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Contacting Albertsons Customer Service Center

Albertsons is one of the leading supermarket chains in the United States. The company was founded in the late 1930’s and has grown into an operation with more than 430 stores across the western U.S.. In the early parts of the 21stcentury, Albertsons was acquired by the SuperValu, making it the third largest grocer, behind Safeway and Kroger.

Although the company has changed hands over the past 80 years, the focus of the company remains the same. The goal of the company is customer service and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to contact the customer support team by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-877-932-7948

Mailing Address

AlbertsonsAttn: Customer Service157 S. Howard St.Spokane, WA 99201

Official Website

The official Albertsons website is filled with useful information relating to healthy eating and saving money. Customers can locate recipes and find weekly saving and promotional deals. When customers have questions relating to the company or the products and service, we recommend visiting the customer support page. Since the company offers a rewards program, customers can sign up for the Albertsons rewards program and save additional money when shopping.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to communicate with the customer service department by email. You can send correspondence relating to overall customer experience or you can send general questions.

The message we sent related to the hours of operation. We are still awaiting a response. Additional ways to connect with the customer support team include:

Our Experience

Contacting the customer care department was an experience in itself. The automated system provided several options, but none direct us to the customer service department. We listened to the system over and over again and finally decided to connect with another department. After the lengthy wait and connecting with a different department, we were connected with the customer care department. We asked the agent if calling was the best way to contact the customer service team, considering the confusion associated with the call system.

The agent explained calling as the best way, considering the other methods will not produce an immediate answer. By the looks of our overall customer service experience, we will contact the customer support team by other means. Did you have a better experience dealing with the customer service department? Let us know.

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41 Comments on “Contact Albertsons Customer Service
  1. I live in ca and have shopped at various stores. In the past the shelves have been full of merchandise. Recently I have noticed empty shelves and fewer employees. I’m just wondering if Albertsons is in trouble.

  2. I always wonder why albertson never well carry grain free dog food for dogs that have allergey. Lots of these kinds of dog food cost the same price as some of the dog food they have on their shelf now. Need to have three different kind. One for pupies one for adults one for senior dogs.
    It anybody else would like to see this. Email or call the albertson and tell them what brand of grain free dog food dry you would like to see in the store.

  3. Beware buying gift cards at Albertsons. If you buy a gift card at their store, then find out the card inside was a fake, good luck getting your money back. Buyer Beware!

  4. Hello!
    My name is Andrea Vandiver.
    I have been ordering birthday, wedding, and special occasion cakes at the bakery at my local Albertson’s for over 10 years. Unfortunately, I do not plan to order any bakery items at my local store due to one employee. Kathy, located at the Albertsons in Corona by Main and Foothill, displayed unacceptable customer service. She displayed a chip on her shoulder during our entire conversation, and told me my requests could not be fulfilled. She expected me to leave after saying, “Well, it’s starting at $75.” I was insulted by her assumption her body language made about my ability to afford such a cake. After enduring her attitude and difficulties for 10 minutes I left feeling like an unimportant burden. I guarantee her attitude and ability to be helpful would have been more ideal if I had been a family member. I had to go to the Albertsons by Rimpau and Ontario in Corona, and the bakers there were amazing. They gave me everything Kathy said couldn’t be done, while they gave a family atmosphere. When I returned to the Albertson’s Kathy is located at, I spoke to her manager. He was very kind, and assisted me as much as he could in a professional manner. However, Kathy’s attitude seemed to do a 180 flip in the presence of her boss. I found out there had been previous complaints about her. I am going to be sure to have none of my friends or family order bakery items from that establishment until she is no longer there. Her impression made on me has 100% affected my opinion of the customer service at Albertson’s. Thank you for your time, and I hope to get a reply soon!
    -Andrea Vandiver

  5. How do we enter a customer satisfactory survey when there’s no code put in for theire $100 dollar contest,is the contest over? Eaventhough they still hand you the receipts with contest info?

