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Contacting AAA Customer Service Center

AAA started out as a small company offering automotive support, but the company has grown exponentially over decades and now offers everything from travel discounts, various forms of insurance, roadside assistance and membership to an exclusive club – for a fee. With virtual hands in so many customer-oriented and claim-based businesses, there is bound to be quite the customer complaint/praise record.

AAA offers multiple customer service contact phone numbers and methods – so find the best one for your needs and contact AAA customer service today.

Contact Info

Depending on the reason you want to contact AAA customer service, you may want to place a call, mail a letter or send an email. The company offers all three forms of contact and more.

Phone Contact Numbers

Choose the phone number that best fits your AAA customer service needs.

  • Membership: 1-866-566-8635
  • Travel: 1-800-444-8691
  • AAA Auto Sales: 1-800-643-5339
  • Health or Life Insurance: 1-800-333-4242
  • Auto or Home Insurance: 1-866-315-1252
  • Website Customer Service: 1-877-465-1127
  • Quality Assurance: 1-877-282-3682
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-800-477-4222 or 1-704-569-3600
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-222-4357
  • TDD Number: 1-800-477-4222

Mailing Address

AAA Headquarters
6600 AAA Drive
Charlotte, NC 28212

Official Website

The official website for AAA is located at There is a LOT of information on the website. AAA sells products and services online and they offer customer service and claim submission online as well. We did not find any dedicated websites for Roadside Assistance or AAA insurance, so you have to run through this website for all your customer service needs. If you register for an account we assume you’ll be able to link your account to all AAA services.

If you are having trouble contacting customer service, some customers report having good luck using the Facebook and Twitter pages to contact the service department.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email or contact form on the AAA website. This is one of the few sites we’ve visited that offers no contact form. We did navigate over to the FAQs section in hopes of finding a link to submit a new question. If you visit the FAQs page you can click the Ask a Question link and submit an online form. We submitted the form and asked for a customer service email…we’ll let you know when we receive a response.

Our Experience

We took a bit of time to call the AAA customer service number provided on the Contact Us page. The call was answered by an automated system. The system could be bypassed by pressing 0, which took us directly to a representative. The phone rang five or six times before it was picked up by an automated response to hold followed by an advertisement for AAA services. We heard a bit of music and then the call was answered by a friendly representative that was happy to answer our question about GO magazine.

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12 Comments on “Contact AAA Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I joined AAA three years ago. At that time I was charged fairly, even if I had to be a member and pay
    $50 that it was no use to me. Since then my car is three years older and cheaper, so the replacement
    costs much less in case of total damage. My deductable is $2000, so I pay for any small accident.
    I have never had any accident or violation. Saying all that why every six month you charge me $60 to $80 more ? That in fact it should be less because my car is three years older and I have never charged the insurance company. Considering my income that is only Social security, you are forcing me to drop
    my comprehensive insurance and just have the third party insurance. The Social Security does not
    increase $60 to $80 every six month, and if you are living in US you know that car insurance is just one item. I hope I hear from you.
    Thank you,

  2. I was driving on Cherry Street in Long Beach this afternoon. I was trying to pass a AAA Agent Car who was weaving in and out of traffic because he was on his cell phone. Who enforces California’s State’s policy on anti-cell phone use against AAA Agents who are on their cell phones? Who assumes the risk if this AAA agent gets into an accident? Does a AAA member like me assume the risk?
    License plate number: 6SVBO18
    Date: 9/12/12
    Time: 12.35 PM

  3. I get AAA E mail’s but something is not right with a message coming up about a certificate not being right.

    If I try to do something I can not get rid of the message.\

    I will have to quickly delete any E mail message from AAA.

    I an a member for ages since 1946.

    I have to stop at the office on Sunrise Blvd as my cloth money belt has gone bad. One zippered section no longer fastened.

    Morton Schwartz

  4. today i was in need of aaa road side assistance and called them at 8:26pm for a flat tyre it was a shock for me that the money i was spending on aaa was not worth spending at 9: 40 i got a guy coming in a truck saying he will get my tyre and get some air filled in that from a gas station and will return back after another 30 mins he also told me that there is a nail in my trye but its good i can go abt with same in tyre and can drive on highway with that , i asked him why he havent got repair truck with him to just put a puncture on it so that i drive safely to home and to my horror he replies that i dont have any air in my truck to fix your tyre, i asked him he came then after like 1 and half hour just to tell me that he dont have tools to put a puncture to my tyre. he told me that his dispatch told him to just go and replace tyre on this truck so he did it.

