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Contacting AAA Customer Service Center

AAA started out as a small company offering automotive support, but the company has grown exponentially over decades and now offers everything from travel discounts, various forms of insurance, roadside assistance and membership to an exclusive club – for a fee. With virtual hands in so many customer-oriented and claim-based businesses, there is bound to be quite the customer complaint/praise record.

AAA offers multiple customer service contact phone numbers and methods – so find the best one for your needs and contact AAA customer service today.

Contact Info

Depending on the reason you want to contact AAA customer service, you may want to place a call, mail a letter or send an email. The company offers all three forms of contact and more.

Phone Contact Numbers

Choose the phone number that best fits your AAA customer service needs.

  • Membership: 1-866-566-8635
  • Travel: 1-800-444-8691
  • AAA Auto Sales: 1-800-643-5339
  • Health or Life Insurance: 1-800-333-4242
  • Auto or Home Insurance: 1-866-315-1252
  • Website Customer Service: 1-877-465-1127
  • Quality Assurance: 1-877-282-3682
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-800-477-4222 or 1-704-569-3600
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-222-4357
  • TDD Number: 1-800-477-4222

Mailing Address

AAA Headquarters
6600 AAA Drive
Charlotte, NC 28212

Official Website

The official website for AAA is located at There is a LOT of information on the website. AAA sells products and services online and they offer customer service and claim submission online as well. We did not find any dedicated websites for Roadside Assistance or AAA insurance, so you have to run through this website for all your customer service needs. If you register for an account we assume you’ll be able to link your account to all AAA services.

If you are having trouble contacting customer service, some customers report having good luck using the Facebook and Twitter pages to contact the service department.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email or contact form on the AAA website. This is one of the few sites we’ve visited that offers no contact form. We did navigate over to the FAQs section in hopes of finding a link to submit a new question. If you visit the FAQs page you can click the Ask a Question link and submit an online form. We submitted the form and asked for a customer service email…we’ll let you know when we receive a response.

Our Experience

We took a bit of time to call the AAA customer service number provided on the Contact Us page. The call was answered by an automated system. The system could be bypassed by pressing 0, which took us directly to a representative. The phone rang five or six times before it was picked up by an automated response to hold followed by an advertisement for AAA services. We heard a bit of music and then the call was answered by a friendly representative that was happy to answer our question about GO magazine.

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44 Comments on “Contact AAA Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I joined AAA three years ago. At that time I was charged fairly, even if I had to be a member and pay
    $50 that it was no use to me. Since then my car is three years older and cheaper, so the replacement
    costs much less in case of total damage. My deductable is $2000, so I pay for any small accident.
    I have never had any accident or violation. Saying all that why every six month you charge me $60 to $80 more ? That in fact it should be less because my car is three years older and I have never charged the insurance company. Considering my income that is only Social security, you are forcing me to drop
    my comprehensive insurance and just have the third party insurance. The Social Security does not
    increase $60 to $80 every six month, and if you are living in US you know that car insurance is just one item. I hope I hear from you.
    Thank you,

  2. I was driving on Cherry Street in Long Beach this afternoon. I was trying to pass a AAA Agent Car who was weaving in and out of traffic because he was on his cell phone. Who enforces California’s State’s policy on anti-cell phone use against AAA Agents who are on their cell phones? Who assumes the risk if this AAA agent gets into an accident? Does a AAA member like me assume the risk?
    License plate number: 6SVBO18
    Date: 9/12/12
    Time: 12.35 PM

  3. I get AAA E mail’s but something is not right with a message coming up about a certificate not being right.

    If I try to do something I can not get rid of the message.\

    I will have to quickly delete any E mail message from AAA.

    I an a member for ages since 1946.

    I have to stop at the office on Sunrise Blvd as my cloth money belt has gone bad. One zippered section no longer fastened.

