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Contacting Aflac Customer Service Center

Aflac is an insurance company most well-known for the duck that saves the day when illness or injury takes away a person’s ability to earn money, pay bills and keep up with financial obligations. The insurance is optional and is not offered by all employers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple customer service phone number listed for Aflac. Choose the one that best suits your needs. There are no customer service hours listed so you may want to call within normal business hours to ensure you reach an agent. Calling first thing in the morning is often the best time to reduce call wait times.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-992-3522
  • NY Customer Service: 1-800-366-3436
  • Sales: 1-866-309-7714
  • Benefits: 1-800-323-5391
  • Report Fraud: 1-800-578-3107
  • Investors: 1-800-235-2667
  • Shareholders: 1-800-227-4756
  • Claims: 1-800-992-3522

Mailing Address

If you must contact Aflac by mail, use the following mailing address.

Aflac, Inc. 1932 Wynnton Rd. Columbus, Georgia 31999

Don’t send documents to this address unless you are instructed to do so by your insurance agent. Typically, you will be asked to fax documents. If a fax machine is not available, send your mail via traceable and verifiable method such as delivery confirmation or certified mail from the United States Postal Service.

Official Website

You can learn more about Aflac and the coverage the insurance provides by visiting If you have a Twitter account, you can also connect with Aflac via Twitter at

Customer Service Email

Aflac offers visitors various means of contacting the company by email. Choose the best email contact for your insurance needs.

Our Experience

The Aflac customer service line is similar to other insurance companies. Press 1 if you have an account. If you don’t have an account but you still want to speak to a representative just wait on hold. Eventually your call will be transferred to a customer service agent who will ask for your policy number as soon as they answer the call. It takes more than three minutes to move through the automated system. You will be given the option to enter your phone number for a call back while you are waiting. Our wait time lasted more than six minutes. When we finally reached the Aflac customer service agent we asked for information on Aflac coverage by mail. The agent took our address and said she would send the information.

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25 Comments on “Contact Aflac Customer Service
  1. Hello,
    My name is Carmen Mireles. I am a insurance agent who was considering working with Aflac. Went on line filled out all the become a agent information and waited. Not one single person has contacted me. It has been more then a week now. Tried calling phone numbers cant seem to connect with any one. Makes me wonder if this is what the Aflac customer has to go through. Gives me second thoughts if this is a company I can take pride in…… I will see how far this gets……Have a great Day !!

  2. Im interisted in term life for 20 tp 30 yrs at least 50,000 im 57 non smoker i live in gladwin michigan thank you georgann

  3. I have been waiting on hold for over 15 minutes to get a mailing address to pay my bill policy P6375547. Please respond if you want this bill paid.

  4. I’m really wanting to cancel my insurance and I can’t find an email address to email anyone. Can you please help me out with that?

  5. VERY disappointed in phone service. I have tried several phone calls and sites to get a fax number to fax my claim form. Please email me the fax number. It may be time to drop this policy as each year it is difficult to get the fax number and then wait weeks for the check.

    Ann Warner

  6. Called customer service. Got lady with horrible attitude saying that “we don’t pay that far in advance” even though my doctor filled out paperwork for “at least 90 days” that I would be out, and they paid me for less than that. She was condescending and very insincere, which is OK except she treated me like garbage. I am glad I had it but if there were alternatives I would go elsewhere. I can’t imagine Warren Buffet would think her attitude is unacceptable but perhaps that is the culture. What a terrible person to deal with!

  7. i sent my wellness form in a month ago but i have not
    recieved my check let me know if you got it it was for my mammogram

  8. Called local agent and left phone number to call me back. No response. This happens a lot. No return call. Aflac will take my money but can’t take the time to call me. Good thing this isn’t an emergency. Bill

  9. I am very unhappy with Aflac!!! I have tried calling 5 different Aflac offices here in traverse city, Michigan. No answer or call back from any of them!!!!

  10. Seriously, UR commercials R telling people U R cheating them…. Is that what U want ppl to think about Aflac??? U actually paid for these ads??

