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Contacting AARP Customer Service Center

AARP is a non-profit organization aimed at supporting health, well-being and independence for people aged 50 and above. Anyone can choose to join the organization, but services are only provided for older members.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

AARP customer service agents are available by phone from 7 AM to 11 PM EST Monday to Friday. There are no hours via the customer service department on weekends.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-687-2277
  • TTY: 1-877-434-7598
  • Spanish: 1-877-342-2277
  • International: 1-202-434-3525

Mailing Address

You can write to AARP customer service at:

AARP 601 E St. NW Washington, DC 20049

Your letter needs to include your name, address and contact information. Be as detailed as possible if you’re reporting a problem or asking for help. The AARP customer service agent will likely receive your communication within about one week, but it could take some time to receive a response depending on the situation. If your letter is transferred to another department for processing it could also increase your wait time. If the situation is time sensitive, contact AARP customer service by phone.

Official Website

At you will find information about how AARP was started, who makes decisions within the organization, locations for upcoming events and an application to join the organization. AARP is open to everyone, but services are only provided if you are 50 or older.

Customer Service Email

Contact if you are a current member of AARP or if you have questions about how to become a member or member benefits. Your email will be returned as soon as possible, if your inquiry requires a response.

You can also choose to fill out the online contact form if you have questions about membership:

Our Experience

The AARP line is answered by an automated recording explaining some of the details and programs offered by the AARP. If you press 0 during this message your call will be transferred to a customer service agent. On the day we called, our call was answered but the line was silent and then the call was transferred to the recording again. We pressed 0 again to transfer the call to a representative and waited for an agent. This time the agent answered the call. The agent was clearly not from the the United States and we had extreme difficulty understanding her answers to our questions. Finally we asked her to send us information on AARP benefits and she told us to visit the website.

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19 Comments on “Contact AARP Customer Service
  1. what good is the aarp? you’re supposed to be there to keep politicians like obama from cutting social security. after the fact, you’re going to say, “oh, we’re opposed to social security cuts.” where were you when he put it on the table? obama obviously isn’t scared of you. so why should i be a member? you aren’t doing your job. i’m just wasting my money. you’ve got millions of members and no lobbyists need to be fired!

  2. I want Medicare and Social Security to be here for my children. Medicare and Social Security will see a steady increase of members in the coming years. In order for these programs to remain viable, and not bankrupt the country, we retirees must all realize that compromise – some reduction in service, some increase in payment could be necessary. AARP should take a reasonable stand in these matters.

  3. I am a former member of AARP because I NEVER used their services. I now am harrassed with renewal notices and life insurance proposals. As I could only fit $4.00 per month in my budget for health insurance WHY am I being hounded by AARP. AARP claims to be a benefit to seniors but the company only causes me stress. I wish they would STOP sending me mail after being requested to stop.

  4. I guess AARP isn’t going to do anything about their buddy Obama screwing up healthcare for us seniors. I knew from day one they were just another Obama lapdog. I want off of your mailing list so stop sending me your BS adversiterments about how you’re going to make life so good for me, I get enough of that for the loser president that’s sitting up there giving me retirement and Social Security away to the illegals.

  5. I tried about 20 times to get on your website for the 10 weeks Dream vacation and have not been able to get on recently.

  6. I am very disappointed with aarp, every thing i recieve from them they want money.I found life ins. cheaper than they offer,I never seem to get discounts at motels or rv parks. I often get letters asking for donations,well it will never happen arrp let the gov.lower our yearly raise from 3.0 to 1.5 without a fight. while all gov. employees get big raises. aarp was supposed to be for the elderly huh even there magazine adds are for the rich. i will not renew or donate money until aarp goes to the gov. and gets the elderly more of a yearly raise,that what they were about until they started becoming an arm of the gov. h longley

  7. What happened to “not for profit”? I really wanted to explore your life re-imagined section — but I could not get past all of the ads and pop ups. This is the first service I have ever tried to use on your site — but it will be the last. Very very disappointed.

  8. I am trying to get a message out to senior citizens. A inspirational message. On (you tube) dancing GENO 2 and dancing GENO . I have 2 knee replacements, 2 Herneated disc, high blood pressure , high Cholesterol Glaucoma.But I have not given up,so take the time to be thankful for what you got and keep on trucking. If I can do it so can you. I am not looking to be famous but to tell my seniors not to give up.

  9. Your commercial with the man and women driving on a trip and she says she has to talk to him…….he says what it took the trash out and she says thank you for that……WTH! Very sexist. Can’t stand it. Change it!

  10. I sent an inquiry why you did not accept my payment and coupon for your enrollment. All I got from my inquiry was an email to call a phone number. The case reference number is 127226384. Just send me an email explaining why you returned my $12 check (insufficient amount you said..!!!) along with the coupon you mailed to my house back in mid August. I am not happy at all. Please reply soon. Thanks

  11. AARP is soooooooo concerned about getting the advertising/endorsing revenue that it has become clear……………AARP does NOT give a crap about the members. It is all about the $ they can haul in.

