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Contacting 20th Century Fox Customer Service Center

Twentieth Century Fox is also known as Fox Studios. Fox Studios is the place where thousands of movies and televisions shows are produced each year, but the studio offers more than just space. Production, stage, exterior design, food and post production editing are just a few of the many businesses that make up 20th Century Fox and Fox Studios.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The list of customer service phone numbers is a mile long, but the list connects readers with every department in the studio. There are no hours listed for the departments.

  • General Inquiry Switchboard: 1-310-369-1000
  • Costumes: 1-310-369-1897
  • Flooring, Drapes and Upholstery: 1-310-369-2290
  • Food: 1-310-369-3140
  • Diffusion, Grip, Canvas: 1-310-369-4747
  • Marketing: 1-310-369-4636
  • Wood Molding: 1-310-369-2528
  • Paint: 1-310-369-2709
  • Mixing and Scoring: 1-310-369-7678
  • Audio: 1-310-369-7877 or 5476
  • Sound Transfer: 1-310-369-1568
  • Media: 1-310-369-7894 or 5476
  • Lighting on Set: 1-310-369-1133
  • Signs: 1-310-369-2762
  • Stages and Exteriors (Los Angeles): 1-310-369-2786
  • Transportation: 1-310-369-2533

Mailing Address

Whether you want to visit the studio for a tour or write a letter about a movie flub or flaw, you’ll use the same address. The corporate office and 20th Century Fox customer service department are both located on the 50-acre campus known as Fox Studios.

20th Century Fox10201 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035

Official Website

The home of 20th Century Fox customer service on the Internet is http://www.foxstudios.com. The site is not dedicated to the movies put out by the studio; rather the studio that puts out the movies. If you’re more interested in the movies from the company, check out the Fox Movies website at http://www.foxmovies.com/.

We didn’t find the studio on social networks, but we did find pages for 20th Century Fox Movies.

Customer Service Email

The right column of the front page of the 20th Century Fox customer service site http://www.foxstudios.com/directory_of_services.html lists five possible emails. You can find them under the Special Requests header. Choose one of the five and a form will appear. Fill out the form and send it along to the studio.

Our Experience

One thing we noticed when contacting 20th Century Fox, if you do not know the extension of the customer service department, you will have a longer than expected wait time. We simply wanted to reach the customer service department and we waited in excess of 10 minutes before speaking with a live agent.

We asked the agent for information on setting up a tour for a large group. We knew individuals could visit, but didn’t know about groups. The agent explained large groups are welcome and need to contact the specific department they choose to tour to setup the visit. The agent was friendly, although the length of the call was not the best part of the conversation. Have you contacted the company and had a great customer service experience? Take a minute to share your comments below.

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19 Comments on “Contact 20th Century Fox Customer Service
  1. I watched the CBS Storybreak Robbut: A Tale of Tails Episode.

    The plot is about a rabbit that changes into different tails.

    I liked the story, the characters, and the setting.

    I hope that the entire series will be release soon.

  2. I would be so PLEASED if the “Kris Jenner” show was cancelled. Such trash day after day. Who cares. These folks a over and done with. Please come up with something better.

  3. Hello, I’m the author of Devils Angels God Children…I have been told that it has the possibility of becoming a great horror movie, it is becoming a number one bestseller on amazon and barn and noble…could be worth taking a peek at… bye and enjoy your day.

  4. Dear 20th Century Fox,

    I love your movies. Can you please make more? My favorite movie is Ice Age. I like your movies for children. Thank you for making them.

    Thank you,

    Tezra Fisk

  5. I would like to know if their is a final episode in the works for Jeepers Creepers? would love to see an ending Thanks

  6. we need more of 20th century classic tv shows add to huluplus you have a lot of tv shows never been showed please add much content as you can to huluplus!!!

  7. As a black man in America. I am really fed up with movie producers making movies that do not portray the Kings of Egypt in a truthful manner. Stop always portraying us as being slaves. We were the first kings, queens and rulers in Egypt which was called Kemet the land of the blacks. You wouldn’t make a movie about George Washington and have Hispanics playing his role. It is an insult to blacks to not represent us in a manner that is truthful, be truthful when it come to our history.