  6. I was at your store a few days ago, the store is on the corner of Harbor and Wilson in Costa Mesa, ca. I was waiting for customer service when a roach came toward me. It was the biggest roach I have seen, it was also daylight. I told the lady in customer service about the roach and she just said I don’t like bugs. No explanation, no I’m sorry nothing. It was enough to make my skin crawl and get that itching feeling. I went thru the self service checkout and left the store. The more I thought about it the more I was freaked out. I ended up throwing all my fruit and vegetables I purchased because the thought of having cockroaches running around at nite over the food and the boxes, bags etc. made me sick. I really hope you fumigate that store, I’m out around $53 and would like to know that the store is safe to go back in and the food is safe to eat. It is the closest store to my house and being disabled it is now a unwanted inconvenience. please let me know when this has been addressed. Thank-you A bummed out customer!

  7. I would like your company to know what kind of people are running your Albany OR store. I am in retail, I have been for 19years. I have known your ex bakery manager Cindy for at 8 of those years, as well as your ex produce manager, your ex deli manager and soon to be your ex meat manager. Your store management, Matt and Brian; are slowly but surely running your store into the ground. For instance, I know for a fact that an email was sent to Matt about your Maxx packs that no longer exist in your company. It read that the Maxx packs needed to be 3lbs or more. At mid afternoon on a Tuesday, Matt took it upon himself to remove all Maxx packs from the sales floor and put them into the meat cooler till the manager came in the next day to repackage them. If that is not a huge sales loss, I don’t know what is. It is this kind of thing that made your Bakery manager, a veteran employee, your Deli manager a veteran employee your produce manager a veteran employee and now your meat manager, whom was even a DOP trainer for your company want to leave. Your Albany OR store is NOT going to prosper and profit as long as you keep those two managers that have NO clue what it is to take care of the customer and follow policy at the same time. WITHOUT CUSTOMERS, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS!!! I also know for a fact that there are NO other stores in the Southern Oregon Division running their meat shops with ONE employee a day. If you continue to allow these two inadequate individuals to run that store YOU will not be successful in that store. Please make sure this gets to Bob Butler, and or Mike Winters. Not that it will do much good, but I thought your company needed to hear whats really going on in your Albany Albertsons Store.

  8. I was in Hailey this weekend and was very happy your store was open. My heart goes out to the town of Hailey. I was very taken back by the lack of customer service,. Employees didn’t really seem to care about my pressence. I felt they were more upset with the hours being cut and Management working overtime. I do feel that in these times we do need to take better care of our employees. I have been a long time Bussiness owner and know the importance of taking care of your people. The feeling I receive from that store is very unhappy Employees. I hopefor your Bussiness and customers this issue is addressed and sometimes outside help will resolve the issue.

  9. I shop at your 1300 E. Flamingo store in Las Vegas, Nev. I love everything about your store except that particular store is hot. Im thinking that maybe there is a problem with the a.c. there. Im a satisfied customer. Just wanted to let you know that you may have a problem.

  10. We stopped into the Albertsons in Battle Ground, WA & we were shocked to see the bakery case full of flying bugs. They were all over the bakery case as well as all covering some of the pastries . It was. gross! When we talked to the bakery gal, Stephanie, she said, oh yah, they had been having trouble with these bugs & there was nothing they could do about ! We couldn’t believe she said that. Then she turned her back on us and walked off. About 10 min later we walked by the bakery case again & she was boxing up the pastries to sell,,,,,after the bugs had been all over these pastries! Poor poor training & horrible health concerns at this location.

  11. I have been a loyal Albertsons customer since I moved to Vista and have shopped at the store located on 1601 S. Melrose Ave. I have developed long standing relationships with most of the employees on the front end.

    On or about Monday November 18th at approximately 7:30AM I happened to notice a senior manager chastising a very well known and cherished employee by the name of Beverly. This senior manager was verbally admonishing the employee in front of other customers and employees. From my vantage point it appeared the employee was in tears and visibly shaken. I have known this employee for over ten years, she is an extraordinary example of what every shopping experience should be like.

