Contact Account Now Customer Service

Contact Account Now Customer Service

Contacting Account Now Customer Service Center

Account Now is a prepaid Visa company that allows customers to deposit their paycheck, tax refund and other incoming money automatically. According to the official website, money is available up to two fays faster with the prepaid Visa than with a traditional bank account. Fewer than 10,000 people Like the company on Facebook, a good indication that Account Now is a rather small prepaid Visa company.

Customers are promised a $15 signup bonus with direct deposit, but the customer must have the card for at least six months and deposit $500 per month via direct deposit for two consecutive months to qualify for the bonus.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call Account Now customer service with questions about the application, account or terms and conditions – along with just about any other question you could image about prepaid Visas from Account Now. There are no customer service hours listed, but from experience we suspect the number will be manned 24 hours a day.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-925-2036
  • Merchant Services: 1-801-559-3320

Mailing Address

We were surprised to find a contact address for Account Now customer service as we rarely find addresses for small companies.

Account Now Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 1966 San Ramon, CA 94583

Official Website

The Account Now official website is You will immediately notice testimonials, details about how to use your account and other selling points for using the Account Now Visa prepaid card. If you have an account with Account Now, customer service can be contacted from within your account. Visit to log in to your account.

Social Media

Selling is a social business and companies didn’t take long to learn just how much money can be made with integration with social media. We found multiple social media pages listed on the Account Now customer service website.

Customer Service Email

We found an email address for Account Now customer service, but we were skeptical about the address. When you hover over the address on some pages of the website it takes the visitor right back to the Contact Info page. We were able to verify the email address, despite the coding errors on the website.

Our Experience

We tried to contact Account Now customer service, but the automated system guarding the call center would not allow us past without a card number or social security number, at first. If you wait a short while you will be given the opportunity to press 1 to learn more about the card, but you have to press 1 as soon as the prompt offers the option. At any other time if you enter fewer than 10 numbers for your social security number or 16 for your card number the call will be disconnected. We were unable to reach a live representative.

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11 Comments on “Contact Account Now Customer Service
  1. I have tried to get my replacement phone activated for six days. I am returning my original phone to you tomorrow.

    • Account # 4565340692499204
      Is taking money from elderly people claiming to sell and market time shares they do not own the senior owns them. I have a family member who has lost over $2000 to these folks. Please please please STOP these folks!!!!

  2. dear sir/madam,

    I want to order a microsoft surface tablet pc. but I need a VAT invoice.
    we have to declare VAT invoice issued for company name in order we can account it in our account system. order invoice is not enough.
    I wonder if you you provide VAT invoice or not.

    kind regards

  3. Account # 4565340692499204
    Scammers scamming our Seniors. Claim to be Time Share Relief Consultants needing $700+ to sell Time shares that the senior owns claim it’s needed to market time share. They took over $2000 this year from my family and won’t be able to any more we sold it.

  4. Customer Service was very poor. Badge number 1JSB and Badge 1MGV was very bad. I change pre paid card. I had the card for a year and half, and made my girls get it. But poor customer service. Talking to the this morning at 630am and 8:00 pm

  5. The service is terrible and I will be trying to get in touch with corporate there’s no reason why have a hold on my card and I can use my funds it say my card is invalid every time I call customer service I get hung up on

    • I think this card is crap they put a hold on my account, I don’t have access, customer service is not open. They have a 24 hour number online but nobody answers. I think that if you people put a hold on our accounts you should have a number that we can call 24 hours. You don’t know our situations, it is our money. If there is an issue you should contact us, immediately, instead of just locking our accounts.

  6. Customer service is ridiculous…..Every number that I call from the website is
    Inactive….This is horrible service!!!!!

  7. My son passed away and I can’t afford a headstone until you release my funds. I’m going to take this to the news station and anybody else that will take this story viral. This is a shame. My son is dead and my family put up a go fund me cause we couldn’t bury him. I need my money!

  8. I have been trying to get someone to answer everyone of the posted numbers, no answer. my account has been hacked and I cant even get a human to answer the phone? not sure where they do this at, but, this is my money and you don’t play with somebody elses money! will definitely be changing cards ASAP!!!!

  9. i am business owner name; MICHAEL MANUEL RITA PLEASE forward to my bank this is my tax ID # 82-2465737 I HAVE FORWARD all documents threw e mail

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