    i ask aaa what the hell you guys think that i gave u money for last 4 years, to play games with me in the time i need help form aaa.
    its not this time way back 3 months i had another incident, was traveling with my 6 years old daughter and neede a tow for like a mile or so to get to a auto repair shop to get a new alternator and then it was like 4 hours wait in car with my six years old daughter which i already told the agent on phone that send some thing soon cause i am with my 6 years old daughter, but all in vain every body thinks that am paying aaa fee to get streess and late service & play games. since that day my daughter is so scared of all this that when ever she thinks of it she starts crying. who is responsible for this , today when i called back aaa when i got the agent she put me on hold for like 15 mins approx to test my nerves again and a guy came on saying that we dont provide tyre punctures on site on the other hand the guy who came there was telling me that they had thoes trucks too but the dispatch told him to go on this truck which is not having air in it , i asked him what the hell he think that he came there for a flat tyre or just to joke with me .
    After all this i made my mind to pursue this to every where i can do, let every oe know what is the reality of aaa and tell every one that spending money with aaa is worth nothing .

    i also need some answers to my these two episodes of complete stress and waste of time .

    plzzz dont say sorry i need answers! concreat answers with proofs and results,
    check my record if i dont delay my payments for the service then i need my service in time too.i never used the service in last 4 years and now when i am in need of it you guys play with me.

    tell me today who is responsible afo all that is done to me i came back home with same flat tyre and no body helped me
    check your records for a 2 calls which i made from 2489370877 today( 2/2/13) at 8:26pm and at 9:50 pm and give me answers for that service which u tried to provide that too incomplete.

  5. Recently I requested a Trip Tik to Florida and found the new format was terrible. On no page of directions was the name of the state listed. On each page, the caption stated “Continuing to Englewood(Sarasota), Florida. We had to rely on the large road map. I could have gotten the same information on Map Quest. We always depended on the TripTik to make it easy to get to our destinations but if this is the new “guide” I will have to consider cancelling my membership and I have been a member since 2000.

  6. I had a tire issue with my car this weekend.
    I got great service from Williamsburg, VA car center.
    Mike Huey was very professional and helpful. Jerry the mecahnic on duty corrected the issue in minutes.
    Outstanding team.

  7. I’ve been a AAA member since 2007 and routinely receive mailers informing me that my membership has expired even though my membership often has more than a year to go. Contacting AAA “Customer Service” is a joke. I’m dumping AAA as soon as my membership truly expires in 2014.

  8. I have been a member of AAA for many many years. My father got me my first membership when I originally got my license, at the age of 16. I am nearly 46 now and have had numerous quality experiences with AAA. I recommend their services routinely to family and friends. I have always appreciated the understanding and ability to adapt policies as my coverage needs change throughout the year. I even purchased my niece her first membership and I am delighted to know if any roadside emergency should occur, that she would be in safe hands.

    That being said, I recently required the aid of AAA. It was a Sunday and I had broken down on a highway with a very high volume of traffic. Unfortunately, due to being slightly in distress, I do not recall the names of either of the two operators who fielded my calls. Both however, we’re less than pleasant and fell far short of the level of courtesy I had come to appreciate. Working as a Dental Hygienist for 26 years, I am we’ll aware that it can be difficult sometimes to deal with people in distress. However, it would certainly never be acceptable for me to conduct myself with the utmost of kindness. I am very much displeased with the lack of tolerance both of these operators exhibited. Personally, I have always treated people as kindly and politely as I would like to be treated. I am severely disappointed. I will continue my membership with AAA, as they have proven to be a positive experience countless times previously. Regardless, I felt compelled to share my misfortune.
    Thank you for the forum,
    Jennifer Dowd
    West Seattle

  9. Your new trip tik is horrendous!!! Leaves a lot to the imagination and is NOT USER FRIENDLY. Return to the old trip tik or you may be losing us as customers. Also we requested a trip tik from our local AAA and guess what – they gave us someone else’s trip tip. We were going to the same state but extremely different locations within that state. Also your female representative argued with me that this was indeed the correct Trip Tik and it was not – had to use a large map to get to our destination. Thank you FOR NOTHING BUT TROUBLE on our RECENT trip!!!!

  10. Terrible time with customers service, I attempted to call 4 times from my office and someone hung up me every time. When I called from my cell phone it went through fine. Sorry for your luck but I would never bring my policies to your company.

    Get employees that understand what they are doing.

  11. I think its BS that AAA advertises NATIONWIDE assistance for everyone on new years and yet i called to inquire about the services and they do not provide it in my state. Last time i checked Missouri was a part of this nation, maybe i need to go back to school. I understand they dont have to do this, but at least be honest about what you are doing and dont lie to get free publicity. Just like every other company out there, they dont do anything for the people, just their own gain

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