    As the CEO of my own company, I feel compelled to address this issue with the company and recommend that the manager be reprimanded for verbally attacking this employee. At the very least, he should have called her into the office and spoke to her about the issue, not the front of the store.

    If your company strives to make each shopping experience a pleasant one, this display of anger by the manager whose name I believe is Rick or Rich should not go unnoticed. At the very least an apology to this employee would be in order.

    I would appreciate a response back from senior management as to whether this issue has been addressed properly.

    Thank You

  12. I contacted the Eugene, OR Albertsons at 18th and Chambers from Arizona about a cake for my mother’s 93rd birthday. She lives in a memory care unit at Churchill Estates in Eugene and I knew a cake would be a huge treat for the residents there. I wasn’t sure how I could facilitate this from Arizona, but my parents used to live near this store and always shopped there so I gave the bakery department a call to ask their advice. Fran and Kathy in the bakery department were amazing! I mailed a check fro AZ on Monday and came home from work today to a message from Fran saying that my check had arrived and Fran was on her way to deliver the birthday cake to Churchill Estates. I am so grateful for the awesome service I received from these delightful, dedicated women. They truly went “above and beyond” to facilitate my request. Thank you for the excellent service. You made my (and a lot of seniors who deserve a special treat) day!
    Sincerely, Suzanne Rounsefell

  13. I just purchased your croissant sandwich party trays 2 of them in fact totaling $80.00 for our party on Dec.21st.. Very disappointing. They had put lettuce on top of each party tray with the with the pickles on top of that. The juice from the pickles made 10 sandwiches from each tray soggy. I will not purchase this in the future. These trays need to be revamped with the pickles on the side in a container. It is too bad because your store on Broadway and McCoy in Santa Maria is very close to our house. We paid cash but I feel we should have a refund of some sort because of this.

  14. There are so many cig butts and gum all over your entry way, and your employees are seen smoking and throwing butts at the entrance, without putting them out. It is sickening smelling that upon entry. What happened to the garbage cans out front, gone for over 2 years now? People have no place to put their garbage so they throw it on the ground. Your entryway is the heart of your business and should always look pristine, not ghetto. Also there is neither hot water nor water pressure in your nasty bathrooms, concerned and wondering if employees have clean hands. The TP holder is duct taped on to the wall, which looks tacky, as well as the sinks, scowering power works so well on porcelain, so you know your housekeeping is not using it, maybe trying to save some money, and they are also not cleaning the base of the toilets, the tile and seemingly just doing what is necessary to get by. Stall doors won’t lock etc. I try and avoid your store, but sometime I can’t help it. Yuck!

  15. I have written to you before and I stop going to the Albertson for some time now, and today I thought i would give it a try, I stop to get cooking oil, after work, I should of known better, that store is and will always be a bad place to shop. Cashier talking to bagger and line was long. I waited till they finish there conversation. The casher did not even said hi, the only thing he said was are you mad. what the hell is that. Have you people ever heard of costumer service! I guess not. I live close to Albertson but I drive all the way to Ralphs or Vons, they might be more, but they at lease greet and help the costumer, and excuses themselves if the lines are held up. So i guess you people don’t care about your costumer’s, and i will never walk into any Albertsons. By the way all my family and friends don’t go for the same reason.

  16. I’ve been a lifelong loyal customer of Albertsons- I’ve been shopping at store #6091 Charleston & Sloan in Las Vegas,NV. for the past 15yrs not counting 25yrs at other locations over these 15yrs I have seen 5 Store directors & only maybe 5 employees that are still there- I’ve seen these people exhibit the finest customer service over these years, but over the past 2 months the store has gone to the dumps!! It’s sad that this has become. From trash all over the cart corals inside the store to displays being destroyed & not fixed, empty holes of merchandise, the floors always dirty & or wet with fluids from pallets being left in the floors- I actually saw a human waste on a shelf?? I haven’t seen a young woman there in these last few months I found out she was transferred along with a few other employees who obliviously cared & took pride in their job & always had a smile even while being screamed at by another employee who came in on a Sunday out of uniform I’m 70yrs old & almost said something that day & now I wish I had! I just needed to let someone know I cannot & will not shop at albertsons any longer I’ve tried speaking to the manager he’s either never there or too busy they tell me? Just like to thank the employees who’ve been there & or just transferred for a wonderful 15yrs of great service thank you-
    Joey L

