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Contacting 1 Sale a Day Customer Service Center

Contacting 1 Sale a Day Customer Service Center

1 Sale a Day is a daily deal site that offers name brand merchandise at deep discounts. Each deal is only available for a 24-hour period, so when the deal is over, the deal is over. There are several categories where customers can shop for daily deals, including wireless products, watches, family items, jewelry, fashion and flash sales. In some cases, you will need to sign up for an account prior to seeing the deals and making a purchase.

Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to connect with the customer service department Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-419-0100

Mailing Address

1 Sale a Day 5960 Miami Lakes Dr. E. Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Official Website

Customers visiting the official 1 Sale a Day website http://1saleaday.com/ have the ability to search for daily deals and flash sales. Each deal has a timer and counts down the time until the deal ends for the day. Customers have the ability to search through the site by product or brand. The site also features the amount of money customers save by using the site. In the event you have questions relating to the products, we recommend visiting the 1 Sale a Day FAQs in order to locate the answer.

Social Media

When we located 1 Sale a Day on social media, we noticed the company provided information relating to the deals. There was little information relating to customer service. The conversations on the social media pages were few and far between. The average response time to customer concerns was approximately 48 hours.

Customer Service Email

Customers have option of sending email communication to multiple email addresses. There is an email address for general questions or concerns; there is also one for customer feedback. We sent a message asking about the return process and the amount off days that a customer have to return an item.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department was quite simple. We called the customer service hotline and did not have to worry about a confusing automated system. The phone rang and a live agent answered the call. After several minutes of asking questions and accessing the level of professionalism, we ended the call. The representative knew the answers to our questions and addressed our concerns without hesitation. Our experience was great. Tell us about your customer service experience. Was the experience what you expected? Share your thoughts below.

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9 Comments on “Contact 1 Sale A Day Customer Service
  1. My experience with this company has been HORRIBLE! I purchased 1 carat ‘diamond’ earrings in mid October. They are so ‘cloudy’ that you cannot tell they are diamond. I’ve been trying to return these ‘defective’ items since November 8th. The agents at the 1-800 number cannot offer you any assistance other than to go through the email address. When you email them, it may take up to a week for them to respond with no immediate resolution to the problem. It’s like a game they are playing to avoid having to take back their defective, crappy product. BUYER BEWARE – no mailing address or phone number on any documents that are included in your packet! IMPOSSIBLE to get a real response. I had to go through my credit card company after I sent the earrings back certified mail for a refund! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

  2. This company does not have a person respond to you in my experience it sees to be a system generated email saying the shipments are delayed because they are trying to get the best price for the items. hey promise 1-2 week delivery and it takes over a month every blasted time. I tried to cancel order several times and they never complied they guaranteed delivery for Christmas if ordered by Dec 15th however they have not even delivered items from November 2013 yet. I am not happy with this company. They claim to have a customer service 800 number but they take the entire month of December off for Christmas how can they possibly process an order or email or cancellation if they do not work?

  3. I have been a repeat customer of 1sale. I had one bad experience before this last one where a product did not live up to expectations. This last time, I ordered a product on December 5th, it did not ship until two days before Christmas. I tried contacting them on December 15 and did not get a reply until December 24th. When my product arrived on December 26th, only half the order arrived. I have been emailing them since December 26th and still have not received a reply. I will not be using them again EVER and will not be referring anyone to them. I will not stop contacting them until I get customer satisfaction, and I will be reporting them to the BBB.

  4. The order I placed on December 7,2013 was the first and last order from this company. I ordered ibeats headphones and stylus pens. I received the pens after Christmas but still waiting on the headphones. I received an email on December 23,2013 from CEO, Ben Federman that stated “We have recently upgraded our systems and expanded our shipping capabilities, enabling us to deliver orders faster. Along the way we have had some technical issues that have caused delays in processing orders. We expect your order to be shipped within the next few days”. I have contacted company through email but no response from customer service. I will be contacting the Better Business bureau and my credit card company.

  5. I ordered an ipod on November 23, 2013….it still has not came in! I am furious! I have emailed more times than I can count and have only gotten a reply twice saying that they are experiencing a high volume of shipments and the order is being processed. I demanded a refund and was told it was to late it was already processing, although it still has not shipped! The only reason I went through this site was because I had ordered a ring from them before and had no problems at all, it came in quickly. Now Christmas has come and gone and my daughter didn’t get her ipod, her birthday is January 28 and its not looking like she will have it by then either! That’s $170 I can’t just run out and buy a new one waiting to deal with these people and get my money back! This is outrageous and I’m irate!

  6. SHIPPING SPEED SLOW SLOW SLOW (some things take a MONTH!!)


    Forces a PayPal Resolution they are SO SLOW!!!

  7. i just received my order in a damaged torn box. when i opened it up the packaging for the item the seal was already cut, the cellophane used to wrap the item was wrinkled, open and dirty. even the outer box was dirty. the packing slip says the item is new as well as the advertisement on the website. i have emailed, faxed and now have opened a claim with paypal to get this resolved. it took forever to get the item and now they are not responding to emails either. it’s a shame too. my first order from them was fine. i will not order from them again. i did not realize that there wasn’t a phone number to contact them. that would have been my first clue. i didn’t think anything of it since the first order came in new condition. too bad, i wanted to really use this company to purchase many things. this will be my last order and hoping i get my $20 back for this order.

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