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Contacting 7-Eleven Customer Service Center

7-Eleven is a convenience store headquartered in Dallas, TX. Stores are spread out across the US with some states having 7-Eleven stores on every corner and other states having none at all. Each 7-Eleven store is owned and operated by a franchisee that pays to use the 7-Eleven name.

Contact Info:

Contact information is for the 48 contiguous states only. If you currently live in Hawaii or Oklahoma City and you need to contact 7-Eleven customer service, use the Hawaii-specific contact

Phone Contact Numbers

The 7-Eleven customer service department operates on limited hours though most stores are open 24 hours a day. You can call an agent from 7 AM to 11 PM Monday to Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-255-0711
  • Franchisees: 1-800-782-0711
  • Human Resources/W2: 1-800-360-1265
  • Corporate: 1-972-828-7011
  • Hawaii: 1-808-526-1711
  • Oklahoma City: 1-405-682-5711

Mailing Address

When choosing a mailing address, the only real choice is what department to route the letter to. Most of the addresses listed on the 7-Eleven customer service page are the same post office box. The Attn line or second line of the address is the only part that changes.

7-Eleven Customer Service Guest Relations Department PO Box 711 Dallas, TX 75221


7-Eleven Corporate

One Arts Plaza 1722 Routh St Ste 1000 Dallas, TX 75201


7-Eleven Hawaii 1755 Nuuanu Ave 2nd Floor Honolulu, HI 96817


7-Eleven Stores 2021 S MacArthur Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Official Website

Visit http://www.7-eleven.com/ you can find information about 7-Eleven customer service and stores. If you hover your mouse over The Company at the top right of the page, you will notice a list of links. Click the Contact Us link to find all available information to contact 7-Elven customer service.

The convenience store is also active on social media sites, so you can connect with customer service for news, updates, promotions and more.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact 7-Eleven customer service by email, choose one of the contact forms below. One is for comments and issues pertaining to a specific store and the other is for 7-Eleven issues not directly related to any one store.

Other emails addresses available for customer contact include:

Our Experience

When customers contact the customer service department, they will notice they will not have to worry about a lengthy automated system. The hotline provides two options: press 1 for guest relations or remain on hold for a guest relations expert. After waiting less than 60 seconds, we asked the representative for advice relating to filing a complaint. We wanted to know if customers should contact the guest relations department or the retail location. The agent explained either was an acceptable choice, considering the communication is given to the Store Manager to investigate. 7-Eleven provides a great team of customer service agent willing to assist with questions and concerns. Do you have a story you would like to share regarding your customer experiences? Share your comments below.

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18 Comments on “Contact 7-Eleven Customer Service
  1. Many of us were quite excited when 711 came to Jacksonville FL. I have been a steady customer at store #35611 since it’s opening. Today was the first day I experienced less than good customer service. I was using the ladiies room;I was in there for only three and one half minutes when one of employees knocked on the door.She did not need to use the restroom or go in it for cleaning purposes or to stock supplies. It was pure harrassment.I asked the manager if this was a policy– for an employee to knock for no reason.Is it 711 policy to harrass it’s customers? It is not necessary to contact me.Perhaps,you ought to talk to your manager–a slavic woman at that store.

  2. Seven eleven on lakeway in bellingham wa has a very aggressive employee named eddy he was very disorderly .didnt care that he was yelling at a pregnant woman I told him I was complaining he didnt care he was still yelling on my way out he told me to give them his name too . I dont think they represent the seven eleven name very well im disgusted

  3. I think it is great that you are opening a store in seward park nowithstanding some comments at the meeting. I hope you will carry kosher sandwiches like one of your Brooklyn stores. GOOD LUCK

  4. I thinkn it is great that hyou are opening a store in seward park notwithsttanding some stuupid comments at the board meting. I hope you will carry kosher sandwiches like some of your Brooklyn stores. GOOD LUCK

  5. I have been working at the mobil, exxon mobil, and 7-eleven for 15 years and i’m also a customer and i am very disappointed and discriminated because the company 7-eleven has not worked on my case for 5 months so i can have a 4 week vacation. Its not fair at all…

  6. I usef to eat everyday at evac0m sucat branch everyday because my school was located just beside the branch. .after i finished eating for about a minute the staff clean the table and i was shocked that he told me to leave already because someone couldnt find a place to eat.. there were couple of students who were not eating ang just making noise but why is it that he have to approach me in a very angry manner
    I n0ticed that maybe he cann0t approach them because group of student might bully him after thats why me was to be blamed.. . I hate him for making me feel a trash

  7. Yes, I purchase a $20 steam card on 10/09/2013 08:32 pm. The game I purchase with this card won’t play. What should i do? Help me.