  12. To

    Today at 12:37 PM

    OK, as a retired Consumer Cellular user, I am tired of calling customer service either to change my plan or to determine why my charges are higher than contract. I currently have a cell bill for $63 on a plan for 750 minutes calling for $20+/mo. and 300(?) texts – I even dropped data to save money. You guys are about as sneaky as they come to rip off seniors. So, I will pay this bill and then drop you like a hot potato! I have ATT Uverse/digital home phone and will get a much better deal to add an ATT cell phone. And rest assured, I am in contact with many former coworker circles/retirees as a PR/Marketing/Advertising professional and will spread my up/down/always have to be in touch and ahead about CC’s “scam” of no long term contract, you chose your plan, change anytime!!! Then comes gotcha and your hard earned $$$$$!

    CC, you tell me why you think this is a great service and how you can hang on the coat tails of AARP – also in my research – is an org. out to take senior retiree $$$$$$$.

    James C. Allen

  13. I just saw your add degrading the republicans via the elephant. I have belonged to AARP for many years and always hoped you really weren’t on the freeloading democratic side. It made me wonder about the 47 percent of those who rely on the government for their livelihood. Anyway, it was a horrible ad. As you can see I have always worked as have my ancestors and not been in the dole. I no longer have any respect for you folks.


    This email is a well thought out complaint in which I am adversely disturbed with the ill conduct and serious lack of professionalism from a supervisor of AARP-DE who identified herself as Michelle,
    #463-019, in Florida.

    Allow me to explain my dilemma. Last year (2015) I filed my taxes with the assistance of the AARP tax team. I was told that seeing individuals were to be on a “first come first serve basis”. I have chronic arthritis and it is very painful for me to sit or stand for an extended period of time. I arrived very early to be one of the one’s to be seen first. I was content to discover I was number 2 in line. Unfortunately, I and the rest of the early arriving clients were told that there were individuals who had not been seen from the day before and they would have to be seen first. My number 2 position in line turned out to be number 44!!! I was forced to wait from 7:10 am (my arrival time) to 10:38 am (the time I was finally seen). By the time I was called I could barely get out of my seat due to severe pain and excruciating stiffness.

    This year so that I would not have to be exposed to the same grueling, unwanted experience and have my health once again jeopardized I decided to call the facility to see if this practice was still standard or that the “first come first serve” promise would be honored. The center in which I called politely stated that they do not enforce the practices of AARP and referred me to call my local AARP Delaware office. This is where my nightmare began.

    I called 1-866-227-7441, AARP-DE, and was given the explanation that the center co-ordinates who is seen first and referred me back to the center. Again, I called the center and they politely reassured me that they only rent the building for AARP tax preparation, they do not interfere, nor have any say-so as to how AARP-DE delivers their services. I was again referred back to AARP-DE. By now I felt like a bouncing ball that was becoming deflated. When I called AARP-DE for the third time I asked if there was any way that I could speak directly to the tax preparers office or somehow contact them. I was given the number 1-800-829-1040 in which I recognized right away this was the number for the IRS. I questioned the individual right away about the number and she assured me that I would be able to speak with an AARP tax representative.

    To get better clarification before I called the IRS, knowing their usual hold time is 30 to 45 minutes at least, I decided to call AARP-DE back a fourth time and speak to a supervisor, hoping I would be able to get more clarified, positive information. I was DEAD WRONG!!! This assumption was the furthest thing from the truth!

    As I previously stated, the supervisor of AARP-DE who I had the most detrimental, appalling and horrific experience identified herself as Michelle #463-019, in Florida. I explained my situation from last year and wanted to know if she could advise me if I would be experiencing this type of disorganization again this year or would the “first come first serve” policy be enforced. Immediately Michelle was rude, crude, inpatient, and spoke to me with such disrespect, it was unbelievable that she was a representative of AARP. Michelle repeatedly and disrespectfully spoke over me while I was speaking as if what I had to say was meaningless and of no concern of hers. Her stringent attitude clearly displayed that my concerns were of no interest to her. I felt as if I was disturbing her rather than requesting a service.

    I explained to her that I would be contacting AARP headquarters in regards to her distressing attitude and she told (yelled at) me: ‘You go right ahead; I’ll forward this taped phone call so they can listen to how you are disrespecting me’. During the abrasive conversation she also stated, in her words, “If I were getting my taxes done for free I’d stand in line as long as I had to, to get them done.” This statement discriminated and ridiculed me in two ways: First, I am a disabled senior and had explained to her the difficulty I experience in standing for an extended period of time. Second, the free tax services are only offered to a group of individuals who are classified as low income. Michelles’ statement, “If I were getting my taxes done for free” shamed me to tears.

    I have been a member with AARP for quite a few years and have NEVER…EVER experienced such horrible, inhumane treatment from ANY service as I have experienced with Michelle #463-019, a supervisor employed by AARP. Proudly, I can say that I do not need or have to be spoken to or treated in such a hateful manner by ANYONE or ANY organization, regardless of who they are!!!

    I eventually had my taxes completed and filed with an agency unaffiliated with AARP. Also, I am requesting to be removed as a member. I do not wish to EVER be associated with AARP or any of the services your organization has to offer.

    Dream Yvonne J. Perkins

  15. I have a problem resolving a home roof replacement claim thru Hartford. Is there any help I can get from AARP to resolve this ? Is there a contact number ?

  16. I have no idea if I have the right dept, My husband pays his bill and then he gets another bill tell him pay his bill, this is not the first time this has happened, and he would like this to stop please

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