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Contacting 2K Sports Customer Service Center

There are gamers young and old all over the world and 2K Sports aims to provide those customers with the best sports games on the market. As of November, 2012, customers can purchase baseball, basketball and tennis games and much more from 2K Sports customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no 2K Sports customer service phone numbers listed on the official website. This is likely because game companies cannot help customers with technical game difficulties as those difficulties are not typically the fault of the game. If the game is defective, the customer can return the game to the place of purchase, according to the retail stores rules and regulations. We were able to find a number for the 2K Sports corporate office.

  • Corporate: 1-415-507-7750

Mailing Address

When it came to finding a mailing address for 2K Sports customer service we came across the same problem we found with the phone number. There is nothing listed on the official website, but the corporate address is listed elsewhere on the Internet.

2K Sports Corporate10 Hamilton LandingNovato, CA 94949

Official Website

You can find details about new and existing games from 2K Sports on the official website at Customers can also order 2K Sports games online though prices for games may be cheaper at other retailers like Walmart or

The 2K Sports customer service team is available on social media for simple game questions or comments. Contact the team at:

If you need help with a 2K Sports game, you can visit the support page at

Customer Service Email

Email addresses are listed on the 2K Sports website. This is the only piece of contact information the company openly offers to customers, though the website does suggest customers look through the FAQs section before asking technical questions about the game.

Our Experience

There are only three available options when you contact the customer service department at 2K Sports. Press 3 and you are connected to a live agent. When the customer support team answered the call, we asked an important question relating to the products made by the company. We asked about the ESRB ratings. We could not find information on the website.

After placing us on hold for several minutes, the agent returned and provided a link on the website which discusses this topic in detail. When we were placed on hold, we though the call was ended. We expected worse than what we received. Do you care to express your thoughts on your customer service experience? Take a moment and fill out the comment field below.

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  1. For 2k14 I think u should be able to play my career like an online association with friends.
    I would pay extra for that

  2. please fix nba 2k12 online gameplay because all my friends got it and we want to play each other and some of them cant afford 2k13 or 2k14 so please fizz it

  3. I have a complaint about the online part of the game.Everytime I score 10 or above points in an online game (much more than my opponent), the internet connection falls.
    I think taht many people when they losing ,they disconnect their connection and then their defeat don’t count to their profile. So they don’t loose points. I believe that their actions must be punished. It’s not fair for me and for them!!!They must be punished and must not be able to play for a sort time (3 days)
    Sorry for my terrible english!
    There are so many people who have the same problem!
    My profile name is : agios

  4. Hey 2k im a big fan of the game i love ps4 nba 2k14 only dislike is yall didnt let us create our on players if yall gonna do it like this for this new gen consoles please add more player models thats skinny i see all the current models you cant make them skinny, and please let us get face mask and real tattos like full tatto sleeves like gta5 let us get and better real hair styles the hair styles yall have nobody and real life will rock that nore the tattoos please change this thats my only issue with the game if yall change this the game would be perfect plus the jewrly is ugly as well the earrings are to big.

  5. So I have been playing this game with no issue and bought some coins for my career mode. Then last night I’m kicked off their server and can’t play my game on my profile but can sign into a guest account on my xbox one and it works just fine. Called and emailed 2k support waited on hold twice once last night. I was told last night that the servers were down but they would be up today, so I loaded up the game today and no joy and called them again. I had to call several times because their circuit board is overwhelmed giving me a message that all circuits are busy. Finally after multiple attempts and waiting on hold for an hour I got through to someone who said everything is working fine and he said he would assist me but said he sent me a link that I told him I already looked at that wasn’t relevant to me because my internet router and all are functional with a 50mb Download and a 5mb upload). So this game isn’t worth it’s salt after they engineered it to make it be a shiny slot machine that never pays out but wants you to keep pouring money into it. The company doesn’t seem to care about resolving any issues and just wants to get off the phone with you.

  6. Please fix the 2k sports servers ASAP they are on one second than off it’s bothering me and it’s not fair to do to people who spend 60 dollars on a game that doesn’t even work, this is irritating now Christmas break is ruined I can’t even play my game !!