    Morton Schwartz

  4. today i was in need of aaa road side assistance and called them at 8:26pm for a flat tyre it was a shock for me that the money i was spending on aaa was not worth spending at 9: 40 i got a guy coming in a truck saying he will get my tyre and get some air filled in that from a gas station and will return back after another 30 mins he also told me that there is a nail in my trye but its good i can go abt with same in tyre and can drive on highway with that , i asked him why he havent got repair truck with him to just put a puncture on it so that i drive safely to home and to my horror he replies that i dont have any air in my truck to fix your tyre, i asked him he came then after like 1 and half hour just to tell me that he dont have tools to put a puncture to my tyre. he told me that his dispatch told him to just go and replace tyre on this truck so he did it.

    i ask aaa what the hell you guys think that i gave u money for last 4 years, to play games with me in the time i need help form aaa.
    its not this time way back 3 months i had another incident, was traveling with my 6 years old daughter and neede a tow for like a mile or so to get to a auto repair shop to get a new alternator and then it was like 4 hours wait in car with my six years old daughter which i already told the agent on phone that send some thing soon cause i am with my 6 years old daughter, but all in vain every body thinks that am paying aaa fee to get streess and late service & play games. since that day my daughter is so scared of all this that when ever she thinks of it she starts crying. who is responsible for this , today when i called back aaa when i got the agent she put me on hold for like 15 mins approx to test my nerves again and a guy came on saying that we dont provide tyre punctures on site on the other hand the guy who came there was telling me that they had thoes trucks too but the dispatch told him to go on this truck which is not having air in it , i asked him what the hell he think that he came there for a flat tyre or just to joke with me .
    After all this i made my mind to pursue this to every where i can do, let every oe know what is the reality of aaa and tell every one that spending money with aaa is worth nothing .

    i also need some answers to my these two episodes of complete stress and waste of time .

    plzzz dont say sorry i need answers! concreat answers with proofs and results,
    check my record if i dont delay my payments for the service then i need my service in time too.i never used the service in last 4 years and now when i am in need of it you guys play with me.

    tell me today who is responsible afo all that is done to me i came back home with same flat tyre and no body helped me
    check your records for a 2 calls which i made from 2489370877 today( 2/2/13) at 8:26pm and at 9:50 pm and give me answers for that service which u tried to provide that too incomplete.

  5. Recently I requested a Trip Tik to Florida and found the new format was terrible. On no page of directions was the name of the state listed. On each page, the caption stated “Continuing to Englewood(Sarasota), Florida. We had to rely on the large road map. I could have gotten the same information on Map Quest. We always depended on the TripTik to make it easy to get to our destinations but if this is the new “guide” I will have to consider cancelling my membership and I have been a member since 2000.

  6. I had a tire issue with my car this weekend.
    I got great service from Williamsburg, VA car center.
    Mike Huey was very professional and helpful. Jerry the mecahnic on duty corrected the issue in minutes.
    Outstanding team.

  7. I’ve been a AAA member since 2007 and routinely receive mailers informing me that my membership has expired even though my membership often has more than a year to go. Contacting AAA “Customer Service” is a joke. I’m dumping AAA as soon as my membership truly expires in 2014.

  8. I have been a member of AAA for many many years. My father got me my first membership when I originally got my license, at the age of 16. I am nearly 46 now and have had numerous quality experiences with AAA. I recommend their services routinely to family and friends. I have always appreciated the understanding and ability to adapt policies as my coverage needs change throughout the year. I even purchased my niece her first membership and I am delighted to know if any roadside emergency should occur, that she would be in safe hands.

    That being said, I recently required the aid of AAA. It was a Sunday and I had broken down on a highway with a very high volume of traffic. Unfortunately, due to being slightly in distress, I do not recall the names of either of the two operators who fielded my calls. Both however, we’re less than pleasant and fell far short of the level of courtesy I had come to appreciate. Working as a Dental Hygienist for 26 years, I am we’ll aware that it can be difficult sometimes to deal with people in distress. However, it would certainly never be acceptable for me to conduct myself with the utmost of kindness. I am very much displeased with the lack of tolerance both of these operators exhibited. Personally, I have always treated people as kindly and politely as I would like to be treated. I am severely disappointed. I will continue my membership with AAA, as they have proven to be a positive experience countless times previously. Regardless, I felt compelled to share my misfortune.
    Thank you for the forum,
    Jennifer Dowd
    West Seattle

  9. Your new trip tik is horrendous!!! Leaves a lot to the imagination and is NOT USER FRIENDLY. Return to the old trip tik or you may be losing us as customers. Also we requested a trip tik from our local AAA and guess what – they gave us someone else’s trip tip. We were going to the same state but extremely different locations within that state. Also your female representative argued with me that this was indeed the correct Trip Tik and it was not – had to use a large map to get to our destination. Thank you FOR NOTHING BUT TROUBLE on our RECENT trip!!!!