  8. The 7 eleven at intersection 100 and 30 in Exton Pa told me I could not be in the store with a Dunking refill cup. I’ve been coming in for almost two years just about everyday on my way to work and even at lunch time.
    Wawa doesn’t care what refill cup you use. Dunkin donuts either. Shame on you to tell me what I can come in with. You lost a patron and I’m making sure I tell my facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends the 7 Eleven policy.
    Very dumb 7 Eleven…

  9. The 711 on trinity blvd and highway 360 I simply went in and purchased gas when i went out to my car to put it in, as soon as i starting pumping the gas some had spilled out I walk back inside and simply asked if there was a way i could be moved to another pump and get the full amount since it has spilled on the floor my money was wasted from the gas spilling onto the floor if gas was cheap I wouldn’t have botherd but it’s not employee Barney was absolutely rude when i asked and rudely said no then laughed in my face which i did not appreciate and argued with me if those are the kind of employees you have working for 711 I will not be returning any time soon I would not think that i Could get such rude behavior from one person especially if I asked nicely. ..

  10. Today went to 7-eleven in Dataran Dwitasik Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras.The cashier named Mini(Malay Girl)are very rude and do not know how to entertain customer.She’s showing her tiredness to the customer by talking in a rude manner without knowing hw to respect customer.7-eleven as an international ‘figure’how to maintain the good name and prestige with this kind of a worker?

  11. I bought a car charger for my phone at 711 store. Address: 1201 wildwood ave sunnyvale ca 94089. The charger doesn’t work and went back the same day I bought it, and the employee says nope they cannot take it back because its already open. When buy something from the store, of course you will open because you wanted to use it. And that’s the only way for the customer to see if its working or not working. Even though I have reciept with me it don’t matter. Once you open you cannot return. I don’t see any sign policy inside the store saying “NO RETURN”. NOW I WANT TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST 711 RETURN POLICY. I was not happy went back home with a charge that is not working with reciept inmy hand.

  12. The store at 135th and Flint really sucks the manger gives awy pizzas and the asst. manger steal pizzas everyday and he is very rude

  13. I buy money order $20 from store# 33998 at baltimore md 21237 I buy banana and I told I want cash back store owner Mr PATEL refuse cash back I want cash for toll pay cash I want to go washington ( D C ) at 06/16/2014 TRN6149 at 09:39 am

  14. The 7 eleven on the corner hamilton ave and bushard street (orange county) was very frustrating for their ‘free slurpee’ day on July 11, 2014. They had a sign saying free slurpees, however the store was out of small cups, so the people were filling medium cup half way but the clerk at the counter was trying to charge them for that and if you didnt bring money like 2 little boys in front of me. He took their slurpees and threw them in the garbage. WoW 7’eleven next time you have an event like this, stock up on cups before!!

  15. 621 17th St #100, Denver, CO 80293

    7eleven you have very bad supervision over your clerks. In Denver right now, I urge to check thoroughly your employees, especially in downtown area. You don’t know what they are doing and how they act with customers. They curse, they threaten, refuse to sell products, often act in a bad manner. You should check on them closely, using undercover shoppers to check on the service, plus consider adding security guard (at least temporarily ) , because places often don’t feel safe inside. Security guards inside the store can help..

    In this particular location you have to be very drunk to get service on Saturday night. Very bad service from clerks . 7Employees that look and act like south central LA gangsters. Yell, fight with you, refuse to sell you products, then ORDER you to get out, call some idiot security guards from another place to scare you with police and jail. It’s like nazi fun house in there. It was around 2 am at night on Saturday. Especially stay away from that place on saturday night. Local and tourist drunks get all the respect in there, and normal people are trashed untill the cry or something. 7eleven, currently, has very bad supervision over their places. You feel like you dealing with someone who works there because they have committed some serious crime. And work there is a punishment for that crime.,

  16. I am writing about the store on 14th in Greeley co 80631 the cashiers there are really rude they talk crap about stuff they don’t know and a lot of other things that are pissing me off if you would email me I can tell you a lot more.

  17. I’m writing g about the store on 10th and Natura Deerfield beach FL 33441.
    A short white male cashier who who I see regularly told me I come in to the 7 Eleven too much… Very rude…! Probably won’t go anymore….

  18. I am quite concerned. I did not know that 7-11 hired felons? I walked into the cloverdale road 7/11 in Woodbridge VIrginia to see that the African guy the hired at night is working there. He just got out of jail and is a Felon. They don’t do background checks ?

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