  7. In close games I’ve had people lag out their connection so I can’t inbound the ball and I get called for a 5 second violation. I’d rather just return the game and get my 60 back

  8. 2k14 does not install on my x box one and nobody has an answer. . 60 brick… should I take the game back and get live 14?… why can’t I install a game to play.. terrible

  9. Is there somethign wrong with the my career mode for xbox one? I am trying to play it but there is a defect with the color of the player and the court… The player is yellow from head to toe and I have to restart it so the court wont be black

  10. In NBA 2K14 my crew has lost 2 games after the game lagged out and it said a win is a win and we would win. We have also gotten that message and received neither a win nor a loss. I think we should get our 3 wins back and lose those unfair lagged out losses when it probably wasn’t even out fault because we were winning

    • 2k14 game is unbelievably horriable. this is my all time fav game to play for the last 4 years. but this year i think i will be a live fan because 2k server are down everyday and the game play is not real the T/O are out of control. more things to hate about this game then love and when you can hardly play online do not make for a fun experience

  11. The 2k servers for Nba 2k14 for the xbox one have gone down now 11 days in a row. Thank you for wasting my money when i could of bought a game that actually worked. This is pathetic

  12. Longtime 2k buyer here, ok I have a couple things. First the soundtrack is wack, thx LeBron lol. Also on creating a my player, you really need to put in newer faces possibly like a gameface that EA Sports has. Also the hair lol what were yall thinking? Nobody wears those hair styles really and most of them are pretty bad. I was extremely disappointed and I am white, there wasn’t any hair styles a white person would really rock. Maybe the fade or afro lol. Another thing is the GM mode, during playoffs when I finish a series. The game basically frezes to wear it will not advance into the next week. This has happened a few times and really frustrating. Especially when you spend alot of time on building a team and you can’t use it anymore. Almost makes me not want to play GM mode ever again. You guys fix this and will be game of the year by far. So far best nba 2k yet. Please add soundtrack songs to updates.

  13. Im having to many problems with nba 2k14 I can’t play nothing I changed modems that didn’t work nba today don’t come up cant connect to friends not nothing can you help me

  14. Hello i have a problem with my app Nba2k14 on Android. When i open it i have a message : account already used on other system but i have only smartphone with this app. Help me please my login account is Francesco-14 thanks

  15. My son spent close to $100 creating players and upon completion the players had virus’ and deleted. Of course they deleted and took all of the “VC”. Now I am fighting with the customer support to get a refund. I’ve complied with all of their request and was told they will get to it when they get to it.

    I am already upset that I have to spend $60+ dollars for the game and then spend money within the game play.

    This is the first time in ten years I’ve needed to contact 2K support only to find out that the 2k sports don’t care about their customers! MAYBE THIS IS THE MESSAGE TO SPREAD

  16. The technical support is like dealing and talking to a 1st grader. Horrible
    Experience. No Supervisors. Terrible Customer Support

  17. don’t buy this game is you won’t to play a game because your never going to get to play and if you do its going to take 30-45 mins to find a game. LIVE 15 is where its at i guess.

  18. Please change your online format for nba2k15. 13 was better because u could play more games with the squad u want to play with. The park is a good concept but very flawed, u wait so long to play that other users try to cut in front of u and when the court u waiting to play on crashes it takes to long to refresh itself. If u would just add more courts and allow u to play 1 on 1’s all the way to 5 on 5’s out that same nba13 format we all would be much happier. Trying play with 5 of my friends is impossible. I rather have my squad and run with or against all my homeboys online. U wait to long to play games at the park with all the glitching that happens. On the court at a real park only one person calls next and he picks his team, we all like the idea of the park but bottom line we wait to play now! Not 30 mins later only to be booted off by glitches

  19. the way 2k handles trouble shooting is terrible , no live person to speak to is awful. I just bought nba2k15 and i can’t get my codes to work i will never buy another game from 2k again, and i will pass the word along. thank you.

  20. I just bought the gem 2k15. My player in my career has changed to some other guy i didn’t choose.
    All I did was reload the game.

  21. I currently bought 2k15 and when i go to the park, its take forever to load and see players. Then when you try to play and select got next you are stuck in the box forever and all i see is everybody else stretching and standing around. Finally it then tells me my connection to the 2k servers is needed and kicks me back out to my player. I spent 65.00 and i am disapointed.

  22. Hey 2k i am Gerald and 2k for ps3 graphics suck it doesnt look like u took your time at all . I apologize if those comment were rude and i know you put the time in your games but what i am trying to say can you put next gen for ps3. give us the gen for ps4 and xboxone. i love 2k but please show some love to ps3 and xbox360 and read your emails , it might be good to listen to the fans and make good changes to nba 16. i am 11 years old and i am a good child.

    • I have the same problem… 2k15 for my ps3 and after I finish the showcase and talk to the gms the draft won’t start. What is the solution?