  10. Terrible time with customers service, I attempted to call 4 times from my office and someone hung up me every time. When I called from my cell phone it went through fine. Sorry for your luck but I would never bring my policies to your company.

    Get employees that understand what they are doing.

  11. I think its BS that AAA advertises NATIONWIDE assistance for everyone on new years and yet i called to inquire about the services and they do not provide it in my state. Last time i checked Missouri was a part of this nation, maybe i need to go back to school. I understand they dont have to do this, but at least be honest about what you are doing and dont lie to get free publicity. Just like every other company out there, they dont do anything for the people, just their own gain

  12. I brought my car to AAA in Raleigh (Glenwood Avenue) in May, 2013. Spent $1,500 + and as of today, my car is still not fixed. Plus, it will not pass inspection… On the wall there is a sign “customer satisfaction guaranteed” well, they need to take that sign down. After four tries at AAA, they still have not fixed my car. The repairs made I feel were unnecessary. Two other service stations (one being Nissan of Cary) told me it was the timing chain. NOT the computer, which AAA replaced. I think a refund is in order, or the timing chain replaced at not cost to me. I mentioned that, but did not get a favorable response..

  13. I do not want to get any more special offering mailings from AAA–none at all except once a year to renew. If it continues, I will leave AAA.

  14. My 1st year membership runs out on 4/1 and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to renew. My first and only call to AAA was a disaster. This past summer, my wife and I met my daughter and her 2 small children in Dunlap, TN….about 1/2 way between our 2 homes. After dinner, we came out to leave and my daughter discovered that she’d locked her keys in her van. I called AAA and was told someone would be there in no more than 30 minutes. After 3 subsequent calls, and many excuses, still no one was there after 90 minutes. In the meantime, we had to occupy 2 children, in the dark, in 90+ degree temperatures. A man and his wife, who were from Dunlap, came out of the restaurant and could tell we had a serious situation. The man called a retired Sheriff’s Deputy he knew who arrived and had the door open in 15 minutes total…..including travel time. It was the best $40 I’ve ever spent. AAA really failed me in my first, and only time of need during my 1st year of membership. I never received a subsequent call from AAA asking if we were OK, had our situation resolved…..NOTHING!! NOT IMPRESSED! Please tell me why I should join for another year with that kind of service/response…..very disappointing but not the first bad experience with AAA that of heard of from other people since.

  15. I just spent hours futilely trying to get questions answered about AAA AZ’s “Member Deal” offering what appeared to be only partial Angie’s List service for $9 for one year, a “40% discount.” I wanted to know if my feeling about partial service was correct, because Angie’s list actual retail price for all services is $39.

    After talking to several people with AAA who knew nothing about it, I was given the phone number for a local Member Services office. A recording told me “all representatives are busy helping other members, leave your phone number,” etc. etc., and you know the rest.

    By this time, being thoroughly frustrated, I gave up, looked for discounts, went to Angie’s List’s home page and, to make a long story somewhat shorter. got the full-year, full-boat of services for $8.99!

    I had a similar experience with a “Member Deal” garage door offer awhile back.

    Your “Member Deal” thing stinks!

  16. called for motorcycle key and they do not have a locksmith to do it.. Then I received a call that I do not have motorcycle coverage even though I paid for it and my card states motorcycle…
    I will never ever renew with AAA

  17. This is a joke. I have been online for an hour trying to find the correct customer service number to no avail. All the numbers I dail either take me to an office I don’t need or I get disconnected. The numbers on my card don’t even work properly. When my premuim is up we are divorcing you AAA. You are bad for business. People be warned this company has horrible customer service.