  11. I have filed numerous claims on Accident policy and no response. Accident June,24,2014. Dr.visits, PT,Surgery, PT and would like to know why I have not heard a word from Aflac. Have had this for years. Please respond to this.

  12. Phone service is not easy lots of prompts however our agent tori zaniol is wonderful and on his game 150%
    Thank you

  13. My claims have always been sent on time and done within a week and we have 4 people on our policy
    I have no doubt in aflacs behind the Scenes efforts and with our agents assistance through all the claims


  15. I do not understand all the bad reviews. I have had a Cancer policy and a accident policy with Aflac for over 15 years now. My wife has used the cancer policy about 10 times now used the accident policy 2 times, and used the wellness program ever year. NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM PAYING IN A TIMELY MANOR. We have never had a problem with any service and am amazed at there cooperation when calling to see if I am covered and what forms I need.I highly recommend Aflac to any one looking for extra coverage.Patients.courtesy and filing the right forms will get a better response.

  16. I had a cancer policy when I worked at The Norton Agency in Gainesville, GA. I left their employment in April, 2014 for a new opportunity. I just realized they did not give me information on my cancer policy to continue the coverage. Is it possible to pay the past due premiums and continue it?

  17. My wife purchased a plan through aflac for herself and me.I was hospitalized last and have been to several doctors and had several surgeries… yet to be paid bye aflac for any of them. You guys r nothing but a bunch of scammers and con artists. U hire sales reps who do nothing but lie and cheat to make a sale and then u sit back and say its not your fault. You hire people to sale a product and then you do NOT honor what you’re selling. I own only 4 billboards and I have them rented at this time but I PROMISE that as soon as they are blank. I CAN and WILL plaster my complaints publicly along with anyone else who has had problems with you lying cheating thieving assholes. I have nothing to lose!!!!!

  18. WOW! Obscene comments regarding your Customer Service complete with that terrible phrase “horrible attitude.” At least you’re honest with you policy holders but if anyone reads these comments BEFORE signing up you’re in deep grease.

    What I think Aflac needs to do is to bring a Customer Relations and Satisfaction expert in on a consultant basis for at least a year, for a company your size. Don’t skimp on his fee either. This should cost Aflac plenty, as it will pay handsome dividends.

    What really needs to happen is for each Vice President to leave your building and go down the street and call your company with a difficult, but fair, question. See what they think of their experience.

    No company of any stature would allow these problems to continue for one more day!

    I have no complaints, I was just trying to find how to change my address in your system

  19. I am having a horrible time with AFLAC. Last year I was considering offering this service to our company of 240 people; however after my personal experience nightmare, this will not be happening. As of today, I was told that we need to resubmit paperwork every 7 days because we have weekly chemotherapy appointments. And once they get our paperwork every 7 days, they have 5 days to submit it to an auditor, who has another 3 days to call my doctor, then they have another few days to approve and reinstate the claim. What?!!!!!

  20. Another AFLAC complaint. The customer service reps are not trained properly. I get a different person and different instructions every time I call. The reps will not give me their last name. It reminds me of that budget hair salon. Over the last 9 months I have spoken with: Chloe, David, Janet, Cheryl, Jeff, Heather, Brittney, Marcy, Debra, Heather, Lisa, Ashley, Linda, Rebecca, Antony, and Pia. None of them have given me the same instructions on what to do. It’s amazing!!

  21. Folks, what I am reading is not typical of AFLAC and is usually a communication error. It is best to get your agent involved to help you with claims, etc.
    As example, the lady Stacy misunderstands. She gets a weekly benefit for the Chemo. She can save these up and submit several at a time. No need to do weekly if that was her concern. AFLAC pays and pays quickly Stacy, please contact your agent or the local AFLAC office. We can help. I say the same to all of the other people. I’m sorry you are having problems, and I think an agent can help you.

  22. Doing a term paper on your company. If you can please send me as much information on your company as posiable. I would greatly appreciate it.
    .Hospital Benefits
    .Income Requirements
    .Limitation and Exclusions
    .Coverage for in and out patient service
    .Incime repuirements

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