  23. I just have a few issues with this new 2k15 and past nba 2k’s . Every year you give the brooklyn nets players the weirdest and most difficult shots in the game. I’m a die hard fan of the nets and I feel like you guys make the way deron shoot the worst out of all the point guards. Also you changed the way joe johnson shoots this year and it dosnt look like he way he shoots in real life, plus his shooting form is the most difficult. All of the other sg’s and sg’s have the most difficult and most in consistent forms in the game . Please I buy this game every year faithfully please update the game and give them more simply forms as every other player.

  24. aftet the rookie showcase my player does not get drafted Adam silver just stands there for hours not doing anything i contacted Sony they won’t give me a refund they told me to contact 2k what do I do ?

  25. Every time i win something good, this fucking game never gives it to me. I just played a long and hard 3 out of 3 challenge to win Sapphire Bob Petite. At the end of the game, the green boxes were checked saying I won him. When I got back to the menu, it told me I was unsuccessful and they didn’t give me the award. The 3 out of 3 challenge reset back to 0. Smh I took me hours to beat that challenge! And I won 3500 on the mobile app and they did not give it to me.

  26. I have contacted you guys numerous times in an email for a simple code that you said you can help with. It’s been 5 days no response. Get your shit together or we as customers will make your poor customer service skills go viral.

  27. This shot gotta be a.scam cause alot off people I payed for vc points then.later on down the game the server goes down and.all.of the.sudden your shit.gets.corrupted now u gotta.start wich.means.u loose your player and.all the.purchases.this is bullcrap I back currency so.I.can.start career

  28. I recently bought a $20 PS in card and and I used it on NBA 2K 15 vc and it let me process the transaction and I bought what I want and now my 2k15 player closet says it cannot be opened and it has said that for days please help

  29. Nba2k15-play station VCpoints were given then tried to use them then they were lost or taken away. All I get is your sorry. This has been going on since the game came out. Why would I waste my time with you if I had them. $75-$80 for a game no help no phone number no email help.

  30. This game as several errors like every time my opponet drives in my player gets knocked down and does not get no charging foul and every time i get a wide open jumpshot with a player i miss it but my opponent can come down and hit the same shot i just missed that’s ridiculous so will you please fix the fouls on this game

  31. i cant play online still. i get kicked off blacktop right before the game starts everytime. been foing this to me for about a week

  32. Hey on my nba2k15 I had to people PG 97 and a SF 99 and they both offline now and I was wondering of o can have my coins back from it?

  33. I am having problems on nba2k15 that it said that my nba player which is 99 overall and I said that it is damage can you please fix it I play xbox 360 my gt is hm3 womack please as quick as you can fix it. :)

  34. Fix my player on NBA 2k15 on xbox 360 it will say unreadable why make a game when this crap happens seeiously please for the last time done planing games FIX IT NOW.!!!!!!!.!!!

  35. I can’t connected to the 2k server on NBA 2k15 I cant play my player in the park with my friends how do I play online again.

  36. I am trying to put my player online.right now it says its not connected. I have spent around 30 plus and can not even use it

  37. Everytime i try to play to MyPlayer Blacktop on online it only lets me me play 1 game and then i gotta quit wverytime and also it takes me back to the screen that says the other things i want to play

  38. i was wondering if i could suggest a few wwe2K add ons for the new wwe. if so that would be great

  39. I have been going back and forth with support over my career since Mar 1, 2015. Has not been resolved. How do I get a refund for what I have spent? This frustrating after all the money I put in to this game and every year I buy the newer version thinking it will be better. This has not been a better experience and have had too many issues with it not being resolved!Request #1016203 “Constant freezing PS3 NBA 2k15″

    • same thing happened to me. i spent 2yrs building my player & had an issue, called support & the representative advised me to unistall the game & reassured me tht my profile would be safe & i followed his instructions & deleted the game & lost 2yrs of my life w/out any concern from 2k. BOYCOTT 2K SPORTS

  40. Hey guys in nba 2k15 on my career how I can bring my player head band nba logo to front on my player plese help because a lot of guys they already have it…

    • Man I saw Joe Montana football idea how about this there’s arena foot ball football over seas and college you get the exclusive Rights to college basketball I bet you’ll be able to make a college foot ball game do this some how bring out college foot ball and basketball get those rights for 10 years WHO care’s you have to pay college players do you no how many sale’s a 2k college basketball and football game will make you get it all back 10 fold when you pay college players give them 10,000 own the rights to college you’ll get the NFL

  41. 2ksports get those college basketball rights and foot ball rights stop being cheap and pay these college players something get the college Rights on 5 to ten year’s you’ll get the NFL rights and make a licensed foot ball game quick EA sports is cheap use that weakness to your advantage do you no how much money 2k sport’s will bring in with a college football and basketball game show your sport’s inovation threw the college stop being cheap because Madden sucks but people want to play with licensed nfl teams STOP BEING CHEAP

  42. It wont let me play with a friend and keeps saying “theres a problem with your connection to our online connection and I did everything to Try to fix it

  43. My gamertag is LocalTree144950 i bought a guranteed ruby that could be anthonty davis stephen curry or james harden and it gave me Kris Humphires help me

  44. Hey guys , on 2k15 Iam stuck in the beginning of 2k15 it won’t let me pass through the heat vs Spurs game and it says it updated .