  18. We have had AAA insurance since the 70’s. We have car and home and insurance with you. In April we placed a claim in which a storm hit our house and did substantial damage. It has been 2 months and your company still will not take care of the claim. We had 3 roof companies tell us that it needed to be replaced. But instead you want it patched and not taken care of properly. People will not call us back and just give us the run around. This is absurd how your company has not taken care of this. Every other house in our neighborhood has been fixed by ofcourse other companies. We pay thousands of dollars a year for this insurance. Please read this e-mail and respond to it! We NEED a new roof!

    May Utich

  19. To Whom It May Concern,

    For the past four years our daughter, Emily Welch, attended University of North Carolina Wilmington(UNCW).We frequently traveled from NJ to NC to see our daughter. On more than one occassion we utilized the AAA Car Care Center in Wilmington. Most recently, August 23,2013, our daughter took her 2007 Yaris to the AAA Car Care Center in Wilmington to have the timing belt replaced. Immediately after receiving her car back the belt that AAA installed made a terrible squealing noise. She brought the car back to AAA and they told her it needed to warm up and it would be fine. It was not fine and continued to squeal loudly on a daily basis. Our daughter returned to NJ recently and we took the car to our trusted mechanic. He showed us how the belt that AAA had replaced less than a year ago was completely worn away because it had been installed incorrectly!!!! He also told us that the Yaris DOES NOT HAVE A TIMING BELT. It has a timing chain that never needs to be replaced. He replaced the belt and miracle of miracles no more squealing. Thank God the improperly installed belt did not break while my daughter was driving back from NC to NJ or AAA would have a law suit on their hands. The AAA car care center took advantage of our young daughter. I plan to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau as well as any other consumer protection groups I can find. Our family gave that Car Care Center thousands of dollars in business. We will never use or recommend AAA again. We have been long time members of AAA. As soon as our membership runs out we will not renew.

    Most sincerely,

    Donald Welch

  20. After many years of safe driving, I very recently caused a rear end bump to the car in front of me. The officer called to the scene, without further investigation or review of my driving history or maybe an on-the-spot check of my ability, cancelled my license. This may have been based on my young age of eighty eight. However, I consider myself to be a safe driver, naturally, and am willingly agreeable to an on-the-road test. How can this be arranged and with who? Help is very welcome. Don

  21. I have to say we have been members for years and the best service I have ever recieved was this past week or so. Tow driver James B16 (Cleveland Ohio) gave me friendly superior service. I was totally impresed with his outstanding personallyity and service. “I am not his mother LOL :))” Thanks Again Triple A you picked a good employee

  22. When I explained my emergency I was told I would receive help in 30 minutes or less, after over 30 minutes I checked to see how much longer to receive help and the dispatcher said another 30 minutes. Would be helpful it not just said soon, and it’s a lot later in emergency situations.

  23. Road Side Service is terrific! Always pleased with assistance we receive; however,the Service Centers are a different story. I have had my car repaired twice at AAA Service Centers in the last month (2 different locations in Greensboro, NC.) Not only was the wait too long (with no status information unless I went to the desk to inquire) I feel repairs were recommended that were not necessary * the Mechanic is the expert so I trusted what he said; however, I am sure I was taken advantage of and repairs were done that were not needed. Due to both experiences I will NEVER go to another AAA Service Center for ANY SERVICE!!!!

  24. I took my 2013 ford edge to Ford Dealer for moon roof glass replacement. to make a long story short. I tried to contact AAA about my shattered glass on my moon roof. I tried 2 days and finally got through to AAA. I told the AAA rep about my problem and he told me to contact safelite glass company. FYI. they had left it on a nice ladys desk I quote, she said it was sitting on her desk the whole time she was on vacation, so from august 12to today August 18th they just ordered my glass today, I was told it will be to the direct shipment to the Novi mi office, and this will be 3 to 5 business days more. So this means what was suppose to be done overnite will be 2 weeks. The whole time I have been paying for rental car, do you think when I called AAA and ask if they could pay for my rental car cost. I was told flat NO. I have been AAA customer since 1994. Very dissatisfied AAA customer, I either have to take this as a norm or get new insurance, what would do???????? walled lake mi

  25. I receive a high volume email each day. I have tried to cancel AAA’s daily Email specials for several days. You do not have a well marked unsubscribe function. Your ads state do not answer to this ad, go to, but there is no function there that can be easy to find. I believe there is no such function! There fore you need to unsubscribe me or I will unsubscribe all my business with AAA!