  8. Hello, my name is Steven Schofner and I am inquiring about how I could go about purchasing a cope of Jonny Zero the complete series on dvd. I’ve looked for it and can’t find it anywhere. If you could get back to me with this information is greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  9. I am very disappointed in your poor distribution of new movie releases, not releasing dvd/blu-ray combo is a poor decision. We the consumer are the ones to make the choice what we want to buy and combo is the demand. Stop putting the 3D blu combo out that is clearly not wanted by majority of movie buyers, the dvd/blu-ray combo is what buyers like myself want. also your prices are getting outrageous for both blu and dvd.The dvd new releases of huge blockbuster movies have either no special features or just one pity feature included. That is totally unacceptable to do that when you have all the other major dvd labels giving the consumer what we want.The new dawn of the planet of the apes movie…I will NOT PURCHASE cause it is NOT A DVD/BLU COMBO and the single dvd release has ONE pitiful feature thats it! Fox needs to get with the progam! I will not be purchasing any more 20th fox movies until they give us combo’s and dvds that have special features. Fox you keep giving us less and less but your prices keep rising and rising, go figure.

  10. I was truly crushed to find out that you all demanded a 50% increase from Dish, as I love Fox News and am now unable to watch the Morning Show, The Five, and The O’Reilly Factor, as well as other excellent shows offered on Fox News Channel. They off the best news and most accurate presentation of news. I refuse to watch CNN! Please lower that rate demand! 10% is a lot more reasonable in the economy. Even here in Oneida, NY, we are facing an almost10% tax increase. I would be willing to pay 10% more to keep the BEST news network, and business network! Please make my Christmas wish come true, and get my Fox News back on Dish’s lineup… PLEASE! Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

  11. Get Fox News and Fox Business back to Dish Subscribers, PLEASE! They are the best and most honest news provider. Please don’t be so greedy, because we consumers cannot afford big rate increases. Think how much you all are losing with Dish subscribers not being able to view your channel! Thank you.

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  13. Pass the Mental Serenity Bill which states Criminal Sex Therapy Culture Psychology take over the establishment, free of cost for everything, automatic U.S.A. citizenship across the planet, rehsbilitation instead of persecution (no jails), end all violence,war and occupation, robots take over jobs, make Columbia, MD NAMI’s capital (National Alliance ON Mental Illness)

  14. I am writing to inquire as to why the fifth season of Fox’s Hit Show “Glee” Is NOT being released on BLU-Ray? Several of Your Customers Have Purchased Seasons 1 – 4 on Blu-Ray So We Want a Fifth Season on Blu-Ray to Complete our Collections. Please Get Back to Me About This Issue. DVD is a Thing of the Past, So Please Release Glee Season 5 on Blu-Ray.
    Thank You For Your Time.

    Again Please Address This Issue. Thank You Again.

  15. Pass the Mental Serenity Bill which states Criminal Sex Therapy Culture take over the establishment, free of cost for everything, automatic U.S.A. citizenship across the planet, robots take over jobs, rehabilitation instead of persecution (no jails), end all violence, war and occupation, make Columbia, MD NAMI’s capital (National Alliance on Mental Illness).Start a petition drive to Congress with this bill!!!…!!!…

  16. To: All movie stars, producers, script writers,’ film directors, etc. and rating agencies:
    Noticing the ratings on your kid’s movies and such, when mentioning profanity in the language used: Why are you intentionally taking the Lord’s name in vain; when there are other cuss words that could be used to make the point, in films, etc.?
    Since by taking the name of the Lord in vain is an intrusion on Christian People’s lives since it does break the 10 commandments- THIRD COMMANDMENT : Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
    If the industry would not use the J.C. or G.d. words, they would more than likely sell more movies, Also showing respect toward God, and Jesus, as well as respect for The People’s religious freedoms!
    I know watching scenes using such language, are not done in good taste anyway? Movies and other shows, etc. should allow children to make up their own minds, if they want to follow Jesus or not. Children’s characters are growing in the early years of their lives. What kind of information do you want to feed your children, a message of life, or death? Thank you for following this recommendation!

  17. We saw “the Kings Men” last night at our local theater, and were appalled! Worst movie ever. We thought that the classy actor, Colin Firth would be in a “James Bond/spy type movie, but instead
    it was horrible! #1. How many “F bombs were dropped?) Over 1000, I am sure. #2. Gratuitous violence-how many killed in horrific ways and what for? #3. Making all the people at the Kentucky church out to be 100% hateful and “deserving of death.” Really?
    This kind of movie coarsens our culture and is shameful. (not to mention the despicable ending!!) Bye, bye 20th C. Fox movies for us.

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