    • im having issues as well & has lost over 2yrs of my life on a game & 2k doesnt care. they show that by taking away the option to tlk to a live agent bc they dont want to deal w/ us. its time tht we the consumers take a stand & demand tht these corporate companies treat us like ppl who are spending good $ on their product. they need to resolve our issue or we need to stop purchasing their product. remember nba live look at them now.

  45. Tech support for 2K is horrible. They keep putting you off and won’t fix the problem. No wonder they changed the support from phone to computer-they don’t have to speak with anyone.

  46. i recently restored my ps3 an now i cant save on to 2k sports please help p s is there any possible way i can retreive my old profile d-murder32

  47. my nba2k14 fails to allow me to progress & keeps saying corrupt data. i have called a support number, left comments on the 2k support site & my issue has yet to be resolved. 2k seems to have no interest in paying customers like myself & so many others i have seen w/ complaints as well. its a shame that 2k are selling games that are having issues & now has omitted direct contact by phone to help w/ these issues. i spent close to 2yrs building my player & have lost all of my hard work, time, effort & progress w/out any help to resolve this issue or support from 2k

  48. My nba 2k13 freezes in my career mode after I signed an extension with my team after the 3rd year please help I know its shouldn’t be happening at all seeing as you guys are on 2k15 going to 16

  49. I send my ps4 in the shop and myplayer got wiped I was 99 overall and I had bout 40 badges is there anyway I can get that player back I spend a lot on vc

  50. can we please get mafia 3 for old ps3 360 as well sony and microsoft both confirmed old gen consoles can play mafia 3 no problem please 2k games

  51. full of crap my 2knba15 for ps4 wont let me use the customized shoes I created in home or away games been requesting an answer for a week now

  52. I per order nba2k16 Jordan copy and all my Jordan gear disappeared it telling me that I got to buy all my Jordan gear when I bought the Jordan copy

  53. My gamertag is opto1974 I keep going on win streaks but my rep meter is not moving I have been a pro 2 for 25 games and my team mates are pro 4 going to pro 5. I think something is wrong with my rep meter. Can you fix this please.

  54. It’s shit service only way for customer service is email an it takes days upon days to get a reply back. Couldn’t receive vc but you guys sure could take my money out of my account

  55. Sold a player on nba2k16 my team got no m t and minus a player and u probably wont give me my team points for 2k saport come on its not ever fair and u probably wont even reed this unfair for me

  56. I preordered 2k16 on my ps4 for the vc and I also purchased a $20.00 Psn card for the 75,000 vc so I used all of it on my attribute upgrades on my myplayer. So recently I just got a new ps4 and my player transferred but my attributes didn’t And I would like to know how do I get my vc back or my attributes back to where they were

  57. I have a suppsension on my account that leaves on Oct 15,2015 it was put on at 10:30pm but they say it will be uplifted on 3:15am please help me out I love 2k16 .!

  58. I have an error code of56d85bb8
    I can’t seem to play online
    All of my other games work online this one is not letting me stay online

  59. I was temporarily banned for 1 week due to uploading but NOT posting a image of spongbob being high on MyCourt. My ban was up at 4am YESTERDAY and i’m still blocked from online features and to top it off all 2k service says is “there may be a SMALL delay in you regaining service” WTF.. 48hrs is a small delay??????

  60. why is that my game keeps kicking my off line ive lost money and time I wont get back I waste my money to buy vcs and lose a man dnt kno how dat happen go buy more vc yesterday to get kick off again and not get not one email till the wee hours of the morning and nothing still has been done I want my money back some how some way and I’m sending a copy to the bbb and report what is going on if we all stand up and fight they wont do wat they do and totally disregurad us as custormurs

  61. Hello my name is Larry Johnson and i would like to speak to some one who can point me in the right direction. About a new game idea that me and my team thinks can make 2k alot more money. Im not sure if this will even get seen but if it do please contact me

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