  26. Purchased an AAA battery in November or December of 2013. On September 10, 2014 I had to call for roadside assistance because the car would not start. Sent a driver out to jump start car and test battery. Car started with a jump, but battery would not hold the charge. Sent second driver out to tow car and retest the battery. Again car started with a jump, but would not hold be charge. Car was towed to a reputable mechanic who put the battery on a professional charger for 4 hours. Battery did NOT hold the charge. Mechanic replaced battery, and everything was fine. Original drivers claimed it was the alternator, or a short somewhere in my car. After calling AAA to explain that I was now out $200 due to their incompetent service men, I was told to bring the old battery to them in a city about 35 miles from my home, so they could test it. They would reimburse me IF the battery tested to be bad. Who are we kidding?? If they didn’t admit it was bad the first two times they tested it, why would they admit it after I drove the dead battery to them in another city?? Worst customer service ever!! I WAS a customer for 31 years. But, they will not get any more of my money! Their battery warranty is a rip off, pure and simple!

  27. To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this e-mail as a formal complaint against AAA Connecticut…

    On Tuesday 9/9/14, I contacted AAA at approximately 10:40 to request roadside assistance for a dead battery at my residence…I provided the dispatcher with my information and she told me that service would arrive at or before 11:45 AM…
    At approximately 12:00 I called back and asked for an update on my service call and was told that the drivers were all out on tows and that I should expect service at or before 12:22 PM…
    At 12:30 I called back once again and was told by the dispatcher that she would have to call me back with an ETA…and she never did…
    At approximately 1:00 PM…AAA did FINALLY show up and jump start my car…
    This time delays and lack of timely customer service is my first issue with AAA… It should NOT take 2+ hours to get a simple roadside assistance call!!!

    My second issue is:

    During my second call, I inquired about AAA’s battery replacement service…and I was told they DO offer the service, however, they do not offer the service in Hebron!??
    When I asked why, I was told that it clearly states in their “handbook” that services are not available in all areas…BUT it does NOT clearly disclose which areas it is or is not offered in…
    Now…I have TWO problems with this…
    How can AAA indiscrimetely decide which areas it will or will not provide a service to it’s PAYING members?
    …and AAA takes ALL your geographical (location) information WHEN you open your membership…so they KNOW this information about YOU…so why can’t they provide a CLEAR and TRANSPARENT disclosure of the services that they do or not offer…so that consumers can make INFORMED decisions when they PURCHASE their membership…NOT when they have to use that service…only to find out it is NOT available to them…
    In my case, I was stranded, because I called several stores and they would ALL sell me a battery…but NO ONE would install it…so it would have been completely POINTLESS for AAA to just jump start me…because I would not be able to shut my car off…without a new battery!!!
    In addition, the driver that serviced me told that was complete “BS” what AAA told me…because Bell Town motors in East Hampton and another garage in Norwich BOTH due “light duty repairs,” but they don’t like to take the calls because they “don’t pay (AAA) what they (the garage) don’t get paid what THEY would charge for the call…” and that no one wants to take those calls…

    In closing, I feel that this is a VERY POOR BUSINESS practice on the part of AAA…and is VERY misleading to it’s members and consumers!!! I feel that information on services offered should be clearly disclosed UP FRONT and NOT when you actually need and are denied the service…and left stranded! This is NOT the first time that AAA has stranded me and refused services!!!

    I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter and thank you in advance for your consideration!
    Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or phone # if you have any questions or would like additional information…

  28. I went to a AAA car care plus to see if I could get another rearview mirror for a 98 escort. The guys seemed uninterested at the shop (Sobeck Rd, Columbus OH) in helping me. One guy came outside to look at the damage, took my contact information and never called me back . He said he would call me back by the end of the day. As a 15 year AAA member I expected better. At least give a phone call saying that you can’t help would have been better than no call at all. Will never go to one of these AAA car care ever, and will tell anyone who ask not to go to them either. AAA should not be affiliated with the Sobeck RD location because the guys who worked there seemed more interested in telling jokes and bs than helping customers. THANKS FOR THE HASSLE.