  17. I would like to commend Tina Davis, Night Manager for Albertsons at 401 E. Willow St., Long Beach, CA 90806. She is excellent at her job of helping customers. She reviewed video and looked up receipts for my husband who had lost his credit card while shopping at this location on May 31, 2014 between 9:30 and 10:00 P. M. Her quick and efficient response relieved us of our anxiety concerning credit card loss. She is an outstanding representative for Albertsons. My family will continue to be frequent shoppers at this location because of employees like her.

    Sen. Betty Karnette (Ret), California

  18. I stopped shopping at Albertsons years ago when I discovered that likely 90% if not more of the products in your store contain GMOs. I can see that you have moved onto carrying SOME organic products but just a heads up from a former customer I’m now no longer a customer as long as you favor Monsanto as you currently do.

  19. We are a company based out of Bogota, Colombia. We would like to know how can we get in contact with one of the person’s in charge of procurement out of the west coast.



  20. I received a raincheck for the sparkling water that was on sale @ 2.99 buy one get one free. When I went to buy it I noticed it just said 2.99. That’s the reg. Price. I went to the service desk and too the women the raincheck was wrong. She said I could substitute it …just tell the checker. I guess she didn’t understand. I go to purchase the sparking water and tell the checker. She has to get an approval but already scanned it and said oh. ..its already 2.99. I tell her that is the normal price. The rain check was b1 g1 he wrote it g…why would I get a raincheck for the original price? Now the female manager comes over and says I can’t use it but only for how it was written.I said the sale ended yesterday and you didn’t have it. Also..why would I get a raincheck for a reg. Priced item? Then she sees the clerk already scanned it and not so nicely tells her well you should of read it first and says well I can have it now thanks…she embarrassed the ….out of me…I know half the people there.just a little common goodness all because I didn’t check my raincheck…I’m sorry for the checker.the manager sure isn’t very nice!

  21. hi! I live in Tehachapi ca. I cant believe the over priced meats you guys have, like pork chops thin cut,$ 9.49 a pound it price gouging, last week you had a 3 day sale on pork roast,
    and pork chops, for 99. cent a pound, fri, sat. and sunday, by Saturday all out, and the pork chops that were for 9.49 a pound were manager special,lol ,you guys need to fire the manager that handles these prices,

  22. All my comments are regarding the Allen Creek Rd., Grants Pass, OR store.
    The fish dept. is great. Good selection of fish and always clean and does not smelly fishy. Knowledgeable staff in this dept.

    Please answer this question…why don’t you put an olive bar in this Albertsons? The store is large enough and there is no olive bar in this section of town. How about trying it out.

    Thank goodness for the self-checkouts because there is never enough staff at the checkout counters. And I never see a manager roaming the store to see how things are going. Where do they hide out at this store?

    Lastly, the rainer cherries that I bought on sale today (1.15 lbs.), half of them were bad. Shame on you guys.

    If you don’t think the olive bar is a good idea, please tell me why not. Fred Myers at the other end of town does a booming business in olives.

  23. I am a single person who lives in Boulder City, Nevada. We have a choice of Albertsons and Vons. As a single person I can not take advantage of sale prices at your stores. In order to I must purchase multiple items that I can not use. I don’t need 24 rolls of paper towels, 5 bottles of syrup, 3 bags of pretzels, 4 bottles of dish detergent etc. I feel like I am being discriminated against because I don’t have a family. It’s a shame that you do not cater to everyone in our town.
    I was in your store today and had about 100 dollars of items in Mt cart. I stopped to get chips and found that I needed to buy 5 bags to get the sale price on the two bags I wanted. Had to buy 2 loaves 99 bread that only had 2 days left on stamped date. I can’t eat all that bad in 48 hours! I realized I was going to have to go to Vons to get the items I needed that I just left.

