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Contacting Acronis Customer Service Center

Acronis offers Internet-based backup solutions for personal and business customers. Backup creates a copy of what’s on your computer so in the case you suffer hard drive loss or data loss of any kind, your files, pictures and digital information is safe and sound. Companies use backup solutions to maintain customer account information and provide seamless customer service across all call centers.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no phone number for Acronis customer service. According to the support site, Customer Care is not available by phone. There is also no phone support for free versions of Acronis software. As a matter of fact, we could not find one customer service issue that allowed customers to contact Acronis without a log in.

  • Corporate Sales: 1-877-485-3240
  • Corporate Office: 1-781-782-9000
  • Media Contact: 1-781-782-9181
  • Technical Support: 1-877-669-9749

Mailing Address

The corporate office is located in Massachusetts. This office is a customer’s best choice for contacting Acronis customer service by mail, though it will take longer to hear back from an agent if an agent contacts you at all.

Acronis CorporateAttn: Customer Care300 TradeCenterSte 6700 Elm StWoburn, MA 01801

Official Website

Go to to learn more about the products and services offered for personal and business backup. If you’re having trouble choosing the product for your backup needs, use the Backup Wizard to sort through the various Acronis products. We noticed when researching customer contact options that Acronis is not necessarily customer-friendly. There is no contact phone number for customer care issues and agents are not available to help customers choose the right backup solution.

Customer Service Email

Customers can email the support department using the online contact form at There is a place to enter your product information, which could make it easier for the technician to answer your question. If you received an error code, enter the error code on the contact form.

We sent an email to the customer service department outright asking why the company does not offer presales or customer support. We’ll amend this piece to include their response when received.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department was more difficult than what we expected. The automated system continued to repeat, even after we selected the option to speak with the sales department. After waiting approximately 3 minutes, we were connected. The down side was were received a messing system and not a live agent.

We want to hear from customers just like you with customer service experiences. Our experience was not the best considering the customer support team didn’t want to speak to the customer.

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9 Comments on “Contact Acronis Customer Service
  1. How surprised was I when I tried to do a recovery from what I thought was my latest backup only to find out Acronis NEVER did the backup, even though it told me the backup was complete. Imagine my greater surprise when I tried to contact Acronis only to find out there is NO support from this crappy company unless I was willing to dig deep into my pocket. So, currently acronis is completely worthless to me, even though I paid for the latest version I have (2014). I hope this review will prevent someone else from having to go through what I have had to suffer.

    Angus McLEod

  2. Customer support is terrible. First they expected me to perform complicated retrieval operations to collect data since the program is failing. Then when I requested a remote session for assistance they scheduled one at a designated time, but waited and waited and they never called back. Very sorry I bought this product!

  3. I am unable to install Acronis software. The message is that the disk has been used too many times. I have been using Acronis software for backup for several years with no problems. I also cannot uninstall it to reinstall it

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