  29. I submitted a report of poor service to you (online) about my experience of September 3, 2014 at BWI. I asked for an explanation, but like your promised roadside assistance, I received no service…
    You will lose a customer if there isn’t a good explanation.

    In brief, I needed a battery jump in BWI Marshal AP hourly parking on Wed, Sep 3 at approximately 5:30 PM having come in from Portland, OR aboard SWA 826. I received zero assistance and was told to use BWI’s maintenance service.. Why doesn’t AAA have some kind of an arrangement with BWI and make the service call in support of the people who belong to the associationzzz/

  30. I submitted a report of poor service to you (online) about my experience of September 3, 2014 at BWI. I asked for an explanation, but like your promised roadside assistance, I received no service…
    You will lose a customer if there isn’t a good explanation.

    In brief, I needed a battery jump in BWI Marshal AP hourly parking on Wed, Sep 3 at approximately 5:30 PM having come in from Portland, OR aboard SWA 826. I received zero assistance and was told to use BWI’s maintenance service.. Why doesn’t AAA have some kind of an arrangement with BWI and make the service call in support of the people who belong to the association

  31. I have been a member for 44 years. I’ve used your towing service once. What I use consistently is your trip tics. Your trip tics have 120 to 300 miles per page, giving you the big picture and making it easy to plan stops and over-nites. Your new format is like a GPS screen, I don’t need both. Who ever made the decision to make the change must fly and never used a trip-tic. Or maybe the decision maker was born after 1960, and doesn’t understand the needs of all those retired people that travel south in the winter every year. AAA check your membership demographics. If you have a large segment born before 1960 and you can risk losing them, maybe you make a few bucks by selling your old system to AARP.


  33. About a month ago I bought a box of 90 39 gallon large garbage bags. I have used 1 roll, but have ended poking holes in them or tearing them trying to get them apart. We never had a problem with them before, but these are a real pain to use. They were bought at Sam’s club in Champaign Il.

  34. I was told to contact Bernie Koch i Wilmington ,Delaware on a personal matter. I sent him a letter on Dec. 16,2014 and have not heard from him or his office. It is not right if the letter is sitting on someones desk and not ack.

  35. 18 mo. old AAA battery tested low capacity ability and oxidation on plates. AAA said their test shows good and refused to remove one cap to see the oxidation. He offered to sell another one to me. Can’t print my response. Last year I was on the 55 with a flat for 2.5 hours after I called AAA. Their excuses and hem and haws and uh huh, I see, ok, oh just a minutes, etc. are well rehearsed. So long, losers!

  36. Been a loyal AAA member over 30 Years. Have all my insurances (Cars, Homes, Earthquake) with AAA.

    Now AAA tells me to get my Umbrella insurance somewhere else !!!

    Why ?? Because I serve as a volunteer Board Member at a HOA (non profit organization)..

    Sounds to weird and strange to be true???:
    Yes it is
    I even had the case escalated to a supervisor with the same outcome.

    AAA does decline umbrella insurance coverage. Because I am a volunteer Board member at an Homeowners Association . Yes there was a claim opened (trip and fall) several years ago against the HOA . Nothing ever happened, but the case is still open.

    I did of course mention to the supervisor: Did you guys ever hear about the Davis-Stirling Act. Or hear about civil Code Section 5800-5810.
    Volunteer board members shall not be held liable or can not be sued when serving on a non profit Organization..

    This law was signed into affect so people would be willing to volunteer and offer their time to do good.
    Now AAA is telling people if you do that we might not Insure YOU!!!

    Just think about how many volunteers are out there holing a position at a Non profit Organization. Most of which will be sued or have to deal with a claim at one point.

    And to reward all this volunteers out there AAA will in return decline coverage!!!

    Come On AAA are you for real!