    I also pay my bills and do other business at your customer service counter. The people always get irritated when you need service. The other day I was standing there waiting. I was one of about six people in the store and the checker just ignored me while she talked to the bag girl. She never called anyone or acknowledged my presents. It was 9 minutes until someone came by. I was then told not to fold my gas bill in half because it makes it hard to read. I pointed out that the fold want through the number and was just ignored. I waited 9 minutes for a woman to chaise me like I was a child.
    I don’t understand why your employees are under the impression that they can talk down to people and ignore them. That day I bought some items and while the same checker was ringing me up she walked away and finished telling another employee about the dinner she made. She returned have me my change and walked away. She never said a word to me!
    So, in short, I would like to apologize for not getting the hint that I am no longer welcome in your stores. I feel like a fool.

  24. The cashiers and box people need to be trained. They always bag wrong things together . Like who puts a quart size ice coffee in with bread or a heavy can with bananas . I have to always rebag my things . I always put thins in groups on the belt and they seem to always bag as if they just don’t care. And they stop carrying products that I buy . A employee tells me to tell cashier and they will put on list well cashier didn’t even care or offer to add to this so called list. She just commented must be discontinued . Iam so unhappy with this store this is the Tampa and saticoy store . I think I have to go elsewhere . Iam so tired of the service not caring about what I buy with money that I worked so hard for. I also came once with a small cart ended up having to use there cart and had to push both carts no one even offered to assist or offer to put other cart somewhere til I was done shopping . They just don’t care .

  25. recently I bought a chef salad from your deli on lindero in Westlake village and there was a live earwig in it on the edge of the dressing. 4.50 plus it makes me sick to my stomach when these things happen.

    you’re not the only one recently I bought a loaf of bread 3.50 from the ralphs deli and there was a 5″ string baked in it. that also made me sick to my stomach all day.

    there’s always been people that think it’s funny to do things like that intentionally.

  26. My daughter of 26 years old was in Albertsons in Phoenix at 51st and Cactus, looking at makeup, was in a rush to go to work, they did not have what she wanted and started to leave, and a Security Guard met her at the door and asked her to come with him. She was accused of stealing makeup when she had put it back on the shelf . She handed him her purse and he looked in and told her she could go. She was humiliated the guard had no proof and felt she was being harassed because she looks like a teenager. There was no apology for the mistake or anything. I will never shop at Albertsons again.

  27. Hi,Albertson’s I knew Joe Albertson personally back in 1962′ while I was a bag boy . Joe came to our operations in Casper,Wyoming to visit with a close friend and my G.M. at the time Jerry Knight. Anyway, The Albertson’s on the east-side of Casper Wyoming never has their fish display set and ready by the time I arrive which is around 9:30a.m. Continually this is a precedent in there forte of customer service. Forget about anyone person being there as well. The west-side Albertson’s is top notch,however they (Albertson’s)are located across town. Anyway, I love you guys. Thank You for your valuable time. Chef Bob.

  28. I would like to bring attention to a checker at the morris il. store. His name is Robert A. He was working on 11/20/14 at 14:10 in the afternoon. I’ve gone thru his lane several times and he is by far the friendliest clerk I’ve ever encountered. I’m a senior citizen and that entails many years and many clerks! His friendliness is warm and sincere, not the forced kind you find that many people greet you with because they were trained to do so. He pursues conversation without slowing down his work and makes you feel that he genuinely cares what you say.I once responded that my weekend was awesome after he inquired about it and when I replied as such, he said, wow! what’s making it so good for you? We then had quite a nice conversation about family vacations! For being so young, he certainly has been brought up to be able to converse and show interest in talking with others. Please commend him for being so friendly. I will wait in his line just to feel happy that I have such a friendly clerk.

