my cell phone Alcatel POP4 Plus at WalMarts on 09/24/2017 I was told to keep the receipt just in case I had to return the phone. I was not told that I had only 14 days to do so. I had problems with the phone, Icon did not work well, had to, many times click them 2 or 3 times. Apps downloaded that I did not request, It would at times not recognize the SIM card. One night I turned it off and when I turned it back on, it would not let me unlock the phone.
    All I had on the screen, was “Emergency Calls Only”. It gave me instructions for all the different features that I could not get to because the phone was locked. Turned it off,took SIM card out, turned it back on, same thing, put SIM card back in to the cell, turned it back on, it still played instructions. Told me to click twice to open, NO LUCK LUCK. Can not call this is my only phone. I am 74 years old and by myself, I need the phone. FYI I have had several cell phones, so I know how to use them and never had problems, not even with TracFones. Please tell me what to do. Can I return the phone and will I get my money refunded.

  22. CONTINUED: WalMarts would not take the phone back on September 10, 2017. So now I am without a phone and $120.00 lighter. Would never tell anybody to buy this thing. I t has given me all this trouble and I haven’t even had it 30 days. What will it be like in 2 or 3 months.

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