  37. AAA is a great company. I want to start off by saying that, unfortunatley some of the service providers they hire does AAA members wrong so that the service providers can meet AAA’s Standards. For instance If you have a Battery through AAA, The service provider Will come out and either tell you that your battery is shot when in fact its perfectly fine and then they give AAA a bad Test Code to make it look legit!or and in most all cases if you have a AAA battery with a warranty, when they send a service provider out they do not want to honor the warranty not because of AAA but because it hurts the providers percentage which in turns causes the company to miss out on money! The owner of the company I worked for told us to tell the customer that we dont have a battery on the truck or van and for them to go to the AAA auto care center…Like I said its not AAA its the people they contract to do they jobs and They can not keep up with the wrong doings of the company when those companys are manipulating the system…Im sure its not like this everywhere because some people in this world are still honest people. I will say though. If you live Between Wilkesboro to Huntersville NC. Then you way in fact fall to this bc there is only one provider for that area. That happened to be the company I worked for! I was terminated for speaking out against their ethics of how they pay their employees and how they do customers! 104 scheduled hrs a week and bring home a 450 dollar check and thats without taaxes being witheld! I am a AAA Member and will remain one but in my area I would rather pay someone than to get mislead by these providers!

  38. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Called in to use the card that I NEVER USE to tow our broken down vehicle. Was told, our membership just expired. Made a payment over the phone. They verified ALL our information. Then said we would receive new cards in the mail and to use the old card until then. Now we call in tonight because we need our vehicle towed and we are physically near the vehicle.. and they tell us that we didn’t make a payment and no one seems to be able to help us. On hold for 20 min, then 30 min, then was disconnected. Then called back to membership services and hold another 30 min. Debit shows on my card, but apparently they only take money and never assist in a real emergency

  39. I went to AAA on yesterday to get my brakes done and I knew that I was going to have to pay a little money but not what it ended up costing me. I told them originally that I wanted the ceramic brakes but then changed my mind because my vehicle is 10 years old and I didn’t need anything with a lifetime warranty on something that old. They told me there wasn’t that much difference in the price. Their that much difference with replacing the rotors cost me $852. The dealer wouldn’t have charged me that much. I am not renewing my membership with them and I will never take my vehicle there to be serviced again.

  40. January 16, 2015
    I have had AAA for 10 years I get my friend for Christmas a membership for the past several years. His mother is 86 and blind, it was severe cold and I know there are a lot of people having trouble starting there cars, a no brainer. he called AAA and this is what he was told by a very rude customer service representative, they have no home service stranded customers were a priority, He explained the situation and the rep told him call 911 if it is an emergency, we don’t have time for this, what!!!! What should have been said and done was take his phone number and call him back at a later time, not just tell him call 911 and hang up sorry no the way to run a company. I am very disappointed in the response of your company and the attitude of your workers, remember they represent YOU.

  41. I have had AAA for 40 years and have paid for premium services. I called today to get someone to tow my car (under my carport) to my mechanic, about three miles away. I waited for nearly 30 minutes and was on hold; then disconnected. I called back and waited 43 minutes and finally got someone who would help me to do a simple task that caused me aggravation. I did not nor do not get services paid for. Also, I also tried calling the local branch of AAA and there was no human to answer the phone. It went straight to voicemail and I left a message.

  42. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, do NOT give AAA a dime. I had a car accident 2 1/2 years ago, and my claims representative, Aaron Walker, seems to have forgotten where I live as my mileage reimbursement to and from continuing treat have gone Missing In Action. I have called and called him over and over again, and still no check arrives. I have not been paid for November, January and February. He just never g ets it right or feels the money is coming from his pocket and unless I stay after him, doesn’t send it. He has been trouble from Day One , when I first filed my claim stating he never received my paperwork to open a claim (which had been sent two weeks prior). I had the feeling he was talking to me via speaker phone, because when he said “Gee I never received your paperwork” (with one day to spare before the claim could not be opened) I could hear others laughing in the background and he must have though this behavior was quite cute. I said “well, LOOK for it.” Miraculously it was found. They drag their feet on paying claims if they do pay at all. They REALLY have to be stopped.

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