  29. I had a problem in the store with the deli department product I ordered was made incorrectly and talked to the supervisor at the front of the store and was NOT taken care of and then I call the customer service number to file a complaint and the lady who took my call decided to hassle me I waited in the store over 20 minutes for my purchase and it was wrong

  30. I just you to know that the woman employees in the Deli dept at the store in Bakersfield Cal on brundage date 12/1/14/at 2:16 pm are very rude to men that are waiting for help all they talk about is how they don’t need a man I don’t think that they should be back there talking like that I understand that woman have problems with their men but they should not be allowed to talk out loud were they work I think they need to be husband was mad about how they were talking.My husband and I shop there all the time so I know that we should go talk to the manager but we don’t want them to spit in food I’ve seen people do that .

  31. I shop at a great store with friendly, helpful employees. My BIG complaint is being forced to purchase more of an item, say 3 or 4, to receive the sale price. This is common throughout the store. I don’t appreciate being penalized when I buy what I want and need! To me, this is discrimatory, and drives me to choose another retailer, such as Fred Meyer!

  32. My selection of cat litter showed a special tag of $7.99, regular price $10.99. So I decided to purchase 2 and save $6.00. At checkout they rang up at $10.99, after verifying the tag of $7.00 was correct but out of date I was allowed only one at that price.
    I am not aware of that being a policy. I am although disappointed with that rule if in fact it is a rule. In a general sense I like our store. Its always clean, well presented condition wise and friendly employees. Jim, our manager is always great to say hello with a smile.

    Thank you,
    Don Erickson

  33. every time I go to the 574 Albertsons in Springfield Oregon, I get the worst customer service from ANGIE in the meat seafood area. She made me feel like I am a inconvenience to shop there. she is very rood huffs and puffs after I ask her for chicken the man standing there looks so sorry she is helping me I feel bad he has to work with her. she weighed my chicken up on top of shrimp juice, I could even see it on the scale. she gave me my product bloody and very poorly wrapped I might add what if I had shellfish allergy huh I could have died!!!I had chicken blood all over my hands it was disgusting I left it in the meat case no way would buy it now. then she went in the back room yelling I don’t have time for this. thank god the door shut what a mean lady I feel sorry for anyone who works with her,she is a very mean lady. When I went walking by to get cheese she was out talking loudly yelling about how she does everything and the manager doesn’t do anything thank god he’s gone. what a piece of crap then stated complaining about employees. I’m so glad I walked away because of ANGIE IN THE MEAT AREA I WIL NEVER SHOP AT ALBERTSONS AGAIN I would rather shop at Walmart before I ever have to deal with that lady again

  34. I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful employees at our local Albertsons store in Wilsonville, Oregon. Connie, Susan, Janet, and Terri are ALL always so helpful and friendly which makes shopping there a pleasure. Thanks ladies……………

  35. This past week on the 20th.(Friday)I went to Albertson’s to pick up a few things. I live in a near by town but your store has the lunch meat that my store here does not. In the past year on almost every occasion when certain meats are on sale if I don’t catch it gets rung up at the regular price. So here I stand while someone checks on this. Many times I will tell the checker to just put it back. I don’t like holding people up, and I don’t feel that this is my job to tell the cashier she rang this up wrong every time. I have talked to the manager I was promised they’ll look into this. The cashier this time really didn’t care. She was more upset to think she might have to walk back there. As usual no one picked up the phone. I have in the past e-mailed you with a complaint and you may promise you’ll get back to me with in 24 hrs. but all in all nothing is ever done. Your store Director is Don Donohue and the store is located in Durango Co. Store number #00801.There was besides me another customer in front of me with the same problem. We both put told the cashier to cancel the sale and left the store very unhappy. I feel unless your going to take care of this problem you might want to stop having sales if your not going to program your registers. This I feel is a sale that is not a sale an not worth shopping in your store again. There are other stores.
    Thank you.

  36. I have read the complaints about your store and I do agree that beside new management being replaced you should think about what the real problem is and that is your employee attitude it’s the not my problem attitude. I have been coming to your store for awhile and that is now going to change. I have purchased thinks that may be marked on sale but for some reason only you can explain I’m sure the print out slip doesn’t show the sale price and when it gets rung up at the check out it doesn’t there either. The casher would rather see me put it back than to correct it. I have no idea if this is your way of thinking that the person is getting a deal only because they trusted you to correct it. This store is in Durango Co. I will be taking my business to another local store. I no longer trust that you really care about the customer. I might not make a difference but after awhile your store will notice the drop in customers. They always do. Shame on you for not caring. I have brought this to the attention of management and the different departments and to no avail guess what same thing different day different management. Same problem.

  37. Your store is in walking distance, so it is convenient to stop in. I don’t like to complain, but just want to bring a few things to your attention. Albertsons, along with other stores, make shopping a real ordeal. First we have to cut coupons, then arrive on just the right day, & then run around the store, looking for the 5-10 items we must but to get a sale price. The average shopper doesn’t have time for this. On 12/23 my husband & I went to do our Christmas shopping. I had talked to the butcher a few days earlier & told him what size Ribeye roast I wanted. The one he brought out wasn’t very nice, so I had to wait until he brought them out one at a time & finally ended taking one 3 lbs more than I wanted. I then ran around trying to get everything else on my list & trying to find the promo items. My husband was going crazy by this point & by the time I get to the check out, I didn’t get all the items & forgot about some of the coupons in my handbag. I don’t think I am the only one that gets distressed just trying to save money & don’t have the time. I think the butchers might need a bit more training. On 3/4 I went in to get the shrimp (16-20 per lb)& there was a big sign on the front of the case. When I got home, my husband put them in a marinade & I realized the butcher had given me the wrong ones. There were 34 shrimp in less then a pound. I called the manager Rick Sanzone & he said he would refund my money, but I didn’t take him up on that. I just wanted him to get over to the meat dept. & explain what people wanted. On 3/16 we were in there to get a nice big Ribeye for my husbands birthday. When I got it home & started to marinade it I saw that the bone & fat side was 1-3/8″ thick & the meat side was 5/8″ thick. I know I should have taken a picture or taken it back, but I just gave up & kept it. I didn’t have the time.
    Could you please make your ads less time consuming & get the butchers trained.
    Thank you,
    Renee Hemelka

  38. I wanted to write a review on the store pricing and quality of the merchandise. The pricing does not match the caliber of the store, the pricing is more for a specialized stores with no merchandise to match it. The meat/seafood department is less than par and will never purchase these items again after being extremely disappointed by the quality. The loss of house brand items is also a disappointment. The incorrect check out price scanning is another issue, I received free merchandise for the errors. Plus, the product placement is confusing and resulted in purchasing non-sale items. The coupon cutting is awful. I believe that this is a corporate downward flow issue and in my opinion an aggressive, proactive approach to loss/profit prevention needs to be addressed.I have moved away from shopping at the stores and patronage other stores in the area. Even Consumer Reports did not have much favorable review of the grocery chain.

  39. Today we shopped at Albertson’s in Phoenix, AZ at 51st ave & Cactus. We got pretty good deals on meat with small racks of pork ribs running around $7 each (buy 1 get 3 free) among other meat sales we took advantage of while we could. We also wanted to buy eggs and the sign was clearly marked .88 for cage free brown dozen from EggLands Best. However, when we got to the register the clerk Juan, told us they were .95 each per his scanner. Then he went back to check in dairy and took the top .88 tag off the prices, then left the underlying .95 tag and took a picture of it to show us the price was .95. Now I may have poor eyesight but it’s not THAT bad aside from the fact that we discussed different egg prices while in the dairy department with other customers. Now I know it’s only .7 cents difference but we feel it was 1) dishonest of him to do that 2) deceitful of Albertson’s to have a stack of different price tags to tear off to choose the more expensive ones & 3) rude to argue with us. We certainly haven’t had that type of issue at competitive stores.

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